Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If you've missed me, it is because I've been everywhere else.

Dear blogger,
I have neglected you through the month of November , and into December.
I started to upload pictures, I started to write down thoughts to share.
but I failed.
I got lost somewhere between ;
sleeping too many odd hours, Ri working so hard, all the drama in everyone elses life, fall tv,hanging with the kid, and the doldrums of day to day housewifey crap.This is the time of year when the budget starts to get tighter, time starts to get shorter,and everything starts to just feel rougher.
So I took a break.
blogging got replaced by the instant gratification of sharing my day to day instagram, facebook, pinterest, tumblr you know- the rest of the net.
In fact, i never even posted my Thanksgiving and Veggie Sunday pictures.
.. and I didn't take all that many.
and now, blogger-er, YOU didn't save the code I had all over the draft post for a thanksgiving post.
So , you get a link to my FB album

-- you can always look for babyhellfire on instagram ,too.

After thanksgiving.- and a bunch of random things, I forgot to tell you(and don't feel like telling you now- lame.)
Rory was in the local Holiday parade, with Girl Scouts:

..... yeah I gotta a bunch of pictures of that on my camera.

Went on a field trip with her class, and found out Rory has more than one boy wrapped around her finger.
I am not sure if she is a flirt, or a tomboy.
I now realize she plays starwars on the playground with the boys- while wearing sequins and sparkles

Ri has spent his time off cooking for Steve, or Nikki , or Jess- or just me. and its been nice to spend the whole morning with him. He took some of his paid time off for thanksgiving it was much needed ... but the day to day grind came back all too soon :(

Then we got a cold.
there was a bunch of drama of all sorts with pretty much everyone we know.
Rory's progress with reading has completely backslid, and she almost seems disinterested in it(which truly breaks my heart )

Rory had a stomache bug last week, '
then it rained crap-tons, and the leak over the laundry room got worse, and now the whole place smells mildewy.ugh.it almost matches the smell of the peice of junk broken window van out front...

then we had to take Rory to the er
when she fell at girls scouts and sliced her ear open on a table
6 stitches.

... then, this morning the cops shut down our route to school, because they busted a methlab RIGHT NEXT to her school!!!!!!!!

10 days to xmas and we haven't even got a tree, or ANY gifts.
To top it off, we had another week of " Oh crap, Ri only gets paid every TWO weeks, and we paid off the wrong thing early" Empty bank account Belt tightening mishap. Fun stuff that.
- even funner when you are using your last bit of money at walmart, and end up behind the crazy coupon lady, with over 50 items in the ten item or less lane.
just sometimes
I question nonviolence.

It will be better,

Rory is healing amazingly and in a super awesome mood.She ROCKS at the ridiculous math problems she gets (1st graders to algebra now , WTF?!)
they are having their final day before holiday break tomorrow- and they are celebrating with a PJ day, and watching Polar Express.Rory learned to blow a bubble the other day , thanks to some gum Val brought her:
and we had a super awesome night eating popcorn and watching holiday specials.

Ri worked an extra day this week , so we should be able to get our tree , and start our shopping. SOON! :)
Things are improving,I even seem to be getting sleep on occasion.

I dunno.
I'm still not feeling blogging.
Sorry for my absence, but I don't even know if I'll go back to regularly blogging or just stick with the rest of the net for a bit longer.

Who knows.It been hard not to be grumpy and hermity- and when I haven't been i have been busy and social with real life people.. weird. I know.

You're honestly just lucky I ran out of tv and dishes for a second.
and if you are wondering, I am still blonde
I am going to go drink more coffee,
pin more things,
and catch up on more tv,
maybe even sleep.



Anonymous said...

</3 awww on so many levels. I've missed your blog. I hope you get back to it in the new year. Thank you for sharing your family with us,... and hang in there things do get better. (hugs)

J.J. Devine said...

I read this again this morning just because I miss your blogs so much!!! Hope you get back to blogging one of these days!!!