Friday, October 28, 2011

I don't need a costume.I am mother effing majestic, man

I've been,
I've been busy,
I've been lazy,
I've been cleaning,
I've been making messes,
I've been troubled,
I've been blessed.
I've been up and down and back and forth, but I haven't been blogging.

I got to a place that I wanted nothing more than to disappear... a few times.
I pushed people away, and felt really hurt when no one was around
... then struggled with whether I wanted to push them further away or get back to good at all.
Dark dark place.

I'm not doing well with having so much going on.
.. and, YET. nothing going on.


Last time I blogged, Lily was over - her Dad picked her up Friday afternoon,
Thursday Morn we went to the pier to play a bit with Ri's mom :

Lily was really good, but she was soo ready to go by the time her Daddy picked her up.
I was glad to be done. I was soo glad for weekend. and to not have to worry about anything.
but my weekend was not my savior.
We still had so much to do with Halloween coming.
.. and the van broke down
..and all his friends came over to fix it.
..and Rory needed a costume
..and Lissy Came over to paint me the cat for Pin-the-tail on the cat, and couldn't finish it.
and stupid crap bothered me.
and I just wanted to crawl back into my bubble of solitude.
and I was irritated with Ri.

Ri ended up getting a ride to get Rory a costume.
She finally settled on a butterfly one,
I painted the cat Lissy drew and spiffed it up
(and Rory painted too:)


Val took me to the gym on Tuesday,with her sis Cortni and friend Soup-
I was really nervous at 1st, but it was actually really fun.
We went to lunch too. So nice to get to chat with someone, to get out of the house and not feel soo lonely.
I even felt amped after the gym and talked Ri into going on a bike ride around the neighborhood..
Oh, by the way, in case you are looking for a place in the neighborhood:

Val ,Cort and Soup - and I all had soo much fun we decided to try the gym again Wednesday
..but none of us actually felt up for it, plus Cortni said her ovaries were falling out.
So we decided to walk street,
Soo many awesome amazing shops.
and we had lunch at the Taco Shop

Val got me this AWESOME wrap skirt/dress thing.. that I pretty much want to wear all the time. I will get a pic of me in it , eventually.(When I am not feeling so mopey).

We BSed all over St.George street, and the weather was perfect.
Oh, and we got flicked off by a crazy old lady.. (since we weren't going fast enough , and she was behind us- as we got stuck at the drawbridge. HA!) Watching her get pissed made it all worth it.

Ri's buddy Jay came over and watched Walking Dead with us- I totally can't watch walking dead alone, I have to wait for Ri to get home. lol. Jay just got back form Hati, he planned on staying longer, but came home sick. So keep him in your thoughts.
We had meant to ( or been invited to ) meet up with him for a few other times this week, but have been slacking

And I am Super sleepy,

Rory brought home this Awesome school pic the other day, I didn't plan on ordering any- but this sample pic is so great. I might need to order some LOL. You can even see how loose those front teeth are, ALL her front teeth are loose now, and that bottom tooth is almost gone.

Rory has been awesome. She has had a few more playdates with her friends, and is trying to plan sleepovers. I am frightened, but I can feel the age is upon us.

Friday was sorta crazy-
She had the character parade that morning and got to wear her costume to school.

(She added to the head piece, the flower hairthings Val bought her, plus some pipe cleaners Jess gave her)- Oh and I adjusted the leg pieces because they didn't fit right

.. and one of her BFFs in class was also a butterfly with pipe cleaner antennas, they were soo cute together.
- I was so worried she would have the some store bought costume as other kids- but she didn't :)
The fall fest was that night. I was soo worried about the cat game- my oil paint mistake had started to weep in the drippy humid weather, and I didn't know if it would hold up, but it seemed to do alright.
Ri took us, me thinking we could just run through the booths, and get him home so he could sleep..
and I was wrong.
Poor guy was soo tired and grumpy, and it was soo crowded this year , there were soo many booths Rory wanted to do all of it (they had some really cool things, a dunk tank, feather hair extensions, face painting, all sorts of games). We ended up there until 6:30. Poor Ri felt like he was going to fall over. .. and he still needed a nap before work at 10 :( .

This morn Ben & Ileana stopped in for a minute since they were in town,
soo good to catch up with up them- but I'm sad they didn't bring their little girl. Hope we will get another chance to hang out soon.

We had to shower and run to Rory's girl scout party.
They danced and sang to celebrate Juliette Low's birthday

it was windy and cold, but Rory eventually warmed up dancing. And she won a cute button in the raffle.
I loved you could spot all the scouts from her school because they had feathers poking out of their heads LOL.

Feeling super lazy Ri ordered us dinner

Noobs always gets the best fortunes

Mine is pretty fitting though.

My thoughts are turning to dishes now.
Tomorrow, trick or treating the stores..
then the kid has school and neighborhood trick or treating.

-I need a drink.
I really hope she gets some good candy.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To-Do-List turmiol

1. Make to-do-list

Oh, I haven't blogged in far too long, so much has been going on, and I have so many pictures.
Mostly, Just a lot of the same day in- day out stuff,but there have been a few moments of feeling overwhelmed with all the things on our ever growing to do lists.
Soo 1st thing going backwards:
We went to the beach before it got too cold and yucky-(it was like OCT 5 ) it was a little cold but it was beautiful:

We took Ri's coworker friend Nikki, Ri keeps such odd hours, its nice to go out wih someone else who is on the same day timeline as him.She is pretty fun to hang out with- and has brought us lunch a few times ,too.

I LOVE the clear water

Ri tried to surf, tried to teach Nikki to surf, but it was like being in a washing machine so there wasn't much surfing going on. We pretty much just got pummeled by waves, it was a good workout at least.

Mom stopped in later with the Nico and Allura, and Aunt Judy , We let the kids play a little bit

She came the other day too- and we explore the Halloween sections of the store. Allura and Nico are soo funny.

The hot sorta fallish weather made all the pepper trees in my yard come to life with tiny flowers- and they filled up with butterflies. Tons of them, I don't think I have ever seen so many in one placeThe weather had been so gross, that I spent far to many hours just watching the butterflies cling to the branches,wondering how they all survived..but then I found one with a broken wing :(
The neighborhood kitty we call "Feisty Cat" seems to be doing alright in the weather, in fact i think SOMEONE must be feeding him he looks healthier. (He is totally wild though, won't let anyone near him)

Despite the wind and rain we still went to Rory's girl scout event - they explored the Spanish Colonial Village downtown. Jess tagged along with us, while Ri went on a much need grocery trip with Steve.
I giggled at all the people in period dress taking photos on their iphones

Rory got to pet a pig, watch a play, learn how to play colonial games- and made a whirlygig toy.She had a really great time- and got a cool patch. She was soo sweet hugging and thanking her Troop Leader before we left.
Then we had to head home and get the kid ready for her friends holloween themed birthday party

She was a barbie princess, but she borrowed her friends cat mask while we were there- and was a cat barbie princess?

Ri made dinner for Jess and Steve- and Rory finally made good on her promise to read the Winnie the Pooh book to Jess Jess rewarded her with tons of paper dolls, that Rory spent the whole next day playing with

Rory had her pinning ceremony for Girl Scouts. She is NOW officially a girl scout Brownie.We made kettle corn for the ceremony.. I made a HUGE batch and feared I would end up bringing it all home, but by the end of the night it was a huge hit.
Rory was just stoked she got her pin and was on stage.. but her last name being so far down the alphabet meant she was the last one to go up in her troop, lol she was starting to get a bit impatient.

Rory and one of her best friends, bonding over Selena Gomez music. They were in Kindy together (Rory and the other girl, not Selena Gomez.. ) I am glad they get to do girl scouts together.
I am loving Girl Scouts more than I thought I would. Rory is always the 1st to raise her hand, she is so outgoing and loving the chance to lead in activities , and the extra time to hang out with kids her age.

She has gone on more and more playdates lately too, she is getting soo big. Her friends are already plotting sleepovers. I don't know that I am ready. Why is she growing so fast?!

I started helping out in her school Library,as well as helping in her computer lab. I don't really help her class so much as I just put away books ( I do help on her library day and get to see her ), but I really like it. It is cool to see all the books they have, I think I just like libraries, even the stuff the librarian thought I would hate , like organizing the nonfiction is sort of therapeutic.

I should really get a library card and start going to the one in town.
.. Speaking of,
This town has been weird as crap.
We went downtown with Nikki last week in search of a gift for another coworker. I may not love the beach as much this time of year, but downtown St.auggy becomes all sorts of awesome for Halloween.. and right after that gears up for the holidays , and she shops- with the cool weather are so fun to explore.

LOL- and then as if it wasn't odd enough, biketoberfest brought soo many bikers through town that the whole town was gridlocked with motorcyles.. and in the midst of the bikes circling the park, we noticed.
a drum circle.
I can't make this stuff up. Bikers everywhere AND Krishnas!I have only seen Hare Krishnas in movie airports.They tossed a pamplet in the van as we passed the bike enrobed park

We went to Val's Saturday for dinner. Love that she lives in town now
Rory played with chalk pretty much the whole time.
Val made veggie kabobs
(the chalk is really awesome, it is th3 -d , when you wear the glasses... that make you look as Seth put it like a "retro hipster from 1987" )
Val has the most Epic tree house I have ever seen in person. It even has electricity, I would be tempted to move in. I am still wondering how long before Seth is living in it.

We stayed up chatting and drinking some wine. Petting the puppies

It was a needed break from the drama. I think I even mentioned in my last post there has been a lot of drama. Though , then none of it was MY drama and so none of it was affecting me- I went from feeling like I was happy i was in my own bubble worrying about my own simple day-to-day, to feeling isolated by my bubble, and out of the loop.I can be way over sensitive.

I did have a full out meltdown Sunday, with all I had planned for the up coming week, and the knowledge that our finances were super tight and all our ever growing never have time to-do list was awaiting Ri's next check,
my bike broke... and that was enough to send me into a total tailspin. I found myself locked in the bedroom sobbing for awhile. It was just suddenly all too much.
I'm over it(mostly). Jess let me borrow her bike ( it hurts my back, but it works). and I can still keep all my plans in order.

Although, I had promised to watch Lily for Sari over the weekend, and we thought she meant starting Thursday night, ended up being Tuesday night- and that threw us, with our budget being SO non existent until Friday. Ri's mom helped out a little and we went through the cabinets and found a way to make it through
- So Lily has been hanging out all day.
She made me breakfast :) .
Ri mom brought us some of the grocery staples we needed and found a hotel with an indoor heated pool we could hang out at. We took the girls as soon as Rory got out of school. They LOVED it. It was so nice. Rory even learned to snorkel and was swimming underwater like an old pro!!!

Soo. In the morning, I have to leave Lily with Ri and help out in Rory's class -
then at 6 pm I have to leave Rory and Lily with Ri while I go to a pta meeting.
.. and Friday I'll have to do the morning part again.
It seems I always write these posts when I should REALLY be in bed , and I have tons to do, and haven't been getting enough sleep.
I guess that is the time I need to write .
Hopefully I will have more time to actually write a post , and want to write a post soon.
Say a prayer, or send some good thoughts.. for , well, everyone I know .
I'm looking forward to the weekend.
Is it here yet?

Yes I am leaving stuff out.
I never get everything on my to-do-lists


Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. "Buddha

My eye is twitching,
It's been that sort of day.
-- Oh.
you are probably wondering where I've been.I've been around. Sucked into real life, or fall television.
My house isn't spotless,my sleep isn't regular. There has been some awesomely awesome days- there has been some drama. The kid is doing fantastic in school, and girl scouts, and at everything. She still hasn't lost her loose tooth. She did grow a whole half inch since my last post.
..but , Worry not, you didn't miss much,
but just in case you might of, we can catch up with pictures:

Before the weather cooled off- BEACH TRIPS:

We even surfed in the rain, I got up on my knees on the board a few times.. still not standing, still too chicken to go deep enough to catch any real waves.

beach turtle.

Lighthouse from two angles..

We took Noobs for a walk on the Marina, she loved it. I think she would love to live on a boat. She is a fisher dog.

Lily and Sari stopped in one afternoon
Lily LOVED Rory's bike, she didn't want to stop riding
We watched Nico another night ,too.

They argued a little played a lot, stayed up late. Don't they look sleepy reading bedtime stories?

Random gecko from the backporch
I am just hoping geekos eat stinkbugs, they backporch gets over run with them every night.. whole things smells like chlorophyll or cilantro . Rory says I should mention there are over 300 different species of geckos , she did not know if any of them eat stinkbugs.

Saturday- some of my imaginary net friends were in town with their kids, so we met up at the playground- they look pretty real to me :
I think Rory may have had the best weekend ever
went from that, to playing with neighborgirl,
to this:
then putt-putt Sunday morning (with my friends super funny boys)

AND the book fair Sunday afternoon
She got "Judy Moody , Girl detective"-- its a big chapter book, but the chapters are set up easy to read one at a time.

Oh, carriculum night was recently, I finally got to hear how they were running the classroom- see a bit more of what they are actually doing in there, and I feel much better about it, plus I got a time to help; Thursday mornings I help with computer lab.Mostly plugging in headphones, and keeping kid off the net, but it is nice to get to meet more of her classmates, see a little of her day, and her teachers. I really love the way the two teachers work together.

I don't know how we managed to fit in doing so much over our weekends. It is Ri's only night off, and we really try to hang out and get things together for the week. Ri made a big bowl of awesome veg chilli , and invited his new coworker over to have a bowl,and meet me- she was really sweet , and made us awesome cornbread to go with the chilli :)

After all the humidity, and scary crazy lighting storms, if is FINALLY showing signs of fall down here, and I am loving it.It just smells crisper and nicer out.
Time to figure out Halloween stuff. Gonna need to decorate, and get ready.

I don't even feel the rush to run home after I pick up the kid. We hang out.

There has been a lot of drama. From every angle- Family and freinds that could use
prayers and good thoughts,
or therapy and the right meds,
or better luck and some spare cash.
I could probably do with all those too- but our direct day to day (me , Ri and Rory's) has been really good. Amazingly normal, and aside from a few grumpy sleepy moments.
Right in this moment,We are getting by, and I don't have much to bitch about, for once.
I feel almost removed from all the drama. My heart hurts for a few people, and I hope things improve..
but I am still doing awesome..
and Rory..

..she's great.

Ri could use more sleep, more hours in a day, and more money- but he seems to be doing really well the past few days, and I think he is even going to take an extra day off this week.

So goodnight, world filled with drama.
I'm off to absorb more tv, text my hubby, clean this house, and get Rory's school stuff ready .