Monday, February 28, 2011


I did recover from the recovering of crampy mucous gut shark-week I mentioned in my last post..
but I am still sick. or sick again - or something. Fevers decided to return all vengeful and sweaty.. I'd bitch about it more but it seems I am in the same boat as everyone. Dontcha love the change of the seasons??
Buy me some nyquil.

I really don't feel like posting anything (hence it being Monday and not Friday)
.. but here is the week in a minute vid

and some pictures:

Mom bought Rory and Lory matching outfits- and Rory was stoked even their shoes matched.


We went to the over priced cathedral fest with money we didn't really have- but the time out was nice. Rory had a blast and I needed that.
Rory has been playing a lot with the neighbor kids ,and still loving school.Luckily her immune system seems to be way stronger than mine.

Ri has been doing really well at his new job- he seems to like it.

... me?
well, things have been better.
things have been worse.
it's hard to not let it all bring me down.. and well, I've been down..
it's all pretty crap tho.
lets hope it improves. starting with this dumb sick shaking off.
I gotta go pick up the kid.
Maybe I will feel more bloggy soon


Saturday, February 19, 2011

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. ~Anne Brad


Oh, hi again.
I am still battling a horribly inflated painful crampy gut- and this feeling I should be doing a dozen other things than writing ..

But, I DO have some updates for those interested
We've had a pretty alright week- things still aren't great- and I don't know if they ever will be.
Alright isn't bad though, and that is something.

Ri is doing well at his new job - he has been working A LOT actually.. the guy he was training to replace decided he was going to go ahead and quit now instead of in the week or two he was expected to.. So Ri even worked a double on Valentine's Day/night- all most all by himself AND it was crazy busy.
(I haven't heard anything else from them as far as me working there. )

Yeah, Valentines was cute for Rory I guess, she came home with cute hearts and card and candy. I felt bad letting her take in the SpongeBob dipNstick candy valentines... but she came home with four more of them from her classmates.

I did help in her class on Tuesday - They had a substitute teacher all week, who calls HERSELF Mrs.Picky- I had heard a bit about her from the other parents and was nervous about seeing how different the vibe would be with her in there . She was a little strict about noise levels and neatness- but otherwise I thought she was a really sweet old lady. Rory seemed to do ok with her (but says she can't wait for her teacher to be back) .

The weather has been SUPER nice and weirdly suddenly Springy -Which is extra good with Ri working and me having to get the kid. It did sprinkle on us a little one afternoon..but not bad.
The other days we stopped by the playground a few times on the way home:



- My Dad had surgery this week to remove a mass from his bladder. Still no news on whether it was cancerous , but he is home and starting to move around and stuff. Grumpy about it but doing ok.

I am so tired of everything being just "ok" it has to get better.I feel like everything is that way. it's like "Well, that sucks but it could('ve) be worse" and I move on.
How many sucky almost shitty situations do I get to count that way before I feel less guilty for bitching about about things being ok?
I want things to be great. i want to say I am having an awesome day,and mean it again.

It doesn't help that I caught that STUPID cold bug that i was in the clear of. The kid and Ri had it weeks ago, I was thinking I was safe.Then , once i started to feel better in my head- it moved to mu chest and made it crap to sleep...
and now that it is a bit clearer in my chest it is in my gut along with a raging angry on coming SharkWeek.
Wahwahwah. Someone Call me the wahmbulance.
I'm whiny as hell.

Yesterday was nice- (Besides the HORRIBLE STOMACH ACHE), Rory spent most the morn taking pics of her toys:


Then the neighbor girl came over- They scooped up a playset and sat in the other neighbor's front yard- So that neighborgirl could watch her big brother play basketball from that yard( I know the one boy is that neighbor's cousin and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind two girls playing in their front yard), and I could watch them from the window. I AM loving this neighborhood more and more everyday.

Well, Ri just got home-and made us pizza. We are gonna grub and then he is gonna go on a bike ride with Jay ( and maybe Steve) .

I'll catch up with ya next week or something.

Friday, February 18, 2011

HulaHoops, petting zoo, and My Little Pony

Woohoo it's Friday night! (or Saturday Morn at this hour)
feels like it is already Saturday, because Rory had the day off of school-
but here are some clips from the week:

I would blog more for you but I am feeling really stomach sick tonight, just wanted to get this vid up.

I will try to post a catch up with pics over the weekend.
For now, I am crawling into bed.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Even after all

I'm late- but I have an excuse.
I was sick.
No, I don't have a dr's note take my word,
or I shall cough at you!

Clips of the week:

Mostly Friday afternoon .
I've been hardcore slacking.

Man, Seriously Friday i was SICK. Like fevers runny nose, whiney crybaby ass sleep ALL NIGHT sick.
..Then our weekend was hella busy AND I went to bed way early to get rid of the sick.

But. I should rewind before moving forward.
There has been a little more drama with Amy but she is home now and last I heard doing well.. I honestly haven't heard much from them.
We continued on with the hustle. Trying to get a job where we could get it.

Ri applied with one of Rory's classmate's Dads (at a restraunt downtown) - then heard more back from WD and went in for more interviews and a drug test.

Thursday night was open house- but it was pretty much In&Out. Rory proudly showed Ri all around her classroom. The teacher told us again how well Rory is progressing in reading and writing.

Friday morn, when I woke up feeling weepy (and later realizing the weepy was THE Evil Fever of the Damneded Head Cold ).
We had a momentarily worse moment when the Grocery store Ri had been trying so hard to get the job at, called to tell him they couldn't clear him. WTH!?!?!? he has NO background and there is no way he didn't pass the drug tests? HOW?!
So now I was panicked worse.
And crying.
and running a fever.
and I think I might have prayed..
to something, or any and all things I could think of.

... and then the store manager called back saying it was a glitch in the computer, he IS clear for hire- and he should come in fill out some more paperwork.

Way to freak me out!

I had to call the awesome woman from the farmers market to tell her Ri started his new job , so I couldn't help her this Saturday.
But she still hadn't paid me so I agreed to stop by the Farmers Market with the kid and meet her instead :)

Rory loved that idea,
plus, she still had some birthday money.

Somehow I didn't take my cam out until we were back home from the market.
Rory was so awesome though, and fell DEEPLY in love with these hula hoops...and took right to it with this weighted one. So I let her spend her money on it:
..Plus ,we bought fancy donuts, and an organic popsicle.
Should go more often.. maybe when we aren't broke.
Ri's mom stopped in for a bit and chatted .
Then, before it was even dark I took a benadryl and went to bed.. and slept pretty much all night.
(I did wake up around 1am to troll the net and eat before going back to bed).

Ri had spent that Saturday morn in orientation and started actual work today..
Rory and I had stuff to do this morning anyway-

She was invited to a birthday party. I had no idea her classmate buddy lived So close- we rode our bikes!The weather was really nice.

LOTS of people there. Rory saw almost all of her classmates.
And Pony rides

The birthday girl said they were having a race-but her Zebra/horse clearly had the advantage :)

Petting Zoo
Rory loved the goats and the bunnies- but was a little freaked out by the birds

Really,(and surprisingly) she just wanted to play basketball in the bounce house the whole time
Or ride the horse,
I mean zebra

pinata .. why do kids love dangerous activities so?
She promptly sat next to her fav boy from class to eat her cake-
and to trade items in their goodie bags
She says HE likes her, but I often wonder if it is the other way around...
and desperately miss the days when boys were still icky.
She is only 6.

I will say- and talking with the other parents today they seem to think the same- for the most part the kids in their class get along amazingly well. it is a small class and they really all seem to fit well together,and be little sweethearts :)
I'm sure it doesn't hurt that they have an awesome teacher.

Other than that- she has been hulahooping her little booty off all weekend. She did spend some time chasing the neighbor boys around for a bit.
While I beat back the cough that tried to follow that Friday fever,and filled out the online app for a job I had years ago-weirdness-

Well, Ri works again in the morn- which has me on the bike at 8am in the 50deg weather- plus I gotta get Rory's Valentine's Day stuff together. So I'm outta here like last year.Probably leaving stuff out- but maybe next time.
or ask me in the comments.

Speaking of Valentines Day
I made Ri a Valentine:

yea forget hearts and stuff-
that's real love.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

"We've seen bottom. We can only go up from here."

Soo sorry! So late and soo much to share.
First things 1st the Friday Vid.

We sent out open invites for our close friends and family to feel free to stop in and visit Sunday
- no real time constraint no solid plans party stuff, just come visit. Ri's Dad brought pizza, and my mom brought sandwich stuff.

Quite a few people stopped in, mostly family- she had a really great time and loved every little thing everyone got her. and just getting to see everyone. :) I can't thank everyone enough for the birthday wishes ,visits and gifts. :)

It was sort of chaotic and hectic as well, of course.

I am sorry- I have put off this post so long now , I feel soo behind I am having trouble focusing.
I can't believe my little baby is 6 years old SIX is such a KID age. She even seems like such a big kid now.

Back to updates and catch -ups. The week felt like a huge hustle. Calling this place or that , asking around applying at places all over again since February had started.
Monday morning(LAST Monday morning now)
I watched Nico while Lissy went off to school. was a lot more fun than I thought it would be . He is a cute kid to have around, and slept most of the afternoon anyway.
Lissy's mother In law wants to watch him now, and Lissy would rather leave my schedule open if I need to find work - So ,I guess it won't be a regular thing for me to watch him. Tuesday I helped in the class again- that went well, but I had a sort of grumpy day all around Tuesday (coffee maker broke, Ri was grumpy/nervous and everything that could go wrong DID) , and was beyond exhausted,and frustrated by the end of it.

Wednesday morning after sending Rory off to school Ri went for an interview at the grocery chain I used to work at.-even though it is a different store it is somehow a WHOLE bunch of the same exact people I used to work with. They can't offer him much but they seem eager to have him.....
..and me if I would be willing to come back.
It look promising, he had another longer interview today with the mgr of the dept.. Looks like Ri is going to be trained by two kids I practically trained to do stock years ago. LOL.

Which sounds pretty awesome. In other awesome news we got our tax return , which should help us coast through this months bills on the NO INCOME we have right now. Ri spent a tiny bit of the money on the cheapest of tv stands to put the big tv(from Steve &Jess) on - We may even sell the tiny one from the livingroom = double win..Ri also found a dirt cheap french press for me. Since I apperently struggle to opperate any electronic coffee maker we are bringing it back old school. Steve even took Ri out to get some much needed groceries with our bit of money..

But,we had also filled for unenployment, food stamps the works..and got IT thing we spent money on groceries the day before.
It is all frustratingly joyous. Like, good things are happening now,it is getting better... but only because it is so bad.We've hit bottom and can only go up from here. Which is sort of depressing in its own right.

Oh- and I got a job. The awesome woman from Rory's school called again, and got me in touch with her friend that runs the farmers market(who I had a surprisingly cool phone convo with)- and she gave me a job on Saturday putting up the signs and helping with the crazy parking situation.I was soo nervous Thursday and Friday I thought I would explode.

Saturday I got up before sunrise to ride my bike to the farmers market,- I met the guy , put out signs- then I had time to kill until the crowd started pulling in, and actually got to walk around the booths looking at all the cool things for sale.
- The rest of the day was a blur of people in the parking lot ignoring me, feeling useless- it was cloudy and gloomy at 1st and there wasn't a lot for me to do - but point out spots ,and help a few people to their car.
it did get busier though- I ended up realizing some people are so desperate for a spot on the front row they will wait and entire 20 minutes for an old woman to walk to her car..
that I should have worn different shoes,
and the obvious- the 2nd and 3rd lane of parking are actually MUCH closer to the actual market than the spaces on the front lane and by the gate that everyone fights to park in..
..then I had to take the signs down again and head home. I can't even explain how sore and tired I was,
Still, a pretty neat way to spend a Saturday morning.

I napped for awhile when I got home, Ri made me a yummy lunch and fresh coffee-
then we all stayed up a bit late. I played scrabble with Jess, while Steve , Jay and Ri played video games on the huge tv.

...Needless to say Superbowl Sunday was spent doing as much of nothing as we were capable of.
(neither of us are be football fans).
I enjoyed every minute of my day of rest. and of my freakishly long bath.

Rory had a LONG bath too, with her mermaid toy, and somehow I talked her into pincurling her hair before bed..

I didn't manage to get her to let me brush it down into waves- so instead she went to school with the FULL curls the morning:

It rained cats and dogs all day- by the time she got home from school her hair was damp and in super cute beachy waves.
She has been doing so great in school, I am sort of astounded by how she is starting to read and write. If only she would stop bringing home so many germs, she has spent at least the last week coughing in her sleep... and one night she crawled into bed with us because she had a nightmare that her eyeballs fell out from it! poor baby!

Well, I am sure there is much more.. but I have to get to bed so i can make Rory's lunch in the morning and get ready to help in her classroom again.
I know it is terrible when I wait soo long to blog and have this huge wealth of things I wanted to share but forget half of it.

Remind me of this on Friday.
for now, Ri isn't feeling well (darn school germs) and I am going to go cuddle him.