Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving week in a minute

Quick vid post

-fixing my hair over the weekend,
Rory dancing around the house in her sparkly dressup clothes- in between the time she was hanging with the neighbor kid.
Marmoset at the Alligator Farm feild trip
some clips from thanksgiving at Momo's. - Playing with her cuz,and great grandad-
and kids on the iphone apps while desserts are consumed.

and a little of the night of lights on our way home.

I am all bloated on pie and need to reclean the house because I think we are going to have more feasting going on over the weekend.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday with all the food you love..
and if you don't celebrate TGing hope you have a great weekend

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Of Alligators , anxiety , and preparing for pie.

So! Hi.There.
I am going to go ahead and clench my knuckles and put my hand nervously around my forehead or mouth,
maybe I will even stand behind a opaque window all shadowy.
The interenets has taught me that is the way to show high levels of anxiety..
Me, I usually pick at my skin and obsess over removing every stray hair..but sure full fledged panic usually makes me put my hands directly on my forehead??

Anyway. We DID indeed get cable Sunday . Rory spent the entire day hanging out with the neighbor kid ( a boy who is two years older than her)
- I tried to keep them outside - the weather was amazing, but they still ran all over. So, I ended up meeting his parents.
Social anxiety horrah, but they seemed super nice. Rory is the only girl on the block, and the youngest.
LOL it seems she is destined to be friends with older boys no matter where we travel. At least her kindy class is mostly girls and all her age.

Speaking of,
Monday was her class field trip to the Alligator Farm. I had signed up to go , but I wasn't sure when it was - So I just showed up ready,
Luckily a few other parents had too, It didn't seem like many of us knew the plan at all.
I love watching the 1st part of class , as they sit and do a worksheet and then have sharing time a bit on the carpet. Rory was soo cute doing her work.

Rory got chosen as line leader for the week, she was super excited.
I was a bit less excited when I found out her line leader role meant I would be holding her hand in front of her entire class- and ALL THE OTHER KINDY CLASSES on the way to the farm and back.
That was stressful. I am not a leader.

We had a pretty good time. I love seeing the way she interacts with the other kids

I got a few pictures of her and HER ENTIRE class, and some cute ones of her and some friends..
but I didn't ask all their parents to post their pictures .. so I don't feel entirely comfortable sharing them.
I might print them up and send them to the teacher or something.

it was sort of crazy and chaotic, even with so many other parents there.

Rory and her friends using the map

And looking at the masks

They loved the critters inside the reptile house
and the fish tank in there lol.

And YES, they loved the gators and crocs

We sat for a show - the keeper showed us some local Florida animals , and answered questions the kids had about them - then we headed to the playground for a bit.
Explain to me, they have a playground at school, and a dozen around the neighborhood- but the small little one inside this place filled with all sorts of animals to admire is somehow the best part..
I don't get it.
It let them run off some energy before watching a bit of the alligator show.

I did get one pic of her class in front of Maximo..
It is blurry and dark enough to feel more comfy sharing..
PLUS,the kids all got white freaky glowing Children Of The Corn eyes-
I feel a bit less of a pic stealing jerk posting this one:
They are all a million times cuter IRL.

..I really hate that I feel so worried about posting pics, but I totally understand some people are uncomfortable with their kids on the net- and since I didn't ask thats all I am willing to share..
but Now I have no idea what to do with the awesome pics I did get.

This pic- I sort of have to share,, you can't really make out faces-
I just love that their faces were all PRESSED to this exhibit looking for the animal:

....when I went around the corner the other parents told me the habitat was empty and the animal had been moved for the winter.. that information didn't stopped the kids from trying to see who could find the critter 1st. LOL!

The teacher had asked us NOT to spend quarters letting the kids feed the alligators.
..but a parent fell for the puppy eyes when we got to the juvenile alligators and bought her kids some.
- then another parent ended up getting a few handfuls and passing them out to all of the kids. ( It wasn't I didn't have any change )
At least it entertained them for a bit... but then we had to line them up and have them wash their hands.

I think they had a great time. Rory says her fav part was feeding those little Alligators......and the playground. She DID have fun on that playground though.

and the big Galapagos turtles, they were on top of each other.
....I looked at other mom, she looked at me,
neither of us knew what to say.
"Look kids the alligators are right over there!"
hey, I'm pretty sure they are endangered though so GO turtle.
Rory was oddly whiney on the way back from the field trip.. I wrote it off as her being hungry because it was lunch time.

She was pretty fussy when Ri and I came to get her after school too..
we still just thought she was overtired and hungry,and she did eat a bunch and go to bed early.

---But, woke up the next morning with a fever, and a belly ache. I wasn't sure if it was a fever- I tried getting her ready for school gave her a shower and offered her breakfast.
She turned down everything, EVEN A COOKIE!
and then I took her temp :( She had to stay home.
Tylonal worked right away- and she seemed better by evening(We had planned to go see the local xmas light display, and/or the Santa Village snow/ice show thing they have set up- but didn't).
She was sort of upset to miss school but I know it wasn't a really important day just a sort of fun free day.

We both slept all day- I felt sort of off too. Ri deeped cleaned the kitchen AND made dinner while we rested!

We both seem to feel better today,
We should be all well for Thanksgiving Tomorrow!

That is something to be thankful for
Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Come on- that's hilarious coming from someone who doesn't eat turkey.
Turkey day is coming down on us, Ri even remembered my fav made up TGD tradition and made us French Toast Brinner for dinner!
(Get it? if you are gonna spend the next entire day eating dinner foods - i better get breakfast food sometime!)

We get to go to Momo's in the morn.
Ri's Mom(and maybe sisters ) is talking about maybe coming out Friday,
and My fam is talking about coming over this weekend.
This place is NOT clean enough,
I have no idea what to

and I am still swimming in too much post social anxiety worries , to even begin deal with the nausea of presocial anxieties.Plus, We have some new financial stresses to mix in... it is a fantastic feeling.
So, I am off to go crawl out of my skin and pluck all of the hair off of my body one by one.

Hope you are having an awesome night
Eat lots of pie for me tomorrow!!!!!!

I'll be back with pics soon. :)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

It is probably bad to punctuate every action with THUNDERCATS HOOOO!

Well, I am extremely busy gearing up for Thanksgiving , are you?
(or if you are my lovely smart Canadian friends- are you still cleaning from the aftermath?...yes, I just said smart ..we all know they are smarter.)

I totally just lied to you.
No,Not the part about Canadians, that was probably true...
I am so not ready for tofurky day.I am gearing up for nothing.
I am not even ready for tomorrow to come(while at the same instance wishing this long day were over - and I could find the way to my bed).
I should be doing a lot of things.Like hanging clothes, washing dishes- getting ready for Rory's field trip on Monday...

but, this year for Thanksgiving -I think , we are just going to tag along with Ri's Dad to see Momo (his gram),and that's all I really know.
I haven't figured the rest out, and we hadn't planned on making anything. I think at best i need to figure out what I will wear.

(check out the body glitter she got from the treasure box for getting 10bluebehaviourBears, she has shown it to everyone she has came in contact with.. strangers on the sidewalk know of her new glitter)

We haven't done a whole lot the past few day- Wednesday it has become regular to go the playground when Rory gets out of school (she get out an hour earlier on Wednesdays) - and go visit Ri. This Wednesday , because he has been riding his bike to work, and gets off early too- we stopped and had lunch/dinner at Nalu's before taking a ride around,and coming home.
That has worked out pretty well, because Rory looks forwards to the Wednesday she can go to the park, and see her Dad after school. Easier on the days she is whining about "going to boring old home".

They had a Thanksgiving day luncheon at her school Thursday- Ri was off so we both went. He was sort of nervous to see the mad house of her school lunch.
He even bought a meal...I can't say they really loved the food ,to be honest. Rory said that morning that she wanted to try the turkey..but when she actually saw it she changed her mind.
It was SUPER insanely crowded! I had NO IDEA so many parents would come! But don't they look super cute?? They decorated their shirts and had Indian Names- Rory's was Fire Flower- She went on and on about it all week.
I noticed one of Rory's classmates tray didn't have turkey either, and asked her mom if she was vegetarian- and she is! LOL it is the classmate who the teacher always confuses with Rory!They both have similarly unique names, they are the same size and have freakishly similar wardrobe(they must shop at the same place as my relatives). It is no wonder the teacher often calls Rory the other girls name!

When we got home from lunch we had the cutest visitor:

Ben's Mom and Aunt were watching her for the weekend and brought her by to see us! Last time we saw her she was itty bitty, and now look at her!

OMG she is a toddler- she was talking and walking
..and obviously just beautiful!
She liked Ri right away. Pretty much insisting he hold her. Noobs scared her a little at first but then she decided it was a "Bigdog" and just wanted Ri to hold her where she could see the dog.
It was awesome to get to see them! Hopefully we will get to see the whole fam soon- we have missed them soo much.

Speaking of getting to see people-
Still no new word on the van. Ri did take the truck all the way to the old house (and hour away) and he said it ran great there. So at least we still have that for emergencies and grocery trips.
I can't wait to have something I feel comfy riding Rory around in. She has been doing pretty well on her bike-
but you know me I'm a worrier.
Ask Ri.

Friday morn was hilariously awful Rory woke up super early- and spent the whole morning doing this over eager "I'm late , hurry up" dance around the house. She WAS NOT late.
I think I would have lost my mind if I didn't use my magical internets power to conger up an episode of Thundercats for her to watch- so that I could keep her still enough to put her hair up .
..We still ended up out of the house early.
-and as we were ALMOST to her school I realized neither of us remembered to get her backpack in our dance rendition of
"I'm late"

- "no, you are early" .. I had to call home and wake poor Ri up early and beg him to bring it to school- he was on time... good thing we were there so early.

It's alright though,
I spent most of Friday and Saturday resting and doing nothing I should've
Rory even wanted to come straight home without much complaint.
as long as I let her watch Thundercats..

I even made her breakfast the next morn put on Thundercats ,turned around and laid back in bed.

At least we didn't hold up and hermit out the whole weekend..
I talked on the phone some finally,
Rory went out and chatted with the neighbor boys a bit (they are all much older than her, but they did humor her sharing their plan-seriously, they had blue prints- to catch the neighborhood stray cat)
.. and when Ri's got off work a few of his friends stopped by and chatted -
watching hilariously horrible youtube vids with us.

I don't even have plans to hide from the outside world completely tomorrow/later today(at this hour) .. Cable guy offered us a plan that will save us money on internet AND give us cable.So I get to wait for him all day.
heh, and after that you probably shouldn't expect me to be near as

Ohh! But Monday is Rory's field trip to the Alligator Farm! ,
AND I think Ri's friend is going to come over and help him patch the fence,
I guess I should probably,eventually get ready for that stuff too.
For now I am going to try and sleep.If you can't tell by this erratic post, I need it.


... I mean,

It looks like there may be a new thundercats coming out soon, so in my weird
(I stumbled upon a 80s cartoon to show the kid way), I may have introduced her to it at the perfect time. I'm gonna start googling thundercats toys/clothes for xmas presents.

Friday, November 19, 2010

We've Got Conspiracists! Week in a minute

Woohoo! It's friday night!

I think I will start putting up just the vlog week on Friday nights. You think?

Please, Hold me to that. it isn't like I have better things to do.
I'll get back to you soooon with a new full blog post(Probably over the weekend..and I should proabably start now,huh) .

Some vid from : Riding around with my Mom,Sisters , and SUPER cute Niece and Nephew
over the weekend,
Riding downtown,
randomness from our week
- and Hanging with Baby Bella.. who is starting to look more like Tot Bella-
( we need to go see Ben& Ileana soon to ask them why they are letting her get so big)

Remember you can go to youtube and comment ,like,subscribe
and all that happy fun stuff.
you could leave comments here..
or on FB
..Dude, seriously.I'm BORED.
I just decided this is how I should spend my Friday nights- that should tell you something about me right there.

I'm off to watch Community..
I mean, to edit a blog for this weekend..

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. "

I'm behind, like way ridiculously behind, and I have no excuse. I DO have a two min vid from the last week.
and it isn't like we have done a hella lot since I last posted that would keep me away.. I've just been um, busy...yeah, that's it , busy.

Really,I was soo busy , I even called in sick the day I was scheduled to help at station time. I wasn't sick, but I lost my voice- and well I've had this super awesome cough I didn't want to bring to the classroom. I think I have FINALLY shaken the bug, but I still sound like a chain smoker.
....I don't smoke THAT much,
Hey,I still have my ridiculous sense of smell. I swear i smell things that don't exist, and after getting over that cold that is SO heightened.ugh.I am a freaking blood hound.

Normal school week for the most part- Ri and I were both feeling pretty run down.I sort of hid and got hermity.. which was extra weird because I felt like everyone dropped me a message and wanted me to call them- but I didn't and couldn't if I wanted to.I am still feeling pressed to connect with people. i will climb that mt eventually. ..just don't hold your breath, or call me if you want to talk.

- Wednesday was pretty busy though, I took her to school, ran the dog- then decided to stop in and check on Ri before he opened,got an hour of exercise in on the wiifit- then picked up the kid
..She gets off early Wednesday and likes to go to the park, so we stop by and see her dad too:

(Ri's buddy Phil was fixing the sign and put her name on it for a second )
We went to the lighthouse park instead of the playground we usually stop at
She liked the trees more than the playground equipment there
Ri's friend ( who was changing the sign earlier ^ ) works at alligator farm, and reminded us that now that the time has changed and it gets dark earlier we should come watch the birds. So we decided to stop in to see after Ri got off work:

-Oh- the swans will beat those ducks down if the ducks so much as look at the food.


We hung around wasting time til twilight ,

Rory and Ri got to hold a snake. Rory was a bit scared at 1st, which is really odd. At 2 or so snakes where her favorite animal- the last few years she has been a bit skittish of them.
One other park goer was quiet scared as well, this sweet older woman .. and together they faced their fears to hold the snake- it was too sweet.

Rory said she loved the snake's camouflage. and the handler talked a bit with her about why it has the spots it does and why it is called a ball python.(look it up, ok- I am lazy :p ) .

Sunset- time to watch the bird fly in

I am not the best photographer.. and my cam has had trouble focusing lately.

It was really hard to try and get the vid I wanted of the birds flying to rest over the gators.

Lets not talk about the white stuff all over the trees..

These pictures are so pathetic. Watching the birds fly in to the alligator farm is AMAZING. Hell, watching the small groups of them head that way at sunset (from anywhere in St.aug) has always amazed me- so seeing them here is really crazy.

They let us stay a bit later to see their gators eyes in our light-

Check out the stars!
..look close

Not stars.
Not at all.
That is the reflection of the alligators eyes:
She is counting the reflections. You don't wanna know how many.
Ri's buddy let her keep the flashlight too- she rode home with it, as we took the long loopy back road back to our house on the bikes.
She pretty much passed out after dinner.

Thursday Rory had the day off for Veterans Day (which was weird because i don't remember ever getting Veterans day off,especially not midweek if we did- but ok)- It was really nice to have that break, and we spent it being completely lazy. We even canceled Rory's checkup dr appt so we wouldn't have to run all the way to themiddleofnowhere.
A friend of Ri's from out of state did stop in on his way through town, and it was great to see him
- Ri spent the day hanging out with him, sharing his love of our new town-or olde city?

Rory and I have been reading,
a lot.
Rory is really starting to pick up words, insanely fast- and still interested in hearing me read longer stories. We are reading Despereaux together (actually- I am reading her a few chapters a night.. I already finished it) and now she says she likes the book better than the movie.
but , the book is a bit dark. "Mom,leave out the parts about mouse bones next time,K? "

Thursday was busy for my sis Lissy too- Boo left again. Deployed to DC.
she spent the day saying goodbyes. They let her stay the night at the hotel there before he got on his flight
, and on her way back through Friday early morn she stopped in. She helped me drop Rory off at school.- Nico did not understand that. He hugged her bye, but he couldn't believe we'd just left her there.. but we let him ride in her carseat to Lissy's house, and he thought that was pretty cool

I spent the day out there with them, Lissy dog is looking much healthier- and almost cute.
and her cat decided I make a great seat.( aww I miss having a kitty). I made Lissy watch some of my fav shows and youtube channels. I like to spread my addictions.

Nico was more than ready to go pick Rory up from school
He is a peacock!
We came home and order pizza- and flew a kite a little.

Saturday Lissy came to pick me up again,
We decided to tag along with mom to Cassadega ,Mom wanted to get a reading, and Amy wanted to do some shopping.
So we piled into Mom's car


we went on a little picnic


Then walked around the little neighborhood- and shops while Mom went to the psychic.
Pretty neat little town... but the kids were NOT very entertained amidst all the stores filled with fragile items though.
So we stopped at BK for coffee, ice cream- and to give Amy her birthday cake
Even little Allura loved the play area.


It was a pretty nice day. we hung out at mom & dad's for a bit chatting and laughing.Rory was passed out and Ri was on his way to bed by the time I got home.

Sunday was spent recuperating from such a busy day. .. Plus, with horrible tooth pain.
I have been clenching my teeth in my sleep.. i think I might have actually put a tiny hairline crack on the back of a tooth. It hurts. I was starting to feel much better.. now OUCH.
Despite it, after dropping the kid off at school, I still ran the dog- then went on a bike ride with Ri all over downtown.

Today.. I get another day off from helping in Rory's class- they have stuff planned with the holiday coming up.We are still trying to figure some things out as far as holidays, schedules , finances, and getting healthy- we are getting there like always though. Day by day we are doing good- I guess that is all that matters.

and again- I will make an effort to keep more up to date here, lest you have to suffer through three thousand catch up pictures and a week-month's worth of rambling.

I also want to say

I know a good dozen people with Bdays the middle of this month. (and don't think that i failed to notice it is 9 months form Valentines Day..For goodness sakes, buy your parents chocolates)

... A reward of some webjunk if you hung in here this long

I am gonna go take a crazy long shower.
Somewhere between reading about heartbroken mice and dungeon rats ,and watching The Walking Dead I can't help but feel twice as jumpy and gross as normal

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm thinking maybe I should faint,but I don't..

How about just a vid?

That won't do, huh?-
I have pics too..

I last left off telling you off the impending DOOM of sinus ick coming down on me as I waited to take Rory to the Doc, because she got better-only to get that scary secondary infection fever a few days later.

Yeah,Mom came and took me .
they put her on 5 days antibiotics (and it has already been longer than that since I posted-because she just finished that med the other day :slacker)

The doc said she should be good as long as she wasn't running a fever she wouldn't be contagious and said by her 1st dose of antibiotics she should be good- but, she had to miss school that Thursday and Friday :( .
At least while I was in town I got to visit my sis and mom took us for lunch..

...Lissy and Boo have strange things.

They brought me home and helped me carve my pumpkin.
Well, Lissy helped me carve my pumpkin while Boo and Ri hung out.

Rory wanted a butterfly pumpkin. Not once has she requested a simple easy peasy triangle eye/nosed crooked smile JackOlantern. ..but I sort of enjoy the carving so it's all good.

Me and Lissy function almost twinnly wordlessly on projects like this. One of us needs a break we hand it off, having trouble we pass again. Without ever saying a word we reach over to help. We are freaks.
-Side note- do not laugh at the hippy craft instructor look I have going on. I almost expect me to talk in a sing songy melancholy voice and explain my art to you in that pic. Kumbaya

Oh well, the results were well worth it:

but Rory passed out before we finished.
Nico was up long enough to check it out..but he was freaked out by touching it-


Friday was the character parade at school-but Rory had to stay home sick.
I did dress her up and let her go to the fall fest after school for a bit( I had mentioned it to her dr and they said if she hadn't had a fever she should be fine-but she shouldn't go in Fri morn because she had a fever Thursday)..
At least I got to paint her face,

Rory got lucky and found the eyes in her kids meal on Thursday, and Mom brought her the ears .
Kid wanted to change her costume every day of OCT.It was impossible to plan with her.
Their festival was really cool and Rory got to play with some of her best friends.

they had lots of activities, and little prizes- here they are looking for the pumpkin in the hay:
Everyone got a giggle of the way KittyRory dug in the hay like a cat in a litterbox.

On Halloween - Ri had to work for a little while. My sisters (and their sposes/babies) came over to take the kids to the cutesy "Safe Trick Or Treating"
I have been giddy looking forward to Halloween in St.Augustine. This olde city goes all out.And, I grew up in the middle of nowhere were ToTing was a DRIVE door to door thing , then go to a small church festival.

We got ready a bit, I did Nico's makeup but he was fussy, Rory changed her mind and would not let me zombiefy her SnowWhite costume.
We walked over the bridge - late and early all at the same time. Early for the trick or treating at the stores, but late for the costume contest/parade.
So we milled around and got pizza- then CANDY!!

Steph&Wes's costumes should have won a prize- people giggled and pointed as we passed, they LOVED it.
Allura waved at everyone and we decided her frilly dress needed a sash she was baby beauty queen for sure.

And Zombie Nico was a huge hit.Even if he was a fuss face
He had fell off the bed at his Gram's house and Lissy was paniced all day that he might have a concussion.So the irritable tired fussiness made her really uneasy.

I wore my costume but not so much makeup
Have you seen my ship? (there IS a pirate ship in these pics).
Very fitting costume with the location.

And Some more of Hef and the Playboy bunny

We started heading back towards my house,
Honestly- Rory made out so well at the we could've been done for the night.

Ever have one of those moments when you are trying to take a picture.. like say, the one above-
but you miss, and you like the mess up mistake better than the picture you were trying for ?
See below:

Mel (Ri's sis) stopped in but only to say Hi, and let us see their costumes:
I got a pic of Eli's..
She went to the Shops TrickOrTreat too but never ran into us.
She had a really awesome outfit and said she almost won part of the contest- but didn't. We had thought they might go TrickOrTreat with us too, but they decided they had enough from the shops.
(also,, take note of my pumkin in the pic above .Someone remind me next year, That Florida humidity is not suited for jackolanterns and i have no need to rush to carve mine)

We hung out a while with Boo's friends-

- Wes and Steph had to get home early and left-
Val(Practically ri's sis) showed up with her son ,sis and neighbor to go trick or treating with us :)
And Lissy gave Nico a bath- then decided she was too worried about him and wanted to head home to watch him.Taking Amy & Aaron with her (but NOT Boo, who ended up sort of stranded when his friends left).

Rory and Seth played and killed time waiting for the dark
I did my make up

Our group- Minus Val who took the pic

It was still daylight and we hadn't seen any other kids out yet, but we decided to go ahead and start walking

I really love my neighborhood- it was soo neat to walk around with the kids to Trick or treat-

The kids got loads of candy- once it got dark there were tons of houses to stop at. One woman even gave them juice and water, and another gave them pumpkins off her doorstep. Also tons of other trickortreaters came out, loved seeing all the cute costumes.
We headed back still pretty early and gave out candy for awhile

Yes, I let Rory dig right into her candy, that's the point, isn't it?

Here is what is left of my makeup after trick or treating.

We hung out for a bit with Boo-(Rory passed out pretty quickly) a few friends stopped in to chat a bit too.Lissy ended up having to drive all the way back out to pick poor Boo up.

I was sick a bit Thursday and Friday by Monday I was EXHAUSTED . I still managed to run the dog and help class on Tuesday..
but NOW I have this terrible cough leftover that I just can't seem to shake. :( . .

Feel like a total zombie,banadryl is the only thing that seems to quiet the cough, but I still cough if i try to lay in bed or get too hot or cold (our bedroom is stuffy).. so I have avoided the sleep I need so desperately
Rory is feeling tons better, at least. She caught up on her makeup school work, and homework and seemed to have a pretty swell, candy laced post Halloween week.

Poor Ri spent his day off not feeling well, but he still managed to get his buddy to come over and got the mirror hung and the light in the dining room up-
and WTH? Where did all that mess in there come from?!?!?! Now I realize I need a dark room to make my home look less cluttered. Well,That explains why my closet lights never work,
not that my closets are unorganized or anything.......

Ri is starting to feel heal broken Clav wise- he even rode his bike a couple times and has stopped wearing the sling. :)

Thursday brought RAIN! Lots of rain, and the unseasonably warm weather vanished with the last drop. It is cold now.
You'd think I would be happy, but no that sucks.
Noobs seemed to like it on our last run, she didn't like it when I wouldn't run her this morning though,Dog is rotten.

Thanks for all the good thoughts , support or just mindless chatter.
Sorry for the extra long catch up post. Maybe I'll get some rest and feel up for updating more regularly again.


My title.. stupid song stuck horribly in my head:

plus, it fit with my cough ,sleeplessness making me super dizzy.