Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Murphy's law , dreads, and babies.

Summarization might be the key to this blog..
though, I haven't been getting enough sleep and you know how that tends to cause me to ramble.
(or you didn't know that, and you don't normally read my blog- so welcome!!)
Also, I don't care what Firefox says summarization is totally a word.

well, we're are keeping on.
A lot of the same crap I mentioned in my last post is keeping on. Murphy's Law has continued to attack us.. every little thing that can go wrong,will.
Light in the car is flashing ,towel rack breaking, bulbs breaking, hundred little things around the house just seeming to fall apart as we try to fix it up.

More with Needy extraordinarily talkative child.

More Allergies . Well, we aren't sure if it is allergies everyone keeps telling us that. I got this whole stuffed head obvious pollen allergy thing, but it was followed with this weird extreme stomach cramping.. I thought I was getting sick but then it faded . Then Ri did it. I guess it is logical that the freakishly high tree pollen allergens could also affect our stomachs- it just seems odd.

Rory schedule got all sorts of extra weird. Stupid naps.

I would be lying if I said it isn't all driving me sort of nuts.
That is added to the constant obsession with looking for rental property in st.auggy, as if I am going to find something cheap enough that we can keep this house and live there .ha.


but.. I guess all things considered a lot of other things have gone right.
Or maybe my expectations have lowered soo much I can appreciate the good that happens even more.

Ri did finally buy new vents and switch covers- and a new light for the kitchen(he also took Rory and let me rest when I was feeling extra sicky) , but we haven't put anything up..
He DID finally burn the rest of the fence panels as well .

Saturday morning- when the 4th lawnguy we tried to hire still hadn't came , and the neighbor asked Ri if he could mow the empty field between our yards, Ri asked him how much to do the whole yard- the guy said TEN bucks! and he did it super fast! So yay!

Diana & Denise (Ben's mom and Aunt) swung in to visit Saturday while they were watching Bella!!
Squeee baby hugs
I cannot believe how big she has got she is the cutest little Roly Poly - she was just trying to join the whole conversation too! She is just soo gorgeous!
We talked about getting Rory and Emily together to play again soon,
Ben wants us to head up to Orlando to hang out and visit Monday too :)

Ri has to get a day away from the house stuff.
I know it's all I let him do when he is home in projecting my panic over it, but I also want things magically finished. lol.

Thank goodness for weather conditions. Sunday There was a tornado watch Sunday. I wanted rain. I wanted a torrential down pour of COLD rain. The humidity of the house with the air conditioner being broken robbed me of the little bit of sleep I allow myself.
I hadn't slept in days with stupid insomniatic chatty crazy thing ( that made me have hour long conversations with preeetty much every member of my family I could find awake. Sorry Dad) - along with that whole nocturunal napping child thing.. the broken AC was too much. The tornado watch didn't bring rain at 1st but it did cool the earth down and I found zombie sleep in some form.
It also left behind some freakishly crazy strong winds that have kept the ac less house comfortable the last few days.

Sunday was also World Malaria day--
I figured I could do my part to spread the word, and Rory was all about some writing on her hand and taking a picture.

End Malaria

We got another chunky baby visitor on Monday when Mom stopped in with my babysis and Allura

Who is the happiest baby on the planet. She could not stop giggling at everything Rory did...and she had just had shots

Aurora & Allura

She also wanted to eat Rory's face. I think Rory was a bit bothered by the hairpulling baby slobbering her face every chance she got- but Rory was a good sport about it. She remembers Nico doing the same thing

Yeah, I blurred my messy kitchen outta this picture.So?

Mom & my giggly niece

They didn't stay long... Rory and I went back to the never ending cleaning, making a mess, cleaning routine we have going. I drank 28 cups of coffee.

I took a shower and put my hair in knots when I was all sleepless and overheated:
I had this Idea of how cool curled dreads would look...but I like the knots a lot too.

knots in knots
Yes. My shirt is awesome. It also says "Player"

The next day I took my knots down to this:
Crazy curly dreads
how freaking awesome is that?!

I'll tell you it is soo awesome it sparked a dread war with SamProof on DailyBooth.<--- you must click that it is hilarious! Annnnd was on Must Share Hair.

So that might become a regular hair thing I do , I love the knots. And I love the results.
It also dawned on me I am approaching one year with dreads!!
Here is my ticker
AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

it hadn't even hit me it has been that long.. and it is funny how tons of people are asking me about them and complimenting
Quite a few people I know have asked about starting them...
I just hope they remember that 6 mo or so ago they went through a gnarly loopy phase and looked like this

but also a side note about that. Now that they aren't as loopy crazy and I don't NEED to fiddle with them, mess with them ,baby them as much- Now that I don't see freaky weird crazy new changes in each one when I wake up
.. I sort of miss it.
I have heard people say that before, that growing dreads is more fun than having them, and I have seen soo many people ( online) cut their dreads off as soon as they mature , just to start over! I never understood it until now.
But, I won't be cutting for a long time..

Mom stopped in this morning to pick up Rory. She was early for her nail appointment and thought Rory might like to go with her and have a girly day.
Rory had barely slept but jumped at the opportunity! ..and I stayed home- I finally conquered the livingroom invading Littlestpetshop village, took a LONG shower in which I got to use an actual razor , and then napped, and then have quiet.
They stayed out all day went to lunch and back to Mom's for dinner. Mom brought her home just before dark.

Rory stayed up maybe an hour after talking loudly with the doll mom got her( AND the matching brand new one Mom found in the parking lot where they got lunch-crazy!) , she talked and whined Ri's poor ears off ,before she passed out cold in the middle of the floor.

In fact, I should go to bed before she wakes up and realizes she is sleeping at night.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter."

~Gordon W. Allport

Between you , me, and freshly painted walls-I've lost it.
I am stressed to the point of no return.
I am trying to be positive,
I am trying to not huddle in a fetal position mass of caffeinated, nicotined , inomniatic stress driven depression..
I think it is working, because now it is all starting to seem funny.

For example
The fact that Rory has started taking naps,
no. not the sort naps that would fix her irregular sleep pattern.She naps at 9 or 10 pm. Or maybe am.. and then, as a result sleeps during normal daytime hours.
The sun is coming up now.
She is awake.
Now perhaps bedtime will come super early..
Hilarious ,right? In a sort of ironic way
(not "use of words for something other than their literal intention", literal irony way
... but.. ironic in that classic misuse of the word situational way, that basically means it is so improbably sucktastic.
Yup. I made that up.)

I have unreasonable levels of anxiety this week. Probably due to the whole not sleeping, stress thing...but it is ridiculously over the top fears of irrational proportion
Even I am starting to find myself funny.

I've heard self consciousness / anxiety is really just an extreme form of narcissism. Except I am so vain I think you are all judging me harshly.
If only I could assume you all loved me..
or the more rational thought, that you aren't thinking of me at all, and have no idea what I am even talking about. It is probably safe to assume my 10-20 odd readers have already skipped over this part and scrolled down for pictures.
I'd bet you are thinking about how messed up I am on no sleep ,horrible parenting,
interents addiction,
and the lameness of being extraordinarily proud of beating all my husbands scores on the WiiFit,
How messed up my hair is.
How my stomach knots have been so powerful, and noisy I think I either ate a cat, or I am having kittens,
how crazy my neighbors think I am for talking to the dog as much as the kid,and how I need curtains,
how lofty my goals are,
how hopeless my thoughts are,
how forgetful,rude, and or thoughtless I am,
or how I have post apocalyptic, party club, zombie nightmares on the rare occasion that I do sleep (How did you know?)
or you are thinking how if I ever get famous it will be for my awkwardness on a spot of a lame realitydrama or clip of a news show- which becomes a internet meme mocking me. Especially mocking the breakout I have that looks like herpes under my nose... not that I'd blame anyone for mocking that..
In this state of delirium I am sure you people think such things of me.You are also probably the one prank calling me.

It's ok, at least it's funny.

Soo many things that have just put me on edge this week..
that I need to laugh about because I just don't have the tears in me for this.

Like trying to go to sleep in the morning in Rory's bed- so Ri's buddy can take apart the old weight machine and finally evict it from the bedroom..

Or like How we have now consulted FOUR different lawn guys who have been no shows and our yard looks like a freaking jungle through no fault of our own... and I have a stack of cash for the 1st one that makes it here and clear cuts the forest. It's like a slow motion race.

Or Forgetting to take the trash out this week after loading them DOWN last week... we even threw out the old chairs. Ri is in serious downsize mode.

Not realizing there was a family reunion this weekend I could have went to.

Or making last minute awesome dinner plans- that fell threw when no one could watch Rory.

Or trying to make use of an entire flat of strawberries...

Or how I am suddenly addicted to Sudoku despite being number dyslexic and tending to write 2s for 7s.

Or how Rory isn't registered for Kindy because we want to move 1st.

or Like spending the whole day mopping the floor.. really mopping the floor and reorganizing the kitchen, and turning around to see every.single. toy from Rory's room(which I also recently cleaned)spread out in the once also clean living room.It all feels untameable.

What use is vacuuming the carpet when it has paint stains?
The dishes always pile up,
they also break,
the cat always needs another bath- and everything I do is interrupted by the child and dog needing me to do something for them..

It is just all hopelessly Effing Hilarious to me at this point.

Almost as funny as being attacked by inanimate objects in a way that only I am capable of.
I didn't touch the pantry or med cabinet. The door has been loose since they touched up the ceiling and painted the walls, we had went grocery shopping and stocked it a few days before--

but this day(Saturday), I didn't touch it.
I did dishes. I scrubbed the counter under it. AS I put away the dishes I hung a can opener from the screw underneath, and I walked out of the kitchen
A freaking can opener.
That was the straw that sent the whole thing flying into me when I came back into the kitchen.


This is the after pic- after Ri did as best he could to nail it up -but it is shredding apart and we don't expect it to stay. another thing to replace.fix. or give up on.
I'm going to burn the building down.

My fav part of the past few days was spending a day with a child who made herself burp.
...anyone that knows me knows that : that make yourself burp thing, it gives me slight convulsions,water gut queasiness and works that one nerve that makes my neck vein poke out and my left eye twitch...

and then this child got hiccups.
and hiccup burps.
and complained of a stomach ache.
I assume it is the pain that is probably all self inflicted from making herself burp for 3 hours..
Then Rory actually puked, and I felt like a mean jerk for thinking it was just from the gas she put in her own belly . :(

So then.
When my phone rang right after I had called Ri -and was busy holding her chunky pizzacrusty puke covered clothing in one hand , starting a bath for her and trying to scrub the floor, I still answered it assuming it was Ri calling back...
but it wasn't.
and I have been getting a lot of breathing, wrong number, random 4am background noise calls.
... I am not sure if it was someone legitimately looking for "Buckwheat" ... but my "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!" reaction was probably NOT the best way of explaining to the poor guy that he had the wrong number.

Speaking of having kittens.. which was like 20 paragraphs ago.
I think Grace- the COMPLETELY wild cat that hangs in the yard- is having kittens.
Either that or Grace is a boy who is getting really fat.
please be a damn boy.
ugh. We are going to have to trap her to get her fixed I have no idea how that works.

Maybe that is why my belly is making cat noises.Sympathy pains.
I also have sympathy pains for Sweets... I won't go into that.
I will say washing a cat in a kiddie pool is NOT advisable. He hated that. Also, I think he can walk on water,
the hose has good range because after all that effort I was determined to spray some of the poo off of the poor kitty's bottom so I sprayed him with it like a super soaker as he ran across the yard...
... at least he didn't scratch at the door for attention for the rest of the night.

Thank goodness I have Ri to always help me laugh . He has been in a super great mood for the most part.
I think I am going to have to start riding bikes around St.auggy at nights with him and his buddies, or surfing when he gets off work early just to lose weight like he is and be so damn upbeat.
but I can't

So I laugh. I laugh so hard I cry.

In fact. Tiffers posted pics of my laugh from when she was down recently that I should share because they are so fitting in this
- it was before my epic break out too,
soo I will post them even though I am clearly sunburnt, drunk and losing at poker

and some quotes I considered for the title

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward. ~Kurt Vonnegut

"Let's face it, comedy's a dead art form. Tragedy, now that's funny."

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. ~Irish Proverb

Laughter is the corrective force which prevents us from becoming cranks. ~Henri Bergson

Laughter is an orgasm triggered by the intercourse of sense and nonsense. ~Author Unknown

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails. What puts man in a higher state of evolution is that he has got his laugh on the right end. ~Max Eastman

And a song

Well this is all sorts of rambly and silly.
I am going to get a nap in and hope Ri is home soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Conflicted? Turn to blog?!

I am not feeling very bloggy.
I should be. There are things going on I could vent,panic , and whine and blog about here. I am torn between the feeling of wanting to crawl up and hide- and wanting to be ridiculously productive.
ah. conflict.

I blame Aunt Flo... but it really isn't just hormones.

We are still trucking along on the work to the house.. not fast enough though . That entire subject is stressful and troubling. my house.
rent my house.
Pack my things and move Rory a school district over.
k? thanks.

Ri quit his job at cowboys.
Things are going great at Nalu's-
He is freakishly calm, and happier than ever about the whole thing. The other job had become so negative for him I guess he was just glad to let it go-
Plus, now he just goes surfing or riding bikes around st.auggy with his buddies when he would have been working there - or enjoying his shifts at the tacostand even more, so he is in a way better place mentally.

Wish I could say the same... I have started doing yoga everyday on the wiifit. At least it appears to be helping my physical balance.

Mom & Libby came and dragged us out on Wednesday .. we went to Mom's for eggplant parm and potato soup..
and strawberry shortcake.
and more junkfood .YAY!

We also explored the shed a bit more. We found a stash of old toys including the ORIGINAL '92 Littlest Pet Shop -- or at least the case part. I was amazed that, that much exists in there. Rory was sort of sad we didn't find any of the classic pets. but she found some cool treasure from our youth- and spent some time playing golf with JJ.

Rory was fussy though. Sleepy head kept throwing fussy tantrums.
Nico was sort of fussy too- poor baby has allergies- I know the feeling

At least when they are this age their tantrums are still funny and cute- and short lived.



He talks soo much now it is soo cute!!


Rory takes awesome pics :) I love his curls!

I caught this pic of the face Lissy gives Dad


She might hate me for that- but it is too perfect.

We even brought Noobs over to spend the day at Mom&Dad's . Tried to get her to ride in the back of Mom's car- but she wouldn't she climbed over to her spot in between the front seats(she must copilot) , ignoring the fact that her butt was on top of poor Lissy.

She spent most of the time begging for food from the meat eater people, and laying on their air vents.
Stinker. Didn't even give up her spot when dad put his shirt on her.. In fact I think she used it to hold in more of the cool air.



Nico wanted my camera- how can you say no to this:



I think they are conspiring against Lissy and I to learn the perfect tantrum techniques from one another.

Ri picked us up and Rory fell asleep as soon as her butt hit her carseat.
me too.
We both woke up in the middle of the night though, never fear.

Ri spent today cleaning out the rest of the garage. It looks awesome in there.
I finally caught up on laundry in my panic mode... we will see how long that lasts.
There is still much much to do and a HUGE mess. I just want to throw everything away and start over.
fuck it all.
Actually I don't even want to do that. I can't bare the thought at all-
(you see the problem now don't you) .

I just want to hide from it all and hope it disappears on its own.
Do you think people regularly burglarize homes and steal just the things other people don't need anymore?? I wonder if I could hire such a person


I'm losing it . I blame Poor sleep habits, stress and hormones - but all those are a pretty regular thing.

Everything local is all abuzz again about the little girl that went missing(and is now believed dead) a year ago.
Lots of rumors, lots of drama, lots of thoughts I can barely stomach
and lots of people on FB spreading misinformation they heard from someone ,who heard from someone who may have heard it from friends or family members. bleh.
small town.

I don't know what to say beyond how much my heart hurts for the people who lost her from their life.

I did FINALLY finish the latest project on my Of Fairy Tales and Far Aways blog- PLEASE click the link go there- comment, subscribe, share , give love PLEASE PLEASE
... and yes. I did really just write this post in hopes of pimping that new blog post.
That and procrastination.
Well , it's not like I sleep or anything.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Of Spring,Real life net friends, Tourism, Zombies,and New paint

--Noobie does not approve of standing swinging---

HEY people!!

Spring has made me a busy busy bumble bee...
Do not worry though,
I still maintain my superhuman ability to procrastinate ..
I say, as I blog instead of doing another load of dishes or using the wiifit.

Besides, I have a load of pics. Mind if I just throw them up explain a little and avoid as many big long rants as possible?

Thursday - I got to meet up with some not so imaginary net friends! No AprilFoolin'!!
Turns out. some people I chat with on the internets are real people.
Amber is actually local- and Ri went to school with her hubby! It is a small world when you meet someone on a huge message board who lives right down the road in your place in the middle of no where.
And Tiffers-and fam- came all the way down here to spend spring break with Amber in the Florida sun . (again- she did yr before last as well)
We have all met before , on top of the years of net friendship - they are superswell so we were excited to get to go out with our whole fam.
Ri was off work so we all headed out to St.Auggy for a day of touristy fun.
The restaurant we planned to go for lunch was closed -bummer- so we headed to Nalus- hoping not to ruin Ri's boss' day too much.With 12 people ...

Ri at least tried to make it easy ordering it all together and not holding up the line :).. hopefully we weren't too big of a pain.
The food was awesome as always .. I think everyone liked it.

Amber's girls seemed to love it :)

Tiff took those two pics- I love the bunny ears lol.
Just assume that all the really good pictures of Thursday were taken by Tiff not me.thanks.

Then we even got to see Rockell.

Nalu's is right up against the state park- so she is pretty much protected..
they have tried relocating her and she always comes back.
The food is that good
Ri got Rory a sno-cone. I tried to talk him out of it. He had promised her some last time we went, but with all the other kids I feared the ramifications.. it turned out perfect- because that huge heaping sno-cone was too much for her , we got extra spoons,and she happily sweetly shared with all the girls.
On to downtown- they just reopened the newly restored old bridge of lions(that is a rant for another time)
I am glad Tif thinks to get a scenery pic when I fail to think of such.

The girls were sooo cute holding hands and chatting up a storm
This is Tif's baby girl Elise with Rory

On to the old Fort!

Spring break meant the crowd was MUCH bigger than normal -plus it was a spectacularly beautiful day

Nathan (Tif's hubby) & Ri chatting on top of the fort

The girls walked all over like this:

it did get in the way a little-but it also helped keep track of them

Rory is like a mini tour guide

watch out- the girls are gonna shoot the cannon!

Amber's boy Sonny- wondering why there are blowpop wrappers in there

Don't shoot! I'm not actually a pirate

Evie, Rae, Elise and Rory
I have not mastered this ability to take pictures of more than one child looking at my camera... thank goodness someone can.

Ri has an idea

He said it looked like a potty.

The girls thought watching the pro model shoot was awesome..

Note my failed attempt at the multichild shot

The boys- Sonny and Dev

We made our way back to the lower part of the fort..
Listening to the girls chat about a million things at once,
and Dev ponder how well the Fort would fair against Zombies.

I love that they looks so behaved and angelic in this picture.

Inside the chapel

I admit being a little surprised this entertained them all so much

Who knew they would all be so fascinated by history lessons?

...well. the tv zombie status wasn't totally shocking

Amber & Joe

The writing on the wall in this room was so odd and interesting..

This part was sort of spooky. We were talking about how the Ghost Hunters show had even visited the fort.
..and zombies.

No wonder the girls look so spooked

..suddenly the repair work on our house seems not so bad:

The little girls were just entertained by jumping around on the old floors

I did watch some of this speech while the girls jumped around- this guy was pretty entertaining

This room creeped Rory out- but I think she just heard people on the outside walking by-
Tif even picked up some cool things at the gift shop.
Rory was eager to show everyone around the outside of the fort.

I love that Elise looks like she owns the place

The hot-shot cannon thingy is Rory's fav- I got some good pics of Sonny looking through it

We were talking about how coquina absorbs shots - it was neat to see on the outside

Rory got blisters from not wearing socks(I told her soo!) - we headed to the cars -

and on to the beach!!
We stopped to get surf boards from the surf station.
Dev had mentioned he wanted to try so Ri was eager to show him a little

Eve is an expert kite flier! She told me( in a very grown up way-esspecialy for a 6yr old)- that it is a tradition to fly kites when she goes to the beach :)

Reagan followed Rory everywhere it was adorable

She looks just like little mini Amber

Elise was too cute splashing us from this little tide pool

That water is cold .yo.
I didn't go in it.

I love how well they played together. Amber mentioned something about how much they fight- but I didn't see it. I guess that is the way it is with siblings though.

The waves were pretty small- but I think Ri caught at least a few if only for a second.

I love love love this picture.yes.I took it and I am bragging. but it is cool. Eve is a great model

I was watching the kids for a bit with Tif- while Amber and Joe rode their awesome new beach cruiser bikes around getting good and exhausted.

So anyway.
We had parked on Crescent Beach park- and just walked over to the beach..
I am standing there watching the kids when this person I know just appears next to me.

My sister!!
Are you stalking me?
LMAO! I hadn't even told her we were going to the beach! Nor had she mentioned it to me- How she found me on the beach miles from our home town is amazing.
well. to me. It is true that Crescent Beach is pretty much THE beach you go to from Putnam County. She said she was extra confused because she saw all these kids and wasn't sure it was me.

Nico was soo excited to see me - he literally bounced in my arms and pointed to the water!

I love these pics

Dev got his first taste of icky board rash. ouch

BTW. I can't fly a kite.

Lissy gave us space for awhile playing in the sand with Boo and Nico while we hung out with our crew- When Dev decided he was done surfing Ri took Boo out for a bit, and Lissy came and chatted.

Nico took to Amber right away- in between wanting to nurse the whole time.

Hey at least someone can fly a kite

It was too cold for baby Boo so they didn't stay long

I took some pics for Tif-last time they got a family picture on the dune and hoped for another
-seriously cute family

As we headed out to head home- they asked if we wanted to come over to Amber&Joe's after dinner, play some cards and have some drinks. Sounded like an awesome plan.
We headed there after a long story trip to two publixs dropping off the boards- and a stop home for a shower. It was already pretty late so the kids were all relaxed in their Pjs

We drank and played cards for a bit.
I suck at poker.badly.
Sorry Daddy.

Amber had stopped to pick up her oldest daughter from her dads
- She ended up being an awesome help watching the little ones as we acted equally childish outside with a huge fire, the dogs, and too much to drink.and popcorn,lol.
Would you like some popcorn?

It was like a mini vacation we stayed really late and almost ended up staying the night.

Ri had to work the next day. and I had to prep the house for painting.
The work on the house.
oh yeah. responsibility.

My main plan was escaping it all this time. the wallpaper removal was enough for me to stomach.
So I packed an overnight bag to stay at moms Saturday.

Saturday- We got sort of a late start. Ri's Dad, stepbrother and his son came over-Thank goodness for all their help! and JJ comes to pick up Me& Rory so we can celebrate Zombie Jesus!

Lissy and Boo came over too-
bringing the ball pit /tent Nico got for his birthday, that Rory has been dying to see-
We brought to Wii to show off-... well almost I had to send JJ back to get the cord I forgot. boo played it a little at least.

We dyed eggs. Mostly me and Libby. I LOVE dyeing eggs. I think I may start doing so regularly just for funsies. We also grubbed on Easter candy. oooo jelly beans!

We ended up making all sorts of denominational eggs- star of David, Flying Spaghetti monster, a cross and Ankh , and of course a Zombie Jesus egg.
Mom was working at her new job as a waitress at Porky's .. so we waited on her to do an egg hunt and went on a walk 1st... Rory doesn't wear this shirt ALL the time. She just takes it as soon as it gets out of the dryer...

Nico called the eggs balls - crushable balls.frickin awesome

That is the egg that says her name

I love these pictures.

YAY! Eggs!!

Here is where I confess my next project for my other blog was close to completion ..until I took these pictures of Nico and now I must find a way to use them..

He is far too cute.

Yay! Mom is home time for the egg hunt!

Nico had a part of hiding the egg- so it gave them a perfect match for finding them

I think Nico liked the egg better IN the tree

...hunting eggs is hard work!

I wish I had thought to get pictures of all the eggs right after we dyed them- I was too busy having fun
Rory played outside with JJ and Boo- they played frisbee and tennis and golf/ which was pretty much field hockey for Rory.

Mom LOVED the Zombie egg she even showed it off to Dad when he came home.

Ri said things went well-but the house reeked of paint still. So Rory and I stayed the night. She stayed up way crazy late watching the giant tv- until I dragged her to to crazy comfy bed in the guest room.
We had to leave pretty early after waking up just to open the house back up for poor Noobs.
but Rory was determined to get in some more golf with JJ and some time in the hammock 1st

I almost had a panic attack when I saw the mess. Yeah the walls look amazing,but, I had no idea where to even begin to put things back- I didn't expect for soo much to be stuffed into our bedrooms, and to make matters worse the carpet is trashed(they covered it- but not well partially since Ri's plan is to take it up anyway)..ugh.

When I called Ri who should have been on his way to the mandatory holiday shift at cowboys, he was on his way home after getting irritated with texts all day at his other job. I am still not sure if he will work there tonight or if he is fired/quits. It has gotten to be too much crap from them for too little. While Nalu's has been stark contrast being an awesome experience with great people.

Oh. the walls

new walls

wall texture

I did finally get around to putting things back and cleaning.. but it still isn't quite right, and there is still much to do.

Who wants a house?

I'd rather just watch tv. and play outside in the beautiful weather that Rory spend her stuffy pollen filled entire day out in.

Congratulate me for doing this post AND the dishes and an hour on the wiifit.
Woohoo. and it is only

Well. I am going to go get a nap in before I get tooo chatty. The pic should suffice instead of my ranting for this one.