Thursday, March 31, 2011

" Better a witty fool than a foolish wit." William Shakespeare

Yeah, well I said I was thinking about changing my hair...
I am sure if you follow me anywhere else you already know.

It is CRAZY!!!!

Soo,so so weird!!

...but, You know What is really really weird??

That people actually fell for it!!!!! :


LOL! I seriously thought all of you would see past my weak Photoshopping skillz instantly!!

In fact, I was far far too scared to wait until actual April 1st, because I just knew no one would buy it!

Instead , people were telling me how amazing I looked. (Awwww! I love you guys)

Some of them my sweet sweet my relatives.. and I feel really bad for pranking you. But , I just couldn't resist.

My fav was my sis calling - all worried like "What Happened!" - (and I knew she meant the hair pic, and that she LOVES short hair- but wanted to be supportive in case I was upset about it, Awwww) I seriously thought Lissy would be the 1st nonbeliever.

Or my MIL , and friend Tata calling SHOCKED- and giggling manically with me when I told them.
Special thanks to all those folks I DID spill to who kept quiet!

Sooo sorry everyone else! Please forgive me!

Well, I am thinking about dying a few of the individual locks and changing some stuff. I want to play with having dreadlocks a bit more before I get rid of them...
but, I have seriously considered cutting them, and I might if the weight and heat of them gets as overbearing this summer as it did last summer.

In the end a good experiment- if only to see how it would go over to have such short hair, because I am sure I will one day.
I can only hope my face doesn't look TOO fat without my hair to hide under
..and believe me, if I do cut them it will go straight to Youtube

but for now. They stay

. And I loves them.
AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

and I loves All of you!!

Did any of you have a clue?

How mad are you?
Do you love the short hair more than the dreads ,for that matter?

Comment below ,let me know!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of this , that , and the other

Oh, there I am.
Hey, now- it is spring break ..
Days of blogging are slipping away from me.
Mini pic and vid recap.. I still owe you pics from last week.

(oh.. since that pic, I trimmed her hair, even gave her some lng side bangs things)

Rory's spring break started out not so great.
She got sick Tuesday night, and we took her to the Dr Wednesday ( and because Florida Medicaid is a superfun paperwork nightmare ) .. I ended up having mom drive me out to her old ped an hour away instead of going to her next to last day of school.
All for the dr to tell us it was probably just a tummy bug.Poor kiddo.
Also , got to talk to the dr about the resilient stye Rory has, and get her some eyegoop. So that was good.

The next day was field day- and the doc said as long as she was holding down food still she should be good to go...
When I woke her up and got dressed ( to go with her because I had volunteered to help with field day that mornin') she was REALLY tired.
She seemed fine otherwise, and ate breakfast and got ready and everything- but just kept telling me she was sleepy (considering she had spent all of Tuesday up puking I was tired too)
..but I told her we would go , if only for a little bit- and I would be there with her if she needed me , We could just go in check out FD, hand in her homework , and we could leave early if she needed to. I really figured she would perk up once she saw all her friends..
Then, made the mistake of NOT staying with her in class and going to help on the field -- helping the PE coach with an activity ( Sidenote : Do you remember the parachute game where you lift it up and all go under it like a big mushroom.. yeah I ended up on that one. lol I used to LOVE when we did that in PE) .
... The WHOLE time I knew I should have went to her class instead of the field , and most of the other parents had. Rory didn't even stick it out an hour before another mom had to tell me she was too tired, and didn't feel well-- and I ended up taking her home.
I felt really guilty.. Like I had forced her to go sick, or something. :( I really just thought she would perk up, and worse case scenario I could take her home, I guess i didn't expect her to feel so bad still, she even ran a slight fever ( though all her food stayed down and she has felt much better).
Ah well , I guess,
at least she got to see her classmates for a few minutes, got to check out some of FD , and turn in her homework before spring break.

In other news.
Ri got a surf board, and a new job!
Well, those aren't really related but that is Ri news. One of his friends is moving to Hawaii and offered him a really awesome deal on his long board.
and the factory Ri applied at months ago started calling Ri back about a job there.
So.. he has spent every decent morning before work on the beach with Steve
... but this morning (which was cold and wet anyway) at orientation. The place pays better than the Seafood Dept for sure, and claims to have AMAZING health benefits and perks-but Ri isn't letting go of his seafood job just yet, and signed up for graveyard shift at the factory for now, we will see how it all works out.

My sis Lissy's Hubby Boo (or should I say my BroInLaw Boo? - whatever is easier to remember, ok) lol he is down for the week. Celebrating Nico's SECOND BIRTHDAY - can you believe it???
.. Honestly, I can - he seems soo much bigger than that.

Mom & Amy came over on the Saturday with Amy and Allura, we were going to go to the beach.. but the guys had just got back - it was the 1st weekend of spring break- we weren't going to drag the kids out to a beach THAT crowded.
We ended up just letting the girls play outside in the hose. Allura loved it more than we thought she would.

Rory loved it soo much she did it Sunday too;

Good though.. that yard was pretty dry lol.
She wanted to do it again yesterday, but it was raining. and today it was cold :(
Instead, she helped me clean the house all day... mostly in hopes of gathering all the loose change she can, she has decided she is saving up for a Lalaloopsy Doll.

Oh, that poor dog in the vid- Noobs got TWO baths last week , one for the fleas she suddenly had , one for rolling her clean self in catpoo (WTH)-- and neither put a dent in the fleas.. so we ordered more of the advantage meds , which helped- but its been a few days,and she still seems to have fleas! ... and I still feel the need to wash vac everything for fear of some freakish infestation. Poor dog has never really had fleas - the advantix stuff has always worked for us, I don't know if it is the stray cats out here or what...but she is soo whiny about it.

We spent Saturday night playing board games with Jess, Steve, and Jay. Jess has been working on board games to help her language arts class study with - and Jay had some banana word game he had been trying to get us to play. Wine or sweet tea, and BananaGrams at midnight -ended up being pretty fun. We are all big nerds.

As for me- and my ever foul state of mind. I have been trying to beat off the funk with exercise , which seems to be helping, save for the pulled muscles, that does suck.
I should get an iphone of my very own soon thanks to a MUCH MUCH overdue upgrade from At&t. that'll be nice. Hell,at this point I just want it so I can sit out back listening to the smodcast while I smoke and stalk facebook
(Does anyone else listen to PlusOne ? ... oh my my love of radio type shows is becoming renewed, I am so going to save up for a "The Fishies have no eyes" shirt ... I'll have to fight the kid for the loose change.) Maybe I will even blog/vlog and all that more?

I guess, I am doing alright. Things are looking up a little. I still don't feel like I know my place in the world around me.
I guess, I am learning to just kick back and observe it , if that is my place. TV is always interesting.. or not.
Thinking about changing my hair, maybe bleaching some individual locks , darkening others.. Ri doesn't seem convinced by this scheme, maybe I'll do something different.bored.
I am OH so interesting.

Well, as always, I am sure there is more..
but I need to go -
I MUST turn the tv off and force the kid to somehow sleep before she completely loses the ability to wake up at dawn ...Monday (our return to the grind) is sneaking up way too soon.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Swingsets and somersault

I've screwed up Friday.
It's been over a week now.. didn't even share last Fridays bit of week(Weak) in a minute--
So there is that.
Still been pretty down.but. Things are still going, we are all still alive, so what can I complain about?
I do have some things to tell ya and some stuff going on..
I'm just going to leave this here for now--
I do feel a bit bloggish- so maybe with Spring break upon us I will get back to you shortly.
One more thing in case you didn't see it anywhere else yet :

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."

Well we survived another week! That's great news,right?
Here's the week in a minute :

(and a half for bonus music class cuteness)

We got off to a rough start Monday- with me forgetting the kid's backpack and her being a little late. ...but I managed to bring it in along with the snack she wanted to bring in.

I think the cold finally headed out- but it left a wicked allergy cough. Only really bad when trying to sleep. I haven't slept all week without the help of Dr.Benadryl. Also been super foggy sleepy from it.

Tuesday, I was in an all right mood.I even rode the bike all over - Rode Rory to school, ran the dog then rode the bike back to help out in class...Though I purposefully hung out with Ri-- instead of meeting her for lunch. Luckily too- the little bit I saw of the lunch room was WAY louder than normal.
A few of the week nights Ri made us fish-we had some yummy blackened fish&grits and some tacos another night.

Wednesday I woke up with HORRIBLE charlie-horse leg cramps on BOTH calves! Stupid Charlie Sheen jokes.
I stretched and was still able to get her off to school-and get dressed up and bike back to the school with Ri to see Rory's music class:

(Yes.. I let my kid wear flower printed shirt,plaid shorts and pink cowgirl boots.. what's it to ya?)

London Bridge was super cute - they asked all of us parents to come out and make lots of bridges. Some of her classmates are REALLY into music class- and their music teacher is super cool and does lots of cute things with them.

I wish I would've got some more/better pictures.
We were so tired after that we came home and fell asleep on the floor! I swear I have slept more on the floor of this house more than any house I ever have before. They are soo oddly uneven it makes my spine stretch just right..and I fall asleep lol.
Rory almost always comes home tired and crashes on Wednesday. She doesn't get a naptime and it throws her whole day off.
Ri made us some awesome early dinner,,but we had to wake Rory up to get her to eat a little. - and we stayed up a little late chatting with Jess and Steve.
The Memory of the evil double dose of charlie -horses was not forgotten , it turned into full pulled muscles by Thursday morning , so bad I could barely walk.
Thank goodness Ri took her to school that morning.. but amazingly, the bike was the only time my legs didn't ache.
- Thursday and Friday it rained and the temp DROPPED.. The rain made us all sorts of tired, a bit grumpy. Ri took the kid off to school, and we ended up sleeping until it was time for him to go to work, and me to go pick her back up!

and the kid was in a grumptastic mood tantruming about everything. i don't think she had had enough to eat at lunch .. but beyond that she was in a mood on both Thursday afternoon and Friday morn- So much that she lost a bunch of privileges (tv time, toys out, I even made her wear jeans as she lost the choice of appropriate clothing options during a fit).
(it did NOT help that at that time my legs were useless swollen bruised muscles)
Thursday night ,I braided her hair, thinking I would take it out and let her wear it crimped.. instead she only let me braid a little over half her head, and she KEPT those braids in and wore her hair that was to school Friday LOL, one thing is for sure she has her own distinct style.

Upset about losing all of her privileges she came home Friday afternoon determined to make up for it. She cleaned her room and helped me clean up the house a little(and thank goodness I could hobble around again the mess was driving me crazy). So as a reward I let her play with the neighbor-girl for a bit , AND I took her to the schools movie night.
She was soo worried she wouldn't get to go to movie night, or shopping with Ri on Saturday she was extra determined to do everything she needed to.
...and well, I wanted to take her because 1dollar slice of pizza is pretty good for dinner. lol-

.. Sorry, I didn't get around to blogging Friday, or yesterday.
Saturday Ri was off work again , so Steve and Jess came over. Jess brought Rory a whole bunch of Dr.Seuss books to borrow- ( they are doing a contest , you get your name on a fish in the hallway if you read a whole list of Dr.Seuss book. )

And Steve came over with some tools to help Ri build a gate..!!!
Which means our yard is now completely fenced in!! (All the neighbors have fenced yards.. we just needed a gate )
Noobs is thrilled. She's been rolling around the yard without her harness on, and got to chase FeistyCat(the stray that hangs around the neighborhood) out of her yard.
For the most part,she just sits there. Poor Rory tries to throw the ball for her

I love the bum. She needs a bath.
her feet smell like Doritos. Fur..surprisingly smells a bit like a musty fur coat.(tufts of fur -winter coat- fall out very similarly too. ).

I've still been sorta in and out of feeling down. Frustrated with the way things are for sure.
But we are doing all right. Far far far from great. but getting better. Hopefully just a step away from handling things better.
..and ya know, everyone has been singing the same tune lately-- there are some crazy insane scary horrible things going on all over the world.. and my trivial little day to day seem so insignificant.

Ummm.. I'm sure there is more. Any more updates I am missing? Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for Dad surgery went well and he has the all clear- but they want him to quit smoking for fear he may get cancer again.

Anything else? what am I forgetting?
Oh- Rory read a few of the Dr.Seuss books TO ME! I can't believe she is doing so well. Her weekly writing assignments and nightly reading gets better and better it is amazing.
happy birthday to , my Bro in law... and who ever else was born around spring forward time.

I'm gonna run now.. that horribly bad addictive terrible show about sister wives is coming on.. and I'm gonna watch it in my room with my laundry pile while rory watches some horrible talking dog movie before bed.
.. I should probably shower sometimes soon too.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

May it all be better Tomorrow.

Wow! This picture is from seven years ago, today!
um, yesterday at this hour (shush, I have a real life ya know.. or not- but I'm lazy)

Yup, it is our wedding anniversary. I guess a pretty big deal :
"For the seventh anniversary, traditional materials are copper and wool and the modern materials are brass and desk sets. " --better go out and get a desk set.
I sent Ri this picture
I guess he got me a new bike seat (Mine broke.-sadface- )

I always viewed the day we started dating as a bit more important in the grand scheme.. I mean, it is how long we have been together, Which will be 12 years the end of May!
...We are so old.
I'm starting to feel old.
it's depressing.
Well, before I get all depressing and whiny-


I don't know when Rory started talking like a valley girl.. but it cracks me up.

We had a sorta busy week of doing not much of anything. Rory played with the neighbor girl every chance she got. They are really cute playing together and her parents seem really sweet.

I've spent most the week sick still. better one minute and immobiley cough-tastic the next. The beginning of the week started good at least...

I was feeling much better Tuesday- I took some ibuprofen and went to her class to help( I debated it I really wasn't sure if I would be well enough..but I was feeling much better , and Rory was feeling clingy that morning). Helping in her class is always great.. slightly stressful and overwhelming, but so cool to see what they are up to and how much she is learning. Her group likes to finish their work so they can practice their math (For FUN?! ) on the back of the paper. They think they are sooo big adding by 100s.

Rory spent a bit of the afternoon at the neighbor girls house. She braided Rory's hair and they played with zhu-zhu pets. I can't tell you how thrilled she is to have a girl to play with.
She still plays with the boys right next door tho- I found myself suddenly wishing for the time change- as they played flashlight tag at 7:30 . I can't wait until I have a valid excuse(bedtime!),
besides "it's dark" to make her come in for the night.

Wednesday I was feeling gross sick though, took some benadryl and propped myself up in bed and slept the ENTIRE time Rory was in school. I guess I needed it. I still felt a bit groggy and had a stupid cough.

Lissy asked me to babysit Nico for her on Thursday- his Nana usually watches him, but she was sick. I was feeling better at the time so I told her I would be happy too.

Rory was thrilled to see him on the couch in the morning as she got ready for school:

but she couldn't get him to wake up for her before school

He slept until 10, and was a little bummed she wasn't here when he woke up. but eventually he played and hung out with us.
Ri was home from work, but he spent most the afternoon grocery shopping.
Lissy got back from class before Rory even got out of school, but she stayed and picked Rory up from school with me ,so Nico could hang out with her for a minute.

Ri brought Rory home a special present from the store.
She has been BEGGING for cowgirl boots claiming "All the girls in class have them!" ( i know that isn't true) .. but we hadn't been able to find them affordable in her size.
..Ri found them on sale in her size..
She was thrilled. I have not been able to get them off of her all weekend.

She picked out her outfit to match her boots on Friday:

... I really tried to get her to wear a skirt with her boots..but nooooo,
all she wants to wear lately is shorts. Shorts and tanktops, or shirts.
The weather has been decent for it , at least.

I had a headache Friday and the cough/mucous brain ache was back full swing trying to destroy me, my sleep , my well being..
I was happy to let her play with Neighbor-girl for a little while after school instead of stomping all over the house like an angry 300 lb cowboy ,in her beloved cowgirl boots.

Mom came over on Saturday with Amy, Lissy and the babies. Mom cooked us tons of food , pasta , pie , fruit salad , soda...
and the kids ran all over the house.
Mom brought Rory a box of sidewalk chalk which she has been glued to all weekend.
It was a nice anniversary present, dinner was all ready in the fridge when Ri got home , and I didn't have to do much at all .
..Then , despite being freakishly tired I stayed up late playing scrabble with Jess while the guys had a bike ride.

Sunday/today? I had a super chill day cleaning a bit- being WAY tired with the benydryl I took for the cough.

My online BFF tata ( I met her IRL once, so she is totally not just imaginary ;) )
Well, she was busy getting famous - counter protesting the Westboro Baptist crazies who came to her town in KY to protest in front of a Catholic church.

She looks super cute in the pic-so I hope she doesn't mind me snatchin it from her FB to share here. I'm just proud to know her :)

Well anyway.
I should go for I start venting about my depressing state of being and bring you all down.
... I think my body hates me.

My skin,and GI system has been on revolt for as long as I can remember,
now it feels like all the rest of me is fighting against me. it's crap... and I think it is magnified by my depressed state of mind. I just don't have it in me to fight .
Failure after failure after failure.
I don't need to go there.

Tomorrow will be fine.
Gotta make the kids lunch, get her ready for school, and bring a bunch of her fav popsicles into class for snack time

I just want a miracle,
or a blessing,
I want everything to be better.
May it all be better Tomorrow.