Friday, October 29, 2010

Week in a minute-week2

Another week- From 10/23/10- to 10/29/10
What's your fav part?
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is the title for the blog I wrote at 3am with a fever.

Sometimes,I think painful ,blatant, honesty , is as close as I can get to cleverness.

I just realized- as I sit here in a feverish haze- I haven't actually blogged here about my week.
I think I half thought the vlog would be sufficient.
Rory has had a lot going on the past few days and I never updated you on much of it.
Sorry about that.

The BIG question I sort of left hanging on my last post:
"So, How was the field trip, Did you get to go?"
Yep- I got to go , I DID not get to ride the bus, but luckily another Mom let me ride with her.And I got to spy on the 1st half of Rory's regular class before the trip, that was super fun.
They did show and tell. This little girl was telling all about her favorite blanky she had brought in, the kids took turns complementing her share..saying they like the poem her gram sewed on it, or the color ,
and she passed it around so they could all feel how soft it was
.. then one boy said " I like, that it smells weird" - and she said "That's cause my dog peed on it"
All the kids screamed and looked at their hands as if they had the plague from just touchng the blanket. (I am quiet certain the blankey had been washed)
EXCELLENT. Kindy is hilarious.

ANyway- it was really cool to see the school the field trip was at, and the PLAY was ALSO a musical so Rory LOVED it. She was GLUED to it clapping and giggling.
I got this pic as we waited for the show to start:

...but we were told to put our cameras and phones away for the show.. So you will just have to take my word,that it was really great. They did a few short skits based on children's books(new ones that I have never read) I guess I will have to find them and read them to her now,it was really cute.
And for the most part, the kids were behaved- which I thought was sort of astonishing considering the timing of the show lined up with their regular lunchtime.

I had a few hours to kill after Rory's field trip, so I hung out at Nalu's for a bit . Watching Ri make tacos one handed and chatting with him a bit in between (I also bought a book, he isn't THAT entertaining). Rory and I managed to get all of our decorations up finally too!
(though, NOW the wind has blown the fake webs down and we still need to carve our pumpkin-sigh)

Lissy came over Friday and went out to get a few Halloween items.She even took us to burgerking.. that's pretty much all in the vid, sorry for not snapping may pics while I was vlogging.

Poor Rory caught the bug that was going around the classroom and spent the rest of her long weekend sick. She ran little fevers and slept most the day. Sunday night she seemed better- but Monday morning she puked, I think mostly from an empty belly.

To top it off she managed to grow almost a whole inch taller - and excitedly rushed to tell me "MOM! I can reach the sink without my stool!" Sooo all she wants now is STILL SLEEP.

I need more vitaminC

There simply aren't enough oranges.

Mom came over Monday with my sisters and niece and nephew.
We did some shopping. and went to taco bell. Mom even bought Rory a cat costume so she could be the cat she has been begging to be at school, she says she will still be ZombieSnowwhite to TrickOrTreat (I'll come back to that).

They didn't stay long it was later than they planned when they got out here, so they said they would come again another day this week.

Tuesday- after much debate and temp checks I sent Rory to school.She seemed much better and did alright. I helped in the class for a bit - it has started to go a bit smoother at station time.
..she did come home and nap , and I let her stay up a little late
- But she still seemed fine Wednesday morning..She was extra Super excited to go because it was HER snack day and she was bringing in goldfishcrackers
(and G.D., she was SO bringing in those crackers after the argument with Ri ,and sending him ALL THE WAY back to the store when he came home with solid cornsyrup softballsized masses that were labeled "popcorn balls")

....the teacher says she was "alright" but seemed lethargic so they sent her to the nurse, she didn't run a temp so they let her stay in class all day. She was clingly, fussy, tired when I picked her up. She was determined to still visit Ri and go to the playground though ,and she did and seemed alright for a bit.
Just really tired,
came home passed out and woke up HOURS later with A FREAKING FEVER!!!!!!

AND I am pretty sure I have a FREAKING FEVER!!!
What goes away and then comes back like that??? nothing good,right?
Total hell.
Sooo In a few hours I get to call the dr...
and now SO close to Halloween AND the big Fall Festival at school I don't know what she will be able to go to. :( .
Not to mention we still don't have a local dr, I am actually thinking of calling her old dr way back in themiddleofnowhere we moved from ...and wondering if mom will take me all the way to themiddleofnowhere.

I am reeeaaallly bummed and sort of freaking about it all. Plus, I feel sick as crap on top of it, AND I rode the bike all over creation too much this week and can feel my feverish thighs dully throbbing.

Well... In brighter news:AND I probably just should've mentioned this 1st
(... but what do you care most of you just scroll down until you see shiny buttons,pictures, links or vids, I would)

I was sort of net famous today(yesterday?...shutup feverbrain- i have right to be out of it)

SamProof (Who you may remember if you actually read my ramblings) from the epic dreadwar on dailybooth .
mentioned me in this vid

..because I posted this pic.
-but also,because I am awesome.

Sooo you should click RIGHT HERE ON THESE WORDS AND vote for him.
..because it makes me happy.

I don't know that it REALLY makes me net famous- BUT, a net friend I hadn't talked to in years,(used to blog alongside me way back when I started this whole odd blog)
found me BECAUSE ofthat vid! So if nothing else my net shrunk a little YAY!

So that is awesome. :)

There was more I wanted to mention.. silly moments of awesome
For now though,
I have ahboouutt 3 hours of sleep to catch before waking up and calling in sick for the kid
..seriously, they do that,
calling my mom,
and calling her pediatrician,or possibly a new pediatrician.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A week in a minute

Vlog project I've been working on!
Here is our week compressed into one minute
- Tell me whatcha think


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection."

- Sigmund Freud

Yup- She finally earned her special Little Pet Super Hero Cat.(it is a special edition from San Diego comic con-handpainted and only a few of them).
It was months of her saving up little bits of money. She actually got it a bit early, because Ri found one with a slightly damaged box, for less- and we knew the box wasn't what she wanted. She DID save the cards that came off the box, and even made the actual packing box into the superheros hideout.
I LOVE her :)
She is so happy to have earned her kitty. She has done So well.

We did have sort of a rough weekend. Ri was HURTING still- and trying to work .
He did make us veggiepot pie- we've been planning on making it for awhile:


Yum. Rory loved it. :)

- Rory has been having trouble sleeping though, she has some nasal allegies, so once she lays down she starts coughing. Poor thing.

Saturday we had planned to go out to he local MaizeMaze with a friend
, but between us sleeping in, and Ri hurting wanting me home to help him out if he came home early - we stayed home. (SORRY LEAH, hopefully we can hang out soon!)

Me? Well, I think Frazzled is a good term. Hormonal perhaps too.. and for goodness sake, why on earth does my dear Aunt Flo like to bring her friend SlightFever along for the ride?

I did manage to get some cleaning done Sunday, it involved kicking the dog and kid outside
I gave her a rockcandy though,let her wear her dressup clothes and sit under her parasol


The weekend was too short.Monday came too soon for me- and it seems for Rory as well,
She got her bear changed to yellow(briefly) at school, she still got her blue bear back. AND the same thing had happened Friday..
AND to top it off on Monday,she had a total meltodown in the parkinglot before we headed home. UGH.
It was sort of horrifying TBH.
I think the sleep interruptions have taken a toll.
I let her take a nap. And we had a long talk
She was still acting a bit wound up, we had another long talk with Ri eventually, she sat down and did all of her homework(which comes Monday,but isn't due until the end of the week).

Tuesday was a bit better for her. Seeing her in the classroom was great. She did almost have a touch of a meltdown in the confusion of doing an extra station a day and her group not sure where to go next..but she did well,
though, it was emotionally tiring for me.
Bless teachers. Just BLESS them. Helping in class for an hour leaves me soo emotionally exhausted, I just wanted to come home and cry..I'm not even sure why.

Instead , Ri's friend Kalani was here and we had some good laughs (mostly at Ri's expense). I have said before, it IS better to laugh than cry sometimes.
Ri ordered us Pizza for dinner and made the night Much better. I am still feeling quite overwhelmed with everything. I have barely had a second to think about Halloween being around the corner...and my normal need to panic and organize for such things just makes me feel queasy that I haven't.

Today,Rory seemed to do well too. We were almost LATE for school though, because she could not put down the pop up book Rita & Kalani got her. We made it in record time, JUST before the teacher came to gather the kids up.
She said her bear never even came close to changing, and NO kid had a changed bear at playground time - so it may have been a fair day for all of them. I had also promised her some time at the playground after school so that made her super happy. I think she enjoyed just stopping by and seeing Ri at work ,as much as she did the playground.
I felt sort of crappy and very grumpy, when Ri got home I jumped int he shower, then took a long much needed nap,and woke up to them making dinner. I meant to call dad and wish him Happy Birthday, but slept past - So
They were probably out having a blast anyway :)

Of coarse now I am up, stressing and almost afraid I won't sleep.
Rory has her 1st Field Trip in the morning.I am soo nervous.
I wasn't originally going to go- so I didn't sign up for it,
but then Ri was off and maybe could take me,but then I wasn't sure the timeframe and decided against it... and then a parent told me they needed bus chaperons, and I could try to ride the bus, but I would have to pay 10dollars to ride it..and by the time i had given them the money it was too late and all the paperwork had gone out.
So now, no one seems sure if I have a space on the bus. I might be able to ride with another mom but even that seems uncertain. And Ri's boss is sick and he has to work in the morning too-

Confused yet?
Me freaking too. I hate crap like this... not knowing what I am doing. I am not even sure where I am going in the morning!
OR if Rory gets off early from school!

There is one thing I do know for sure though:

Praise someone of someplace! I'm sure I will find one hundered things to do that I should have finished by now.

Anyone want to come decorate my house for halloween and make me a costume?? pretty please??

I have been taking a lot of videos lately, I plan on splicing them up and creating a mashup of our week in a nutshell(I saw SamProof do it) I might try it
.. or I might just have a few vids for ya this weekend.
Either way, I'll catch you later, I'm going to go watch a few more hours of tv and pretend tomorrow is farther away and I know what I am doing.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read,

, and all the friends I want to see.”

John Burroughs

Oh Hi! Another busy weekend and week is chugging along.
While I have much to share- and I know I should, I am slacking once again on my frequency of posting.
It happens.

My typical day goes-
School run,
dog run,
maybe nap,
help Ri around the house-eat everything in sight, try to encourage him to eat,
probably cleaning,OR on Tuesdays I help in the classroom,
another school run
- homework school help,
hangout -possibly with a guest/relative visit,
make dinner,
pack Rory's lunch,
tuck the kid in with a story,
watch bad tv, or a movie with Ri

...and here I thought I wouldn't have anything to do when she started school.

Friday Sari & Ri's Mom came out to visit, bringing Lily to hang out -
Lily came in and ran right to Rory's room she couldn't wait for her cousin to get home-
Rory LOVES seeing someone at her house when she gets home, which was extra cool because she had wanted to follow her friend Rosie to her house- and we(her mom and I ) hadn't really planned for that either.. so at least I had someone else fun for her to hang out with at home, to save me a melt down.



They played all over the backyard and then came in and colored with their Grammy while Sari took Ri and I to target. we were on a mission to find an aquatic themed Littlest pet Shop toy for the birthday party Rory was invited to Saturday.

The backyard is cool, and Rory can play out there in the grass for hours- but her fav thing to do outside is play in the back of the pick-up truck


If you could explain what makes this so awesome to little kids I would be shocked.


She has been BEGGING for weeks for me to get a picture of her in the back of the truck.


She blew kisses by to Grammy,Sari, and Lily. Then picked out her clothes and got ready for bed- Soo excited to go to her 1st birthday party for her classmate also named Lily.

I am soo glad Rory's bf Rosie's mom offered to take us.
We had planned on going, but then Boo was going to be off for the weekend, and Ri,and everyone else I knew was working- So I had to tell Rory we wouldn't be able to go, and I know it broke her heart. As I was explaining it to the birthday girls mom ,Rosie's mom overheard and offered to take us. the idea of riding with her best friend may have been just as exciting as the pool party

..that's right a pool party in October, the weird fall has worn off- this if fall in Florida folks:

Rory was up at 7am getting her suit on.

It was too cold for me in the pool though. All the kids went in. this is were I feel immense guilt for living in Florida and Rory being afraid to swim. I brought her life jacket. I need to get her lessons.


watching the other kids run and swim underwater was amazing to me.

She LOVED swimming with these dolphins- AND they gave each kid one as a party favor, Rory picked out a blue one :)


Rory and Rosie
They are pretty much inseparable.But still friends with everyone else.
They had snacks and cake and crafts -

the whole crew- I didn't take this pic my battery died, hopefully no one minds me posting it here.

Rory LOVED seeing all the cool gifts everyone got the birthday girl too. It was a really great party they did an awesome job and Rory had a blast. They even sent us home with cool giftbags of little toys instead of candy.

Remind me to remind the kid not to pick her nose. especially not put her finger in her mouth after wards,
especially not in front of teenage girls.
Almost as embarrassing as when the tired overstimulated child started throwing an all out tantrum on the way home... one of those everything was wrong fussfests(later she told me she was cold and it made her grumpy).
At least Rosie's mom was completely understanding and awesome about it.

Sunday I tried to get as much rest as possible. I made yummy dinner too- quorn in asparagus soup- mashed potatoes, and veggie mix.
Mom brought me a HUGE stash of chips, So Rory has been eating more junk than I would like..

Monday was pretty rough on us all- Ri and I woke up gross feeling from staying up too late and drinking acidic beer- and Rory just was ready to go back to school- but way over tired.
She even got her behaviorbear changed to yellow for the 1st time ever! She was trying to pick up her classmate.. I have told her time and time again to stop that, I am afraid one day she will get hurt,or hurt another kid :( . The teacher even emailed me to tell me about it, but she said Rory actually fell asleep during naptime- and got her bear back to blue by the end of the day.So I guess she was just tired.

She was in a much better mood on Tuesday when I went in to help in the classroom. Another Mom was there this time- she has twins and an older child- she was much better at handling chaos than me,it worked out really well with the both of us. I love the little bit of time I get to help in the classroom- though I think Rory may be a touch fussier just because I am there. Her teacher is awesome and understanding,every visit I am amazed how she manages all of the little crazy things.I am mentally exhausted from being in there for just a hour!

All that going on has made my halfway through the week seem like a whole 2weeks.
I need a nap.

I didn't get one today either, Did my normal school run , run the dog-eat mass quantities and watch bad tv, plus helped Ri get ready for a short shift at work.
Then Mom(Eggy) my sisters (Lissy and Amy) - and Nico and Allura showed up ready to go on a picnic.
We rushed to carseat jenga and fitting between them acrobatics- then picked up Rory early release from school. Rory was a little disappointed she'd only got crayons out of the treasure box for her hard earned 10 bears
- but pleased she got a treat picnic with my fam. And we stopped by Nalu's to say HI to her dad and tell her where we were going :) .

Chaotic run through the grocery store and dollar store later we finally made it to Washington Oaks for a picnic.

Well.. most of us made it. Nico and Allura made a detour at dreamland for a little while



fat squirrel was uncomfortably unafraid of us

"I'm not fat, I could really use a sammich, pass one over"

Amy is grand sammich making master. She even made a sandwich Rory ate some of..we mostly ate junk.

I mean.. other people ate junk. We can't help it, Nico is addicted to the dollartree twizzler mocks called Kenny's
How could i deny him that??
Poor kid.
Everyone knows those are awesome.. except me I don't eat junk like that....

you can't prove anything.
(Mom bought me earrings! Aren't they cute?)

We set the kids loose through the playground for a bit, and packed up.

We did a quick run around the gardens-- at this point all really aware why our children ,are only children.
Bless mothers of more than one. I am not built for such tasks.
Case in photos:



They are lucky they are cute.

It was REALLY buggy. I mostly just wanted to run away from the buggy scenery


the GIANT Koi where cool though


Oh noes- don't let them eat the baby



...then Rory saw the fountain and had to pee.. and we ended up running away from everyone else



Photobucket took forever to remember where the bathroom was, and we then we couldn't find Mom&them.

-Rory wondered through the garden crying like we were lost forever, as the sprinklers turned on on us ,and the mosquitoes drank so much of my blood that I felt faint.
It was almost as fun as the noisy voice contest ride back home. I hope the little ones got some sleep on the long ride back to moms. I was sure glad to be home,and my ride was much shorter.

Ri is starting to get a bit more mobile. he likes that he can work a little bit- I was worried about him he seems so depressed. I hope he heals soon, this is soo stressful on us all.
Surprisingly, we all had enough energy to make an actual dinner together, and get Rory to finish her homework before sending her to bathe, then bed.

...and NOW , I am going to bed.I still have to wake at dawn and go a few more rounds with the rest of this week.
I know there are more pressing and interesting matters going on in the world.. but all my brain wants to do now is let my heavy eyelids close.
I have done enough.

Sunday is for rest,right???


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Of Money matters, and why it doesn't

Money don't mean a thing ,
or Same shit, just colder


I have a confession.
I have never paid for a photography session.I have never sat Rory up at walmart, or picture people or any of those cheesy chain stores.
I have never made an expensive appointment with a pro photog .
BUT, I know a few photographers- and Rory has been to events and had her picture taken.Plus, I take more pictures than I can even keep track of.

So,I didn't pay for school picture day either. We are not in a place financially that I could justify spending 50 dollars on a handful of walletsize , with a plain background and a cheesy pose.
(I do hope they will have some sort of yearbook or class picture , and if they do I would probably shell out for that. )

Sometimes, In cases like the above - I get a twinge of guilt over it.
Shortly after, I get a unique snapshot of Rory- free , unposed, natural-and I remember I have the magic of photoshop AND a photoprinter(which I SHOULD use, so the ink doesn't go to waste)
I'm over it.

What pro would take this pic of Rory and Ri having an afternoon nap:
Only me.Money can't buy pictures like this.
It can only buy wax, and Ri would never wax

Money is tight right now and we don't have a lot..- but we have so much support,we have been given so much help and love,that the concern has become so secondary.
We are fed.We are healthy(besides Ri's broken CollarBone which is still SLOWLY SLOWLY healing) . We are loved.

Well anyways.
Not much has changed since my last post, except the weird fall chill in the air.
Florida doesn't have fall,wth is this? I don't trust it. It will probably be 90degrees the minute I mention it.
Supposedly, It's that weird Canadian air again - I'd rather Canadian healthcare, or something if we must trade things.

It is nice in the afternoons- but those early morning bike rides have become sort of crazy. I tend to dress the kid warmly, THEN pile one of my big jackets OVER her
- and then we both peddle SO FAST to stay warm, That ,I swear, we made it the one mile to the school in ONE MINUTE the other day.

We need to get a car.Not that I can drive, but things have come up.and grocery shopping with the pick up truck is hard for Ri.
Mostly I fear what I would do if I needed to take Rory somewhere. What if it storms? What if she is sick?- what about that birthday party on the other side of the island next week??

Amazingly, we might get a car soon. Ri's friend Jay (and his family) are trying to GIVE us a van! A member of their congregation passed away and the church decided we needed it. -sniffle-.
We are not religious people- but this is at least the 3rd person (if not the 10th) that so selflessly decided to help us this month, and followed it with "god bless you". I do feel really blessed.
Whatever great Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Grilled Cheesus ,or Karmic Energy(or anything else) is guiding the people in my lives I AM truly grateful.and I love their big mushy hearts for making this trying,stressful time a little easier.I can't imagine how hard this month would have been without so many amazing people in our lives to lean on.
The van will need some work and we will have to get a backseat installed- but Rory will be able to ride in it should we get it, and THEN I will breathe a humongous sigh of relief.

We did have a ride to the grocery store this weekend- Lissy and Nico came to take us-
and to go to the BookFair with us Sunday.
Our kids were fussy and crazy that morn. Fighting over everything,needy, whiny...
I was certain she would be an angel just because she was at the school. HA.

Plus.Explain to me WHY they even have toys for sale at the book fair??
I explained even BEFORE we went, we were going for books not junk.
It was sort of a madhouse there. Crowded room filled with adults and kids, books and toys-
it took me a minute to find what I was looking for. A Skippy Jon Jones book for Nico, and a Littlest Pet shop book for Rory.
And Lissy ended up buying them pencils (one for each of Nico's grabby wanting expensive books baby hands)

-Then we ran out of there! I had only scraped up a couple bucks for the book fair, and I really would buy up soo much. Soo many cheap wonderful books there. I am going to have to do online shopping through there over the next few months (especially holidays!). I need more books!

Outside they had a police car
Rory got to turn on the siren and talk yell "Put your hands up" through the intercom thingy. She was super nervous though...and Nico didn't even want to be around the loud noise.

He DID love the fire truck though


he thought he was soo big getting allowed in there with the big kids and the cool equipment.

and they had a border patrol boat.

It was really cute. However, Lissy and I were parenting our children so interchangeably, we soon realized a few people mistook us for partners instead of sisters. One of Rory's classmate's mom , even saw me(recognized me) as I filled out the raffle info then said to Lissy "You can sign up for the raffle for your daughter Too!"
We giggled about it later.

I guess we don't look that alike.

I have still been doing gelled up braids for Rory's hair to avoid bugs and such-
her fav so far seems to be the doublebraid pigtail.
aka the quadrabraid:


She also has been picking out her own attire for the weather:
Photobucket the book fair another mom told me she had said to her daughter "Rory is dressed soo cool today", and her daughter said "Rory Always dresses cool!"

She has been doing REALLY well in school. I am so proud of her!! She had her 1st homework this week, she had the whole eek to do it- and took her time but she did it all, on time.

She is super sweet and has tons of friends.

Last Friday though,they had had a Sub- and I guess some of the kids took advantage and there was some bad behavior. Rory was upset a girl called her "baby" and "you can NEVER come over to my house to play" - more upset when she told the sub and the Sub called her a "tattletale"- She didn't understand why "everyone was calling her names" was hard to disagree with the sentiment, but I do understand that you don't want the kids to come running telling on EVERY little thing that happens. I tried to explain that to Rory.
MY bigger concern was that this wasn't the 1st time Rory had had an incident with this particular child. I know the kid has had a very troubled home life - and I have shaken a lot of it off, but I feared Rory was being singled out ,bullied by her.. Which worried me, Rory has been super big about it- poo-pooing it as Madeline does and simply finding it laughable anyone would call her an infant when she obviously isn't.
I had the concern BEFORE, but was pretty certain the teacher was aware of issues they might I feared it was escalating.

By Tuesday (when I helped in the classroom) I was ready to address the teacher about it- even before I got the chance I noticed that this little girl didn't have issue with JUST Rory, and somehow that made me feel better. ( I think the fear that Rory was being singled out and bullied made it worse).Plus, like little girls do, they were great friends again by Tuesday LOL
When I did discuss it with the teacher she made me feel much better, I just wanted to make sure she was aware they were having trouble getting along....and if anything the teacher was more aware of it than I was! She pointed out they are polar opposites AND to top it off they normally sit next to each other (alphabetically I think). They come from completely different backgrounds, and socially are just on opposite levels.
Rory IS very sheltered-she hadn't even went to daycare before kindy, where this girl has been exposed to A LOT in her few years.
The teacher said Rory's ONLY problem is being TOO sweet,to the point she doesn't understand WHY another kid would misbehave, or not want to share, or do things how she does.

I have still been struggling with a lot of the pressure lately. It really sucks not to have an actual car ( theoretically we COULD legally put Rory in a cheap booster in the truck- but it isn't the safest). Not having Ri at work,
and the fear of how bad he is STILL hurting and that he is adamant he won't go to the dr again(any more visits and we would have to pay anyone we have found even with medicaid-plus, there really isn't much they can do besides toss him more pain killers which he doesn't want- and it all effects HIS mood- begin cycle again.)
AND not having any wiggle room in our budget.
One minute I am good with it- we have SOO much support we really can't ask for more-
I just need Ri to be better, I need some rest.
This is too hard .

..and you know when you feel that way dumb stuff starts going wrong to top it off. Like the crockpot lid falling off the tall shelf and almost breaking your nose-
I didn't even want the stupid thing, Ri wanted to make stupid pot roast, in the stupid kitchen with stupid real cow, and beef stock.
Sorry. I mope like a 5yr old.
Not that Rory get's it from me.
...................I have no idea what you are talking about.

The dog loved him for making real meat in the house, and almost couldn't control herself about it.
Speaking of,
I need to go scrub that crockpot now.

I also need to make Rory's lunch she has been wanting this fresh veg mix for lunch- it is SO healthy the other mom's were joking about it with me today. "I don't know how you get her to eat veggies!" and "I feel guilty letting my kid trade with her".. Oh belive me kid trades,, or at least gets a chip or cracker from everyone at the table, whilst sharing her cheddar bunnies.
Oh- when I was mentioning to another mom I didn't think i would make it to her child's party Saturday another mom (Rory's BEST friend) Offered to pick us up- I am soo relieved. I had planned for Lissy to take me but Boo comes back this weekend , and anyone else who could take her works. I was starting to plan for not going.

Of course the dishes still fill my sink ..and everyone has stopped in,
Ri's older sis Mel and her two younger kids,
and Mom,JJ, Lissy and Nico. Mel finally FINALLY got her much awaited laptop from dell delivered here,
-but Mom and Jj discovered our deep freeze was too big to fit in her car and will have to send Dad out in the bigger truck.They forgot to bring me the drill to hang my mirror and medicine cabinet.

run run run.

I am sure there is more- but this has already taken me soo long , and dishes await.