Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ice Cream Sunday,a Hot Monday, and Twice that on Tuesday

I often say to Rory:
Can I keep you forever?
And a day?
Twice on Tuesdays?
and Double Scoop Sundaes?

Well, I have been doing a whole lot of nothing the last few days.
Rory has been sleeping something much more near normal, after all the commotion of the passed week. She woke up way way to early Sunday,As Ri kissed her bye on his way to work- saying she was hungry.
..I chatted on the phone some, sucked down a huge cup of coffee.. and got Rory ready to go on a bike ride. It was chilly waking up that early- but it quickly went back to the sweltering spring Florida weather it should have been. I was really glad Rory had talked me into tying her kitty toy on her bike with her tank top, so I could just get them to switch shirts.
Rory was pouty, probably should have had a little more sleep.She fussed about everything- IN THE park!!, you can't fuss in the park!
She just wanted attention.
The dog was being bratty at the same time, and had managed to find a hot dog (of unknown origin) on the ground near the grill and eat it!~gross~.

I told Rory I was going to call Aunt Lissy and tell her how she was being bad, Rory did not want that and behaved. .. I think more the thought I would spend even less attention on her if I was on the phone, than the telling Lissy part.

Came home and Rory colored and snacked on roasted califlower

for a little while before heading back outside to play.
We played frizbee and tried to get Noobie to join in, with no luck- Poor dog is too hot for all this Florida business. She laid in the shade watching. Then we picked some more blackberries, they are all pretty much gone now, because the crazy heat has them all dried up :( . Sooo Overheated when we came in.Rory stripped down and tried to nap, I wouldn't let her I woke her up having her help me make some crepes, and telling her " it is SUNday-you can't miss the sun!!"
She ate some crepes and decided that since it was Sunday she would need ice cream. After much grumbling about the darn Icecream truck not coming down her road we walked to the store I let her pick out an ice cream(we saw SIL Mel at the store too- where Rory told her all about the lack of ice cream delivery) ,and we raced home.

One day, felt like one hundred. I jumped in the bath, Rory came in and stole my relaxing bath from me. Somehow Rory still stayed up much later than I expected.grrrrr

She woke up, ready to go on another bike ride Monday.Well, more of a park trip than she wanted a bike ride. she wanted to take her kitty down the slide.It was far too hot. I didn't want to stay long.
Noobie giving up on me halfway to the playground

Rory wanted to wear this dress for some reason, I did get her to put shorts on underneath though.

The poor dog was walking from shadow, to shadow and laying down on me, I feared if we stayed much later I would end up carrying the big hot lug home! Rory finally gave in and came home

She is very girly, with her dress,purse and bike

She played around the house with little regard for tv, or anything else other than her little pets.
She helped me make 2 loaves of some simple bread. (which I messed up and added too little flour and it fell in the oven :( ). It still came out really good, Rory and I almost ate a whole loaf while it was warm.I tossed together some easy spaghetti for dinner
- AND Rory helped me pick up all the toys in the livingroom so I could vacuum! Another night of Rory staying up far later than she should have. ..but we were still in bed before 1 am.-woot-

Yesterday ,We slept in a little(yes, you can already see her schedule trying to revert itself , I will have to be hard on both of us to stay straight).
I was far ,far ,far, too hot to brave dragging the fat fuzzy dog , after Rory's bike again.
I talked her into staying around the house.We had a lazy day.
Rory was really really needy attention wise all day all day it was : " MOM,MOM MOM! can you read me this, can you make this toy talk"- and so on and so on.Listen, she isn't deprived,I spent my morning building block masterpieces with her. An hour in and she wanted me to play Littlepet shop- and I said no.That was one tantrum in our long day.ugh.
She didn't want to go in the pool surprisingly, but we did spend some time outside, she helped me water the compost(and got a little wet, including her shoes which I hung on Noobie's tieout to clean/dry)then I made her lemonade snocone and she ate it outside around dusk.

Then dug in the dirt and tried to figure out how messy she could get...and have a parade.

She did come in and get a bath after her parade.
She cleans up nice

Ri had told me he would bring me home dinner from nalus- but forgot, so he brought home Italian from the restaurant his buddy works at instead.It was good - pasta,soup, salad, eggplant parm- Rory ate really really good, It just wasn't really what I wanted lol.
He also found some ThrowbackPepsi on his way home. I had mentioned Rory telling me about how its been awhile since she "has had soda, and it is great sweet bubbly stuff". ..and he decided he has sort of been craving a cold drink too- then digging around at the convenience he found a pack of cans of the throwbacks with REAL sugar SQUEEEEE!!

Rory stayed up well beyond my grumpy point, despite my attempts to cuddle her into sleep.
She didn't wake up as late as I feared considering her bedtime. It was again far to hot to want to venture out much with her. She ate and we played outside for a bit. She made up a game where she hits her baseball the same time as I throw the frizbee .Then I filled up her pool and she played outside for awhile. I made a big grocery list, we will have to find a way to concur that tomorrow.

Lissy called from St.Augustine for directions to the taco stand Ri is working a double at today.
She got her license today- and a nice lunch from Ri :) .
She said she is heading over here soon. .. so I should really go clean up. I have a cute video of Rory outside playing Yesturday, but I am having shitty compu issues(I couldn't even get all the pics I wanted to upload -grrr), I will have to give the vid its own post another time.
I have struggled in soo many forms to get todays blog post up- I am happy to be finally closing it. -forgive me for any errors you find in it.. I just can't find it in me to make it perfect after how hard I tried to get it up.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air.

Rory's much anticipated eye exam was yesterday-I told you that.
Well - before I get into rambling on about how it all went I will outright tell you , her vision is perfect and the Doc found no problems along with her unequal pupils... more on that soon.

I got Rory up that morning and all ready to go a bit early. I called Ri's mom and asked if she was on her way. She got Rory's shoes on her while I battled the monster carseat into the tiny doorway of her car. Seriously, I should win an award for that feat. Rory begged to take her own purse, so I filled it with little toys an extra pair of shoes, water, and a snack.-That might become a new habit, it worked out really well.

Her cars A/C is busted, the radio doesn't work- and the front windows don't roll down. It was a sweltering hot Florida spring day too. Rory liked that she could see soo much out the windows on the ride though.
We had such and early start, we stopped into goodwill for a little treasure hunt before the appointment.Rory found a littlepetshop bobble head stuffed kitty, and some cute sunglasses,
and RI's mom found a new nightgown- and we found a cute push toy for Lily. We rushed out of there pretty quick, I didn't want to be late.
Though, I didn't really want to be in the hot car either :(

Rory did soo excellent at the appointment! She answered questions before I could. .. and remembered things I didn't.. Like "has she taken any medications" , I said "not in a long while" she said " I take Flintstones gummies!" Oh yeah! Smart girl!
and "any allergies" Rory said "I'm allergic to flowers". And even went on to tell her about getting a rash from rolling in the grass. She was very very talkitive and soo brave. She was not impressed with getting drops in her eye- but even that she handled well.
After the drops they put us in a dark little waiting room with other patients. We could hear the nurses giggling over how adorable she is.
The nurse popped into to check if her eyes were dilated and said- "HUH, one is and one isn't, we'll wait a little longer." least I knew they could make out the difference much more now.
After a pretty long visit, and many many lights in her eyes,and pictures to id- the dr turned to me and told me. "Well, her vision is perfect." "She is just trying to be different, mom".
I was still somewhat worried, asking about why her pupils seem more noticably uneven NOW, and if it will change more?,will it change less?
- he just said, it might, but it shouldn't hinder her vision, and it doesn't now- she is perfect.

I am still a bit bewildered that it seems soo much more noticeable now, when she is tired than it ever was before, and guilty feeling- like how did I NOT notice, or forget, if it always was this way, you know??
I suppose a big factor is the simple fact her sleep has been so erratic, and she has been trying soo hard (even not sleeping at all) to be nocturnal.

I was sort of surprised to not find Lynn(Mother in law) in the waiting room, enjoying the cold Ac- but she was smoking in the parking lot.
Rory's new sunglasses came in handy- both for her sensitive dilated eyes, and her want to get glasses after her eye appt.

We headed to taco bell. Ordering some small meals. Oh, I didn't know they had just a nacho and cheese side- it was perfect for Rory and her disdain and "too much spicy cheese" on her chips.

Lynn was telling me how eating out is soo cheap for just one person, - not really healthier but much cheaper than cooking for one.
UGH- these kids at tacobell , I thought at 1st they were being nice wanting to make friends with Rory, they were asking her name and age. SHE even answered them with her full name- and they kept calling her Hayley. She said "My name is RORYSACHIWARD, I am past 4!" ---thats what she tells everyone about her age now.
Well, when we left they group of kids actually FOLLOWED us out of the store.. saying "hey haleigh, hey haleigh", "bye haleigh" the littlest one actually hugged her! It started to dawn on me what they were implying, the oldest one said.
"What her name be?"
"It's Rory"
"sure it ain't Haleigh",
Rory said "My cousins name is Hayley"
"she from Satsuma"
"She is Rory, From Pomona Park"
- OH MY GOD- these children, likely sent by their mother( who was working the drivethu) were rudely telling my four yr old she is the missing local five year old!!
To me they look nothing alike. We walked away. I had to explain to Lynn what they were implying. -Just crazy.

We went to another thift store, or as Rory calls it a "thitht store" .
We dug through toys and looked through lots of things.. The store didn't take cards, and like most people nowadays- Lynn never carries money. When she found a video game for the grandkids - I bought it for her. She was overly thankful. Really, I wanted to buy Rory a .50 cent Littlepetshop carrier, and I didn't really want to break my 20 over just that anyway.

We headed to Sari's to bring her the toy we got Lily at goodwill.
I would have called her 1st, but my phone was broken- it wouldn't turn on , it was driving me crazy because I knew RI would be trying to call to check on us.grrrr. ... So I also planned on borrowing Sari's phone.
We pull up and Sari's doors are open. She was getting dressed on her way out for a walk.
--to cool off.Poor things house was sweltering. She had a window unit on her room and it was even not very cool in there.
I called Ri, found out he had came home after his morning job !! so he was just there waiting on us. I also asked him if we could give poor Sari that window unit we used a few months last summer when out AC broke.
I can't imagine having a baby in a hot house like that. it was sweltering.

I read Rory and Lily a book.
Rory was not eager to leave. I wanted to get home since Ri was home, and I wanted to put that AC in Ri's moms car to bring back.
Sari, and I, tried to talk Ri into coming over there, but he was too happy to be home.

We got home and Ri made dinner- He made lentil loaf,mashed taters,fried okra and squash- soooo good. YUM.
Rory was eating it, but started asking what was for dessert. Ri was talking about buying ice cream-ugh.Like we need that fatty stuff... then I said, I COULD make a snocone and mix it with mango purree. Oh, turned out soo good!! Very healthy dessert with our healthy dinner.

Rory had stayed up all day, Miraculously she fell asleep just before midnight. I got ready and went to bed. We woke up early enough to have a little time to hang out with RI before he headed for Cowboys-night job.
It is HOT HOT today though, I threw the kid in the pool and have been drinking iced coffee all day. I even jumped in the pool wth her for a little bit, Well, as much as a full sized woman can jump into an inch of water.
I searched all the toyboxes until I found the other old functioning cell phone to put my memory card in- because mine was definitely broken.Yay, I have a cell. Seems like a pretty day, makes me feel bad for hiding in the AC, but after yesturday I am all to certain I couldn't survive Florida with out central AC.
For that I shall title this with a favorite quote from a favorite movie.

Well, Rory wants the interent... and I have a house to clean.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Of surf,sand,buried tires,a pony ride,and getting to bed early.

I am procrastinating getting ready for Rory's eye exam today- So I figure I will blog about all these awesome pics I uploaded yesterday.The top one is my very FAV, so I guess you could just stop reading now :p

Sooo, we woke up, fairly late for a beach trip, but early by our standards... and headed out-

I did not edit this pic- thought it turned out pretty awesome though:

Ri had stopped in and seen some old friends of ours(from back when we lived on the beach), and asked if we could borrow some surf boards , thinking Rory might get a kick out of it- no waves at all really though, we almost reconsidered and went to Flagler beach. I did feel a little guilty not taking the dog who had been soo good.
We stopped 1st and bought some towels, and then some Subs. Rory picked out her own sub and gave Ri sort of a hard time- I should have went in..
Well, we eventually made it to the water and got some food in out bellies

She was sooo excited
and a little nervous

After that went out and helped, the little waves were just the right size for her, Ri would push her on one in my direction,and I would grab her when she fell(and she pretty much always fell).. but I couldn't believe how awesome she was for just trying to stand on a board like that.... Hell,
the closest I have come to standing on a board was one of those HUGE HUGE HUGE boards that would take talent to not be able to stand on.

Oh yeah,, Ri managed to bury the prius on the beach:

The lady at the entyway to the beach said they had to tell everyone that there was sugar sand and to dive carefully. I was nervous Ri was in the middle of telling me how he had driven through snowstorms which were way worse... then it started to get deeper/softer, he thought he could head to the water and find harder ground- and thats when he buried her. damn.not in a parking area either- one of the 4wheeler beach cops stopped to tell us,but made no effort to assist us.
Ri was pretty sure he could get move it right back out with a little work.
after all that surfing and swimming Rory was getting tired, I really think she fell asleep for a split second on the old surf board.

In Ri's attempt to free the car- he found out he was more stuck than he thought- and getting more , he started calling around for help.A really nice little old man offered to help right as RI got ahold of someone , his boss from the taco stand.
A few mins later his boss was there ready to pull his car out with his truck... took one look at it and said "Man, just take some air out!" they let some air out of tires and gave a little push- and we were free-
Bye, bye beach
After filling up the air in our tires, and going through a carwash
Ri wanted to pic up some oil for frying- so he dragged me and Rory in our freezing wet bottom beach coverups, through the store.
Rory got a cookie and a pink vitamin water so she was happy(well she said she would have been happier with a balloon).
Rory wasn't ready to go home just yet, so we took her to a park
As soon as we pulled up she let out the biggest scream that there was a carosel, she ran full speed up to it, and scared me senseless running through the exit gate and trying to jump on the pony-
Well,I was cringing and yelling " wait, be careful!!!"- but the ticket guy laughed said "let her go, she's fine" and Ri handed him a dollar:

Ri didn't have much luck catching pic of us moving, Rory picked and inner pony.
she said it was the best pony ride ever. I was surprised she loved it soo much, she used to hate the moving rides like that (she says " the one at the zoo scared me, it leaned, and was too far up")

Then Rory got some playground time waiting for sunset:

She was trying to swing as high as the big boys next to her

She had a blast making freind in the little playground,we sort of had to drag her to the car.. she was also getting very tired.
She insisted she would stay awake if we would stop and buy her some oreos that would really help-
we cranked the music and told her to sing, she said - you have to close your eyes when you sing really big
She was pretty much asleep when we got her out of the car for a potty break and bought her some mini oreos.
Man , was she fussy being kept awake so late.
Got her sandy butt in the shower as soon as we got home- she is ussually sort of scared of showering, but a butt covered in sand made it "feel sooo nice , to shower like mommy"
Ri made veggie corn dogs for dinner, with fries- yum!

I handed the laptop over to fussface Rory ,while I uploaded pics- and she played playhouse disney ... next thing I know I am waking up from apperantly falling asleep cuddled on the couch with Ri, I look over and Rory is passed out in front of the laptop..It has been a long long time since I was getting ready for bed at oneam! After getting us all in bed we slept all night!!

11 am now, and I should be waking her,nervous about this dr visit,and going out with Ri's mom to it... and to top it off I can't fint any of Rory's medicade paperwork -sigh-

Well , I should go- I reaaaaallly don't wanna