Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy -insert winter holiday- to you ,and yours!!!

What's up folks??!
Are you as worn out as me??
Sooo ,before I get to the photo/video over stimulation , We should start with the prep work we did Tuesday.(-When Aunt Flo decided to add to the frustration being an early visitor for xmas- grr.)

We made a bad choice to do late Xmas shopping, we had to go to St.Augustine anyway(to pick up Ri's check)- and needed just a few little things.It was crowded ,and stressful so we high tailed it out of there, forgetting most of what we needed. We DID remember more tape, and a bike helmet for Rory(we used the gift card from Val)- A LittlestPetShop helmet even!
We would have stayed out in town longer but just wanted to get out of the crowds and the mess and the nastiness.- So, we went home.

Before we started baking(-- I think Ri was stalling on getting to it--) we let Rory go for a bike ride and test out her helmet and pads. She put a real good test on those knee pads ,too. She wrecked her bike one good time before we figured out that it was because her training wheel was loose. Ri and I were having to jog a few times to keep up with her! She did great. It was near sundown and the parks were closed. A little old lady stopped us near the park to ask us to keep an eye out for her cat- she was really nice and chatted a bit as we passed again-
then we headed home and started baking.
I wanted to make these cinna rolls - and Ri wanted to make cookies to give as gifts... and also needed to roast peppers for xmas' Green Chili Cream Corn.
The rolls were a pretty big endeavor- I followed the WHOLE recipe to make a HUGE batch. I big lots of space was needed. Ri helped and we turned music on and made a big mess, we had to clean up all over . It was fun though.

The rolls scared me at first- when we cut them(more Ri than me because it was a HARD)- they squished all up like wilted funky roses- at best. NOTHING like the pic on the blog recipe ,I feared they would not turn out well. But, it all came together and MOST of them looked nice.

We had a few for us- Sooo good. but UGH ,between all the sweets and not enough real food- I got yucky feeling. Ri had planned to make us mexi food with the extra roasted green chilies , but it was late- and it had been a LONG day, so he just tossed together some beans , rice- and salsa. It was really good though and we ate on it here and there the next few days

Soooo, Anyways- On to the good stuff XMAS EVE-
I felt like such a total slacker, we slept in- I didn't have our outfits laid out, the backpack ready- or things gathered. Usually I am ready hours before 5(or whenever he have to be some where) and sit around waiting till it gets late enough. This year we lazed around.
Ri's mom came over in the early afternoon to exchange gifts with us.

She got Rory so much! She even found the purplepinkish poodle that we have been unable to find since Rory 1st saw and begged for it! and brought us disc sleeves we had forgotten to pic up to give to other people.She got me a new cool big funky ring , with pearls.
...and this little armadillo/pig storage box thing which is so bizarre I might just have to keep it for kitsch factor.

Forgive my child .. I told you we were having a slack day.
We got her some cinnarolls,cookies , and a neat puzzle Ri found.
She played with Rory and her new toys.
Jade(Ri's nephew) showed up for a second. It was SOO hot he said he was on his way to jump in the lake, and thought he would stop in.

- They left and then we started getting ready to go to Grammy the Grapes.

- Yeah, slacker and all and we STILL ended up the 1st people there.Not for long though
LOVE this pic of her playing with the dog, not even sure why.

Not too many people came this year. Lissy brought Bo.
Aunt Marla came but only her kids Missy and Maurice came - though they brought Binky ,Tristan , Malik,and Jay.- And My mom ,Dad JJ, and Amy brought her friend Megan- but that was pretty much it. One of the smallest Xmas Eve parties in yrs.

..but then, maybe that was part of what made Binky FINALLY decide to come out of her shell around Rory (before the night was over)
-easing into talking to each other...

And then inseparable.
& Lil Jay LOVED Amy's cookies. Amy was a little upset that Both her and Ri had brought cookies. Ri had mostly made them for Mel& her family but made a lot more than I expected. It worked out though everyone grubbed the cookies and they we yummy.

Caught JJ going for cookies.

I make weird faces

...maybe it's genetic?
OO there was a surprising amount of yummy food.
Rory and Binky sat together eating. Trading heese for olives.Binky talked more than I had ever heard! It was sooo cute. We must get together with them sometime.
Rory remembered there were presents and asked Grammy the Grape if we could open them.

They both got a puzzle and a barbies..
Grandma gets small little gift for everyone.I got a really strange little belt..
Aunt Marla got us a COOL little Buddha statue, I love it.

I think this may be the reaction face Missy had upon realizing she got a bunch of noisy toys for her boys.

Maurice's shirt says " I love black people" LOL. He said he went through his closet looking for the most inappropriate shirt he could find. I asked him if that meant he only likes himself half the time.

...this was right before my dad hit me with that wrapping paper ball and got cake frosting all over my pants .

They are sooo pretty! I noticed both Missy's boys have the prettiest girliest lashes and eyes! an almost hear the Family Guy /futurama - video game chat/humor from the picture,can't you??

We tossed him around a bit. He would just squeal and giggle if you flipped him upside down. he is a thrill seeker.

- See pretty eyes!..they aren't blue though.Just weird camera lighting,but wow looks neat .

Aren't they gorgeous?!

Rory had shoes,...and clean feet- I am almost sure of it. Ri's mom had got her a pair of shoes- but they are tight so she took them off.

I DID not get enough pics.I didn't get a decent pic of quite a few people. I even heard ultra shy Tristan talk a few times- and gave him "yoo-hoo" mom brought a bunch .
We had a good time.
I didn't think I would manage to separate Rory and Bink.. the were having tooo much fun.

We decided to do the present thing at Mom&Dads that night instead of waiting for morn. We came home and picked up the dog and presents.

I DID NOT take enough pictures! Rory got sooo much and she was so excited by it all.A lot of Very cool little things. Mom got us some cool things too- and a new BIG crock pot- because she has heard me too many times over filling my travel size pot.
We got JJ Liquor and coffee-but so did everyone else :(
and we got mom Candy - and so did everyone else... bummer.I think everyone liked their gifts though- and the rolls went over well everywhere we brought them.(though, hindsight I should have brought a batch to give to Marla)

Noobie did NOT behave around the kittens like I had hoped- not that she was trying to hurt/eat them- just trying to play rough with them and clean them rough as if they were big puppies.
Rory seriously got sooo much from them. Lots of educational things, and sweet simple things. A coffee maker that looks like it is making coffee- books, toy money to count, dolls- including some Halloween bratz dolls that look like me , Lisy, and Amy dressed up.
Rory stayed up pretty late playing with all of her new toys-
When she finally crashed I got the last few things together for Xmas morning.
Soooo tired and exhausted.
I dressed her in PJs- cool ones beause it was so hot out- Not the cute Dora Pjs I planned on dressing her in and Not the new cute ones Ri's mom had brought her.- Ah well, I let her pic which ones and she picked.

--- a Vid of xmas morn- forgive my scratchy allergy morning voice:


- I thought Xmas Eve was had nothing on Xmas day. We were 'sposed to go to Sari's by three. - Ri had started making the green chili cream corn.We got ahold of Mel (Sis in law) and she said they were gonna come over to exchange gifts with us... she said that but it was hours before she got her after saying that.
Chaotic. Sari started calling us at 1:30 saying we should come early because R.Js family was already showing up but we were still waiting on Mel, and cooking.-and Mel was cooking too.

Finally they showed up and we exchanged gifts..
I think everyone liked their gifts. We got them cookies/rolls and downloaded movies/cds.. We got Haley a bead set, and Eli a nurf gun thing.
Mel got me a odd candle thing- all Alaska style.. it will go with the wolfy stuff in our room though.
They got Rory a few things,she liked even :)

Haley came in and told me I scared her.... she said I looked all "goth" at the xmas party at porkys last week (when my Dad was santa)-I laughed and told her it good thing my baby sis wasn't there

We played games a little while and chatted- Then we followed Mel to her house so we could lead the way for her, to Sari's house.
On the way we tried to coax Ri' mom to come.

She swore she would never step foot in "r.js house" and said we had no idea what it is like for her and would give her a heart attack- she went as far as to try and blame Ri for guilt tripping her or playing some game with her. UGH.
She made us stop by her house to pic up mashed taters and presents- but wouldn't come. It was petty and childish, and you know she will regret not going more than she would ever regret going.

Well, we got to Sari's at 5 or so- and all of their other guests ahead left. -oh well.

Sari's new puppy liked Eli.

Rory brought some of her new little pets- I seriously begged her not to bring small pieces, or so many- of course she lost some. dammit.

Check out the chunky thighs!
We got Lily a neat interactive toy and some cute tights.. but nothing for Sari or RJ sine they don't "do" presents.
Sari showed me around the house- it is muh bigger and nicer than it looked from the unfinished outside.

Ri's corn went over really well- and there was lots of food- Rory ate quite a bit before running off to play again.
Mel left and we stayed a bit longer than intended. Sari asked us to go on a walk around the neighborhood with her.- it was dark and we took the short path.
Rory told Sari she should name her dog Nevins instead of Tannin (because it is a wire hair terrier like the one on Cat in the Hat)

We left after we came back, My sis had wanted me to stop by moms and Dads for another present for Rory...and Lily was a bit over stimulated and fussy.

We stopped by and picked up the Xbox on the way to my parents.

Rory liked the little puppy in my pocket toys Bo& Lissy got her...but we missed them and they were gone when we got there.
Ri and JJ played video games- (Ri was like "ooo can I play GTA4 on the big screen??")
even got my dad to play a bit when he came home.
We stayed a bit longer than expected snacking and playing with kittens- Ri had to work in the morn tho so I encouraged him to finish up playing his game. Rory was DONE and ready to go home and play, too.
Ri brushed her teeth and she was fast asleep before long.

Yesterday we woke up to ANOTHER gift...
from a friend online-

Rory was soo exited!! It was so sweet of her.
A month ago- I was certain we wouldn't have presents under our tree- and even more worried that we would lose our car ,or our home because we were behind in our bills, and Ri's hours got cut. I knew everyone was struggling and had no hope that we would get any help to make Christmas work this year..but we did- we even made ends meet. We had a small Christmas but it was a great one,and it helped me to realize how blessed we are thanks to our family and friends...and how kind and giving people can be.I also realized I shouldn't worry about how much WE get her because she will get so much from our parents...even though I am not sure how they afforded it- either...and it always ends up being the simple affordable things she cherishes most any way.

We didn't get a lot for Christmas- but Rory did. and that is all that matters.She had a wonderful Christmas and because of that so did we.
I think I may need a detox from all the junk I ate....maybe after we finish all this candy though :)
Poor Ri had to work- and surprisingly has to work ALL WEEk straight. He is gonna be exhausted!At the same time at least it will make up for the four day off he had for the holidays.

Rory contently played,all day yesterday with all her new things. I let her eat too much candy - but also made sure to get loads of good stuff in her. Fruits and veggies- and I made a big hearty soup ,for dinner..- ,and then turned the AC on it got sooo hot!!!
She ended up insanely over tired and crashing HARD after Ri came home.
I have been having a terrible time falling asleep despite being very tired lately. ... but I finally got some rest last night..
Slept in even.
Rory wants to go ride her bike now- and I have been writing this post for tooo long!
So I am gone- forgive my typos I may be back to edit some