Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love is all you need


Oh Saturday! I remember the joy of a nice chill Saturday.
My brain and body need rest.I can barely focus on typing this.You'd think I had went to school..

Oh! I know you are eager to hear all about Rory's 1st day of school-
I'll just get to that.
Thursday Morning- Rory had picked her outfit the night before. She wanted to wear her new shirt- with her fav Beatles song on it, and decided to wear her old skirt to match it.
We got up ridiculously early. Ri made her an egg while I did her hair.
- Rory was so excited to ride her bike there- She sang all the way
"Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way To help a friend And save the day We're not too big And we're not too small"... she could have at least sang the song on her shirt, instead of infecting me with that earworm.

I am seriously loving riding there,far more than I thought I would.
Rory ,too- any person we pass, she waves at and says "Hey! I'm on a trailer bike!"

Thursday-was her 1st day, but they staggered Kindergarten entry-the 1st 4 days of the school week only a couple of kids from each kindy class had their first day,
and Friday is the official 1st day.

IOW, Thursday it was only her and a couple of other girls.
We got to walk in and wait in the cafeteria with her and her classmates/other parents for the teacher to come. I got some cute pics of her chatting with the other kids, but I am not really comfy sharing them here without permission.

She is so outgoing and was so excited. She didn't seem nervous or worried AT.ALL.

I might have cried. I might have worried about her- but she was so big about it all.

We got to sit in with the class for about an hour :


We watched the girls talk with the teacher-
and do a few morning activities. They were Hilarious.

Rory was determined to ask her teacher "Is Strawberry Shortcake real??"
but she didn't know either.
They were so adorable asking questions and sharing, all the parents were laughing.
. one of the other dads was like "we should be paying to see this".-It's like watching that 'kids say the darnedest things'

The principal came and gathered all of us parents up, and led us(herded us) through the halls to show us around.
We met the nurse and other admin, then went to the cafeteria for an hour long meeting going over a few things, once more...meeting the PTOA pres, and the vice principal, security officer and so on. They all seem really nice.
We rode our bike home, and wondered about her, and contemplated what to do with ourselves the next few hours.

We went to the grocery store to get a few things- and a cake for my sis. I ran into a bunch of old coworkers/friends and ended up chatting them up for awhile. They could see how nervous I was. I probably checked the time every ten seconds. It is just so awkward with Rory not right next to me.I wondered about every little thing.
' would the other girls be nice?"
"did i leave her lunch box in the right place, would she know where to find it?"
"would she be ok using the bathroom there?"
"will she get in trouble?"
"will she miss me?"

and on and on.

My Mom & Lissy were in town buying stuff at the craft store- and stopped in to distract me.Plus, get Lissy's cake.
I played with Nico for a bit.
They hung out here while we picked up Rory-keeping an eye on the confused dog.

We made it to school early, but the teacher came out early as well. Rory's teacher said she did great.
Rory hopped on the bike telling me all about her Playground partner, their snack, her lunch- how they saw tadpoles, and went to the playground THREE times!
She had SO much fun. :)

She was surprised to see Eggy and Lissy here when we got home- with special after school/Aunt Lissy bday cake

We had a hard time trying to find a cake with "that good whipped icing" but I found it- and Libby Loved it- Perfect, because I didn't get her an actual gift.
Nico was tired and they left after that.

Rory bounced off the walls excitedly telling me everything all night. How she got a BLUE BEAR-which means she was very good, and all the cool things she had done.

She missed her doggy , I think.

She picked out her Red&white outfit for the next day- and helped make her lunch box- while Ri went out surfing in some crazy stormy waves.

Friday was her 1st day with the whole class-
It was wet and yucky out, a bit harder to wake her up- but she was still really excited,and ready on her morning ride.

We didn't get to go in with her,we had to walk her to the cafeteria door.We reminded her to walk to her class table- and told her "Have a good day" and she ran right in.
She didn't stop and hug us bye.
she didn't even turn and wave.
She just walked right in.
it stung a little.

On one hand...but knowing she was that happy and excited to go , that she is so big , I think made it easier.

I am really glad she has been so happy and excited by school. Thank goodness she isn't a crier..because I know would be a complete wreck.

In school they read a book about a raccoon who was nervous on his 1st day-so his mom kissed his hand and told him if he misses her ,he could hold it to his cheek and feel her love. he kissed her hand and said she could do the same.
..They colored a kissing hand for us.A little outline of her tiny hand with a heart in the middle.
Are these teachers trying to make me cry?!

I will yaknow, I am a total crybaby!

Ri and I rode home and decided to take the dog on a run around the neighborhood.The doggy would have hugged us bye before she has always been less independent than Rory.

Ri let me sleep in all morning. I swear ,I have been peddling that bike in my sleep.-freaking 4 miles a day!
When I woke up from my nap at noonish- he had already left for work, and i thought he didn't hug me 'bye' either.. but ,turns out,
he had ...I was just sleeping soo hard I didn't notice.

I lazed around for a bit, then headed out to pick Rory up.
it was a MADHOUSE in the walker pick up area this time.
SOOO many walkers- parents all dressed up , I felt very out of place.Until the hippish mom next to me started chatting me up. She was really nice.

For whatever reason when the kids started pouring out of the front door the Moms also started crowding in. By the time Rory's class came out , I could see her- but I couldn't push past the crowd to get to her. So her teacher sat her on the bench(seriously, I was RIGHT in eyesight-- that is how crowded it was.).. I had to park the bike and make my way past the crowd of waiting moms To talk to her teacher and get her.
Though, waiting gave me the chance to chat with the teacher a bit- and Rory gave her a big hug bye.
She says Rory is soo sweet :) .

Ri had called me and said it was super slow at work- if we wanted to swing by on our way home. Rory was thrilled about that-
She got to show him some of the cool things she had done in class AND get a Hawaiian punch.
She sat and ate telling me - and everyone within earshot- all about her day,and all her new friends.

Then speed raced it all the way home
I let her stay up a little late last night. She watched old InspectorGadget on the computer, and ate berries and pancakes for dinner.
Then played Wii with Ri and his friend Jay before she decided she was ready for bed.

Rory didn't let me sleep in as long as I would have liked- but we had a nice chill day. She reeaally wanted to go out on another bike ride-I just didn't have it in me.
"Let's not go for a ride today , let us relax"
Instead, she put on every dress-up outfit she had,
and did crafts all day.
And we made sugar cookies. ..which was an all day messy project.

- We spent the night eating more junk than we needed and doing nothing :) . I appreciated it.
Rory was extra clingy and needy and inquisitive all day though.
In fact, If any one could tell me "why they are called the Mario Brothers, if one is named Luigi?"- I would really appreciate it.

As stressed,nervous and terrified as I WAS about everything- It is working out amazingly.
(I really don't deal well with change)
Ri has been soo stressed with me stressed. it has hurt him to not know how to help me be positive-and not dwell on the scary changes.

Today, With Rory already doing so well in school,
with the realization that bike transport is such an awesome fun thing ,instead of a fear or chore,
with a card from a friend,who I have never met IRL- that made me literally cry that someone could be so sweet out of no where.
and that is the big one:
with such amazingly supportive friends/family in real life and online -
I am really starting to feel like I can let got of a lot of my trivial stresses. I can and should stop focusing on them.
I am gonna start up September knowing I am blessed, and lucky-
and try not to worry sooo much. I know I need not- and I know it is hard on the people around me that I do.

Thank you all so much for reading with me here,
and helping me get there-you know who you are
.. now hold me to that.

I need to get used to having a camera again, and I hope to have more pictures for you soon.
For now It is almost Sunday and my chilled out weekend is growing too short.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.

I'm totally putting off bedtime to blog, and putting off the blog- as if it will write itself.
I should really go to bed. Tomorrow is a big day.
...I can't sleep.

Tomorrow is a big day.

Rory is in bed, trying to sleep.. Rolling around fidgeting.

Today was a big day too- Rian's Birthday. Happy Birthday to my awesomely awesome hubby!!!

We didn't really do much for his birthday though. :( .
I am getting ahead of myself I should go back to earlier in the week.

We did finally get that camera we ordered

..and nalu's has hats now..and trucker hats fit my big fuzzy dreaded head :yay.
I am SO freaking glad it came before tomorrow.

Rory has been enjoying the last bit of her summer


she loves the new camera - and stole it before bed to get a vid

She has been getting ready, going to bed earlier

and trying out all her new school clothes.


Val bought her this outfit.
Why does she look soo big ? these are big girl clothes! make it stop



We did celebrate Ri's birthday a bit on Monday
- His mom and sis came over
Ri played mario with Sari

and they brought Lily- Rory was thrilled

She had to show her every little thing- and read to her
They played soo sweet together.

Libby called and said she was stopping in, and my mom would probably be stopping in to.
(theres some family drama there , not worth going into)but they were all in town and figured they would meet here. They are also trying to plan something for my uncle who passed away( the same week as ri's uncle)- but i don't know for sure if they ever decided what to do
- I am too busy worried about school stuff to keep track of anything.sorry

Nico just wants to play in the kitchen like a "wwweal man"
..My sister has brain washed that boy. He cooks and say "I a weeeal man cookin' dinner"

Ri's mom made him a cute cake and we all sang him Happy birthday-
She also brought Rory some school clothes and some crayons.
and got Ri a cool carved wood sword .

Lily ate such a HUGE piece- it was really yummy



Lily was pretty tired though- it was afternoon nap time. She just wanted to sleep that cake off


So Ri's Mom & Sari headed out. Hoping to get out before it started raining here..
but I heard it was raining pretty hard at their house- I hope they didn't drive through too much yuck.

Lissy hung out waiting for mom to come

Nico-btw; not a big fan of the Nalu's hat- though he usually loves hats...he gave me a funny look in it



Mom brought Rory another outfit for school- Rory said "but it is Dad's birthday everyone is bringing ME presents"
Everyone is just soo excited about her 1st day coming up.

Allura is so cute she closes her eyes when you say "i love you"


..and she smells like baby. We hung out and chatted for a bit.
Typically, hardly anyone stops in to visit- and then WHOOSH everyone at once.
At least my house was a little clean.

It rained pretty hard for a little bit there- It has been pretty stormy in general. At least it isn't too hot when it is, in fact it has been a little cooler.


Yesturday we got the trail-a-bike/hotchhiker/trailerbike we ordered.
Rory helped me set put it together in between lazing around watching Eureka..
oh.wait. that was me. She was lazing around playing with her little pets.

Ri and Jay went for a bike ride that night- and came back and attached the bike to mine- it took a little rigging, and putting my seat up a teeny bit higher than I liked. but they got it!

Today , Ri had to work in the morn.. *whilst receiving a hundred facebook birthday wishes on his phone.
Rory was soo wound up and excited, picking out clothes , packing her lunch...

- when Ri came home we got dressed (well, we put shoes on)
and tested it out. Rory was REALLY scared at first. We went slow around the block with Ri walking Noobs next to us. Soon She LOVED IT- and was PUSHING me down the road , Ri had to try it

..yes. Rory is wearing her bathingsuit



So we decided we would ride to school and time it- she was STOKED to try that

I can't believe how big she was !!!
She went from a little scared to a complete daredevil.

I thought I would have to worry about telling her to help, or WARNING her about turns/corners..
instead I was telling her "slow down please"- or we need to stop ahead.



She loved it!

(and I am fully aware i look weird-and bloated in these pics.thanks for noticing)

I am so happy and feel loads more comfortable about that being her school transport..
especially after we went at least 4 miles today altogether! (according to google).

I'm really just procrastinating though.
I shouldn't be writing this. I should be going to bed.
I am soooo nervous. I don't know half of what I will be doing tomorrow..
but I know it involves getting up very early, dressing my baby girl up,riding our bike to her school
and taking her to her 1ST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!..and leaving her there- not coming back until almost THREE!!
....I think I'm going to hurl.

I am going to go find one hundered other things to do to not think of that moment for a bit.
I'll be back blogging my fingertips off about it before you know it

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rambling of sharks,new lenses ,old body, and gathering supplies

see more Lolcats and funny pictures

I haven't been to the beach this week- I am starting to feel like that pool table kitty. There are sharks in that water. A boy got bit just this morning(yesterday morning? is it really midnight,crapspackle!) I really would have liked to today , it was SOO HUMID. Ri sort of had plans to surf and I didn't want to take Rory out while he surfed with his buddy
-Plus, by the time Ri's plans fell through that humidity turned into thunderstorm.Ri gave up and made dinner.
Ri's still been surfing a a little bit - He finally got together with his coworkers to take the StandUpPaddle boards out and try them. ..
and then he promptly lost his glasses- It was the sharks, I'm telling ya!.
Poor guy spent the rest of the week walking blind.

So Tuesday ,when he had the day off he called around to find a place that would do eye exams CHEAP(no easy task ), and finally found one to fit him in. Rory and I got to walk around the other stores nearby while he did it- which wasn't actually a good idea.

I don't think my little nightowl's mood is adjusting well to the morning schedule change. Plus, I think 5 yr old's are naturally not very good at the window shopping concept, and I am BROKE.,
,and I have already been grumpy. My body has been sleeplessly torturing me- ever since Noobs decided to suckle another hole into the comforter and I become trapped in it,I am forced to dream up being a dolphin caught in a fish net...
Oh. and adding to that sleeplessness, Did I mention, I am apparently lactose intolerant?

That was not a fun discovery.
For future reference :
Run out of soymilk + use cow milk in coffee= suddenly feel the need to dig in closet for maternity clothes to hide the swelling pressure beach ball bloatation gut, and dreams of vomiting when it hurts THAT BAD.

great stuff. I had no idea I was that intolerant.I have the digestive system of a 90 yr old, it only gets worse. wtf?

Just when I think my luck turns around some other crap blows up in my face.

Ri was in a cheery mood before his eye exam- thrilled his boss had actually helped him out to afford the glasses, and that he found a decent exam price- it was on our "when we have money" to do list for him to get new contacts and eye exam anyway, it just ended up being put higher on the list when he lost them
...but, his cheery mood was probably the only thing keeping fussmatastic Rory , and the walking body grimace I once knew as myself, floating through the chaos of a day leaving our sanctuary.
..but his mood changed somber after getting a phone call from his Mom. His uncle died. :( .. He tried to tell me this, and yet keep Rory from hearing him.

..and we try to continue our errands? To of all places wal*mart. Which is crowded , florescent lighting flickering-
we enter: stomping whining hungry 5 yr old-
Stiff numb uncommunicative hubby,
and me suddenly extremely self conscious, and unable to hide the furrowed eyebrows of a woman that spent the last few days deflating and sleepless.
-- Look for us on .
.. and the one thing we came for, lunch box containers- was no where to be found. I ended up finding some decent serving size tupperware for cheap, and we ran out of there as fast as possible. The lady in front of us in the line must have noticed our beaten expressions ,she made us go ahead of her .

A car ride later we were feeling a bit more composed and stopped in the the little discount grocery in hopes of finding lunch box stuff. ... So glad we did. i am seriously in love with this place- all their closedated, or scratched outerbox merchandise comes from local overpriced organic food stores. It is seriously where organic food goes to die..if it doesn't all come to my house 1st. And the people working there are always amazingly nice. Rory LOVED the two ladies there ,and had a nice long conversation with them. At least that was a bit better than the vibe we had at walmart.

LOL Rory's new thing. Telling people her name is Aurora and when they say: "OooH , after princess Aurora?" she replies "No,I was named after aurora borealis , the northern lights "
How's it feel to be outsmarted by a 5 year old?huh?
Well, welcome to my world ,random stranger who probably didn't even ask the talkative kid her name.
(btw, It isn't even 100 percent true. I think we were more thinking of Dawn, and the Roman goddess Aurora, but I like her take on it)

Moving on.
There is One thing that always improves the mood-
No ,not exercising.asshole
Selling more of your soul to dell in hope of receiving plastic encased electronic heaven!
We figured since we already owe dell a large portion of our life savings, and our 1st born son(Ha , jokes on them I'm totally never having a boy), we may as well browse their camera selection and add to our debt. I started looking for a basic cheap point&shoot we could just afford for now- maybe one we could later find a reasonably price waterproof case for.
Turns out, waterproof cases cost as much, if not more than a freaking camera,and dell doesn't sell them(of course not).
Dell does however sell waterproof digital cameras.
Oh.really. such things exist...let me move this rock of stupidity I was under while I spent days googling the best cams I could get a case for!
And look. For the same price as other lil digicams, and without having to buy the pricey case.
We googled all they had to offer, and compared reviews and prices and specs: and decided on this
olympus waterproof/shockproof (Rory proof?-fingers crossed) cam, plus it was on sale, with a case.
We ordered a spare battery though, because the only legit complaints I could find about it is that the battery life is crap.
Looks like I will have to stick to phone picture for a little while while it ships,
I am REALLY hoping it makes it here before next Thursday, Rory's 1st day of school.

I'm a mess. lets not speak of that again. In fact tomorrow is open house - and I am up all rambling in type over it.
My kitchen has turned into lunchbox processing central.
Rory's closet is filled with clothes she has never worn( thanks to her AWESOME Aunt Val finding a sale and insisting on buying her a load of outfits- and thanks to my mom's thrift store love affair)
..and my mind.
I can't think about it.

Instead , I have been making picture frames with craft sticks and sea shells.
or watching old movies with the kid,
-having mini anxiety attacks about feeling like an idiot, and the noticeable fact that I don't plan much out in my blog posts ( I should probably start..)

I made that 5 minute micro mug cake for Ri tonight, he couldn't believe I (the queen of microwaving anything ) had not made him such a wonderous dish...
needless to say it has lost its wonder.

You may notice on the sidebar ova dere--->
a facebook fanpagey thing..
..yeah, I made one.Might be the lamest thing ever.but I like me,...
get it? I like me.I should sleep sometime,huh?

I think I said something to Ri about waking up and going to the beach. I should really stop typing and go to bed...

or at least go watch more tv


Friday, August 13, 2010

Of lists,anxiety and webjunk

My to do list/needed item list

It is growing.Most things need money,which is just frustrating. It is hard to separate my to do list from my shopping list.

We need:
  • A twin bed for Rory. A friend wrote me and told me biglots has a decent one for 88 bucks,so that is our plan. We did go check out the floor model at the store, it is perfect.I hope the local one has it in white when we can get it.
  • picture frames.. I started to put up some pictures- but then realized I wanted to do a big collage of them on the long wall,and need more frames... Even though frames are fairly cheap, I am having trouble justifying the price of most I have found. I swear, I might just start making them out of flipping cardboard scraps!(Oh. I have been googling such crafts...don't tempt me.)
  • A large mirror of some sorts- there are no decent mirrors in this house except the med cabinet....
  • For that matter, we still need a drill to hang up the medicine cabinet a towel rack would be nice in there too, while we are at it.
  • we need to go to the local farmers market- the search for African black soap and Shea butter has reemerged this summer. My skin does like St.Auggy rust water more than Pomona chlorine water - but shea butter would still help my rosacea covered face.
  • Lunch box containers , organization for Rory. She has a cup and I have a few Tupperwares- but I need to browse and figure out what else would help me pack her a decent lunch.(otherwise we have pretty much everything for Rory to start school,except my sanity!...Ahhh!!!!). Then I can make her fancy lunches like this what?, I could too do it in alternate godlike mommy universe
  • We need a Trail-a-bike like this which IS sort of a school need- because Rory's school is soo close there is no bus route- but it is still a bit far with her on her slow little kiddie bike, and only on the brink of out of her training wheels.
  • a new camera.We are thinking maybe getting a small- not too pricey waterproof shockproof little digicam for now,( which we sort of need for the beach anyway)and saving up for a nice replacement. Ri wants me to look up and figure out what I want.I don't know if we will be able to get one before Rory's 1st day- if not I will steal someones camera... my relatives should all hide theirs I should also, study up and suddenly invent some awesome photog skills while I am at it,because Ben asked me to play photographer at their wedding. I am totally not qualified. .

We did manage to strike a few things off the list.
We finally got the letter informing us Rory's 1st day of school (that we are invited to come to-where they only have a portion of her class with her) will be Thursday Aug26. Friday the 27th will be her 1st real day with the whole class. I am so nervous.hold me.

We also found a home for the family heirloom china cabinet- Ri's cousin went and got it, and even brought back another load of things from the house in Pomona. We only need A few of Rory's outdoor toys now.

I should be off putting my books on the shelf or fixing my room- But I don't want to do any of that. I have been extraordinarily anxious and irritable for day...
I just want to play online..
Web-junk..I haven't done that in awhile.
A post where I shared my net addiction enough to tell you some random things I found or did.
(Mostly because my lame addiction to watching youtube vlogs like the shaytards is both embarrassing and uninteresting to most normal people.)
Plus, my awesome net savvy friend tata had to come along and remind me of stumbleupon .. where the internet weirdness neva ends .I think she hates when she comes online and I am not there... lol.

Well, speaking of youtube- some random finds..

If you doo keep up with some youtube stuffs- you might like this

Yeah... I don't know what i am going to do with Rory gone most the day. Probably go crazy on the internets.. or start doing really dull projects

or play on the wii with Ri, now that Rory goes to bed at a reasonable hour and we still don't we have a bit more of that.
-Pic from Dailybooth- worth mentioning in any web junk post. plus they have an iphone app. Now I really want an iphone. :(

I also found some more cool kid sites for Rory...
Mostly i didn't know scholastic had online Ispy games!
and crayola has printable educational coloring pages..not that it is REALLY surprising.

All I really want to do online lately,is find a tv show worth watching because they are all crap lately. I can't wait for real fall shows to start back up again.
On the subject of horrible webjunk.
yay-or nay

Should I start a babyhellfire fb fan page for my blogs?

it seems soo self absorbed-but it might make access easier.
ho hum

Speaking of facebook

Let's end with reeeaaally weird
I have no freaking idea, I think it is a study of trajectory or some fanciful magical science mumbojumbo... but I fail to see anything but biology in this.
These are tadpoles,right? tadpoles.
Better yet, why play with that at all when you could play with fire?

and look forward to the future for me...
or the past? I'm really confused now.

I'm gonna go look up old episodes of Eureka. Maybe I'll even do dishes.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

George Carlin once said "The status quo sucks."


I haven't felt the inspiration for this post (globviously it's only a few weeks late)

So I'll just make a things that "have- and haven't sucked about the past few days" List....

1. It is still 1000 degrees outside.
No. not really. It has made it up to the 100s WITH ridiculously high humidity though.
That sucks.
It did however rain good and hard, finally.
...because We never did figure out how to get the sprinkler to work and our grass was turning brown.

2. Rory went surfing with Ri... that doesn't suck. She was flipping adorable sitting on the nose of his board, looking sooo cute!He even stood up behind her it was awesome.
... What sucks , I was swimming along next to them and didn't get a single pic of said cuteness.
I didn't want to get the camera wet..we'll, come back to that topic.


3. Took Rory on a walk in search of a climbable tree. Which doesn't necessarily suck, It was a really nice walk , and cute thought..but she soon discovered you can't climb in flip/flops and dresses...
Also ,did I mention is was 1million degrees out and thick humidity???
...Mental note to try again on a cooler day, with shorts.

4. Rory begged for strawberry (Neapolitan) ice cream... after we went to the beach. I was wet and disheveled, and ran into all my old coworkers..(it was still awesome to see them :) ) ....
Then,Rory ate all the vanilla. She doesn't ACTUALLY like the taste of strawberry, but it is pink. So she likes to see it,as she makes you scoop her some vanilla out.
....5yr old logic often hurts my brain.

5. We took Rory to the school to register- which required all sorts of craziness, even a notarized stamped piece of paper declaring us her actual parents...
We got too look around a little the place is soo cute and awesome. The kindy wing is set up to be very small hall and easy to navigate- each room is huge. We looked in on music, PE, and art rooms. She was really excited about art. They are still working on a lot there, it will better to see it all on the the meet the teacher night.
She still needs a lot to do.. we still have a lot to figure out about her starting school and transportation and stuff...

6. I drank too much caffeine a few nights ago and had a full out anxiety attack. I was way more tense than caffeine usually does to me.
Not sure what went on there, or why.but it was crappy...
and a few nights before that i had drank to much caffeine and woke up in the middle off the night screaming and grabbing my leg CHARLIE HORSE.
I should eat more bananas, and drink more water,yep. I should-sip coffee-
I have been a touch more active though, I got a high score on wiifit boxing -that grumpy mean pixelated boxing guy actually said "good job"

7.Shark Week. People loves some damn shark week.
'cept me, that's what I call my period.
blood in the water.
I couldn't find my diva cup until shark week ended.
that sucked.
I don't even have discovery channel.

8. My phone is on its last leg, the battery has to be charged non stop.
Also. Worst phone for texting ever. Do not text me , I swear to BOB I will write you on facebook...angrily. If you had to put in one letter at a time, with no text predictor, you would to.
but... my nephew can put it in his mouth, throw it around the yard and jangle my keys on it- and it lives. IT LIVEEESSS!!!
and we all know how well I do with other phones.

9. We are getting settled in. We are still missing a bit of stuff though. No were near full ready for people to see..yet.
A few people have visited and hung out - saw the place. Ri's cousin stayed the night and took my bike on a late night, Ri's buddies have stopped in,
- Jess came and hung out with me and Rory one day while our hubbies went surfing. Ri's sis came and checked the place out.
The other day Lissy came over for a deal..
I take her grocery shopping, and she hangs out for bedtimes with Rory -while I go on a bike Ride with Ri.


They played outside till they were SOOO HOT
So I made snocones. Nico was astounded by my snocone machine. You had to see his face:


"WTH? AuntGigi?"

He declared snocone good..
i do occasionally close my cabinets, not often enough , but occasionally.

and was in love at 1st taste.. though he lost his affection for it with a last big brain freezy bite.
and a video

Which brings us to
The 10th thing that does or doesn't suck:
Who/whatever convinced us getting groceries together with the kids would be easier was dead wrong. it was a complete catastrophe. we are lucky we made it out of that store with our skin intact ,and not ripped off by some impatient tourist.
Next time I offer to watch Nico so she doesn't have to shop by herself, I won't go with her to watch him....
In fact, if it happens again I think I will just send Ri to get both of our groceries. he is a good list follower anyway.Maybe will make him take both our kids BwHAHAHAHa.

oh and
11.Rory has been going to bed at a much more reasonable hour.
That is good.
She has a bedtime routine that helps and she finally understands she may not want to, but she NEEDS to wake up earlier because she will be in school soon.
She is not perfect about it. She still have over/under tired days. She still grumps, whines and sometimes cries herself to sleep. THAT sucks...
So,When Lissy agreed to help watch Rory at bedtime (So I could ride my bicycle for hours and miles all around late night in st.auggy with Ri, -counting bums) I may have left her ill prepared for the grumpiness.--sssssss-
sorry,Lissy, I don't think she meant you are a meanie.
All was fine by the next day. Rory was asleep when we got home and forgave Lissy the next day, saying "we were both grumpy and tired"
but I DID have an awesome ride around st.auggy... so hopefully she will want to do that again one day.Pleeeeeeaaaasssseeee.


So . The other day. While I tried to edit videos , Rory asked if she could make more videos with my camera.
Sure. That's fine
She followed the dog around....


took a bunch of pictures...
Then she got bored with it and went back to playing with just her little pets. still fine.
I didn't think anything of it when I when I saw her playing with her little pets in the sink.She is allowed to do that.

....What sucks? well just a few short seconds later she brought me the camera,saying her arm got stuck and she fell in the sink!!
the Lens FILLED with water ! She knew the camera wasn't 'sposed to be in there with it, she knew she was in trouble.

My camera is GONE for good- there is no bringing it back-it won't even turn on.The memory card was at least salvaged. I called Ri for advice, support- something.. and just pissed him off. The next entire day was shitty because we were both angry at each other, instead of at the situation. Which was no ones fault- except maybe Rory's... and well she's five and KNEW better. We can't get a new cam Right now.. it will have to wait until we can get more back to school things on our list.
I am beyond heart broken.but nothing can be done about that.

Ri and I eventually got over it. Stressful as crap . My kitchen is spotless. Coping mechanism OCD,FTW.
I'd take a picture, but I can't.

13.Today's randomness ,Rory has discovered paper planes and the music from Wicked. We once told Rory that even the fries at mc'Ds have meat, and she now makes a face when we pass, instead of asking for fastfood from them. She had frozen waffles for the 1st time for breakfast today.I have a new hole in my fav pair of jeans. There has been a storm off the coast, so the surf has been epic.. Ri is hardly home, I believe that makes me a surf widow.Hopefully , soon Mom & Dad will be able to get that lst load from the house for me- I have promised to repay them with our deep freezer.

Well.. That was long.but I at least feel like putting the things behind the numbers make it easier to follow those things..... Or something I explained far more coherently to Lissy a little while ago. 13 seems fitting for a list of complany whiny sucky-and not so sucky silly updates.

On that note.somewhere my mom is cringing at the overuse of the word suck. She always hated when we said something 'sucked" .