Friday, December 21, 2007

Another quickie amidst trying to prep for the holidays.

We went to the zoo with Harvey,Hether,Miranda and Collette.
Rory had a BLAST -we all had a blast.Miranda and Rory get along great Harvey and Hether were funny & Collette is amazingly mature.
We went to IHOP then to the zoo-it seems it took forever to get there.
The weather was really nice though-better than I expected.

We were EXHAUSTED when we got home. The next day was a really lazy day.
Rory woke up and was playing outside with Noobie-and ran in to tell me "Noobie is eating a rat"
Turns out Noobie had killed a mole.I woke ri up and asked him to bury it.So, Rory started burying her broken toys.She seemed ok..I dunno if I was ready to cover the whole death topic.

Today I have loads to do...almost done cleaning.
Ri did manage to unclog the dishwasher.
I had Libby comeover to help today so I could catch up.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quick seaworld blog

We went to seaworld yesterday -woohoo-
It was FREEZING! We wore layers.Rory was excited to go, and brought the lunchbox she got last time back-and begged us for mac&cheese and a shamu cookie.
We went on the "polar express" and to see santa.Rory was more excited then I'd expected
about santa.She treated him the same as the rest of the costumed characters in the park:A hug, short convo ,and pic.I love the way they decorated like the polar express north pole...I wish they'd have had some fake snow.
We went to the "pets ahoy" show for the 1st time-Better than I thought it would be and Rory loved it-and getting to eat the cookie she had begged for.

I am too lazy to upload pics-and I need to go to bed because we are going to the zoo bright and early..You can find buttloads of pics in my "seaworld fun" album on myspace.
AND-I vid of Rory on the big kid ride..

She was soo big all day -Riding big rides talking to all the big kids very cute-a little over freindly.
Its been a rough day today-Rory has been very clingy,the dishwasher isn't working UGH.
off to bed.
There is much more to tell-but it'll hafta wait.This was already longer than I'd intended.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A little update:

We are getting ready to go to seaworld tomorrow.We decided to take one last trip.It is soppossed to be cold -well see.

Rory was up all night with fevers.I realize how big she is now.Able to tell me what hurts and when.She wouldn't take any of the liquid children's tylonol we had.Ri brought home some dissolves children's tylonol-it worked quick,she liked it,and she seems much better today.I hope it was nothing more than a quick bug...

I need to do a hundered things today to get ready for tomorrow-and to make up for slacking the rest of the week(I have felt so BLAH).
-I should have loads of pics next update though.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

old friends,new friends,being open-and being closed off

Yesterday,I met up with a friend from the internet- Amber, her hubby actually went to school with Ri.
-Sooo KEWL she lives so close. We let our girls play together in the park ,she brought tea party stuff and the girls had a cute tea party in the park. It was lots of fun.Nice to chat with someone locally who doesn't think I am "weird" or "Uptight" IRT parenting issues.
Her daughters are one yr older and one yr younger than Rory so it worked out perfectly. Rory was a little bossy again,people keep telling me it is just a phase-I am hoping that is the case UGH.Eve and Reagan are SUPER cute, I think they all had fun.They played all day while we chatted.It was nice to hang out with an

I changed my myspace quote to a new buddha quote to: "Angela is learning An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind."

It is a very fitting quote with how I feel about some old friends of mine excluding me.I guess truly I SHOULDN'T feel hurt by someone I pushed out of my life pushing me out of theirs...but,yeah.Even worse because of their continued communication with me as though nothing is wrong..ugh.
I am feeling like it is time for me to move on ,and become more open to making new friends, and getting closer to other people in my life.Even though I know I am no good at that.I am tired of feeling like I am strangers with the only people I call "friend" it needs to change if I want to start feeling less hated. I am very great full for Ri,i can't imagine how low I'd feel if he wasn't soo supportive and so much of a good friend ,no matter what :)
Well Rory is in the other room yellin' with her grump a voice,I think I have an ear infection and don't feel like doing ANYTHING. UGH.better go check it out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day off fun.

Yesterday was Ri's day off. We considered going to seaworld.We really want to go one more time before our passes expire,and we'd love to see their holiday stuff going on now.Hopefully another day.

Instead, decided we'd stay home and he'd have his buddy come over to help him fix up the back yard.(which was in pretty bad shape).He picked up Harvey and Miranda(heather-Harvey's GF- was at work ,so he was taking care of her 3 yr old).Needless to say Rory had a fantastic day.The guys cleaned up the back yard while Rory and Miranda played and had a blast.Ri ordered heavily discounted pizza from a buddy. Heather got off work and came over. We had drinks and hung out the rest of the night.Rory had soo much fun,there were a few disagreements between them,but they got along really well for little girls used to being the only baby.I don't know if Rory has ever been so dirty.It was pretty fun for us as well as the girls.
We made plans to go to the zoo together next week so hopefully it won't be the last time we all hang out.
PICs( I am actually, really hesitant to post these without Heathers permission,I would love to pus some on myspace-I am gonna wait and ask her permission for that.)


So, While those friendships-you know the ones with "Rian's friends"- are becoming feeling about other friendships-including my closeness with my family have felt strained.
Today, I looked on myspace to realize I was left out from some close friends party planning.I am a little hurt by the realization that she is NOT actually a close friend anymore..most of the people that were aren't anymore.
& the other day I got in yet another arguement with my sis over nothing,It's like we can't get along at all some days...and I'm not sure it's getting to be worth the good days convos for all the bad with her...and I dunno if anyone else there even cares to talk to me.

Remind me to NEVER try night weaning again.
Last night ,Rory woke up and asked for "beets" sleepily I said "not right now"
she was fine at 1st and ,for a second ,I thought this won't be soo bad.Then'she woke up more beghan to cry HYSTERICALLY AND DEMAND BEETS..At this point I CAN"T cave,I don't want her to think that works.So we ened up getting up and watching cartoons for a few hours before she calmed down and I decded to give her beets for not asking :( .

Oh- and I'm bleeding & broke out all over still,SO FUCKING sick of such strong periods! I am all lazy and don't want to do all the cleaning I need to either.ugh.

Today,Rory woke up late and took a nap-(I am sure to be up all night)she has been super cute though,playing with her giraffe in the big cleaned up back yard. -the opening pic is from today.Her bossy grump face.Cheesy me out

Friday, December 7, 2007

Good and bad and inbetween

Ah,the hormonal nightmare begins once again as dear aunt flow gets closer.I honestly feel overrun by it at times. :( . I need to get my thyroid checked-the signs that point towards it are getting more apparent..I keep saying that-It doesn't make it happen.UGH.No pics from me today-I look horrendous,at least to my insecure hormonal self that is.

So many relatives in bad places-If I was the praying type I'd pray for them.I do send them positive energy.Seems things are down for folks.This is just a sucky time of year.Money seems tighter, and bodies seem weaker.If you are the praying type..pray for my cuz and her baby to be home together soon.And my Granddad's health to improve...and pray for money for all of us if you wanna be greedy .lol.

We got our FANCY new camera in the mail today.Can't really afford it,but a good camera has become such a necessity and with ours broken ,Ri went ahead and ordered it. It is AWESOME! :) The old one I managed to take apart and fiddle with and STILL couldn't get it functional. :( If i find someone who can fix it my parents may get it for xmas...only because I busted their "chicken".

Rory has been much the same.Cute but difficult.funny-but patience trying.She is getting SO big right before our eyes.Little teenager-I am NOT prepared. I knew this stay at home mom thing would be difficult..and it is.I love to be with her,I love the memories we build..but it is stressful.Feels like RI is NEVER home-though he has been,and he has done an amazing amount for us when he has been :)

Soooo all that really matters when you have a new camera Pics.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Batshit crazy

I soo need to chat,I think I have been annoying as hell to everyone since not being on the message board as much.It's funny too I think I have talked to more people and had MORE of an internet related social life since letting that habit go.It's "me", not watered down by internet message boards.I'm like a kid with a cute knock-knock joke... funny until I got annoying

We DID finally manage to get the xmas tree up an decorated.Rory REALLY enjoyed doing it.She loves to hang up the ornaments-but she tends to put them all on this one branch.Once we plugged it in and turn the light on she said: "We need presents!" Last night while she slept I wrapped a few of her presents.Hiding them in plain view,MIGHT be the best plan.This morning she happily helped me wrap a gift for mom ,and SEEMED to comprehend she cannot open them now(after asking 1 hundred times).I am still a little nervous that one day I will come out of the bathroom to find she has opened them all. I tell her they are "presents,they could be clothes and she says "Nope,they are toys!" Too funny.It has been SOOO hot it seems silly to see Rory running around the tree in a Hawaiian dress LOL

I have been drinking coffee more as well.I blame my sister coming over and wanting coffee.
I am sure that has contributed to the chattiness, as well as not really sleeping.Rory is suddenly lost any sense of schedule,and she sleeps at odd times, when I'm not tired, of course(surely the caffeine isn't helping) :(.

Speaking of Rory ,She has been great, and terrible.
One minute, she is scary fussy tantrums over EVERYTHING and screaming "I want my daddy".
The next she is so big and happy-go-lucky. So independent, wanting to do everything herself.
The same is true of her speech;one minute ,she is speaking so clearly with impeccable vocabulary skills,the next she seems to be speaking an entirely new language.The new words are pretty cute though.

I have a vid,but my computer is so fried I can't upload it to know if you can hear it. :(
& now of coarse my camera is busted.Its a simple fix-but it requires taking the camera apart and I can't get the last two screws out to do it ARG!!!!I am really hoping ri can. I am so stressed about my camera not working.

Yesterday morning, I had a dentist apt, and yet ANOTHER filling.Rory was excited to go out with her Dad "just two" -it was too murky to go to the "bug" park as Rory calls it.She sounded liked she really enjoyed walking around wally world with him, though.Ri said they looked at toys and he couldn't beleive how much she wanted and knew all about from tv.TOO MUCH TV!! She wants the whackAmole tower and she even told him "it's like a carnival in your house!" from the commercial-gasp- .LOL .She also told Ri she wanted an I -dog....Yes,and I-dog! Can you imagine a three yr old thinking she needs an Idog?!?!

The mandarin orange tree is starting to produce some fruit already-way too much actually,it really needs a trim.Rory sure loves the teeny tiny oranges though :)

Anyways-I am a little frustrated about my sisters right now,So i am gonna end here today:).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Be thankful,for big long blogs.

Do you see what happens when I go to long without blogging? I end up with way too much to tell at once..

...So. Been a lot of the same old ,same old.-Some updates:
Ri is still working quite a bit ,and going to the gym.
My parents bathroom is much closer to finished,they have a tub and a toilet now.
My poofree hair is still up & down between NICE,and GROSS.
The Computer is being a PITA -no soundcard, and not wanting to do shit right ~very frustrating.~
We have been taking Noobie on more walks,she has been pretty good-she hasn't broke out since.
Rory has been much more prone to fussiness lately.It has been a bit frustrating for all of us.
Luckily,her fussiness is still balanced with her cuteness.She says the silliest things lately.

One day Ri had off we went to ravine gardens (at about dusk) and walked Noobie,We got some exercise and had fun,but didn't get many pics it was dark.Rory loves "nature walks"

The next day( Ri had to work)I took Noobie, and Rory, to the park and a LONG walk-Noobie was DONE before I was, and PULLED to go home,LOL,lazy mutt. I had her tied around my waist and Rory in the stroller -So far that has been the best plan to control them both at once.

I still have been feeling a bit lonely & needy.I have online friends but my real life friendships(including,and especially my family members) feel a bit forced and uncaring-I feel like I only irritate people when I reach out and call :( . Ri has been calling me whenever he gets the chance at work,that has helped.
Rory has been VERY bossy lately,and demanding,We are working on it.tell me it gets better.Her new fakey grump face has been pretty damn funny though:

So anyway:Thanksgiving was approaching,and I was making no effort to prepare for it(perhaps in hopes it wouldn't actually come) I spent my time procrastinating on internet message boards-I got far too involved,and am still a bit sore over it.It was silly of me to get that hurt by it.It has become to real for me,so I have decided to back a way from it for a bit.
The night before thanksgiving,as if anticipating my stress (and with his own) Ri brought home a black and mild.We smoked it and & I got yucky sick. :(The next morning stressed I hoped online to kill time and only made it MUCH worse,I did not need the added stress from a stupid message board on top of the typical thanksgiving stress.

--Cut to RL Turkey day. Rory watched the Macy's parade and ooohh and ahhed over some of it-other stuff she ignored completely and jumped around instead. We went to my grandmothers a little early,my mom had told her we were going to Momo's-and not to expect us. It was just us for awhile ,Rory had fun playing with grandmas dog ,though.I had really hoped to see Missy ..but Mandy was in the hospital in VERY early labor ,and they were all their hoping everything would be ok. :( .We ate pretty good there-Rory ate better than I expected(Mostly,because I bribed her to with soda) Ri said he was extra glad he came ,since it ended up being only us.

Then we took the LONG ride out to Momo's it was soo busy there.Rory was a bit shy and overwhelmed at 1st,but she jumped at the chance to play with the new grandbaby Conner..then got even more excited by the gifts everyone gave her,and the chance to play with the bigger boys.She got loads of compliments for how sweet she talked,and how kind she was.
She even ended up making everyone laugh.. Momo had attempted to ease her shyness when we arrived by offering her gifts "I have a present for you,guess which arm",(she gave her some bubble bath).So, later when we were coming inside ,from playing with the boys (ben and conner) Rory noticed we were being followed in by Ben and told Momo " I have something for you!! Surprise it's a BOY!" LMAO -it was TOOO funny and just ADORABLE.
We got lots of complements on being 'good parents" Ri showed off his car and his weight loss :) we had a pretty good time-but it was a LONG LONG day.

_Pics are reversed~

Friday,I took the "kids" for another walk,but without the stroller-not advisable.But we had fun for a short time at the park.& did LOTS of after thanksgiving cleaning.

Ri was at work-Rory and I went out with mom and Amy. We were supposed to go to Daytona.But Libby stayed home sick,So mom decided just to go to Palatka,to look for boots.Amy wanted some knee high black boots as a late bday present. We Went to a few other places and looked around. I had wore a kewl outfit,to match my boots.Rory was fussy from missing her nap.She was a bit of a handful and it was kind of stressful..On top of that Amy was super bitchy about it.I was a bit annoyed at her reaction to it :(.So we went with mom to there house.Rory loves to just hang out there,And chat with everyone.Again though,I think she drove Libby and Amy crazy -and their bitcheness towards her adoring them really made me feel bad.I still think despite it all she had a blast,I don't know why just hanging out at grammys brings her soo much joy.I did take some pics of my outfit with my kewl new hairthings(that rian hates) when I got home:

Today.We did late thanksgiving at Rian's moms,With Sari and her BF we brought tofurky and wine and spent most the day there.We also got to take a walk and she were sari is moving.
Rory LOVES spending time at her Grammies houses.She is just happy to hang out at someones house.She had fun Feeding her kitties and,playing with her.
The mosquitoes were terrible there & I didn't bring bugspray. I swear, i remember to bring every random thing except the ones I end up needing.Rory was a bit bossy -and ate WAY too much nilla ice cream,but it is safe to say she had a blast.

We had planned on putting up the Xmas tree when we got home-but still haven't got around to it.Soon,I hope,soon.