Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tortillas are bean blankets

Today's prettiness

I need a laugh too:
funny celebrity pictures - Let Me Break It Down For Ya
see more Lol Celebs

I'm having a case of the Mondays.. even though it is Tuesday.
Kid is still congested, it is alll far far too humid,Giant mosquito helicopters have taken over my backyard and claimed at least a few pints of my blood.It is so freaking hot, that I am tired of showering... I have showered off the sweat more than I probably showered all winter.

Ri slept most the day and woke up sort of mopish.

..BUT,Hey! at least the yard got mowed thanks to awesome yard guy, he even mowed the landlords yard (Her son is still in hospital from a stroke, please send him healing thoughts/prayers and all that).

I survived another day. Had a good breakfast. It can't be all bad, I guess.

Blogathon is drawing to a close. I made it the whole month! (Even posted my dreadtimeline vid everywhere else on the web the day blogger went down and caught up with my dread post the next day)
..but I MADE it!!!!
A post a day for the month of May.

I'm not sure what I got out of it- I don't think I quite fit the blogathon mold, and just sort of did me.I did find a few great blogs to follow, I guess I didn't get as much out of it as I thought I would from other people .
I did enjoy the PUSH to update more frequently, and I knew that I should.

So the big question is, will I keep blogging daily?
Probably not.
I WILL try to blog more often than once or twice a week, I do think my posts are a bit better when I do, but daily is a lot.
If I do decide to daily blog again I don't think it will be the wordcount blogathon, I think I will just do it on my own randomly- I need to push myself more.
I'm selfish like that.
Or something

Hey. I warned you I was bitchy today.
I blame the hellfire.

Anyway. I am going to go finish the 1st season of Son's of Anarchy.
and probably shower.again.


Monday, May 30, 2011

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day.

Rory has seemed a bit congested(and fingers really crossed it doesn't progress past that.. there are only 8 days of school left!!) but I think if anyone she had a good one.

The humidity was crazy here today. I had planned to go on a bike ride with Jess.. but we ended up waiting until later in the evening, midafternoon was TOO hot.

Jess had helped me all weekend to make a scrapbook page for her teacher (there is a bit of personal info on it I can't share here) -- but it turned out soo cute! I know there is no way I could have made something so awesome without her help. We finally finished it the other day- so we had time to just ride.

Rory got lucky while we were waiting for it to cool down ,and the neighbor kids came and invited her to go swimming at their house (they have one of those mini inflatable pools, Rory can touch the bottom in)
.. Which left me wondering around the house lonely, since Ri was at work too.. I ended up taking another go at scrubbing the tub...and watching the 1st season of Sons Of Anarchy.

When Rory came back we cleaned up the yard, practiced riding her bike.. it is still big for her -sigh- I doubt we could have afforded to buy her a 16 inch bike and then the 18 inch in another couple months, so we went for the 18 but learning on a larger bike isn't easy.

Then we called Jess over and went for a nice ride to the lighthouse playground (until we got hassled a bit by a bum) , and headed to the sno-cone place, to get a little blueberry sno-cone she had been begging for.

How spoiled is the kid??

I even made her perogies and broccoli when we got back..

Now , I once again have to battle the dishes, didn't I JUST do that last night?!

Hopefully with the long weekend drawing to a close I will find more time to BLOG ..
but if not, the blogathon is coming to a close, and I'll catch you when I catch you.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hurry up and wait

That's right people, another quick photo post, instead of a bloggy blog..
I told you the loonng weekend was mine..

So anyway, this is how the kid looked the morning- before we left on our van testing out/shopping trip.
..then she found these shoes
..and this bicycle (which is a little big for her but the 16 was too small.)

.. Then my folks stopped in and took the truck out of our driveway.. much needed since Reggae Sunday brought with it streets filled with drunk hoodlums

..and me and Jess left the kid with guys FOR ONCE- and went on a bike ride all over town

and managed to fit a good deed in.. When we brought a lost dog home, Dog chased us down the road a bit, it was pretty cute- until we couldn't get him to go home so we called his owner.

Now, I am gonna go make and iced coffee and hang out with some friends. you're lucky you got that much out of me.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The long weekend is MINE

I must apologize.
... Sorry, See that sunset...
See that long weekend , Ri having the weekend off and friends over, and Mexican beer, fish tacos..
and the weekend Anniversary of the 12th year I have been with Ri:

So .. here are some pictures from throughout the week.. mostly Friday

I have a full belly and am gonna go have a smoke..and skip writting out a big blog while I have company


Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Friday -Week in a minute

.. yeah, it's late, I'm just gonna post the vlog and run..
but here is an extra vid just because it was funny.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Antisocial people shouldn't blog

So.. there is the kid outside school eating her fruit by the foot,.. she couldn't get any kid to play in the grass with her today, So she just ate her leftover lunch , before we rode the bike home.
Ri wasn't feeling tooo great so he called in to WD- and he slept ALL DAY. He has been begging them to schedule him less each week but the keep scheduling him for 3 or 4 days, I am surprised he hadn't called in sooner just to sleep.

The blogathon is finally coming close to an end, though I have enjoyed a lot of it-
I realized today why I don't like to blog every day.. I write a lot about my moods, or whats going on in my day.. and some days I just don't want to share.
My mood today was beyond negative.
Between Ri's knocked out grumpy comatose state, Rory's demanding behavior lately,
and just my post social anxiety sprouting .. I was just damn angry.
and sad, and self loathing and in a very dark mental place.
I know it will pass. I just don't feel like sharing all of that all the time.

So- I youtubed the day away.
Tripped upon Garfunkel And Oates ( I have loved both of them as actresses had no idea they were a comedy type band )

Tomorrow is Friday, and if I can convince myself to take any vid for the week, and edit it I should be back, with the Friday vlog.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later." ~Dana Stewart Scott

Man, the day is almost over again.
and again, I have waited until the last minute to blog.

I wanted to blog a bit about how my poor child who may be a bit of a nerd.. or an artsy drama geek sort. .and how despite feeling that way myself I never thought my child would be.
and far More than I was aware -- her teacher even tossed out the word gifted at our last conference (though stressed it is very early to think in such terms ,and I agree). I was just really surprised. I knew Rory wasn't struggling in school , .. I guess I thought she was average at best,
and I was wrong.
Socially she has struggled a bit to catch up, but she is doing much better now..
Sometimes I still feel like I am dealing with a much younger child when it comes to helping her negotiate problems and interact with her friends.

Today was pretty busy though, even though it was the sort of go out to sit and relax sort of busy, it was still pretty busy, and I am pretty spent.
Ri had the day off of WD and I tried to get him out of bed, but he slept all day.. he still has to work at the factory.

One of Rory's classmates Mom, offered to take us to the pier where they have live music and a splash zone for the kids,, and another mom met up with us, the kids had an absolute blast, while we sat and BSed , talked all about kindy and our fears for 1st,and had a few beers. Very nice.
They have had such an awesome year it is really really hard to see the end just around the corner. and really nice to chat with other moms about it.

.. PLUS, I came home to dinner already out on the table.because I have the most awesome hubby ever.

No sleep, I think. I hope
I'll catch you tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Theme post : Top five places to write

For today's blogathon I am encouraged to tell you my five favorite places to write...

1-5 Right here, on this keyboard ,at this desk.

I mean, I guess I have written myself little notes on subject matter whenever the mood struck as quickly as I could find a tool to write it.
.. and sure, when we have traveled I have written from a laptop all over, and that was doable.
At this desk with my computer set up -just so- is my favorite, and pretty much my only.

I'm weird.
I mean. I AM a blogger (aren't I?) , so I write stuff,
but I still don't really consider myself a writer.
I type stuff out , I guess that is writing..
but I don't even really have a favorite place to write unless on my computer counts..
I don't know that I write so much as I share word vomit about my life, and pictures/videos via the internets.. I internet socialize.It isn't really the same.

I don't even remember the last time pen touched paper short of writing a grocery list. (and even that Ri is trying to get me to convert to texting the grocery list out on the iphone)

I used to journal once , way back when I was an angsty freak pre-emo gothish teen.
Back then I used to sneak out and sit on top of the AC unit , or way out in the fernery behind our house and just write , in a big medical ledger that I had converted to a journal... I wrote constantly; until I passed out, and as soon as I woke up again. Poetry, dreams , rambles, rants, thoughts, some doodles
Back then, I could have probably made multiple lists of my favorite places to scribble of the hardships of my young adult life .

I still have that journal.
I should probably burn it now that the kid can read.

I should probably go back to writing like that.

.. but there are a long list of things I should probably do ,that I probably won't.

Heck, I am still amazed I stuck to a blogathon theme.
I'm going to put an imaginary gold star on today's imaginary journal entry.

All that said.. Quick update-
Today, was better than expected all around. Helping in Rory's class was a little crazy ( those kids are DONE with the whole school thing , I think) .
Parent teacher conference when worlds better than I had hoped, kid is doing amazingly.. if anything bordering into the dangerous territory of boredom.
I'll tell you all about it another time, in another post.

For now,
... I am going to go find paper, and a nice pen. This post made me feel all sorts of guilty.

and reminiscent, I wonder if I have enough black eyeliner to do my make up......................


Monday, May 23, 2011


Another night sneaks past me without me even thinking about writing.

My existence is:
Watch Tv (play online, or listen to radio all fall under this umbrella)
( I guess I eat and take care of the kid- bike ride to school and all too.. but mostly those other things)

I know, Life , right?
It is pretty constant, there are millions of tv/radio shows I have not caught up with-- always SOMETHING going on in the world ( Usually sad hard scary things, so I watch a lot of comedy)
.. the house is never fully clean enough, and I am constantly finding toys set up all over , because the child needs toys with her even when it comes time to brush her teeth.
I almost wish I would stop sleeping so often so I could catch up on such things, but I think I need sleep, or something.

It's a shame.

I am still feeling pretty uncommunicative. Which is great since I am participating in blogathon, helping in the kid's class tomorrow AND I have a parent-teacher conference meeting after.

I give up.
Hopefully my emotions, words and brain will all be on a similar wave length tomorrow.
I am gonna go obcess over my laundry ( yes, I am aware that my suddenly spotless house and current hermit mood are alll probably related - thanks for mentioing it.)

I'll see you tomorrow


Sunday, May 22, 2011

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." - George Bernard Shaw

I didn't plan today's blog.
At all.

I only slept a few hours before Ri was waking me up to help him put away groceries..
Then I spent the day cleaning, and suffering failures in communication.
Something isn't right in my head today.
I'm taking everything too personally, and thinking everyone is/was angrier at me than they probably are/care.

I ended up letting the kid play at the neighbor girl's house all day,
waving goodbye to Ri as he went off in search of an apple store ( his phone was messing up, they just handed him a new one)

I had the house to myself, and even the communication on the net was bothering me..

So I bleached the bathtub.

It is nice the house is so obsessively clean, even if I am in a weird awkward place tonight..

meh. The weekend is over and I am not ready to let it go.

That is all the post I have for you though.
Here is a picture of my new to me end table and lamp .
(the lit one. the rest of the stuff is old)

I started to do a haiku (since one of the blogathon themes days was a haiku and I had other plans that day) ..
but then I remembered haikus creep me out ever since that one Dean Koontz novel...
What was that novel called?? ( LOL I looked it up it was called False Memory - how fitting )
I'm just going to run off before I get blindsided by the weekday.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Do I still need to do laundry if the world ends?

Oh. Hi. We've been busy with the rapture and all. Little big eyed creatures came down from the sky , and stuff.
That's totally how that works , right?
Something about flying naked people.
and looting.

Well. actually Rory and I cleaned her room all day. Ri had the day off , but he slept all day .. He gets to spend all night grocery shopping and filling up the new old van.
Oh.yeah. If you didn't see the Friday vlog,
we got a van!
The inside is TRASHED but the outside looks fairly decent.
...besides the back door being a different color than the rest.We'll get it cleaned up and it will be awesome.. heck, if Ri ever goes on a grocery run it will be worth its weight in gold.
and it is a heavy van.

So back on track. We did clean the kid's room AND organized all her tiny little toy collections
- and it stayed clean despite My sibs visiting with their babies .
Rory has been trapped in there the rest of the day
As much as she hates doing it she loves her room all organized. (Don't we all) Now I need to do that to pretty much the whole rest of the house.

My mom and sisters also came baring gifts, they bought me an end table and a lamp- How pimp is that?
, I shoulda got a picture but I haven't -lazysauce-
They even did my dishes! YES!
I still have loads to clean, but I guess it's not too rushed sine the rapture didn't seem to happen..

....Or maybe it did

..nah, I just like to photoshop myself into a zombie.
Next up , this picture into snakes head dreads madusa styleee
I think I'll go clean,
or watch Archer until I pass out,
Ya know, which ever


Friday, May 20, 2011

Everything can be done while wearing a TuTu

Friday week in a minute vlog post!!!

Rory added a little blog at the end that put us over a minute, but it is a nice surprise :

So, I better go wash my dishes, with the rapture coming and all
Meet up with me later for post rapture looting !

... who else has this song stuck in their head?


Thursday, May 19, 2011

A mommy blog post

Eye know . I know, a dog centric post,
what is happening to the world

I think the blogathon is getting to me a bit. I've read some AMAZING blog posts this week( both by blogathoners I am just meeting -Hi there!, and at my regular bloggy haunts.)
Fact of the matter is : I may be JUST a Mommy blogger, and mommy bloggers are a dime a dozen, and it IS a lot of "look at what my kid did" bragging.

I also break a lot of "blog rules"
I don't stick to a set theme - I have had all sort of themes, some having nothing to do with motherhood even LOL! ,
I ramble ,
I suffer from attacks of run on sentences AND bad grammar .obviously.
I also post loads of photographs despite being far from a pro photog. I know these rules ,and I know people that stick by them for very well done, professional journalistic blogs..
I also know witty, snarky , clever, or just cute Mommy bloggers...
and you know what, despite being one of the millions of Mommy bloggers, I like their blogs.

So, that awkward little side ramble out of the way, in the spirit of Mommy blogging I shall introduce you to my 1st child.
My fur baby:

Meet Anubis Pookie Doobs.
Better known as Noobs.or Noobie
Or n00bs if you are really nerdy.


Baby Noobie..

I want to say she is going on 9 years old...maybe 8?
I am the worst mommy ever.
When my beloved (read:Ancient) cat died I relented to letting Ri get a dog.
He is a dog person, I never thought of myself as much of a dog person.. Noobie changed all that..
We scoured local papers and ads desperately looking for a German Shepherd.
While at the same time my Best Friend way back when called me to tell me her Inlaws dog (some sort of mix,perhaps timberwolf in there) was pregnant. .. by the neighbors GS.

The pup I am holding is her litter mate, at the time our neighbor /landlords dog.
I cannot express to you how spoiled Noobie was in those 1st few years.She was master escape artist and with her sister by her side it made for HUGE trouble. Those 1st few years of crazy puppydom were HARD. She was AMAZINGLY easy to housetrain, but training her for other things, walks , manners, stubbornness , everything was a differnt story. Her full title as a pup became :
ANUBIS Digger of Dirt, and Defiler of plants

We never went ANYWHERE without her. Even taking her with us on the roadtrip when we eloped (To a cabin in Tennessee)..where she frightened the poor hillbilly pastor that married us.

When we got pregnant Ri would wake up to Noobie resting her head on my belly.We did worry a bit about how Noobs would be with an infant, but she had been around babies, and small dogs and kittens even and done well.

If anything she is protective, She is still super careful to play gently with Rory. Sometimes a neighborboy will come over and she will think she can be rough with them and chase them, but she never does that to Rory.

We even went on a HUGE huge road trip with her 3 yrs ago,
To Colorado and back. Staying at various pet friendly hotels (and a friends house) and going anywhere we could with her
(.. I still think she was better behaved on that road trip than she is on a day to day basis)

and she LOVED the snow.

One Halloween she helped with Rory's Little Red costume

and one year she was in a local parade with us:
She gets all the attention.


She really is an awesome dog, and I think she has converted me completely from a cat person to a dog person.

I love our quiet mornings together, our bike rides around the neighborhood.. and the silly goofy faces she makes.

I love her pee-pee dance when I take too long to let her out,.

I even love that attention craving thing she does when she feels neglected- She brings her stuffed lovey out and start suckling it right in the middle of the room... usually when people are over, because clearly she is neglected and unloved.

I love her coming to lay RIGHT on top of me somehow, and then acting like I am intruding on her space when I pet her, I love that she barks to tell me someone is here when I am home.. but doesn't bother to bark at people who come up when we aren't home, or we are asleep.
I love the way she talks back, and sighs like a teen when I tell her to do something:
and when she does stuff like this:

I lover her despite her escaping escapades (which I think /hope she finally seems to have outgrown)
despite her eating the last of the foil wrapped Easter chocolates, and puking up the foil on the lawn, and mildly panicking me.
I lover her despite the fact that she has chewed up various things over the years that I sort of wanted to keep.
and despite that insanely high pitched nose whistle she does the second her water bowl is empty (when she doesn't actually WANT water, she just hates that her bowl is empty)

.. I mean, you have to love this face

I could probably go on for a very long time, and I am leaving some priceless stuff out..
but the end of the world is coming, and I need to get some sleep.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is so much easier to fudge things up when you are trying so hard not to

This picture captures the mood of my whole day. I went to take a nice picture, and right as the cam snapped a bug flew in my eye.
and I never did get a single decent picture of the wild parrots that were hanging out RIGHT in the yard.

Today , I seem to have developed the ability to fudge things up - and the harder I try to good, better , simpler.. the more fudgy and complicated it all gets.

Actually, that happens to me a lot. .. I am the sort of clumsy person that goes out of the way to move her cart at the grocery store, for you to come down the aisle too,
only to carefully maneuver my cart directly in front of that brand of pasta sauce that made you come down the aisle in the 1st place.

The harder I try to help, be easy,or be simple- the more complicated things become. It's a gift.

Ri seems to have similar sort of karmic yuck today- last night the buddy he carpools with had car trouble, AND the tag expired on the truck my sis is letting us borrow and she has had trouble trying to fix it.
. Ri ended up calling Steve over to drive him to work. .. AND Then to top it off he spent this morning at the dmv trying unsuccessfully to sort out the title for the van our friend is giving us ( dude. how awesome we are being GIVEN a vehicle? How amazing are our friends?) Still waiting on that to pan out though. ugh. Until the van is in our driveway we shall pretend it no longer exists and not speak of it again.
And people wonder why I don't want a license.
I hate cars.

I took the kid to school,
slept all day and had stupid anxiety feeling dreams I don't remember.

Woke up and decided to run to the school early to give blood. I thought I was there extra early, and that I would have time to chill and regain compossure by the time the bell rang and Rory was being let out of school..

.. but apparently a lot of the other Moms thought the same. So there I am in the blood mobile right in front of the school when the bell rings - I hadn't even finished the iron test!
I ended up frantically texting another mom to pick up my kid for me. I could SEE my kid ! Lol. Oh well, Rory got to spend a good extra hour playing with her classmates.

.. Maybe longer, Especially since I almost passed out as they sucked me dry...
So , I sat drinking orange juice watching Rory play on the grass with some other kids waiting to regain enough composure to ride home. (remember I had planned/hoped to be out of there a bit sooner and have a longer wait before the bike ride home.).. LOL the people from the blood mobile even sent another mom out to make sure I didn't live far. " no, but I'm gonna stay right here for awhile "

...Try to do a nice thing.

We did make it safely home on the bike, despite me short a pint of blood, AND the firemen opening a fire hydrant directly in our route.

At least Rory was in a fairly good mood after getting to play with her friends so long .( Thank goodness for Rory's classmates awesome mom's. )

Rory also spent some time at the neighborgirl's house - AND finished her journal entry, in which she decided to write "I love my mommy. My mommy is sweet , My mommy is cute"
she also made this last week in an in school field trip brought it home

Ri slept all evening and just left, a bit grumpily for work.
and now the dog seems to have a loudly upset tummy (she is eating though so I am going to assume she is ok)

ugh.I think I will run away to the land of bad tv and escape this day.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I wish for...

I wish for Love, patience, happiness, peace, health,

....and one million dollars
and a box of chocolate, and a bag of Swedish fish,

and my old jeans to fit, and better skin,

and a 6 yr old that doesn't TEST me every afternoon - It is JUST a little homework not torture devices!( I wish for my neighbors to not hear me repeating the same thing over and over like a very angry homework loving parrot.)

I wish for more nice weather,

hubby to get a break,and a functional means of transportation,

The kid to not tantrum the second she is hungry or tired,

I wish for time to pass quicker AND slower

(did I say that one already?)

I wish for more days in Rory's class , I wish she would slow down how fast she was growing, but wouldn't quit amazing me with her progress,

I wish she wouldn't have inherited so much of my peacemaker attitude (when it comes to her classmates) , but I am thankful for it sometimes.

I wish for more awesome evening bike rides , around our spectacular neighborhood with friends
like Jess (and Steve and Jay)
I wish I would've found the time to finish this blogpost earlier.. (made it in though! master of blogathon!) barely.

I wish for a shower, and sleep,

for dishes that wash themselves, and a pantry that refills on its own.

a maid.

and a chef.

A nap would be a start.

I think I need more dandelions.
and I am going to bed.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Of writing fruit by the foot

Hi there! (She is hula-hooping sooo fast you can't even see the hoop!)
Today started off pretty good- the kid was bouncy and ready to go, we even ended up early to school , So I stayed read a book to Rory and some of her classmates as they waited for their class to start.

I can't believe how big they are getting. How much they can read and write--
I do not remember writing like this in Kindy, it is CRAZY to me:
...She probably has better handwriting than me.
I am so so sad the school year is almost over, I cringe inside every time some one mentions it.

I didn't do crap today.
I meant to.
but , instead I wished for better tv, listened to the radio, took a long shower,
played with my hair

and I avoided cleaning.
I should really get with the kid and reorganize her room..
or at least her closet.
Not that it matters, she has become super particular about her clothes.
She has decided she will wear the tutu again tomorrow.

She was grumpy... but still minded her manners when I picked her up from school today. Instead of fussing or stomping she walked right up to me, sat on my knee and said :
"I'm sorry mommy, I'm grumpy - You said I could buy a fruit-by-the-foot but they were all out! I had to buy ice cream -sniffle-"
I know. it is heartbreaking. so horrible.
the injustice of it all.

The child never had a fruit-by-the-foot until she started school. I have a dehydrator and make fancy fruit leathers. Now she acts like she has been deprived her whole life. She even said "I have never seen them at the store, I don't think they sell them!"-poutface-

Ri worked at the store all afternoon- Jess came over and kept us company for a bit, her hubby was at work too, and she wanted to get a bike ride in. It gave me someone to talk to as I conquered the pile of dishes.

I took this pic just before sending Rory to bed and Ri went off to his 2nd job at the factory

Totally cheesed me out because for whatever reason both he and Rory had the hardest time pushing their butts against the wall.
Why can't you people scoot?

I get to help in Rory's classroom tomorrow.I should head to bed.
Man , this last few weeks are flying by.
I need a fruit-by-the-foot.