Monday, October 29, 2007

Sooo,Halloween stuff.
I know,I know, it isn't quite even Halloween yet.Ah well.

Saturday , We ended up running pretty late,I woke up with an upset stomach and slowed us down.I must have ate something bad.We rushed to go to IHOP..but there wasa huge wait and we vowed to find another breakfast place for pancakes.We kept running into huge waits.Freaking before holiday weekend had us out and about with the everyone else fighting for breakfast we were late.We ended up at denny's.With chewy pancakes surrounded by the smell of B.O.
We made it to "The Sea world spooktacular" again .The weather was dreary and wet,,but not bad.It was MUCH more crowded than last time.Rory did dress up.I chickened out on walking around sea world as an old lady though.-I fought cramps all day.I told Ri ,when Rory weans I am going vegan.Its egg intolerance more than anything I think.
We did get to catchy a "Hot Peas and Butter" concert. They are really talented ,they didn't hold the audiences attention as well as the "Dirty Sock funtime band" did though.I can't say Rory was as into them,she was hot,tired ,and just wanted to more candy.We did end up meeting them shortly and got a tshirt.It was so crowded we skipped a lot of the scheduled shows.I much prefer those on a weekday...and just checked out the animals and did some trick or treating.Everyone recognized Little Red and she had a great time.I think she says "chocolate treat" instead though!

My fave pic:
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Clickables-in backwards order.

We didn't stay very late,got her a toy otter(we think?) and decided to stop in publix for a few necessities before going home.
All Rory wanted(and still wants) was to consume mass amounts for 'trickortreats" as she calls her whole goodie basket full of goodies.
Yesterday-I mostly just lounged trying to get my belly better.Lazy,lazy weather.
I got really scary ,dizzy last night when Rory went to bed.I'm not sure why,but allergies have been kicking my ass.I hope that's all it is.

Today ,Ri's day off.We headed to walmart for some last minute halloween stuff.We ended up sneaking toys out of the toy dept at big lots..We are SOO going to end up needing to buy a storage unit for presents. We got some pumpkins ,some candy (in case we actually get kids here),and an iron..cause it was cheap and I need one to iron the siggys into Rory's band shirts.Rory didn't want to be out,and wanted to come home most the day.It is a nice day to just be lazy.

LOL Rory is "gugging" her imaginary tea right now..I have tried to get her to stop,but she won't it is almost as cute as annoying.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Too Cute

Cinnamon crisp autumn air,
caresses her wild fair hair,
imagination and energy fueled,
squealing laughter,
explosive tantrums,
emotional abundance,

adorable mispronunciations,

simple pure innocent logic,

the deepest aquamarine eyes surrounded by the longest of lashes,

rests on the face of bossy diva,

as she pouts over things not quite her way,

dramatic and demanding with hands upon her hips,

yet,I laugh..

Too cute.


I should SO be getting ready for Halloween party at sea world...
I don't feel like doing anything at all. Me and Rory, have both been lazy bums.She slept so long yesturday I thought she was getting sick.Maybe,she is growing or something.The weather is wet,the temp is nice though-IN FACT; I have the windows open and the air off,if you can believe that.We played with Noobs outside & then We went to the park for a minute.I know it is going to rain again soon,though.

I am still nervy ,about my costume tomorrow and, looking like an odd chick with white hair instead of granny.I know ,I could GO ALL out for it-and wear an old lady style nighty,but, I don't really want to wear that around sea world KWIM.I guess I am just lamenting that my costume isn't kewl enough.
I am just all around pouty.My fav message board changed,my stomach has been all sorts of yucky and Rory wants nothing more than to be in my arms 24-7.-I know "waah"- At some point even the sweetest of cuddling gets overwhelming.I did get a break last night;I guess she thought I had went to work, and cuddled with Ri all morning instead of me LOL.

I am reminding myself to trust the crock pot with the beans and rice I've stuffed into it.Trust the crockpot.Trust the crockpot. At least Rory has been eating REALLY good.She is eating like a real KID now,not just a finicky tot who eats randomly.She even ate raviolis last night.Calling them some name completely dyslexic (arviolis or something) that was ADORABLE.Right now,she is stuffing her face with mashed potatoes.

Ri seems to be appreciating coming home to a dinner, and a fairly clean house with me home..even if he hardly ever gets to be here :( . I think Rory might have been better off with me working though,even if we get more time together , she is just soo attached.I am far less stressed though and that really is something to be happy about. The days aren't as long and boring as i feared...but I might till set up a loose list of projects to keep me busy everyday.Yestuday,I even sewed and put a button on my skirt-look at me being all domesticated.

Speaking of which, My hair is still falling out ,I don't know if it is stress,I 'spose it could be.I hope switching to shampoo free helps. I am down to my last bit of shampoo. Libby's hair is still transitioning,but I think it looks nice.I wonder if she is still doing it?
So,anyway I obviously do not have much to share.After sea world I'm sure I will have tons& pics galore though -So, until next time.
I will post a pic of Rory chilly after her bath last night. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tired zoo washout.

It's been a few days.I've been hella busy for a stay at home mom.
We did end up going to the zoo Monday,sort of.
The rain was pretty nasty,I ended up asking Rian to stop by a dollar store and grab an umbrella because I hadn't brought one.We just expected it to rain some, then dry up like normal, Florida, everyday ,rain..
When we got to the zoo, it was POURING -everyone crowded for shelter next to the entrance.The ticket taker actually LAUGHED when we checked in.At least we didn't pay to get in -(memberships)
We went to the gift shop , bought some ponchos,and figured we would rough it to the other side of the zoo for burgers(Rory said she really wanted burgers).
We did go through one of the aviaries and get to see duckies, and flamingos enjoying the wet weather.Rory LOVED it at first.Running in the rain.They had jack-lanterns everywhere cut in animal shapes.I think I might do the cat one it looked simple , and Rory thought it was CUTE.
The veggie burgers were all-right , Rory ate her weight in french fries.While we were eating the rain REALLY started coming down.

We had two options wait it out-and the animals in the park all pretty much brought in,so not much to see...
or go back to the car and head to the mall to try and and find Ri a toy ax.
We decided to forge the river ,LOL.I am only half joking, unfortunatly.We didn't get far before we were ankle deep in rushing water.It was kind of fun ,and completely horrible at the same time.We got soaked even under our ponchos.We joked Oregon trail style about catching dysentery, and how we should have hired and Indian guide ,as our shoes filled with water-and of course we were both wearing our heavy ass levis.UGH.Rory was sad to get back in the car,I am sad we didn't get a real trip to the zoo.

We went to both the BIG jax malls.We needed shoes and stopped to by socks-I can't even express to you how uncomfortable shoes that wet were.My feet burn just thinking about it.Rory luckily had a change of clothes and some sandals to wear.So she was comfortable at least.She was contently holding onto Ri sucking her thumb.(which cheesed Ri out -Rory has never been a thumb sucker).
She was so heavy feeling and leaning out at everything -or running off when let down.I pretty much begged RI to hold her little demanding self.
At some point, every shoe looked nice.The first batch of stores were insanely overpriced ,and i wasn't even considering most the shoes.I really dislike fancy shoe stores.I hate it when people follow me around and "help" with rare exception.All shoe stores should be set up like payless.I don't even want to ask people to go get more sizes of the shoe I like from the back.I want to find it myself.We stopped in every store that sold costumes-we saw such great costumes,still not Ax.Even contemplated buying fancy expensive costumes We went into JCpenny and they were having a sale on boots..Ri spotted boots he knew I would love.They are almost knee high black combat type boots-they are SO awesome.Ri ended up getting some "jesus sandals" they were cheap and in his size,and our feet were killing us.We ate pizza and Chinese food,I was still hungry.I am always hungry.I eat so much anymore.

We went to another mall still,and looked around everywhere -we found all kinds of things none of which we were willing to pay that price for or truly needed.We did find mom's Xmas present...and Libby owes us ten bucks.ri wanted me too look at jeans.I didn't really want to the prices were horrid.I did though, tried some on,and found nothing impressive.I probably do need another pair of jeans.It just seems so far from our price range with me not working :( .At the last mall, Rory was being a runner.She would escape as soon as she could.All she wanted to do was ride the escalator.Which meant Really watching her-cause one second she could run right for the damn thing.Sooo scary.

Exhausted when we got home.Wishing we didn't have to wake up in the morning.
I had a dentist appt Yesturday.They did a minor filling it didn't cost much.Ri made himself an appointment for his wisdom tooth.The dentist again confused me for a high school er. Ri got the oil changed and took Rory to the "bug park"(thats's whats she calls the big park in palatka) while I was in.When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep ,sleep off the giant swollen tongue.
Of course ri had to leave for work -sucky.When Rory did crash my cell phone started ringing.UGH.Numb face after dental work makes me sleep and dream SO hard.Rory was a butt baby all day ,and followed me around saying things like "you need to hold me.I'm too heavy" LOL-that's why I tell her I can't hold her.

Ooohh.I did want to mention and plug one thing.
All this was done on my period wigh would have been extra sucky if I woulda needed to change my pad-I freaking love my diva cup!

I did make veggie loaf and ooey gooey chocolate brownies with frosting that Ri has been begging for.Awesomeness.
Hopefully, today I will CLEAN some things and get some rest. who knew this stay at home mom thing was still so tiring..
And I still have to get prepared for this weekend at seaworld.I hope I find an outfit.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Family Reunion-It was ok,same as usual REALLY nice to see most people(wondering who the hell others are LOL)..not much food without meat,and a bit stressful.
Even though my family seems to enjoy it, I'd like to wish away the karaoke-it is much too loud in that room.I dunno,I think I may need to learn to drink to enjoy karaoke.The desserts were good though.I think people liked my pie,they thought it was homemade -giggle-

Rory seemed to have fun she liked playing with the little boys in the dirt.When they little boy with the toy tractors left,she got really upset-evrn more upset when I told her she wasn't quite big enough to "jump up and get the ball" with the BIG boys playing football.She was interested in my Cuz's baby ,but didn't hang with their kids as much as I had expected.She was really tired most the time and would have rather spent time at grammy's house than there.She actually went to mom and told her she wanted to go to her house and color.

Afterwards, we hung out at moms until my bro brought us home.Libby came with us and played online for a while.She seemed unessicarily stressed.I hope she is alright.I am sad Ri couldn't go,Lucky bastard.

Ri wants to go to the zoo tomorrow-and here I am up at 4 am uploading pics...I am gonna be soo tired.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today,Ri had the day off-his boss told him he had should be getting two 50 hour work weeks in a row.We didn't do much made some yummy food.
Went to the big baseball park and let the dog run.Poor dog is getting out of shape she wore out long before the rest of us. Did a few exercises ,Rory was not cooperating though...and the extra thirty pounds was a bit much to run with.
Rory has been in a very bossy demanding mode-Is this a 3 yr old thing or something??She spends the whole day TELLING us to do(or not do) things.UGH.Not that we do what she says,,but still.
I am crampy and icky feeling.I hope I will feel fine in the morning,and Rory won't be too bossy.We have to go to the family reunion.I can already feel the mix of excitement and terrified,happy and embarrassed, and nervous yet not..I guess that is typical for most peoples family reunions-expect pictures tomorrow thats for sure. I am thinking about making apple pie-I should probably start ,and get ready for tommorow-sigh.I bet they will have soda,that will be my reward.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Some useless bloggy fluff

Boring,boring,stay at home mom stuff.

I am thankful I have books,and message boards and big lofty plans to keep me busy through the day.

Something, besides the never ending laundry,cooking,and cleaning,again, and again, it never ends.I clean the same thing up over and over.Rory is getting a little better about cleaning up her own messes,but not enough to keep up with the messes she makes.

My big lofty plans-that will never happen without action...

Like going back to school,and I suppose I should just up and register and study like a lunatic until I have to go.I still think nutrition would be a really interesting useful subject.

Or moving out of Putnam county,Ri finally said this morning we should just plan a vacation to Colorado when our tax return comes in..We want to go and get a feel for it,take some hikes,explore the communities and decide if we want to move out there.The hardest thing is trying to figure a way to be Anubis...we don't really want to leave her though.

I have to go to the dentist in a couple of days for a filling,then on Halloween for a cleaning -I am thinking about getting my labret pierced (right below my bottom lip)afterwards..I don't think Ri likes the idea,and I know my mother would FLIP.I have wanted to for so long though.

Ooo I am soo excited for Halloween and another trip to sea world & their spooktacular weekend,I am a little nervy about my old lady "costume"-I haven't figured out what I will wear at all below the neck.I don't know if we will ever find Ri an AX for his woodsman costume.~sigh~ ,...but I can't wait to go again.I did call and cancel the character breakfast.We had a good time last time,but it is SO early and the food was not great,Ri says we'd be better off going to IHOP & I freaking love IHOP.

Today,Rory decided we needed to put our boots on and go outside.We played out in the wet grass in our pjs,between storms.Noobie played "betch"(I am really working on helping Rory pronounce FETCH) with us -then helped Rory dig up some dirt.Then Rory sat in her toy car and called me on it's phone to tell me she "bought me some yummy food from the store,your FAVORITE!"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So,I have vaguely let it slip out that I have a bit of a blog going here...but ,so far i still don't think anyone is watching.There goes any ideas of privacy ,though.Must not have really wanted it.

The pic is of Rory being "a little pink pony from ponyville"(commercials!)
while treating to get me with her fists,she calls it "come have kisses on the bed"..should say steal kisses-too darn cute.

My sis(Libby) wants to go shampoo free..and take me with her.I have given it passing thought,but never made that decision.Ri is afraid,I know that much lol.I do wonder if it will make my natural wave look nice,and hell,It isn't like I have any place to go and look presentable for a little while.

Me and Rory went to the park and played with Val&Seth today(well, yesterday at this hour).I don't think I have ever brought her home so dirty-in other words she had a blast.Seth can do the silliest things and give her the cutest belly laughs.He cheeses her out it is adorable.

Before we left for the park, I brushed Rory's hair parting it to the side,she got really upset looking in the mirror and told me it wasn't "roryish" so I parted and the middle and she told me "that will be just fine" and gave me the thumbs up.

I did manage to clean the kitchen and re pot my aloe plant-hey look I did stuff,besides watch "Reaper" and chat at

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another day off,thoughts of yards,holidays,and books

Mondays are Rian's day off.

I made waffles for breakfast-remind me not to try that recipe again,it was good if you were going for waffle shaped bread.

We went to Lowe's to get grass seed...ended up prying Rory out of her car cart and leaving with an aloe plant instead.It would be 60 bucks just for the seed and we'd probably need to buy a seeder- So,We are talking about doing some kewl yard deco stuff instead.We always hated to mow anyway.Thinking statues,sand and gravel and a path.If we are have to spend it either way I'd rather spend it doing what I want with the yard.I really hope i find a Buddha statue I have been wanting one for SOO long.

Rory was completely infatuated with all the holiday stuff out.She is a bit skeeved out by all the large Halloween dummies.(We still haven't found a toy ax for Ri's woodsman costume).I do wish they could at least wait till after Halloween to put up Xmas decorations,Rory,however, has been going on and on about the Xmas trees .I think she actually told one of Rian's friends that she wants one for her birthday LOL.

We found some cheap -CHEAP mark down crayola sidewalk art kits at Kmart ,so Ri snuck away and bought them while I distracted her.It is sitting in the trunk with the Diego and backyardigan cups I bought markdown,at this rate we may have to buy a storage unit for hidden presents.

So,While I was sitting here reading another short story(I really love Neil gaiman,recommend his books to everyone)-I started thinking.It feels like no one reads anymore.I hardly ever see adults just sitting in the park reading anymore.I am fairly certain I am the only one who brings books to the doctors office waiting room. I guess it doesn't matter they all have television sets anyway,Even my dentist had put one in on my last visit.Kind of makes me sad.

..a pick of rory in her beloved race car cart:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

& one to prove we didn't steal the ONLY car cart(lol):

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Things Rory says

I should remember the things Rory tells me.

She told me while riding in her stroller,that she's going to be big(with a hand gesture) -

I said "What will you do when you are big and tall?"

She said she will "Make food" ..I guess I should let her help me cook more.

She likes to jump and wrestle on the bed with us knocking her into the pillows and stealing each others kisses:She will "punch" and say "Bonjour , Pussycat"
If you say the same to her she will reply "I am not a pussycat,I am a little pink pony!"

She has been watching "The Jungle Book" and will come in the room singing "the barren incestities" LOL.I should probably help her with that pronunciation,but it's too funny.

Today,we went out with mom & my sisters (and their friends) at the restaurant we went to Rory ordered her own food.She politely told the waiter" and I'll have a water" when we ordered drinks.When we ordered food she asked for "broccoli and cheese" which she didn't actually want to eat. -odd kid,I had a veggie burger and she orders broccoli.

---Some old ones,while I'm on the subject:

At her two yr check up

the ped asked "where is your nose" in hopes of getting Rory to point to her nose.

Rory (giving her a look like she was a fool) replied "On my face!"

One day,Rory ran up to me out of no where and said : "IS TOO!"

so,slightly confused I just said "Is NOT"

Rory said "Is FOUR!" LMAO.

Rory is so straight forward with literal.Her logic ,even when she is wrong, makes so much sense.She really is a super cool kid.Lately,I think she aspires to be a rock star.I know whatever she does I am really proud to be her mommy.

blogging is for weirdos

So,I don't blog.At least, thats what I have always told myself.I do know that I feel better when I can write things out. However, I currently share my home with a creative ,energetic kiddo ,which means all writing materials are stolen and used for art projects.
In other words-I guess I will blog.Hopefully,it will be theraputic some way.

I can make it private at least,right?
I hope Rian(my hubby) doesn't tease me too much for it.

I guess I should share the words I have been needing to get out.
"I quit my job." -doesn't seem like much but ,after five yrs working for "the beef people" its a lot.
It changes so many things,I feel kind of afloat:Scared of what I should do,not ready for the whole stay at home mommy thing,not sure what to do with my life now,and really concerned if we can get by on Rian's pay.

The stuff you actually wanna know:
Aurora -my beautiful 2 yr old daughter,Is doing great.Currently,she is running around in her pj's -Which are backwards and inside out,because she refused to let me help her.She is loving on her baby dolls,while wrestling with the dog.
-the dog,is trying to ignore her, staring at me intently hoping I will share some frozen yogurt with her.