Sunday, July 26, 2009

A rockstar goes surfing , and her mom has attacking hair!

..and other musing.

Rory is a rockstar!!!

When I run on little sleep, I feel like something goes off in my brain that makes me really chatty- in an odd sort of stream of consciousness way... and yet I don't blog all my weird thoughts..

Like, why do gas stations need balconies?

and why do old extraordinarily large women wear poorly fitting strapless muu-muus?...or why do they even make such things??

What foul creature invented the snooze button? ...and how can Ri press the button and fall asleep for five minutes in between loud ear shattering beeping??

Why is it ,that I always get a song with obscene lyrics stuck in my head?
... and consequently find myself randomly blurting out/mumbling said lyrics??
"I'm a triple rectified ass son of a bitch" OR " I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one"

Why does nephew sit in the hot yard instead of finishing up mowing and getting it over with- so he can come into the AC and hang out?

How did Ri and I get sun burnt even after applying loads of sunblock... and how did Rory manage to NOT get burnt?
...and how does her hair get soo blond in the sun?

What in the hell are my neighbors up too driving soo noisily around their yard that my dog keeps freaking out??

WHY do so many people assume dreads are dirty?! Hmmmm?
My hair is cleaner than anyone who washes their hair straight with chemicals.I do not use honey, wax, peanut butter ... or much of anything on my hair. There is not mold, fungus , slime or anything really on my hair. ... though there are a lot of loose hairs and they will sort of attach themselves to anything they can tangle with if given the chance.... I am starting to feel like my hair is a climbing vine and the loose hair is really fierce tendrils...
reaching out to attack and tangle into anything it can.
I wonder if it is some weird plant that eats people or something.

I can't even remember all such thoughts that passed through my head and probably came out of my mouth -to Ri, who probably now thinks I am insane, or an asshole... or both.

Not been up to a terrible lot. Thursday was pretty nice.

I had dentist appointment I almost forgot about.The dentist appointment sucked. I didn't get any sleep Wednesday night..So,groggy and nervy for the dentist. Where I got to overhear the bubbly blond assistants disgusted by my hair- then suffer a terrible long filling in between back teeth- that put my jaw and lips in a weird pain. ouch.... and then my hair grossed out the poor girl even more deciding that the clamp to the dental bib should become a dread accessory.
We followed that with a long ride to St.Augustine to the beach.

Rory rocked out

Made a pit stop downtown so Ri could pick up loads of that blacksoap he loves... but they didn't have the raw kind.

The beach was crazy nice - we picked up a surf board to borrow from our old neighbor -even got to poke around what used to be our old beach house, they have changed a lot it is crazy. Rory was amazed that we lived there once(it was when Noobs was a pup ,before Rory was born).

Rory thought it was soo cool to walk to the beach from there. Ri even caught a few waves- but he doesn't like that board. Rory wanted to play in the sand and be buried most of the time... the waves were pretty strong when we 1st got there but got a little better when the tide went down behind the big sandbar
... and I didn't bring my camera ...but I it was probably for the best with all the sand and water that got in everything.
Ran into a whole bunch of Ri's coworkers.. somehow we ended up on the same part of beach they were doing surf lessons. I think they even caught a photo of Rory surfing. Rory decided before we left the beach,that she had to get on the board.She is trying to work some deal with Ri that if she gets good at surfing he will get her a pink and purple board.

On the way to bring back the board Rita(our old landlord and neighbor) wanted us to visit with Rory.
Rita is like our Jewish mother. We chatted and reminisced and left with a huge bag of food and a book for Rory.

Rory played with cats. Poor Snowball is in his teens I was surprised to see him still hobbling around.. and still super sweet, but looking like every old kitty starts too look.

The dogs scared Rory at 1st . They barked and came running downstairs - she cried even.Rory is used to dogs, I was surprised it scared her so bad.
... and then the poor male dog felt bad he had scared her. He loved her immediately, and just would not leave her alone, he wanted her to play with him- though he was a bit rough(he nibbles when plays).
So she just sat down to watch tv, and he curled himself around her instead.
...the female was thoroughly confused what the big deal was.
We were chatting about the awesome local discount groceries, that are filled with damaged products from the whole food store- and she was saying how she loves it for being able to find all the specialty kosher stuff cheap..
Rita made us try knishes with applesauce- we had a pretend holiday.

Years ago, when we got Anubis (Noobie) they went and got a puppy from the same litter. and named her Mitzvah- Misty or Mitsy for short..
They were pups together when we lived there fought terribly but loved each other like sisters do.
She died from a snake bite though- I snapped a pic of her memorial on my way out.

I changed Rory into my Beatles shirt for the ride home- to keep her warm, it fit her like a night gown and looked soo cute!

We stopped and raided the discount grocer. Filling up on loads of organic cereal and not so junky junk/convenience foods in damaged boxes or with close dates.
Came home and showered and rubbed as much Shea butter and aloe on us as we could. We got soo burnt. Rory has a little redness under her eyes(where I am always afraid to get sunblock) but is not burnt at all though.
We stopped in and hung out with Val...because for some reason all Rory wanted to do all day was visit her and hang out. She wanted to raid her cabinets and chase her dog and cats, I think.We stayed until I passed out sitting upright at Val's table. I was beyond groggy between the numby weird I get from dental work , and the insomnia.

Seems OCD is causing me a fair amount of insomnia lately.. the end of the night i just fear the routine of getting ready for bed ,and put it off for hours after Rory is in bed-stopping myself from getting much rest.

Besides that not much
.. me and Rory kicking around the house. I love the games she plays with her little pets. She has also learned to write and type her name and is pretty proud of that.
Saturday, Ri finally got Jade to finish mowing the yard- Ri also cleaned up the front of the house. and we got around to the shopping list we had been putting off.
The yard looks nice ,and my kitchen is stocked.
It has been pretty stormy , on one hand I love it and it is nice.. on the other I would have liked anther bike ride today .Noobie spent the day pouting at me about it too. :( .

Well, this was longer than I intended, and I have stuff to clean.

ooooo- ONE MORE THING.Lissy posted a vid of Cole that is too cute- baby velociraptor

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself as a liar”

Hey- want some vegan brownies???

Rory decided today she needed goodies, to put in the basket on her scooter and ride around the kitchen with. ..and not only do I encourage it ,I help her make brownies.
Yeah,I am that mom. It made her happy. alright, and I wanted them too.

Quick note on my dreads-
My hair is shrinking- it is soo short and frizzy!! crazy crazy frizz halo, loops and lumps sticking out all over- and yet I have been hearing nothing but good things about it from people lately. Weirdly

and I wore it up today.

Been chillaxin' (I really need to stop saying such a stupid thing) lately. Not a terrible lot going on- for me. Catching up on my net addictions.

watching the laptop with my fuzzbuttbaby Noobs-while Rory put finger prints on my camera and filled the freshly clean livingroom with dolls and blankeys.

Today, after putting it off for a long while , I actually got on my bike and rode up and down our little dead end road along with Rory on her bike..
We even braved coming back and getting Noobs.

It was NOT as hard as I feared keeping up with Rory's bike and Noobs, while biking myself. Though I doubt I could manage a camera too, even if I wanted to.
I am still not ready to take such an act on the( actual ) road though.
Maybe soon.OH! and Rory's training wheels came loose( I swear I tighten and retighten them every block I don't think they are meant to go her high speeds) , I could hear them rattle as she raced next to me, and she stayed perfectly upright she is almost ready to get them off ! Wow.

Seems like all Ri's high school buddies that missed the reunion are now in town. That has kept him pretty busy when he has been off work.

Saturday(and I know, I am totally skipping around instead of my typical rewind)
we were invited to the beach .
An old friend of Ri's had came into town and rented a beach house."Friend of Ri's"
OR" obnoxious asshole guy who made fun of me in school". ..yeah
I am starting to wonder if such things go hand in hand.
Not the 1st such old friend of Ri's to want to hang out.
I was nervous. Last time I saw him he spouted off some really rude crass shit to me-
,right in front of my then new BF Ri, and Ri's redneck easily roweled up buddy.. who I then had to stop from killing him. Fun stuff.
Anyway, George invited us - and a couple of their other local buddies- to the beach.
He had came down with his girlfriend and her daughter who is Rory's age.
So now, lets add meeting new people to meeting up with people that used to make fun of me ,and bathing suits . Great . social anxiety is soo fun.

Ri's friend Tristan has proven before to be a really good buffer between such douchebags.. I dunno how to explain it, Tristan's form of douchebaggery balances theirs?, or perhaps he just gets made fun of instead of me...- so I was sort of really hoping tris would come, but no one could get a hold of him.
Ri's other buddy Kenny did come , and rode with us there.
Which did prove sort of entertaining because apparently George used to tease him too.

( and I hear it later started a bit of drama over with a rumor that Tristan sets off kenny-who is openly out of the closet- ' s gaydar ,
which somehow got back to Tris and had him a bit defensive about his masculinity later :o
- all in fun though they probably all laughed it off. )

Soooo. yeah. saturday. Long car ride with Rory up early, for her.

It was sort stormy drizzling the whole time we were on the beach- but nice.

Did I ever tell you Rory loves the name Bailey, and has toys named that- no?
Guess what the little girls name is??
Yeah. They hugged each other right off the bat.
Fast friends. Also competitors.
and bossy and argumentative.
Aww. You could tell how close in age they are.

I was told she was scared of the water. Rory is not. I was hoping it might coax her to want to try. Instead,Rory showed off about it and tried to swim off after Ri, into the deep water even.
It did not help Bailey, then a big wave came swept away their castle and really freaked her out. .. and we were all laughing too hard at how cute it was to soothe herWhen Rory started building a mermaid tail she did copy that though. aww Mermids.
I had a nice time chatting with her mom .
She is very preggy . Watched Ri and George swim . kenny sat on the beach saying he attracts critters too much for him to go in ocean water. Animals do seem to love him?

It started to actually rain and a storm was headed our way..
SO we headed off to get pizza.
Really awesome food. We each ordered a different app and shared. Rory even tried calamari and loved it.(I don't eat things that smell like that)

Rory and I had stayed up an entire night and day and were both more tired than hungry.

We went back and hung out at their beach house. Sat outside before the storm watching the girls blow bubbles, getting attacked by gnats.
- listening to the guys ramble on about things that happened over 10 years ago. and mock each other.

It stormed pretty good for awhile there-I was watching the lightening strike the beach. Looked crazy.
then ,I looked out the window and it was Pink!

I am sooo going to use this as a photoshop pic back ground

squeee!sky! and the electricity still in the sky bouncing from cloud to cloud. I grabbed the camera and ran outside. lol. So did everyone else.

we all sat trying to get shots of the lightening up in the clouds. I didn't catch any.

I did get some on video- filled with obscenities though, I made a joke I was videoing" so everyone be obscene"..since when do people listen to me? I may have to replace that audio with music--
maybe I will upload it one day.

Rory played inside until she was soo exhausted she started tantruming about everything, or nothing.
She was really really sad to go. Overtired crying at least half an hour in the car before she crashed on the way home.

Had a pretty good time though... and yes. As much as a jerk as I remembered George to be then he does seem to be a decent person now.
Though...I Still sort of wish Kenny would have taken him up on that offer to hit him and let Ri video tape it, that would have been funny.
and youtube worthy!

Kenny is a vet tech Ri wanted him to look at Noobies paws,but by the time we got home she wasn't limping. She had been limping since he had her run with the bike Thursday morn.- She had scrapped or burnt the pads of her paws. I was planning on making her a Vet apt if she was still hurting by Monday.
- Thursday and Friday I had cleaned them and put antibiotic lotion on them and put socks on her.

Tell me that is not adorable?!?! She actually left them on and wore them all day it seemed to help,plus I think she is a sucker for me following around saying "Aww cute puppy Noobie!!!"
.Her paws seem fine now. Though I did worry about it on the ride today .-

Rory and I crashed as soon as we had came home Saturday night Way Way early.
I woke up covered in hives. I thought they were bug bites but by the end of Sunday they were moving up and down my back and arms. Mostly on my torso. I have no idea what it could be or what it is from- did I eat something? get hives from the water in the beach- red tide, shrimp??? I dunno it is weird. Almost seems like poison ivy but there is no way i could have gotten into that?
yeah. Monday and tuesday were spent pretty dosed up on Benadryl. Rory even seemed to get a patch of hives under her hair.ugh.I am better now, spotty though :( .

Oh- yeah-
My last post writhing monthly pain.- was followed by Ri's day off. When Rory and I finally woke up really really late in the afternoon We headed to Ri's moms house for dinner and a swim. I did NOT want a swim in that I just watched and took pics.

Rory found out she could touch the bottom.Yay :)

I swear, the closer she gets to being able to swim the more timid she gets. Every step forward is another back.She is learning though.
We had mannicotti , garlic bread and salad dinner. Very yummy. It would have been a much nicer time if I wasn't tired,bloated, sore and crampy.

Ri's mom has some stray cat in her yard that just had kittens. Feral kittens she is trying to pawn off on me/Rory. Rory answered that "RichtonJames is having kittens" for her," aunt lissy said so"
- which is a really great way to say no... but "wait, what?!".
Now everyone is trying to pawn kittens off on me. I DO reaaally want a cat (Ri does NOT)..but a kitten is not a cat.

I am afraid of Noobie being too rough for a little one... so then, mom calls and tells me she knows a woman with a cat that is used to dogs- squeak." Riiiiiiiiii pleease! I need a kitty! "
I am terrible.

Where was I on my bounce around of a timeline here?are you still with me?

Monday night, another of Ri's old high school buddies called to say he was in town and invited Ri over.They wanted Rory and I to go,I did half want to - but I chose instead to hide out at the house coating my hives in hydrocortizone loaded on benadryl, washing all the sheets and clothes that might have touched us.

Yesterday, Rory turned into a crafty bookworm. She made me read a dozen books ,before finding one about making construction paper jewelry- and then did that all night.We were covered in paper rings and bracelets.
Then we cleaned-
I had thought Ri's friend was coming over to let his boy play with Rory when Ri got off work.. but by the time Ri got home they went to bed.oh well.
Rory was really heart broken though, and had helped me clean the whole house.
So Ri brought her oreos. Aww.

I made a HUGE batch lentils and Rice for dinner last night.
In fact I have been putting off turning the leftovers into lentil loaf to finish this.. so I should really go.
should be sleeping, I never do that anymore- but that won't happen.

Ri wants to go to the beach tomorrow after my dentist appointment (yuck)- but yay.


p.s.- sort of an after thought that shouldn't be an after thought-
Grandad is , last I heard, out of the hospital. Honestly,if you are my fam looking for info on that you came to the wrong source - call gram. I am not entirely sure what happened or how well he is doing.( he has been in and out of there a bit lately :( )
But I was told he is home and I am glad to hear that.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am certain that under the sea of toys there is still a floor.

It's time I clean the house....which means I am going to pop in the memory card and start a blog
Lissy( fueled by Mom's input) has put this idea in my head for another blog.. I am thinking I may start working on it this week. Fairy tales, poetry, stories and photoshop imagery(sort of like this post of mine.. it is the pics that will take sometime, but HOPEFULLY I will get around to that and have a new update for you soon.

I think I have already expended my energy for the week and it's not near weekend yet.
Rory's stomach sick sent her flying into even worse nocturnamode. (which you should know by now is HELL on me).
I am a raging PMS bubble-someone/thing must have sent my cycle shifting longer... which means I had a whole weeks worth of PMS-raging symptoms and hormones-, and worrying that it might not be just pms-before my period showed up TODAY with all her baggage.
I am just not happy now, if my cycle is irregular it make charting my ovulation much harder.add that to late periods and you have me obsessively freaking.
Ri is getting a vasectomy dammit, that is all there is to it, we can no longer rely on this loose method of BC.Or maybe between the bleeding and the fits of hormones I will rip my reproductive parts out?

I know, I know you SOOO wanted to read all that.

Sunday-Rory woke up crazy crazy late and I got up grumpy- Ri called and said he was having a shitty day and wouldn't be getting off work early either..
in an effort to turn it all around I showered and then started exercising. Rory and I did ab Pilates exercises and then yoga, where I did yoga and she climbed on me .. push up pose is much harder with a 4 yr old on your back. Then I cranked up music. Rory was fussy so I did silly dances for her, I even busted out my old tap shoes to show her that I remember some stuff :) . Rory decided she prefers ballet, and put on her shoes and danced, it was super cute.

Lissy decided to pop in and pick up the baby stuff I had put aside for her. she made it here right after Ri got home. Rory was being a bit over demanding but she had fun cuddling mr.cole.Lissy is talking about letting us watch him one of these late nights since we are up when he seems to be up.

We were exhausted by the end of the night , she still stayed up till past dawn somehow. I am thinking I might be better off flip her schedule now :( .

Monday - Ri took everything out of the car and laid the backseat flat so he could hopefully fit our bikes in it...Rory woke up insanely late in the afternoon again. Val called and asked if we would like to go hang out. I am not sure why, and wasn't sure I wanted to.. but I was like "yeah Rory needs to get of the house, if you want to pick us up"- Seth was in a day camp thing, Rory played with Val's dog and cats while we sat around chatting. It was nice to have some adult convo.Then went and picked Seth up from the bus stop.

Rory just wanted to be a tv zombie most of the time.Seth looks too big in his glasses . Had to coax Rory into her bathing suit, and she demanded that she did not want in it..until She got outside in her suit, like I knew she would.-sigh.
Seth and Rory had a blast playing but were also both being fussy and not sharing - you know the sort of fights kids have. It was funny tho-0h and laughing soo hard hurt my sore from working out abs soo bad!) .
Val and Tom made dinner they had pork chops while we had potatoes and peas . Rory had snacked most the day but she ate pretty good.Then talked about crafting with Val and gave her an idea

Rory had sooo much fun doing this she is still talking about it-

We stayed pretty late Seth fell asleep , and Rory was battling staying longer. I was hoping RI could pick us up on his was but he was still pretty far when we were ready, so I asked Val to take us home. I surer thought Rory was sleepy and she would go to bed as fussy as she was- but she did not... up all night.

Ri came home with our bikes YAY! His Coworker rebuilds - or makes bikes from old junk ones, and has a charity of sorts , giving away bikes to people in need. Ri had wiped the viruses off his laptop , we offered to pay as well for the bikes but he wouldn't accept it.
The one Ri got is a bit awkward he says he might trade his friend for a dif one he had.
Ooo I really like my goldy beach cruiser thing. I am soo excited to have a bike. Now I have to figure out how I can ride it with Noobie and Rory. I don't know how Noobie will do.. I am hoping Ri can be the 1st to try that LOL. I am thinking we might have to order (or find out if Ri's buddy can fabricate) one of those adapter things to turn me and Rory's(or just my) bike tandem for Rory to ride with me... we also need a bike rack for the car.

- So yeah, I was sad to wake up to the power blinking because it was storming So HARD Tuesday(and today for that matter).
So no playing with my bike. I guess the power was off long enough for the neighbors to complain-
I made Rory wake up to watch the crew trim around the powerlines

Yes, we are nosy and easily entertained."Coooool! Cherry picker"
-They came out and did it again the next day- they are serious about getting all the branches hanging on our lines this time.
Just been super lazy rainy days hanging around the house..staying up way to late and waking up way too late..Rory making a mess of the living room...

and being fussssssyyy! I am not sure how to deal with her demanding disobeying unappreciative 4yr oldness...especially when she is tired or hungery which feels like always.She keeps time outing herself.Because even she knows when she is being bad and rude and goes to her room instead of being lectured-sigh-.

How long until preschool?!
-total joke people.I am terrified about that.

Today somewhere between writhing in pain,abusing the laptop, and hiding in the shower I made black bean soup.Turned out pretty good.Ri came home with soda and junk food dessert. I am soo glad he is off tomorrow- did I say that already..oh well, tis true.
Well, 4 am time for coffee and cleaning


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unicorns aren't real, hermit crabs are.I have a bucket full of change,an LPS village,sticky pathetic grits,and some water for you to puke in

I am not looking up tv shows to watch instead of writing this not. ..and I haven't been doing that this week when I could have been active or writing this then, surely not.

We had a pretty mellow week. I have enjoyed it.Seems a few people want to pull us in this direction or that , but I have enjoyed kicking around the house-well, until Saturday,more on that later.....
With the freshly clean backyard and the invasion of Little pets. It has been crazy rainy and stormy for the most part anyway(-well, it threatens to storm, clears up and then pours), it has been nice hiding out in here .
I have not been sleeping well, and Rory gets overtired and unappreciative- but what's new ?

Monday , I cleaned the kitchen and made fig muffins while Rory rocked out to lastfm
Ri came home from nalus talking about some old high school friends he met up with at the reunion and how they wanted to come over and catch up(finding normal not druggie /alchy adults in putnam county, who knew?)
... I pretty much said no, but then changed my mind. I have been feeling soo hermity, I knew it was stupid, yes- his freinds should come over. We actually had a really great time chatting about all sorts of things for hours - and traded them some muffins for some cupcakes. Rory played online most of that time, glad I was allowing her to play for so long.

She fell asleep after watching a Dora episode with a unicorn. Then woke me up late Tuesday crying "Unicorns aren't real ,mommy!"poor thing. She said she had a wonderful dream about unicorns, but then realized they aren't real.She later remember that ponies are real...but now she wants a pony. -sigh- what shall I do with this child?
It was a nice day Tuesday so we did get some nice outside sunny time in. Rory chased butterflies and I caught a few grasshoppers for her to look at.
Oh- took some pics of my hair for ya:

Then Rory stole my camera

She takes better pics than me.

It started to get that icky sticky prestorm humid- we ran in and hopped in the tub. Rory had a nice bubble bath

Ri came home with another Littlest petshop playset from his mom. She found it in a thirft store, missing a few parts, but in good working condition.She had tried to desribe it to me, but I wasn't sure if Rory had that one..
Nope. There was much rejoicing and we could barely pry her away from it to get her to eat.

In fact , She spent most the rainy wednesday playing with it.
It was a NASTY day Wednesday. The dog followed me whininy and scared ,seemingly blaming me for it.
Rory was in a great mood though.

I made her some chips with the corn tortillas we had.We sat eating and rolling change. I have no idea why she had the idea to count the change bucket, but it sounded vaguly entertaining and educational so we spend the afternoon doing that, I rolled up 50 dollars worth before Rory lost interest in sorting- and we didn't even put a dent in the bucket !!! Now I am really curious how much is in there. After that I caught up on some internet gossip and timesucks while..
SUDDENLY the living room seemed to shrink around me.
Rory started getting playsets out of her room.. within minutes the one LPS playset turned into a freaking village. She had soo much fun though and was so content, couldn't sumon the energy to think anything other than "How cool!":

Then she fell asleep in it. sort of.
.I made beans and rice for dinner. When RI got home he cooked up the tortillas in to taco shells and prepped the rest for us into a cute little mex dinner. Rory got up and grubbed and then returned to her playing.

Thursday was Ri's day off he had an early dentist appointment . He thought he had a cavity, but when they examed it they discovered it was just discoloration and gave him a through cleaning and new set of xrays. He came home with LOADS of breakfast food from his older sis' restraunt right as me and Rory were crawling out of bed.They made us soo much, and Soo many carbs we just munched on that all day!Though , Rory was not impressed by their "sticky disgusting grits" ..lord.what have I done to this child she is soo southern .

I know Ri sort of wanted to do stuff on his day off- but he was just soo tired. He slept on the couch in the nasty weather most the day, and he looked soo content I didn't have the heart to bother him. :( We did get dressed and make a quick trip to the store for the basic things we needed.but other than that it was another delightfully lazy day. I am loving it... though I feel funky for it. You know the overtired groggy lazy funk.. better than the usual " I haven't slept in months and look 10 yrs older" funk though.

I spent Friday reorginizing Rory's room - in hopes of moving the LPSvillage out of the middle of the livingroom. I swear I reorganize Rory's toys monthly, it feels so fruitless. I did it, and laundry.
We tried to play outside with sidewalk chalk, but a storm rolled in , and washed our art away :( .
Jade stopped in, in hopes of picking up the 10 yr old radio ri said he could have.. but I wouldn't let him take it in the rain, and pretty much shoed him home in the weather. Jade did say he wants dreads, and asked how- saying his mom says he could. I am tempted to get him a residue free shampoo and backcomb his hair.... maybe if his hair were a bit longer.I am a bad influence!
I tried to make it sound difficult and that his hair was too short, though. Really.

I got Rory's blankey out of the dryer and handed it to her.
Warm blankey fresh pillow she curled up right in the middle of the living room and

at ten(which is crazy early for her lately) . I should have taken it as a sign something was wrong. But I didn't. I just figured she was tired from helping me clean all day.I curled up on the couch and napped a little.
Rory woke up really early in the morn. Bounced around the house ate everything in sight and played awhile before falling asleep for a nap at 7 am.
I was tired, I went to bed too.

We did have plans Saturday. Ri had the day off, and we had been invited to do all sorts of things.
An old freinds kid was having a b-day party. Ri's coworkers kid was having another b-day party.
Ri's mom had been asking us all week to please, please come over and let Rory swim in the pool.
Plus, Ri's other coworker had finished building bikes for us, Ri sort of wanted to drop Rory off at his mom's and go for a bike ride around st.auggy.

...but we slept in.
Rory was sleeping fitfully and odd.When she finally woke up she asked for a glass of water, I handed it to her, and she puked in it.Well, glad I didn't hand her a sippy cup.
There goes any idea of going anywhere. Poor girl spent the entire day looking pale puking on everything.
Nothing stayed down and she didn't want anything but lots of water.I put her in the bath, and she sort of freaked me out her eyes were soo dialated and she was so quite, she just sat there waving her hand underwater and watching it ripple :( .

Ri got dressed and ran to the store for fruit , crackers, soup and anything he could think of to cheer her up. He picked up his buddy tristan for company and went in search of this specphic purple crab toy Rory has been saying she wants. Rory was clammy and rufused clothes or blankeys all evening.I think she prefered Ri not being home for most of that, she has finally become a little more modest about nakedness.
Ri did not find the toy , but he got her a differnt one he knew she would love.and lots of snacks and food. He made us soup - Rory laid on me for awhile , and made me a big useless mommy pillow, I was glad Ri was home to help then. ... course awhile or of being an immobile mommy pillow ,Rory puked on me.

At 7 o'clock Rory suddenly jumped up and ate some crackers. Then asked for something sweet- it's the maricle reece PB cup cure! She started playing and talking and had color back, asked for some clothes, and was starving. She ate crackers and cheese, spegghetti and garlic bread, tomatoes and mangos.. and just about anything offered. I have no idea what she had, or where it came from but I am glad it was short lived.Now.. please cross your fingers I don't get it. Impending aunt flo is putting enough hurt on me ,Thank you very much.

I was wiped out after all that though, and crashed on the couch for a good long nap.Ri made wonderful s'ghetti and garlic bread dinner. At Rory's request of garlic bread.
I am sorry we spent yet another of Ri's few days off hiding out .. but I am realllly glad we didn't end up at a party with a puking kid.
Rory seemed great after that, very cuddly made me read a dozen books to her, and a bit poopy- but she bounced off the walls and went right back to playing with her pets and introing her new pet a seal named Sealia to all the others.
Ri crashed before midnight on the couch while Rory and I played, and snacked.

We had to get a pic her Little pet city in it's new location.

Can you beleive this kid was pale and ill just a few hours ago?!

I am amazed how quick her spirts bounced back.
...she is mad I couldn't get a pic that encompassed the entirety of her collection.
I don't think there is a setting for that on my camera.

Well, Rory crawled into bed with Ri , I should have went in there with them.
I should probably get the carseat out of the car - just in case- ... but Rory might be contagious , ,and between you and me and the suddenly huge laundry pile- I really don't feel like it. Ri might end up off work at cowboys tonight anyway.

Night. I'm off to get more sleep.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

" A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark."

Dante Alighieri- (wrote that quote, sorry I am too lazy for a more clever title)

I don't want to blog. I don't entirely want to do anything. I want to sit here and be grumpy, mopey ,groggy and lazy, and stew in my post social anxiety mode.
I want a maid, and a chef , millions of dollars, and a new house- and I don't want to type anything out , or forget anything ,or edit it..

I just want it to spill from my fingers and be perfectly legible and allllll there.

I DO want to share some pics. I should explain some of them.
and I will want to have recorded the super cute events of the past few days
... wah.
Responsibilities i haz dem....
plus, my other responsibility of finishing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen sounds much less fun. darn.

Well, anyway some whines and wishes aside we shall backtrack.

Thursday, we borrowed Ri's nephew Jade and had him mow and clean up the yard some more while Ri sprayed for bugs.Rory rocked the house with me, she found a new fav song...a completely inappropriate Will.I.Am song "I got it from my moma"-oh my.
Ri needed WD-40 to change the stuck lawnmower blade, and we needed a few little things so we went shopping with Jade.Rory loved that.They finished the whole yard just in time for sunset - Ri found Jade some old clothes and pointed him toward the shower before letting him in his car soo dirty, then decided we should probably feed him ,too. lol- He couldn't believe how awesome Ri's real homemade pasta sauce was, and yet ANOTHER person who has never heard of S'ghetti pie?! Ri took him home after dinner, where I hear he made his mom jealous bragging about dinner.

I had stupidly scheduled a dentist appt for EARLYEARLY Friday morning. I had asked Lissy to take me, but last minute mom said she would instead. It worked out really nice- I had a torturous filling and Rory sleepily cuddled mom in the freezing waiting room.
We went to breakfast , stopped by a store where mom sprung to the LPS playset toy Rory has had her eyes on for a very longtime
then on to Lissy's house.Just in time for Cole to be waking up

RickJames REALLY loved playing on the floor with Rory's toy- which is about the cutest thing I have ever seen... though RickJames did NOT seem to appreciate having her picture taken while being cute.

We hung out for awhile while Lissy got up and ready- then we went thrift storing a bit- Plus, Lissy needed some basic household items.

Cole and his new dolly- "look someone elses hand to chew!! "( Lissy was getting him out of the stopped car, hense the undone strap).

We went back to moms for a little bit - I was groggy and starting to ache.
I think I may be mildy allergic to the numby stuff my dentist uses- the day after dental work I get feverish and groggy. grumpy too. Rory was also being tired and playing the "repeat repeat repeat " talkathon. We crashed when we came in the door - it was only around 3 pm-
I thought I would never wake. .. in fact, when Rory woke hours later I laid on the couch and napped after setting her up with her new toys ,some food and a movie.

I was out of it most the day before peeling myself off of the couch and cleaning.My new filling hurt(s) more than I feel like it should.

Wooo HOooooo Saturday 4th of July Indepandance day - celebrate !!! ...
Yeahhhhh.. I still woke up feeling groggy and grouchy. -with a new side of antisocial after being groggy and grumpy in public and around family members had put me in more of a foul mood.
So,we didn't really know what to do. Lots of people wanting us to go different places, the normal HUGE fireworks displays on rowded bridges - or big backyard BBQs... I didn't really want to do that, I didn't really want to be around anyone.
It was 1million degrees out and swimming sounded awesome
and Val said she was just gonna blow some shit up in her backyard,
That sounded lowkey enough, we packed some stuff and headed to her house.
Val's sis Jen and her fam was over.. we sat out chatting and watching the kids run around- Rory loved babying Jen's one yr old daughter .
Val gave the older boys some little Popper things to throw , Rory sided up with Seth against Jen's boys Brad and Damian and of coarse started throwng them at each other lol.
Good and hot we all jumped in the pool- WISH I would have got a pic of the guys throwing the older boys in the air. I couldn't beleive how hight they went!! Rory was a bit freaked out about swimming this time and refused to get in without her life jacket.

We chatted , watched the kids play and waited for sunset.
The boys played ball for awhile- Rory was being all divaish about sand getting in her shoes. - and ended up pretty much sitting out on the fence panel we were going to use for fireworks..
That's when the flirting started..
The older boys told Damein(3) to kiss Rory. He kissed her on the forehead- THREE TIMES :0!
He said he was going to leave his other girlfreind "the starwars video game " for her

Pretty serious if he broke up with Starwars.
Rory says he kissed her , so when they grow up they are going to get married! I'm not ready for that :0!!! LOL. I guess it's better than the crush she had on older boys.

It got dusk and the guys lit some smoke bombs and a few bottle rockets- Seth had a whole war game worked around the fireworks

I guess Rory got over her "i don't want dirt on me!" thing ,quick.

Rory found a comfy spot to watch

I love this pic of Seth!

Time for fireworks!

and sparklers

The sparklers looked better with my cam's firework setting than the fireworks

Rory shared her cheetos with Damien - Oh dear, it must be love
They are not allowed to look or act so big.
We finally ran out of fireworks- sometime between me almost losing my hearing and going blind, and before anyone was injured.So about perfect?
More sparklers though

I tried to get pics of Seth doing it but the door was in my way- I did get awesome pics of Brad spinning with them:

Damien(god, I really hope I am not butchering the spelling of the kids name) did touch the hot end of one after it stop sparking, - :( I don't think it burnt him badly, just was still a little hot.
Can't say there were no injuries though, it just wouldn't have been the 4th if I could have said it.
Ooo I got vid of Ri trying to blow up the batmobile..

Damien has the cutest quiet little voice and went through all the picture I took, telling me which fireworks scared him, which pictures he likes and who was who- while Rory and the bigger boys played in Seth's room- I was really expecting to find Rory in there crashed it was sooo obvious she was overtired.No, she stayed up- even after Jen and all her kids left. Rory and Seth played a board game-Seth tried to talk us into letting Rory stay the night, I might have considered if Ri didn't need to be away all day sunday- but Rory was far too tired and pretty rudely said "i had fun but not with Seth"I think she just wanted to go home to sleep... but I hope Seth isn't too sad that she may be outgrowing her crush on him, or have replaced him with a younger man :0.
When we got home Ri got a spooky sounding call from Harvey, asking him to come hang out but hinting that he really needed company.Ri wasn't going to go- but I pretty much made him. R was gone long enough for me to watch a tv show and eat, but yes, Rory was somehow still awake and GRUMPY. Lately, she will not under any condition go to bed until Ri is home.He sat down, she cuddled him and they passed out together in minutes..
I would aww more, if I wasn't so annoyed at how she can be THAT tired and not sleep.
...wait...What am I saying?? I think I stayed up another two hours after sending them to bed.

Today. I did BLISSFUL nothing. Mind numbing nothing most the day. Rory and I did play outside a bit, I did manage to bribe her into cleaning the floor and I did vacuum. ..but mostly I did nothing. and it felt reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally nice.Ri called this afternoon and apologized for not leaving us the car seat so we could go out with someone seeing as it was Sunday, but I thanked him for not.. I really just wanted to veg online- watch tv and laze with Rory.
Rory was being a gymnast today though, and spent the day going "Mommy, watch this" "Look at this!" ..and then spinning or standing on her head.
Ri was WAY late home from work, Rory probably would have went to bed early if not :( . Oh well, everyone is asleep again now, I really should be too, but I will probably stay up and wash those dishes.

Ps- there are occasionally pics taken of me
thanx Val