Monday, March 29, 2010

Why my stomach is in knots- and the taking loads of pictures is contagious

feeling overwhelmed with life, and stomach achey, I sat down to blog.
The dishes can wait.The vacuuming can wait. The dinner can wait.. maybe I will feel better if I just throw something up online instead of cleaning. Or, you know,instead of literally throwing up
I have some cool pictures to share. Right?Right.

So. I open my lil blogger picture uploader.Only to find after 3yrs of blogging here I have used up all my free space in my pricsa album.
I know. That IS crazy! what?
recleaning a house I had spotless last week and is now COMPLETELY upsidedown??
Hells no!!
I just went to Flickr.
So feel free to click each pic and leave a comment on it, if you have an account there.
So yay pictures.
Before that though there is MUCH to tell.
Ri's continuing plan to fix the house up is making me go a little nutty.I spent most of last week cleaning,like really cleaning not the daily regular crap that piles up but the things like laundry deep scrubbing, and organizing Rory's room- that I so rarely do.
It looks the same though.
I even found time to get in some awesome workouts on the wiifit between it all- i am so sore-.

We did finally find someone to mow the yard.. but it was his buddy Gil instead of another guy we originally called.
Ri spent his day off Thursday fixing up the rest of the yard - he got a burn barrel and burnt as much of the pile of old fence as he could with some help from some of his friends.
He still hasn't done anything with GIANT pile of 18 bags of mulch. He is waiting thinking he might stain the outside of the house 1st.
Saturday was by far the most stressful though. His father and stepbrother came over and my once nicely cleaned living room and kitchen got squished into the center of the house as they tore down the 20 yr old textured 80s style wallpaper that has haunted our existence in this house.
The stress was enough to put my stomach upside down - it still has not righted itself.
I had to escape the crapped space once known as my living room. I took the dog and child to the park.

Odd pic so i made it her fav color

The weather been really nice when it isn't raining.
Daddy's girl

Spring is here in all it's high allergy, hot rainy glory.
She says we need these trees

baby face

castle tower

Green Eyes?

Why do her eyes look sooo green??

Pop brought her bubbles when he came- she hardly put them down all day


I love this

Thiller bubble attack dance

I had planned to stay longer at the park- but the child and dog were DONE with the humid prerain heat and begged to go home.
where everything was packed cramped.
where musty wallpaper was being peeled from the walls and leaving my clean floor not so clean... and where Bailey Sweets decided to catch a fully grown squirrel and bring it to me.

and Rory decided to take a nap - to torture me and stay up late.. again.

Her schedule.. well.
she is still pretty nocturnal . sadly.

help me.

The wallpaper project took a bit longer than I think they had planned. but. it is gone. gone gone. and they are planning on painting it next weekend.
Hopefully , I will not be here to fight the need to vomit for round 2 of livingroom/kitchen upheaval.
They did get the house put back to functioning while before the end of the night. It really is an improvement.

Rory has been shockingly super big lately. She plays by herself so much more. She amazes me what she learns. She was showing me how to spell a few words today.

She spent Sunday stealing my camera and taking cute vids- and shockingly amazing pictures.
Ri found these two under the fridge(who wallpapers behind a fridge??) .
They are her favs and have been missing for months- we almost planned to buy her a new chinchilla
black cat& chinchilla

Bratz cat

How does she take such amazing pictures??? I can't even master this sort of small picture..


My little pony
...and I think these pony toys look cooler in these pictures than they do in real life....

My little pony


When I was a kid.. I loved setting up my toys(and I had MyLittlePony toys too) , and pretending to take pictures. It is cute to see her do the same.


Crazy dog

not even a fraction of her little pets collection...

... I am not even sure what this is, but it looks neat!:

I'm not even sure what this is

I am feeling so much gut wrenching stress.
I miss St.Augustine painfully. Ri has been riding his bike around town there after work with his buddies- I am soo jealous I miss our night time rides through town.
With every 5 yr old thing Rory astounds me doing I think of how she should start school soon and how badly we need to move...
and yet planning for that move, and every action Ri takes has me soo on edge.
It seems there are a million plans for the up coming month and I am not ready for any of them.
Instead of taking any physical action to help ready myself I have done the opposite and balled up in a mass of unproductivity .

It will all be worth it.
it will all be worth it.

Well. I am sure there is more I could whine about, but I obviously have things to do.
I am off to go not do them elsewhere.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring showers, Silly Slides, AND Super Serious Cuteness all in one place

added some vids Lissy took

Spring showers bring May flowers , isn't that how that goes?
I am excited about spring -it has been a harsh winter..but I forgot about allergies. I am coughing up a lung, and my eyes itch.ugh. Was the winter sick not enough? really mother nature.. really??!!!

Maybe, I am not so excited about that May pollen... er,March pollen.I also think Aunt Flo joined forces with Mother Nature to attempt to destroy my remaining sanity.Some sort of ill intentioned painful reminder of my unwanted fertility perhaps??

whine whine whine...

That really isn't important tho. I have far more interesting Spring things to celebrate.
Like my insanely cute nephew Nico , born Mar 22

Holy Crap! That means he is ONE YEAR OLD!!!

Oh noes! That happened too fast

I'm getting ahead of myself though.
Before the spring showers we had some remaining bit of cold with -SURPRISE- hot days.
My central heat&air unit is very confused.

Noobie digs it

Look at that sunshine

Took the opportunity to get some 10 month shots of my unbrushed hair for those interested
and the braid I added in , when I FINALLY found that tiny braid we kept- that Ri had cut before he went on Maury... way back when he had the LONGEST hair.

I also need to update you on our schedule adjustment.
We are still working on it. We wake Rory up every day at least before noon.
We try to keep her from napping.
Does she go to bed earlier??
Not usually. There were a few blessed days of a PM bedtime. loverly.
Maybe we will get there.. but I feel we are backsliding.. as it is 1am and she is still up.

& St.Pattys day
it was green and glorious. We went to the park. Rory even found something fitting
( I am sad I couldn't get her to wear more green.. she has greener things... I sort of like green clothing)
She spent the whole afternoon enjoying the crazy slide,
while I had to reteach Noobs leash manners after being soo pent up.
Rory didn't want to go home.
We don't have a Silly Slide at home.
The sun turned to rain after that though. The power went out-but only because the power guys had to turn ours off to fix the neighbors transformer.LOL We got lucky and had the only power on the street most the night.

Rory has been very good. A little too independent and determined to do too much on her own.
She made up for it by making me be "Inky " more lately.
I don't know if I have ever told you about Inky. Every now and then Rory will tell me to pretend to be Inky, and "talk like this"- and be not very nice. She bosses Inky around. I think perhaps more of asserting her grownupness.
She wants to be the rule maker.
She says even Noobie bosses her around...Noobie can be pretty needy. lol.
It is different though that her imaginary friend is me. Is that weird, should I worry.

When I can clear the Village of Littlest Pet Shop from the floor:

....I've been working out loads on the wiifit. Love that thing... hate it too. It isn't always very nice.
We took it to Val's to play some- the kids had fun. Ri saw one at walmart and Val got herself one too YAY! I am hoping to figure out a way to import Miis and compete with each other more :)

I did finally work a bit on my other blog project ,feeling all productive and stuff... but I had intended to be done with the new post BEFORE march and I failed miserably.

Ri has decided to put the house on the market. With every house on the street for sale it seems unlikely. He has been working on at least getting the curb appeal up. We hired a new yard guy but it has been too nasty out for him to do anything. He has also been looking around for little places in St.auggy. As Fall looms closer we know we need to move Rory into that district.

I finally got a pic of GraceFolly for you:
It seems Grace is a girl. We heard the unmistakable sound of a cat in heat the other night. We don't know how we can catch her to get her fixed. Something must be done .soon.

At least Rory got to wear that awesomely cheestastic 80s rainslicker I found in Mom's storage barn

..It has to be the most handed down item in history. It was once my cuz Jessica's, then Becca's,
then mine, then Lissy's- Amy may have even worn it..
I may even pass it though the nieces when Rory is done with it. LOL

The rain attempted to foil Lissy's plans for Nico's party. It was sposed to be at a park with BBQ and all..
She decided to move it to the indoor playarea at BK instead
- So mom picked us up- then picked up Amy , Aaron and Allura

Awwww baby cheeks!!!
Allura is the most awesome baby. She smiles and laughs at EVERYONE. She sleeps through EVERYTHING.
She hardly ever fusses. WTH.
No fair.
Mom says I was like that as a baby. Rory was a divababy- and so was Amy
Amy is so lucky.

--long ride to St.Auggy
Last time we went to one of those playplaces Rory was too afraid to climb very much into it..
not the case this time.

Rory was climbing up in it like a super hero - jumping through the tunnels with crazy parkour moves!
It frigtened me a little... it was soo high and I was too tall - I feared she would get stuck in the top or something and I wouldn't be able to get her down-paranoid-
Look an even more awesome Silly Slide!

The acoustics were the best part- Lissy stood Nico at the bottom and they called to each other as she slide. Adorable.
Nico tried soooo hard to be soo big.
Boo's niece took him in the low part so he could feel big

"Hey Gram, didya see this baby ova here?

..Yup , she's pretty cute.

Rory was proud to make it to the top-
I am glad she made friends with Boo's niece .. at least I knew I could send someone in after her

Nico might have been a bit jealous

So Boo found a way to get him into one You can see how proud of himself he is
He is sooo big!!!
look theres me

Nico is 'sposed to be a bittie baby!
Why isn't he??
I thought he was just a fuzzy headed infant, like
well like Allura
Cute-off, GO:
Oh dear.
no,I don't entirely know how it is possible for us to not only have the cutest kids on the planet- but for them to also look so different

Allura he this huge amazing smile at everyone and everything,
except that stupid black flashy box
you and your flashybox. cut it out.
Aww super milkchin-this child was not even fussy with being hungry and too distracted for the boob.

We got some food.Rory barely grubbed on a kids meal the little while I could keep her out of the tube of mommy torture.I ordered a veggie burger , but got a bread and soggy lettuce sammich when they were out.ick. Thank goodness for giant cups of dr.pepper.

At least there is cake.

"whoa-everyone is singing"

I love his face.

Blanket baby. She just snuggles her blankys it is soo cute. I tried to force Rora to be a blanky baby. She mostly just used them for warmth tho.psh.

I love this face too! She is growing too fast too.

There is too much cuteness in this post.

and I didn't even get to the rest of the cake pictures.
he was doing just fine pokeing it and taking little tastes

Then ,Lissy fed him an actual bite of cake, and Boo smeared icing on his face
"GOD, Dad ,why are you trying to make a fool of me!"

Oh . he was not pleased
He didn't even want to be wiped off.
Hurry bubble distraction!

With the bubbles and the balloon animals I think we entertained most of kids that came into BK that day.Probably some of the parents too.
Balloon swords do not look like the swords, at least not one girls would wield .

We stayed until Rory turned so red she was almost purple from playing. I think everyone had a pretty good time. Ri had picked out Nico's present and Rory wants one now- its a little hammer shape sorter thingy. Lissy says he LOVES it. Ri has this present thing down.

Then we went to mom's for some cereal and giant tv.
I napped on the couch for a bit while Rory made friends with Thomas

When we got home I took a benadryl..maybe too much and passed out so hard I don't really remember Ri coming home :(

I tried to catch up on cleaning the house today.yesterday at this hour...
but I was busy.

...and I love television.

Hey. I made dinner.
Well. Everyone is passed out and this longness took me far to long to write.
At least i put some pics in here this time. :)
So ,
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