Monday, September 19, 2011

Of sleepy random things

That's Shelly.
Her eyes fell off, so she is just Shell now. Rory made it for me a few days ago- in one of her crafty moments.

Right now,
It is like way late for me, way early in the morning ..
the kid puked chunks of pineapple all over her bed.
.... and it doesn't look like I will be sleeping for a bit.

So, how about I sleepily post some random things?

My back hurts. It's all spasmy and achy. I don't get back aches often,
I don't like it.I feel old , and curmudgeony , can it be over now?

I took a picture of my neighbors flowers the other day
.. I don't know if they are actually planted , or wild
- that neighbor appears to be a bit of a hoarder, it is truly hard to sprouted up between their year round snowman lawn light decorations . That is a classic fall design element right there, so I'm guessing it was planted.
I always thought those plants were sort of rare and not really a hardy wildflower,
because they mainly grow on the dunes by the beach(and touching dune plants is a huge NO-NO).
... but apparently they are pretty hardy sand flowers that grow up in the cracks in the sidewalk and stuff..
and I am an idiot.

I'd trade some jasmine for some of those in the backyard..
Seriously, that jasmine is trying to overtake my yard.

The kid was too busy running to the neighbor kid's house to let me get that picture the other day, I had to get it while she was gone.
She is big like that,
she spends most afternoons at her friends houses' , or playing in the yard with them ,Or bringing her friends over her to destroy them at some wii game she knows how to play and they don't. (which I don't encourage because they are so loud, and Ri sleeps that time of day ).
I've sort of missed her around.
Not as much as Ri has...
It has been pretty hard having her dad sleeping while she is home and awake. :(
At least ,they get so spend weekends together. I think he only let me sleep in on Saturday morning so he could have that time with her. lol

The dog will never leave me though,she is now past the age of wanting to hang with the neighbor dogs, and seems to find most of them annoying.
I am going to get her a microchip on her next vet visit so she CAN'T leave me. Now matter how annoying I get.

I think the dog is the only one who won't laugh at all my dumb mistakes.
..ok, she will- but I won't notice as badly, and I need that.
Gah, lately more than ever I seem to have this wonderful ability to fuck things up.and, in classic me way- the harder I try to get it right, is just the further I will screw it all up.I'm sure 90% of those slips, and missteps have only been noticed by me.. but
Still annoying.

Can I just get one thing right? Can the universe just gimme me one little karmic something to balance all that out.. because really , lame indy nerd humor ( that only my husband and/or sisters get), and random pop trivia knowledge only gets me so far.

I need a real talent.. or cleverness to use a real talent.
Need profit.

... then I could go to fancy restaurants.. instead of places like this:

The service is nice, and it is nearby--- but the food is so hard and plasticy, and not filling at all.

.. besides , they seem to go through young employees like crazy, there is a new chef in that kitchen once a week.

Randomness : ---
I have a scar on my forehead from chicken pox.. I actually sort of like it, because it shows up almost like a dimple when I smile. it looks bigger right now though, because I am tired, and that just makes me look old(er?).

We have this weird nor'easter which is making the wind blow, and it feel all crisp and fallish, kicking up a little rain too. It is sort of nice.
Well. it is not sweltering , that is nice.
The wind blowing all the neighbors plants into their motion sensor lights isnt so nice ( I keep seeing lights blink and thinking someone is here, paranoid)
the beach is all kicked up with jellyfish, Ri came home twice this (last) week covered in welts. I wouldn't have gone in. weirdo.
... but I probably wouldn't have gone with the temp being so low , either.
I love the beach.. but only that 10% of the year when the conditions are perfect.

As I look at the time on my phone,
a week or so ago, I was getting up to get the kid ready for school
and my phone rang,
Who the heck calls me at 7am? - it was my dad asking if I was "up getting the kid ready for school ,yet."
Me:Well.yeah "Is everything ok?"
he says : "yeah, I just have your old phone" know you can turn the alarm off , Dad.
Dad: I don't want to, It makes me think of you every day.

That is adorable.

There is something weird going on with me and the number 420... (and it has nothing to do with the obvious drug culture reference.. besides the fact that I have dreadlocks, I really don't do drugs -except caffeine and nicotine, which I should really quit-).. the number just keeps coming up, showing up.
$4.20 is my change, 4:20 is what time I need to get food out of the oven, it's when I look at my phone-- weirder still, it was my flight time on that trip to STL , it is Rory's girl scout troop number, and it was my due date 10 years ago when I miscarried (Which I only remember because I remembered I peed on the pregnancy test the day before 9/11.. then had a stressful day of thinking the world was ending and not being able to smoke , and fearing being pregnant with the world ending.) I haven't decided if this number is good , or horrible to me, it comes up to often.Why that number, it is a really horrible cosmic joke.
I swear I am doomed to be mistaken for a drughead no matter what I do.

there are a dozen things I need to do right now, and i don't think I can do any of them because they require something I don't have to do it with. ..
at least that's what I tell people, until I start to believe it ... like when the carpet was dirty and I thought I was out of vacuum bags., they were in the closet, under the hose attachment ."This vacuum has a hose attachment, what the heck?"

Well , before I get even more paranoid as the insomnia sets in. I think I will take a nap and hope the kid stays asleep ,and whatever made her puke was short lived, and she is all better when she wakes up.


Monday, September 12, 2011

" After a visit to the beach, it's hard to believe that we live in a material world. "~Pam Shaw

I have found excuse after lame excuse to put off this blog post for as long as I have- and now I have soo much to share, that I forgot it all.
Cute things happened that you'll never know about, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

So anyway.

I think Rory is doing well in 1st grade.
I honestly don't know that she is doing much at all in 1st grade,
and I've been slightly stressed and concerned about it.- But she seems to be making friends , having fun , and eating- so I guess it is all good. I keep trying to tell myself perhaps they are just starting slow- figuring out where everyone is , or something..

There were some weekends since my last post:
Val took Rory to a local fun factory/ arcade thingy:

We dropped her off, and she was all " Ok bye, SEE YA!" and went to jump out of the van, and we were like, " Well, I think we'll come in for a second"

Val totally spoils her.- and Rory had a blast
and Rocked out:

I haven't gone anything productive with my free time. Ri and I did find enough time to catch up on the new episodes of futurama. It's soo hard trying to catch time with him on this shift, one or the other of us is very tired.

I signed up for HomeRoom mom.. IDk what I was thinking.I think, I was thinking it would be a way to be more involved with the kid's class.. it seems more a way to be involved with harassing the kid's classmates for money... it's great fun. On the bright side, I will NOT be the only homeroom mom for her class- I am splitting it with two other moms. Thank goodness.

I also signed the kid up for girl scouts
- after a lengthy inner fight with myself over it ,
really not wanting to-
then breaking down and doing it .
She is excited about girl scouts.
Her 1st meeting was tonight, she made a bracelet , and colored- it wasn't enough time for her(SHE says, but she barely had time to eat and get to bed she was so overtired).
She was soo cute doing the friendship circle at the end. ( I wanted to take a picture, but she was with so many other girls- I felt bad getting a pic of them)

She has been so all about crafts, and art ,I think she might like all the activities she will be able to do in girl scouts. And we know she needs to work on social stuff.

Poor child, she was so bored she built an entire shoebox doll house last week:
After that picture she even built a second story bathroom with the other half of the shoe box.
She also made a snow globe

.. and she made little paper maps, and TONS of art for her friends.
New and old.

I say I worry about her socially, I know she struggles in that area...
but ,At the same time it is hard for me to even see, because she seems leaps and bounds more social than me.. maybe just not socially mature, I guess she just likes being social more than I do LOL.

OH- I watched Nico for a bit over the weekend.
They went hiking in the backyard:

Rory took pictures of all the things they found on their hike.--
She takes awesome pictures.

... and then they spent a lot of time arguing.
because 6 year olds can be very bossy,
and 2 year olds can be very self centered
... and those things don't work well together.
Unless you count Nico talking so much when around Rory,
just to have to keep up on such debates.

Besides that.
I haven't done much beyond stress, sleep, and stress. (I guess I have done things, but nothing of value = lots of bad tv and radio )

It's all just money, money money money, get it for that person , from that person , for this thing, and that thing. I don't even care any more. I guess, I just need to find enough money that it doesn't matter anymore... nah, because then people will still be asking about my money, probably worse.

The best things we do are free- why do so many other things require money? Why do people focus so much on other peoples money?I am so effing tired of taking about money.
I am so tired of money.
Can we go back to collecting shells on the beach and trading them for currency, cause I could totally do that. I found a sand quarter the other day.
(someone broke my sand dollar, I guess they needed change)

... I mean, I love you ,money.
Come back money- lets make up. I'll be your best friend forever.

I need a job or something.
Because , obviously I haven't stretched myself thin enough this school year.

My mind is in a weird place.
Hopefully, I will find my grove and start posting more regularly.
For now, I think I need sleep.... but I will probably play on the wii , and watch bad tv instead.
Either way

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I am still the master of surfing the net.

- Oh,
Um, Hi?

So, Since it is like the holiday weekend and all, and I haven't blogged all week-and will probably only add to the list of things I have to share over the long weekend,

I am just going to dump these beach pictures here,
and hope you will forgive me and maybe I'll be all wordy, and stuff, next time.
(Throw me a little bone here, and pretend you actually like my bloggy wordy posts and aren't just here for pictures, alright? Thanks)

We've been dropping the kid off at school and heading to the beach , when we didn't just both pass out)

(bunch of clams and snails washed up with the hurricane water)

Ri & Steve surfing

- I just thought it looked cool

Hey , look , it's me
.. No I don't have any pictures of me surfing-
I still haven't stood. I am still too scared to go into the deep.
I have gotten really close to standing up in the shallows .. I usually build up the courage to try it just as the fin hits sand.
I also got a rash on my ribs;
a bruise on my hip,elbow , sternum, and arm muscles.
Surfing is dangerous.

Also, a guy got bit by a shark at the beach the other day.

Here is a vid of Ri & Steve surfing.

Then the inside of my waterproof camera got wet, despite being closed and locked,
it fried my battery , it is still acting funny.
It works... but I am a little more nervous about it getting wet now.

Cardinal from Wednesday:
Lots of critters all over here lately. We even saw an armadillo on the way to school.

...Found this on the beach(these guys said it wasn't theirs, but as they posed with it we found that hard to believe)
... but I failed to videotape the cops deflating it. That was hilarious. The male cop wouldn't touch it and instead teased his female counterpart as she tried to deflate it.

Did I mention there were kids on the beach:

our kids(me and the other moms)..but they were pretty busy playing. They did ask if they could go see the "rubberman" ,but we explained it was inappropriate and to go play (all said while trying to hide our giggling).

It has been a long week. Rory has been VERY VERY trying (new fun ignore us thing. great fun)
I have been nonstop cleaning (and this place is still a dump)
- but this week is DONE,
on to the next one.

Wish me luck to make it through the weekend .
At least Ri has the WHOLE WEEKEND OFF!!!!!!!!
(that almost never happens, you knew that, I just felt this sentence needed something in parentheses like the others.)

So now that it is blatantly obvious I am tired,