Friday, January 30, 2009

My baby is 4!?!!


If you look closely you can see the list of middle names we had. Some people were really convinced we had long since picked a name, and that we lied about being undecided- but no . It came down to the four not scratched out - that we ended up taikng to the hospital to "meet her" with.( I don't know why I put it on a days inn paper). With those four left we each scratched off one more- dropping karma , and Michiko from the list.. and we had a really hard time deciding between Leilani and Sachi. Sachi seemed to fit her. It definitely does, and I have never regretted waiting to pick her middle name.


Ri was right


January 30th at 5 in the morning - exactly 4 years ago---


7 lb 3oz- 21 inches long- and feisty as soon as she came out.

That sure does not feel like 4 years ago..




Her 1st birthday,( at the close playground):


I am not sure at all how old she was in this vid- whenever Lissy was in Indy... so it is pretty old:



Wow, She has been FULLY weaned over a year now, too. Time FLIES.


-sniffle- and fully potty trained for quite sometime- yay!-

Probably , the most fitting vid in this post-and one of my favs(she was around 2)
IS 4!!

Is 4

For Rory's 2nd birthday DISNEY WORLD- thanks to Uncle Ben -

\"Where is Mickey Mouse\"
She came in looking for Mickey Mouse, she was mad when the 1st door she found was not his house. (she did find him later )- and MANY characters.

Even having breakfast with Goofy, who she decided was her fav... well other than anything resembling a penguin
PhotobucketMagic Carpet Ride ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


For Rory's 3rd birthday - we celebrated a little early, as we were packing for our roadtrip to Colorado. We made a simple cake.(which she loved) .

We ended up JUST arriving in Roswell on the night of her Bday,Ri bought her some cupcakes and a book to color in the car.
Photobucket More of that day, and more pics- goodness- are available on the blog entry from last year .

Ben took us on a late trip to Disney to celebrate too- and to take my sisters who had never been:




It is amazing how much she has grown.
She is soo smart and so amazing.. In that sense, I know she is four..but gosh, it feels like she was just a baby yesterday!
We are soo proud of her. I hope she has a wonderful birthday.


4 is so big. Not a tot, a kid!

She still looks like a baby when she curls up on my lap to sleep.

Still not sure yet what exactly we are going to do for her birthday.We probably won't do much today.
Ri bought her the BIG crayola crayon pack . .. and we are talking about getting her one more gift- probably nothing too big. .
We are going to wait until Saturday to celebrate, Ri said he got Saturday off. I am still thinking going out to eat would be nice. I am not sure if Ri wants to, or if we will have our moms or anyone else come. I know I should figure those details out.

Still not sure when we will go to Disney this year.Ri has Sunday off too- he joked wondering how dead Disney would be during the game... if only we had a bit more money...

Well- Sorry this was soo pic heavy. (and some of the pics are poor quality) - but thanks for looking through her past with me- and towards her future.
Rory keeps telling me, she wants to stay little longer... I told her she could stay little for a long time.
I think she is scared being "4 whole years old" she will wake up grown up.-aww.

Happy Birthday Rory !


Thursday, January 29, 2009

You will spend old age in comfort and material wealth.

That is what my fortune cookie said, it must be true.

How to make a Rory happy?
step 1: wake up with her somewhere in the early hours predawn-
step 2: turn on cartoons and share a jones cola with her
step 3: give her homemade Chinese food leftovers for breakfast.

--And, for an added bonus, make yourself a caramel latte ,and put hulu on that episode of Fringe (that one you missed to watch scrubs).

She was cute and cuddly all morning.

To bad our early start didn't pan out to the best day.
I was grumpy, groggy and bored most the day.Rory was being way too demanding about me playing with her ,and giving her constant attention. I never got motivated to get around to the minimal bit of daily chores, I will surely be paying for that laziness today.

Then, when I went to call Ri on his way to work- I got rerouted to the AT&T customer service dept... because, if our bill is even a little late(or if we pay any sort of partial payment grr) they turn off our cells 1st. -grumble-. I had no way to reach Ri, I hoped HE had a way to pay the phone company, before our DSL got shut off, too.

We don't have a house phone(direct dsl plan, and cells), so no cell makes me a bit extra jumpy.

I was bummed because it seemed like such a gorgeous day, and I wanted to go for a walk-but not as much without the cell phone on.
In the end ,it didn't matter, although the sun was still shining the rain started coming down.

I played a bit with Rory, we snacked on pineapples and left overs.. and then she crashed at like 6:30.. I laid down and zoned out with some tv, and by 9 I was asleep ,too.

Ri coming in the door late that night woke me up. He had stopped by his moms and got the phone turned back on, and was also a bit panicky that the net might have been turned off all day(thank goodness for small miracles, I might have went nutso crazy, and walked across the road the the substation to harass the people working had that have happened.)

Ri made pizzas and we chatted some. By the time the pizzas were coming out of the oven Rory woke up. Her, up at 1 am frightened me quite a bit... but after getting her belly nice and full she cuddled on the couch and went back to sleep until 8thirty or so. -- I woke up to the sound of her singing in the living room.

..and rain.
Lots of rain. I let Ri sleep in, he had the morning off for once. He woke up saying how nice it was to sleep in in the rain.

Well , I have MANY MANY household things to catch up on... and I want to start uploading pics of Rory as a baby for my next post
- I still can't believe she will be 4 TOMORROW !!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another day(shift) another dollar..

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah.(weird pic, but I like it for some reason LOL).

I dunno what to blog, but I know I should! Can you believe Rory will be 4 years old on FRIDAY!?!?! OMG- that snuck up on me. We have planned nothing,I am not sure when/if Ri will get any time off. We had basically , loosely planned to get Rory like one gift- still not sure what, nor when ,and go out to eat.Cake and singing. I think something simple like that will be great to her.I dunno though.
.. We may get to go to Disney again too, Ben has already said we could come anytime he has passes for us :) .

So,My last post- I was walking out the door with plans to keep the child awake for a whole day, with help from my Mom and Sis.
Shopping with a grumpy sleepy child is a bit intimidating, but we did alright. I was tiiireeed. Mommy bought me and Lissy loads of new clothes. I really needed some new shirts I am so happy about it, got some cool stuff :) - and Mom spoiled Rory of course..

and you know Rory had to have cheetos if we were out with Grammy...

We went thiftstoring. "window shopping" but Rory said she didn't want any window.
Mostly looking for baby stuff for Nicholi .Picked up a few things from a local place- and the lady offered Rory a toy free "you can have it if ou can figure out what it is" I tried to talk her out of it- but we took it home-
(The NEXT day , I finally pried it apart and figured out it is a nice fancy water squirter pool toy.Coolies)
We went on into palatka, dug through goodwill and bealls. Lissy was super happy to find a diaper genie in excellent condition for 2 bucks. Rory was crashing on us at goodwill( I had let her run all over the import store next door) , we kept her awake as best we could- She even picked out some cheap Little People toys "with accessories for my pets!" We cracked up the lady behind us at checkout with our weird humor.
- Rory passed out cold. We woke her up at the grocery she was fussy.
Mom got pizza and ice cream, trying to encourage Rory to stay awake- it did not work.
We made it to moms,
Rory came in petted the dog and passed out- She didn't even make it to pizza and ice cream.
She did make it to 6 or so.. which is pretty good considering she hadn't slept for soo long.

Lissy was craving spinach and topped the frozen pizza with it- yum.
Amy had her LONG hair cut SHORT -it looks really cute, and she looks all grown up, and I didn't get any pics, I am lame.
I hung out chatting and snacking, and then Mom drove us home, packing sleepy Rory some ice cream and pizza for when she got home..(yeah, I totally let her have it for breakfast the next morning)
I was sooo exhausted when I made it home I could barely function. Rory slept alll night! woke up really early.. but , we are back on a daytime schedule YAY!

Ri has still been working both jobs, nonstop.- even juggling both three days a week.
He even brought home groceries the other night (including some of blueberry cereal that i thought Rory might eat all of in one sitting, and some more Ben&Jerrys Cake Batter ice cream.)

Rory and I have been waking up so early we haven't got the chance to see much of him though :(

Rory has been waking up well before dawn, and going to bed just before sunset. She has been soo into everything ,with multiple projects going at once, crafty and self entertained- Babysitting dolls, games with little pets, puppet shows, moonsand/playdoh, coloring/drawing , art projects and blocks. I love this age.Gives me time to clean up,or just BS on the phone.

Yesturday, she found a teeny crack in one of her wooden blocks, it REALLY bothered her for some reason. I offered that we could paint over the block and fix it.......

I let her do a couple, I can't beleive how happy that made her.

Look at that, it is a for real sunset. Not a " I just woke up" weird sunset, or a "I am on my way to bed sunrise"- gorgeous huh??

Though, I think Rory was in bed before 7..

We have been spending a lot more time outside,it has been soo nice and got REALLY warm out(following that freaky THICk fog that had came through and hung to everything).
It feels so nice to be out in the warm sun- my brain needed that. Rory also seems a lot less fussy,, too.

Harnessed Noobie aprooves sun bathing.
I love this pic, but her face is soo dirty :(

-warning- my northern friends I am about to make you very envious:

I finally got Rory to come in when it go too dark, ran her a bath...

Oh, and found god...
There god was in my tub all along, I had no idea!!

Rory fought bathtime, but I wrangled her in, -
and yes then didn't want out. Probably would have stayed in longer is Jade(ri's nephew) didn't show up hoping to get me to download stuff onto his ipod for him(I failed) .

After Jade left I gave Rory an ice cream cone, it wasn't long before she was fast asleep. At least she made it to 8 pm tonight.

Ri got off work fairly early- he even got to catch the 2nd new epi of scrubs - He made us chinese food for dinner. I am surprised Rory slept through.(but ,glad all things considered)

Ri is still enjoying working at Nalu's, he said today the manager was making the schedule and noticed he doesn't have a day off between his two jobs- and asked Ri if he wanted a day off, or needed his schedule adjusted for some time off. Ri was just flabbergasted that an employer would care. -very nice.

Well, anyway, this is my 2nd attempt at posting this- hopefull half of it won't delete THIS time.

I need to go to bed, should have hours ago, Rory will be up soon.

night folks,