Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tales of the turkey holiday from the veggie zombie

Hey folks.
I am a complete zombie.The sad fact is a should have posted a pre-tofurky day blog...but I didn't Now there is much catching up to do,and little stuck in my sleepcoated mind.
You see, I have spent the last week jumping from total sleep deprived insomnia- to extra naps,followed by a binge of hypersomnia- like 11 hours of sleep.
-Now , I am foggy brained ,and have no (soy-or cow)milk for coffee.

We'll start at Rory's Dentist apt. Which sent the whole nocturnal imbalance swing into commotion in the 1st place. Tuesday.
Instead of falling into bed at dawn(as usual) we had to pile into the car for Gainsville. Rory was super excited to go. ..-a 2 hour drive tho.
She slept on the way at least..
She did wonderful at her apt.The did find cavities between her teeth and made an apt for her to get fillings :( !! poor thing.

-We headed to Target to let Rory use the money Momo had sent her .She was soo happy to go shopping.She was adorable gushing over the Little pets, people were walking up to tell us how cute it was.she was so "in LOVE" .
We went to the mall for lunch- and walked around a few stores. Ri wanted to price wii- and wii fit. He is, seriously, considering getting one on credit- he figures it will come out of the money he would have spent on his gym membership...
I dunno though, we don't have THAT money right now either.

Somehow,on all our bouncing around stores window shopping, Rory managed to lose a shoe in the wal*mart parking lot... all she wanted to do was take her new pets home.

crazy some leaves sort of changed-- you'd think we were in Georgia LOL

We kicked around the house the rest of the day.Napping mostly.
Ri got absorbed into a video game, I thought he'd never snap out of. Rory was attached to her new pets. (wednesday)
The sun came up and after awhile I gathered up child(including a bag full of her pets) and dog to go for a walk.

For some reason Rory wanted to go to the lake park-
She was thrilled when we got there because there were new toys!

I thought I would never get her to leave.Noobie was even ready to go by the time I dragged Rory off the toys.

I spent the day cleaning up - not at all wanting to get ready for thanksgiving.
-Early Thursday morning, running on a nap - I went into complete manic obsessive , freak out, mode because I couldn't find a warmish outfit clean-and was stressed. I procrastinated by organizing stupid shit.ironing clothes,and looking through old junk boxes when I should have been settling on an outfit. While Ri slept, and Rory tantrumed that we weren't already gone.(having been up since dawn waiting until noon was too much to ask.)
I finally picked one out for me and one for Rory and headed out the door.Half wanting to stay in bed and hide.
By that time- Rory was asleep too.
She woke up when we got there,and held on shyly to Lissy not really ready for anyone else yet.
Not tooo many folks at Grammy the Grapes house, and I didn't take many pics. :(

Oh noes- they are talking video games!

Mom and her cousin( i think) Lynn-

Amy and Lissy teased me for her one pigtail.

I can't believe I took so few pics. I didn't get a pic of half the guests there. We did have fun tho. nice convos. Missy and Mandy didn't come.There were less people than I expected.

Bianca came(my cousins 4 yr old) - and somehow I didn't get a pic of her. Binky was shy and despite Marla and Mitchell trying to get her to play- and poor Rory practically begging( I really thought Rory might cry :( ) Binky was too shy to play with Rory.Rory was really sweet about it.
She did really good.
She was really happy to see everyone and gave loads of love out. I couldn't get her to eat more than a few nibbles of veggies and fruits.She was too busy playing with grandmas dog.

So , then after a drawn out 'goodbyes'- and plans to hopefully get the girls together to play..
We packed up and headed on the 2 hr drive to Momos house.
-Oh, On the way i had to pee sooo bad - I started shaking and crying!! Because there were NO convince stores open!, Ri finally pulled into one that was open ,and i walk in to see a LINE FOR THE BATHROOM! I knew I couldn't wait it out so we drove till we could find another.OMG how happy was I to make it.I was getting really scared.

Rory slept the whole way.Even once we got to Momo's she was still asleep. Shy and sleepy.Hiding her face from all the people trying to greet her. She slept for along time while Ri and I ate and chatted

Ri's Dad (Rory calls him and his wife NanaPop)- trying to figure out Cindy's cam.
Momo handed her over to Kelsey - who managed to wake her up, so she could play with Conner.

Tanya(ri;s stepsisters kids) playing around on the couch

Rory was sooo cute and sweet. Having these conversations with everyone.It was really adorable.
We stayed pretty late, after everyone who was leaving had left.It was a pretty nice time- and Rory(despite being a lazy bum-and shy at 1st) did awesome,was a total sweet heart.

Gotta say food was a bust this year. Missing out the drama of Mel-and ri's moms fam side- (SIL) and missing dinner with my folks..there was little in the way of veg fare.All the sides at Momo's and Gram's had meat -unless you count apps(fresh veg dips breads and crackers). :(
I might have to make Ri make me stuffing and tofurkey.At least he made mashed taters and gravy at home.

I came home so exhausted I was dreaming awake.Ri let me nap- i woke up later with Rory while he slept. I was still sooo tired. Rory went back to sleep.Ri went to work- and we ended up sleeping all of Black Friday away. I felt soo odd when we woke up at 11 pm!!!
I feel as though we may be getting sick(AGAIN???!!!!) .
I am soooo fatigued, and clearly Rory is too.
Ah well.Since then, Rory stayed up until just now 5 pm Saturday!!!
Stress ,depression and bother.

I will leave you with something to be thankful for
They have both been pretty good.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

7 reasons not to tag Babyhellfire

--besides the fact I am long winded and silly feeling today- and I look chubby in this pic:

Ah HA! I was tagged, again!

Jess (my awesome plurkbuddie) tagged me on her blog "how did I get here" (that one song is totally stuck in your head now,isn't it??)

A tag -challenge, or perhaps dare of sorts to get me to share 7 new fact about myself.

When I was tagged last time I racked my brain to try and be real ,open,sincere and honest about 5 things people might not know about me~

Today, well,ya know I am in a goofy mood so this "7 facts"could be fun.
I had a pretty alright night staying up till dawn watching Ri and his buddy Ben shoot people and blow stuff up in pixelated video game form(in other words: I haven't slept either, and the crazy is setting in).

Also- THIS time, I actually have some bloggers to tag on it!-woot- Not sure If I can find 7 ,but I'll try.

So .. 7 new factiods about me.

1.I confess, here and now. Ri & I are , for sure , smoking again. What was once an occasional indulgence is now at LEAST black & mild a night. SIGH. So,yeah #1 is I am a smoker again.Please, feel free to chastize and critisize me for it.

2.I have discovered the joys of coffee thanks to the espresso machine my bro gave me when my old coffee maker died.- This thing steams milk! and really I am all about drinking bubble hot cocoa(made with either Nilla soymilk, or when I am indulging heavy cream)- with a bonus shot of esspresso. YUM.
It's cold enough for it ,too.DUDE! We turned the heat on last night!!
In FLORIDA, you can all pass out now.(I will admit it took awhile to get started, the button was wonky-Ri had to fiddle with it...shows how "often" it has been used.)
-moving past my new addictions-

3. I've got junk in my trunk-(and drawers, and closets) COME GET IT!
SERIOUSLY! I am a step away from calling people and BEGGING them to come go through drawers and closets with me. I could use to motivation to do it.
Need baby clothes,toys,boxes, odd trinkets from xmas' gone past? COME HERE HELP ME- I will be buried in this stuff come FEB(after xmas & Rory's bday gifts ,I fear will disappear under a mountain of things made in china, we don't want or use.)

--huh, thought we were moving past my addictions. I guess being a pack rat is still sorta an addiction.damn 3 addictions and I haven't even started talking food.... lets avoid any more food talk while we can,and move on.LOL

4.Thanksgiving is only a few days away,and I am :
EXCITED! - Did ya see that coming? You should have. I love my fam/& the bonus extended family I get to see on thanksgiving! There I said it, I am old enough, and grown enough out of the "angsty stage", to admit I love my family. They are halarious and crazy,awkward and beautiful.... you can see how I coud be comfortable around that,can't ya?
-I am a bit nervous about fitting in a day with my fam at Grammy the Grapes, and a night with Ri's (dadside)fam at Momo' s.
-and NO thanksgiving does not count as food talk!- Food is the smallest part of the holiday for me anymore.We DID fill our fridge with leftovers last year,but I didn't eat much on the day :)

5. - This is my fav snl skit. Eva-

I saw it on hulu the other day- after not seeing it in YEARS.Made me soo happy.Sometimes Ri and I say " I love you ,again" "I know" ,like that-and giggle too funny :)

6. On that subject-I love tv - and horribble tv shows. In my last list I fessed up a like cheesy pop.Well,Here I will tell you about watching Girls Next Door, The Starter Wife, -and most anything Adult Swim has to offer.- and the office and scrubs. I am such a tv watcher -still even without Satallite- I watch The Daily show and Conon daily. :).
While on the entertainment note- I will add I am mega excited about this movie coming out... we might ctually have to go to the theater to see it:

(it was a great book too- HIGHLY reccomend!!)

So, yeah. i like mind numbing entertainment-
you still love me though,right???

-I know.

7.UM.I got nothing. I suppose there are plenty of things I could tell you about the way I look,feel or act-that you MIGHT not know...but most you do know. I take lots of pics and share loads of pics here. In fact most this post is probably stuff you already know. I'm BORING.
-Some quickies reminders for number 7-
*Ri & have been together almost a decade-it'll be 10 yrs since we started "dating" the end of May CRAZY!! Gah,we're old!
*Rory's bday is coming up- She is almost 4 OMG!!-"Uncle"Ben is already talking about Disney.She loves Ben.
*I have watched all of my relationships with people, either get stronger or disappear over the last few years.
Its weird. I would feel sad about some of them, if it wasn't so self inflicted- i am a bitch.
*I am NOT looking forward to Xmas- I can't believe how close it is,And I have done NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to prep for it.I look forward to the family get together...but shopping and gift giving- sigh.. I am starting to fear that won't even happen this year.
*I think we have a squirrel in our attic on cold nights... its part of a set ,with the opossum ,and raccoon that keep climbing into the backyard-and all are apparently not scared off by Noobie.
* sometimes I feel like super mom,and am proud of how Rory is growing up..but others i feel like a terrible failure,over STUPID things.
* I am increasingly sick of living in the stix in Florida and constantly trying to find a way out..
Wanna buy my house??? PLEASE!

There ya go. More than you ever wanted to know.

Sooo I am tagging (in no particular order):

1.Jaclyn at Welcome to kamino
2.Sandra at Life of Andrew
3. Val at MammaV(yes, my real life friend Val- who I have mentioned many times before has a blog :) )
4.Flames at Blog is a funny word
5.Camille cause Camille is Crafty
6.Meredith at Smurf's Turf -- she is however required to include food pics,well,not really but she should.;) mmmmmmmm
7.Tata at I'm not beautiful like you - 'cause she got me last time MWHAHAHAHAHA...

and any one else who read this and wants to give me credit for tagging them( I actually have a few more- but I tagged them last time, or didn't know if they would appreciate the tag -mommy/and pic blogs that don't write many facts about themselves.
-forgive me as well if you didn't wish to tae part in this ...please.)

Ok, these are the rules for tagging

1) Link back to the person who tagged you and share the rules on your blog
2) Share 7 facts about yourself
3) Tag 7 people and list their links in your post
4) Tell those 7 people by commenting on their blog.

Well.. I am off to comment some stuff.
Peace and tofu chicken grease,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You gotta stay in the universe.

Oh man! Sorry, I didn't mean to leave ya'll hanging with a the "sick has come" message ,and not update! I hope no one was worried.
Rory did spend the rest of that day puking buckets- but by the time her Daddy came home that evening she was cleaning the plate of dinner he made her.Either we ate something bad, it was just a mild 12 hour stomach bug.

Rory has been SUPER super sweet ,full of extra kisses and compliments- but also a bit pushy, needy-
"could you, like, not touch me for one second" - " I love your kisses/hugs- but not so hard" .
She also seems to have caught one of those hard core cases of selective hearing.I swear I do nothing but repeat myself one million times a day. I am going insane :
"Please,be gentle.
please,Rory be gentle, GENTLE- what did I say?
You are going to hurt me/yourself/the dog.
BE gentle.
I said be gentle.
(you could replace the word gentle with damn near any word. its constant lately.)
I'm a running commentary of what Rory should do/not do- but not talking to anyone.

I haven't taken a single pic since my last post.
Odd. I guess i got burnt out after Flat Stanley.
I really haven't done much of anything at all lately but sit here like a grumpy bump on a log.I feel like I have a million things to do, that I SHOULD do- but I don't want to do anything... I do get to the minimal amount of cleaning a day,but that is really it.
I had a passing thought of setting up a exercise routine ,and a sort of diet(well, adjustment to my eating habits to eat more whole fruit/veggies- and less grains/breads),yeah, it passed.

The weather got crazy flip the AC back on hot one day- then freezing ass cold the next night.Good stuff that .
We have STILL been completely nocturnal. We go to bed at sunrise and its dusk when we get up.

Saturday - Baby sis Amy's b-day. Lissy & BO picked me and Rory up. It ended up being pretty cramped in her car,they also picked Steph and her BF.We sat around chatting and playing with kittens. Rory loaded up on junk food. Cuddled with Grandadda and M&Ms,and played with Amy's old bratz dolls. Mom drove me and Rory home- Rory was fussy and exahsted by the time we got in the door, but she had a blast.
Still no luck in trying to talk Ri into a kitty.Not even a sweet boy kitty- or the new Lavender colored kitten. :( He is adamant -"No cats!" I don't REALLY blame him after how hard Shiea was on us....but I still miss having a kitty.

We've bottomed out on behind on our bills. Once again resorted to dusting off the credit card for groceries- and thats without ANY Xmas planning at all.Its hard not to feel way down right now. - but I am back to feeling more obsessive, and over stimulated than depressed funk.Is that better?Hell ,if I know.
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Ri made some yummy veggie lasagna loaded with veggies. The other night, Rory had the noodles and pasta sauce and ate WAY more than we expected.
He has been toying with "wheatmeat" the "riblets" were good- (tho I didn't like the sauce, I've never been a big fan of MOST reg BBQ sauces.)The italian "sausage" however wasn't so great.

Lissy and I have been having loads of long phone convos lately. Which has been nice.
My family is krazy- but that's what makes them mine,right?
Well ,she called the other night to tell me she has moved of Bo's completly(she was half living with him/his parents) "gasp-feign surprise-"I knew that would happen.I can't imagine the stress of living with In-laws. They were rudely passive aggressive, which is a trait uncommon in our family , something we are ill equipped to deal with.So , she packed up her bags and headed to moms- Until Bo and her can get a place .

Jade(nephew) came over to tell us Mel(ri's older sis) is having thanksgiving at her place- but we won't be attending.Hopefully we can get together with all of Ri's (moms side) family for a thanksgiving dinner sometime post thanksgiving,and there are no hard feelings about it- fingers crossed!

ooo I dooo have a handful of pics from the webcam- nocturnal craziness- and I have found flipping the webcam on can turn off a tantrum

same story different day


No sleep makes ya CRAZY

Well , Rory wants me to make some pineapple cookies..and I wanna watch Conan on HULU.Oh, and as Rory told me to do- I'll stay in the universe.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rory meets Flat Stanley

HI there!!!!
Sorry it took me so long to blog.Politics get in the way of a lot of things, as I have learned-but I have never been good at keeping my mouth shut for too long.
We have still been ,damn near, completely nocturnal . Rory has been SUPER, super crafty-
but unfortunately cranky, too.
The crafty part led to some neat ideas- like a diorama style puppet show(,this picture does it no justice).Rory had shown a flashlight in an empty blue storage box-and decided she needed help making a under sea enviro in it. I cut out pics from a tattered old "Little Mermaid" book and tied them to strings.

We ALSO - got a visitor this week(besides my evil aunt flo,with her hemorrhoid and headache problems)


A project from the message boards I am on- we are passing this little flat dude state to state sharing pics,and stories.
I had hoped to meet up with Amber- and get pics of the kids and Stan together- hectic schedules and just poor planning we never did.
Flat Stanley is perfect for Rory's crafty mood- she couldn't wait to take him out and show him the neighborhood.

I think he enjoyed the tour-and the sweet ride with Rory's doll.
I was walking the dog ,as well- Rory led us around the whole neighborhood- and yes,I ended up carrying them,dog pulling- stroller and all on the way back home :/

We offered Stan loads of homemade veggie food- on homemade bread(Ri has been making all our bread lately...Sooo good!)

...but he didn't eat very much ;)

Rory has him spending time getting acquainted with her little pet shop toys.

Monday we woke up a little early (for us) got together a picnic, and packed up Flat Stanley to show him around St.auggy.

Flat Stanley checked out the Salt Marsh..

We wanted to go on the ferry ride- and fort tour of
Fort Matanzas

Checking out the inlets scenery

..We wondered around the park while we waited on the next departing ferry to the fort.
Went on the nature walk

I know, kind of a downer picture for Flat Stanley... the dune where there was a bloody massacre but, it is a good history lesson,right?

Nature walk pics

OR nature RUN? - we got a pretty good workout.

I think Stanley enjoyed hanging out with us.

Then we climbed the Live oaks

We rode the ferry to the fort..

Flat Stanley even braved the vertical ladder to the top of the Fort with Ri&Rory. It was hard to get Rory down from there-she was too scared to help- So Ri ended up lowering her down the hole to where I could grab her,scaring the crap out of me.

Down stairs-Flat Stanley tried out a bed, it didn't seem very comfortable

Rory peeks out of the watch tower.

"Check out the view flat stanley!"

Ohhh noes!

Rory remembered the checker set was there from our last visit,thats all she wanted to do -and actually sat down and played completely content playing checkers while the tour continued around them.

View from the top
Cap'tn quarters up stairs

I was how many people had heard all about Flat Stanley- this guy new all about him...even told us a few fun facts :)

We rode the ferry back. And sat down for a picnic,PB sandwiches and fresh veggies.

It was a really nice day- all Rory wanted to do was climb the trees...getting her to eat is such a is sleepy hungry toddler. grr

We stopped by the beach. It was much too windy.Rory wanted to swim and stuff until she realized how windy it was- it would have been warm but the breeze was cool.

-She was irritated at the wind blowing her hair,and ears and sand on her.

Next we headed downtown- Checked out some more cannons. Rory shows Flat Stanley how they worked.

She was having soo much fun just walking around,and showing Flat Stanley the sights.
We went window shopping on St.George street.

The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse

-yeah, i look gross.
The automated "teacher" at the school was stuck out, usually she pops out sporadically to ring the bell and announces "time for school". I said she was creepy- but Rory told me she was very pretty. I wonder what Stan thinks.

I tried to get Ri to take a pic of me and Rory in front of the milltop taverns wheel..but he failed.

We told Rory we could go to the grass outside Castillo de San Marcos -and as soon as we got there ,she could go run around like crazy... So she did

-worst pic I have seen of me :( ..but its all of us in front of the Fort, the park employee there recognized flat Stanley ,too! he's FAMOUS!

Last time,
I had read to Rory and explained how the hot shot -incinerator,thingy for heating cannon balls worked- and she remembered exactly and explained it to Ri.

Rory BEGGED to take her shoes off and run through the grass.. i guess it felt good because before long she was laying in it.-She had to show Flat Stanley how nice it was

Then Rory and Ri tried to teach Flat Stanley how to roll down the hill....

They are great at rolling down the hill- but Flat Stanley didn't have much luck.

Once we managed to pry Rory out of the grass we headed back towards the car- passing a bunch of commotion at the park- We had stumbled upon a protest.

There was a lot of music and shouting 'we don't want a handout, we just want a job"
and 'who WANTS to be homeless?" As they gave out food to the homeless.

When we got home Ri started making a huge heaping batch of vegetarian chili for dinner. A friend of his had gave him a new xbox -that was buggy.Tristan came over to play- but they ended up grubbing and chatting all night instead. ...the game ended up not working AT ALL anyway.

Noobie doesn't really seem to car for flat Stanley one way or the other.

Tonight, Ri took Rory to the store to buy veggie dogs- while I cleaned the kitchen.He came home and made hot dog buns from scratch- and we had chili cheese dogs.

Rory had her hot dogs sliced- and made little toppings on them of cheese and avocados.

So,I guess I will be sending Flat Stanley on his journey tomorrow, I am a little sad we didn't get to do more with him- and didn't quite meet up with people as I had planned...but I don't think I will be up to much of anything in the next few day worth keeping him over for. I am also eager to see what he does next.So happy travels Flat Stanley.

Tristan(Ri's friend from school) came back over-he's playing video game(on the old xbox) with Ri.
Unfortunately, I feel as though I am getting sicky. With stomach pains and migraines,which Ri also seems to have.

...and great,As I typed the last sentence the net quit on me- and Ri ended up spending the last hour on the phone with the phone company.Fun stuff.

I came back to edit with pics this evening...but wanted to add. The sick has in fact landed. :( Rory woke pale and saying her stomach hurts too.