Friday, November 30, 2007

Batshit crazy

I soo need to chat,I think I have been annoying as hell to everyone since not being on the message board as much.It's funny too I think I have talked to more people and had MORE of an internet related social life since letting that habit go.It's "me", not watered down by internet message boards.I'm like a kid with a cute knock-knock joke... funny until I got annoying

We DID finally manage to get the xmas tree up an decorated.Rory REALLY enjoyed doing it.She loves to hang up the ornaments-but she tends to put them all on this one branch.Once we plugged it in and turn the light on she said: "We need presents!" Last night while she slept I wrapped a few of her presents.Hiding them in plain view,MIGHT be the best plan.This morning she happily helped me wrap a gift for mom ,and SEEMED to comprehend she cannot open them now(after asking 1 hundred times).I am still a little nervous that one day I will come out of the bathroom to find she has opened them all. I tell her they are "presents,they could be clothes and she says "Nope,they are toys!" Too funny.It has been SOOO hot it seems silly to see Rory running around the tree in a Hawaiian dress LOL

I have been drinking coffee more as well.I blame my sister coming over and wanting coffee.
I am sure that has contributed to the chattiness, as well as not really sleeping.Rory is suddenly lost any sense of schedule,and she sleeps at odd times, when I'm not tired, of course(surely the caffeine isn't helping) :(.

Speaking of Rory ,She has been great, and terrible.
One minute, she is scary fussy tantrums over EVERYTHING and screaming "I want my daddy".
The next she is so big and happy-go-lucky. So independent, wanting to do everything herself.
The same is true of her speech;one minute ,she is speaking so clearly with impeccable vocabulary skills,the next she seems to be speaking an entirely new language.The new words are pretty cute though.

I have a vid,but my computer is so fried I can't upload it to know if you can hear it. :(
& now of coarse my camera is busted.Its a simple fix-but it requires taking the camera apart and I can't get the last two screws out to do it ARG!!!!I am really hoping ri can. I am so stressed about my camera not working.

Yesterday morning, I had a dentist apt, and yet ANOTHER filling.Rory was excited to go out with her Dad "just two" -it was too murky to go to the "bug" park as Rory calls it.She sounded liked she really enjoyed walking around wally world with him, though.Ri said they looked at toys and he couldn't beleive how much she wanted and knew all about from tv.TOO MUCH TV!! She wants the whackAmole tower and she even told him "it's like a carnival in your house!" from the commercial-gasp- .LOL .She also told Ri she wanted an I -dog....Yes,and I-dog! Can you imagine a three yr old thinking she needs an Idog?!?!

The mandarin orange tree is starting to produce some fruit already-way too much actually,it really needs a trim.Rory sure loves the teeny tiny oranges though :)

Anyways-I am a little frustrated about my sisters right now,So i am gonna end here today:).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Be thankful,for big long blogs.

Do you see what happens when I go to long without blogging? I end up with way too much to tell at once..

...So. Been a lot of the same old ,same old.-Some updates:
Ri is still working quite a bit ,and going to the gym.
My parents bathroom is much closer to finished,they have a tub and a toilet now.
My poofree hair is still up & down between NICE,and GROSS.
The Computer is being a PITA -no soundcard, and not wanting to do shit right ~very frustrating.~
We have been taking Noobie on more walks,she has been pretty good-she hasn't broke out since.
Rory has been much more prone to fussiness lately.It has been a bit frustrating for all of us.
Luckily,her fussiness is still balanced with her cuteness.She says the silliest things lately.

One day Ri had off we went to ravine gardens (at about dusk) and walked Noobie,We got some exercise and had fun,but didn't get many pics it was dark.Rory loves "nature walks"

The next day( Ri had to work)I took Noobie, and Rory, to the park and a LONG walk-Noobie was DONE before I was, and PULLED to go home,LOL,lazy mutt. I had her tied around my waist and Rory in the stroller -So far that has been the best plan to control them both at once.

I still have been feeling a bit lonely & needy.I have online friends but my real life friendships(including,and especially my family members) feel a bit forced and uncaring-I feel like I only irritate people when I reach out and call :( . Ri has been calling me whenever he gets the chance at work,that has helped.
Rory has been VERY bossy lately,and demanding,We are working on it.tell me it gets better.Her new fakey grump face has been pretty damn funny though:

So anyway:Thanksgiving was approaching,and I was making no effort to prepare for it(perhaps in hopes it wouldn't actually come) I spent my time procrastinating on internet message boards-I got far too involved,and am still a bit sore over it.It was silly of me to get that hurt by it.It has become to real for me,so I have decided to back a way from it for a bit.
The night before thanksgiving,as if anticipating my stress (and with his own) Ri brought home a black and mild.We smoked it and & I got yucky sick. :(The next morning stressed I hoped online to kill time and only made it MUCH worse,I did not need the added stress from a stupid message board on top of the typical thanksgiving stress.

--Cut to RL Turkey day. Rory watched the Macy's parade and ooohh and ahhed over some of it-other stuff she ignored completely and jumped around instead. We went to my grandmothers a little early,my mom had told her we were going to Momo's-and not to expect us. It was just us for awhile ,Rory had fun playing with grandmas dog ,though.I had really hoped to see Missy ..but Mandy was in the hospital in VERY early labor ,and they were all their hoping everything would be ok. :( .We ate pretty good there-Rory ate better than I expected(Mostly,because I bribed her to with soda) Ri said he was extra glad he came ,since it ended up being only us.

Then we took the LONG ride out to Momo's it was soo busy there.Rory was a bit shy and overwhelmed at 1st,but she jumped at the chance to play with the new grandbaby Conner..then got even more excited by the gifts everyone gave her,and the chance to play with the bigger boys.She got loads of compliments for how sweet she talked,and how kind she was.
She even ended up making everyone laugh.. Momo had attempted to ease her shyness when we arrived by offering her gifts "I have a present for you,guess which arm",(she gave her some bubble bath).So, later when we were coming inside ,from playing with the boys (ben and conner) Rory noticed we were being followed in by Ben and told Momo " I have something for you!! Surprise it's a BOY!" LMAO -it was TOOO funny and just ADORABLE.
We got lots of complements on being 'good parents" Ri showed off his car and his weight loss :) we had a pretty good time-but it was a LONG LONG day.

_Pics are reversed~

Friday,I took the "kids" for another walk,but without the stroller-not advisable.But we had fun for a short time at the park.& did LOTS of after thanksgiving cleaning.

Ri was at work-Rory and I went out with mom and Amy. We were supposed to go to Daytona.But Libby stayed home sick,So mom decided just to go to Palatka,to look for boots.Amy wanted some knee high black boots as a late bday present. We Went to a few other places and looked around. I had wore a kewl outfit,to match my boots.Rory was fussy from missing her nap.She was a bit of a handful and it was kind of stressful..On top of that Amy was super bitchy about it.I was a bit annoyed at her reaction to it :(.So we went with mom to there house.Rory loves to just hang out there,And chat with everyone.Again though,I think she drove Libby and Amy crazy -and their bitcheness towards her adoring them really made me feel bad.I still think despite it all she had a blast,I don't know why just hanging out at grammys brings her soo much joy.I did take some pics of my outfit with my kewl new hairthings(that rian hates) when I got home:

Today.We did late thanksgiving at Rian's moms,With Sari and her BF we brought tofurky and wine and spent most the day there.We also got to take a walk and she were sari is moving.
Rory LOVES spending time at her Grammies houses.She is just happy to hang out at someones house.She had fun Feeding her kitties and,playing with her.
The mosquitoes were terrible there & I didn't bring bugspray. I swear, i remember to bring every random thing except the ones I end up needing.Rory was a bit bossy -and ate WAY too much nilla ice cream,but it is safe to say she had a blast.

We had planned on putting up the Xmas tree when we got home-but still haven't got around to it.Soon,I hope,soon.

Friday, November 16, 2007

A bunch more stuff no one will read:

So,The long awaited period has arrived in full force, late on the 28th day:
Of coarse,it came on after, peeing on a stick-a test I knew would most certainly have to say "not pregnant"- waiting the 3 minute long eternity for the words "not pregnant" to appear as I'd knew they SHOULD...
So,it came-
heavy this afternoon ,leaving me crippled with pain.I could barely move.I actually cried waiting for ibuprofen to kick in .I wish I knew what was up with my body.

Yesterday ,I did end up taking Rory to the park-to make up for not going (when Noobie got out).
She woke up bright and early(Ri was at work) and said "I want to go the park,in my stroller".
I took her to the lake park 1st(I always seem to forget the bugs are so bad there).We found an empty turtle shell, I had to explain to her "what happened to her head?"-......
I chose to be honest and explained a larger critter probably got it,that "that happens sometimes".She thought it was interesting and she told every person she saw for the rest of the night.We stopped by the other park on the way home, then rushed home to get ready for my family to come over.
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My fam came over and with ice cream cake and soda -Rory was in heaven. Amy seemed to like the sweater I got her for her birthday.I can't believe she already 15.Damn teenager, makin' me feel all old.Rory bugs her,'cause Amy is kinda quiet, and Rory will repeat until she is responded to-so she repeated A LOT to Amy-
Well,I thought it was funny at least.They all took their showers, and hung out.Rory really liked them here-she's been telling me about her "friends" all day.I meant to take some pics-but I didn't :( .

Ri came home pretty early last night-which gave us a chance to talk(Rory crashed early too) -we kinda got in a spat the other night( over him being out all night,when he said he would only be gone "a minute",and not calling -and admittedly a bit over my own resentment that he GETS to go out and do such things, while I sit here and play housewifey).- Anyway, we ended up stayed up pretty late catching up.

Today,it is FUCKING FREEZING,so ,crippled with cramps ,I didn't do much.Supervised Noobie(the escape artist) & Rory (the overactive)in the yard & played with adding silly captions to pics. I did end up having a convo with my MIL -about not us not planning on having any more children,,,a conversation RIAN should have had ,not me-great.ugh.Won another pair of pants on ebay. and cuddled.Rory has got me through being a sweety cuddle bug,though a needy one. and too much of a nudist for this temp.

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Ice cream face pose :)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tales of,poo ,giraffes and escaping dogs

-----Oh yeah,my much neglected blog.
Sorry,I knew this would vary with my mood ,and my time, when I began.Besides-life is pretty bland these days.Still wallowing in hormones from the period that never began.(I think it has now-yay ,or something-) ,Still, being bored ,and trying to distract a very verbal storm ,of demanding toddler.

I am doing the weird shampoo free thing ,and alternating between loving my hair this way and hating it .Today, I hate it,the other day it looked awesome. -I included a pic of a day I liked it though. _-Here is a link if you are interested:

Oooo..this morning I got my new -old- fav jeans in the mail.Ri looked up my favorite pair of jeans on ebay,and found me , a new pair! These jeans I have worn out soo much,yet , I still wear with holes in the knees of!! I am thrilled!He has also begun cruising ebay for similar MUDD size 7s :) I guess I don't have to worry about all the stores only selling fugly straight legs as long as there is ebay!

The flipside-I will admit being a bit worried about our spending-seems like everyday Ri is off we find an excuse to shop and spend money.I feel as though, we should be saving more, but Ri seems to think we are alright.I hope it's true.

The other day we went to walmart-to buy a water filter and a few essentials,Ri gave Rory a dollar to buy a toy with.She looked over a few things and picked a plastic giraffe.When we checked out she paid the cashier-the woman asked her what its name was.Rory quietly said a hard to pronounce word that may have started with a "B".LOL When the woman asked her again, she got shy and said "Its just a girl ,It's name is girl" --So she named it Girl,sometimes she calls it Girly and has made a point to tell everyone about her
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Mom& Dad's bathroom is under constuction-I don't even want to imagine it.Libby stayed the night last night to have access to the potty..everyone else has stopped over for showers as well-ugh.I do hope they get a hotel as they were discussing-I would, its not even a question to it.I do not potty in a make shift outhouse,unless there is a gun to my head.

Rory liked the company.Libby says she is a great hostess.She likes to show everyone around and introduce them to her new,fav toys.It was cute when she woke up this morning and realized libby was here, Ri and i just heard "oh,HEY!" from the Libby could have stayed another night but she was getting sick and didn't want to be here sick.
So,Today,Rory and I decide to go the park,as I am brushing her hair I catch sight of something at the window-it's Noobie! She apparently decided to escape through a weak spot in the fence(she has had ample opportunities before suddenly today she just decided she would escape.I thought I could trust her about it, because she had been so good) ARG!!! Rory and I call her-follow her a little,but if you follow her she just goes farther.UGH!
For hours, I could hear her running into the neighbors yard.Mom and Dad stopped by,and almost got her to follow them in-but she bolted off again.They left,and for a couple more hours ran she ran the neighborhood ,I kept hearing neighbors yell at her.I feel like such an ass :( .
Finally, I looked out the bedroom window to see Noobie surrounded by five people-all the neighbors had her and were trying to figure out where she came from.I went over and explained.Luckily, they were "dog people" and the woman managed to get her to come home by offering her bites of bread.I think that woman thinks my dog hates me Noobie refused to come to me at all..I am looking up invisable fencing now.I am soo irritated.Glad she is safe -but damn.Stupid,stupid dog.

Tomorrow, Mom says she will bring Amy and everyone here for Amy's birthday-we were going to go there but we aren't going to with no potty.We asked Rory is she wanted to have a birthday party for amy-and of coarse she wants to have a party! ,for her,presents for her,and cake and ice cream,for her LOL.Hopefully,she wont mind a party for Amy tomorow night.
--I haven't been taking as many pics-Rory seems perpetually filthy,or naked.
Some more pics of a butterfly Rory found in the yard with a broken wing:

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So,the hormones I am swimming in- aren't yet PMS,I still haven't started(not due for awhile either ,so I guess its all good). I am concerned about that and the painful stomach cramps I have.Worried it could be something deeper.The other day I was immobile from the stomach pains :( .

Mom brought us more candy,as well as Rory a toothbrush and paste.We are now swimming in sweets.

I'm tired. I'm tired of repeating the same thing over ,and over.I'm tired of setting goals for myself,or rules,and never abiding to them,and hating my lack self control. It's been a rough couple days.Between battles with my body and battles with my toddler.Yesterday I went outside to jump rope while Rory played with noobie..but it was too cold/wet and my throat got tight-and I couldn't breathe,I think I have athsma,just another thing to hate myself for.

Rory repeats things over and over,increasing her tone and her whine with each repeat regardless of if she gets an answer.She has begun to be extra exploratory , things she never before cared about she asks 20 questions about. "whats that on the wall?Mommy,can I see it? mommy,can I peek at it? mommy,what does it do? mommy,can I hold it?Mommy,mommy............" and on and on all day-it is very tiring. I love her,and it is adorable,but tiring.

Oh,and trick or treat,Halloween has not ended in the eyes of my child.She still walks up to me and says trick or treat -and runs away crying when I say "no candy". ~sigh ~
Rory is sad we had to bury the pumpkins as well,she asked for some new ones...I am trying to tell her more holidays are coming,I am not sure thanksgiving is on par with halloween though.

Ri is off work,but he had a wisdom tooth pulled so he is kinda out of it.We took a short trip to the store,and THOUGHT Rory was on her way to a nap when we got home...wrong. :( .

I was going to upload vids-but they are too fucking big.I am soo pissed about that.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

comes with the season

Fucking PMS.Hell of a way to start a blog,huh? So ,yeah,All the negativity about my body,cleaning EVERYTHING ,and this terrible break out,must be close.Damn,I hate all these hormones.

Rory has been a hellion.I think mostly from all that candy she had Halloween,she is balancing out now,back to my sweet kiddo...I hope anyway.My patience was tried Thursday with all her tantrums.

Yesterday,she was much better with the exception of nap time.I tried to get some exercise in,and cleaned.Rory played outside with Noobs,digging and running, all yesterday.(We need to work on them BOTH being more gentle with one another.Noobie tried to play full on tug of war with Rory ,and Rory trying to jump on her and call her "stinkface". ) The weather has been soo awesome.Well,actually it has been really overcast, but the temps have been GREAT. I have all the windows open.The air is so wet my lungs hurt,and my allergies have been keeping me up at night-and still,I am loving the smell of the cool autumn air finally blowin in.

Ri came home late last night with his cousins(who we rarely see) and had a few drinks-well he did at least,they didn't stay long.We stayed up and talked and smoked a black & mild (can't even remember the last time I had one) after Rory went to be.I have been missing him soo much.we caught up on a lot of things.Talked about wishes,hopes ,fears,the future ,all that stuff.He says he doesn't mind working now,but at the same times he worries about being "working dad" and never around for Rory.Talked about my fears of going back to school and feeling stupid.

Rory has been such a kewl helping kid this morning she helped make breakfast-she picked french fries to go with breakfast though.LOL.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm whiny

HEY.I have been negative lately.Going through moments of bad body image and feeling like everyone hates me.It's silly,and I guess everyone gets like that sometimes.~sigh~

Not much had been going on just hanging out with Rory and Noobs,and spending bits of time with Ri.

Last night was halloween.Ri had to work me and Rory just hing out and gave candy to the few people we had come.I was BORED senseless , but I DID dress up.Rory thought it was really cool,even cooler that I let her eat LOADS of candy.I was such a dork in my granny costume,some of my trick or treaters actually laughed at me.Rory handed out all the good candy though, lol.
Rory is such a good kid though, she still ate a full breakfast lunch and dinner.She actually ate REALLY good yesturday.She is eating less like a finicky tot and now eating more full meals and snacks,its a VERY nice change from the days of feast or famine.

Ri joined a gym in st.augustine.He hasn't gone yet,beyond joining.I hope it works out well though.It isn't TOO expensive,it is still an expense I told Ri my concern,with adding expences while I am out of work-but let him make the choice.Right now though,he is getting more work -he is now working two jobs pretty much,so we aren't REALLY on a tighter budget.heh,I just dunno if I will ever get to see him between work and gym at this rate.

He IS looking better and his health is definitely better,I am really proud of him.

Though, I have started to ponder my own physical health.My shape isn't as firm as I'd like.Areas that weren't target areas of concern for me are starting to be..I need to tone up all over. bummer.I am going to actually have to start working on that.We have all been eating better,forgiving our halloween diet..I would really like to go vegan though.Such a drastic dietary change (and it would probably be pretty drastic for me)will have to wait for Rory to wean,so i don't have to worry about toxins released in breast milk.

oooh,One more thing.I used to last of my shampoo last night.So I will be poo free soon.