Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. "Buddha

My eye is twitching,
It's been that sort of day.
-- Oh.
you are probably wondering where I've been.I've been around. Sucked into real life, or fall television.
My house isn't spotless,my sleep isn't regular. There has been some awesomely awesome days- there has been some drama. The kid is doing fantastic in school, and girl scouts, and at everything. She still hasn't lost her loose tooth. She did grow a whole half inch since my last post.
..but , Worry not, you didn't miss much,
but just in case you might of, we can catch up with pictures:

Before the weather cooled off- BEACH TRIPS:

We even surfed in the rain, I got up on my knees on the board a few times.. still not standing, still too chicken to go deep enough to catch any real waves.

beach turtle.

Lighthouse from two angles..

We took Noobs for a walk on the Marina, she loved it. I think she would love to live on a boat. She is a fisher dog.

Lily and Sari stopped in one afternoon
Lily LOVED Rory's bike, she didn't want to stop riding
We watched Nico another night ,too.

They argued a little played a lot, stayed up late. Don't they look sleepy reading bedtime stories?

Random gecko from the backporch
I am just hoping geekos eat stinkbugs, they backporch gets over run with them every night.. whole things smells like chlorophyll or cilantro . Rory says I should mention there are over 300 different species of geckos , she did not know if any of them eat stinkbugs.

Saturday- some of my imaginary net friends were in town with their kids, so we met up at the playground- they look pretty real to me :
I think Rory may have had the best weekend ever
went from that, to playing with neighborgirl,
to this:
then putt-putt Sunday morning (with my friends super funny boys)

AND the book fair Sunday afternoon
She got "Judy Moody , Girl detective"-- its a big chapter book, but the chapters are set up easy to read one at a time.

Oh, carriculum night was recently, I finally got to hear how they were running the classroom- see a bit more of what they are actually doing in there, and I feel much better about it, plus I got a time to help; Thursday mornings I help with computer lab.Mostly plugging in headphones, and keeping kid off the net, but it is nice to get to meet more of her classmates, see a little of her day, and her teachers. I really love the way the two teachers work together.

I don't know how we managed to fit in doing so much over our weekends. It is Ri's only night off, and we really try to hang out and get things together for the week. Ri made a big bowl of awesome veg chilli , and invited his new coworker over to have a bowl,and meet me- she was really sweet , and made us awesome cornbread to go with the chilli :)

After all the humidity, and scary crazy lighting storms, if is FINALLY showing signs of fall down here, and I am loving it.It just smells crisper and nicer out.
Time to figure out Halloween stuff. Gonna need to decorate, and get ready.

I don't even feel the rush to run home after I pick up the kid. We hang out.

There has been a lot of drama. From every angle- Family and freinds that could use
prayers and good thoughts,
or therapy and the right meds,
or better luck and some spare cash.
I could probably do with all those too- but our direct day to day (me , Ri and Rory's) has been really good. Amazingly normal, and aside from a few grumpy sleepy moments.
Right in this moment,We are getting by, and I don't have much to bitch about, for once.
I feel almost removed from all the drama. My heart hurts for a few people, and I hope things improve..
but I am still doing awesome..
and Rory..

..she's great.

Ri could use more sleep, more hours in a day, and more money- but he seems to be doing really well the past few days, and I think he is even going to take an extra day off this week.

So goodnight, world filled with drama.
I'm off to absorb more tv, text my hubby, clean this house, and get Rory's school stuff ready .



Anonymous said...

Love the pics! I'm Glad fall has finally arrived.. and can't wait to see what you come up with for Halloween this year. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us!!<3

Kel Ward Photography said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing. I want to live with you for a summer or something.