Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring is week

I don't feel like words this AM.

So here is everything else

Here is the week
, it is more than a minute.
but worth it.

The did an egg hunt in Rory's class- it was pretty cute. I also hung out there most the morn (because I was unsure of the time/plan) and got to see my baby girl kick butt in the computer math class... Poor nerdy child

Spent the weekend with my fam.. the vid pretty much explains all that...

Lissy did a whole spring celebration thing for the kids, even got Rory a basket full of stuff.
And of course mom got us a big basket of candy !
All is well in the world,
I have chocolate...
Well, I HAD chocolate , until the dog decided to eat a big mouthful of foil covered eggs.
She survived, and she puked up the foil... I am just short a few chocolate candies.
No matter, I have gained enough weight this year.

Poor Ri is still working his behind off at the two jobs.

Jess and Steve are both on vacation - and have spent a few nights hanging out here with me keeping me company, I think they are worried I am going to catch the crazy... but they are late for that.
They have also just fed into my horrible horrible WordWithFriends addiction. It is shameful.

On the subject of my crazy, I signed up for Blogathon2011 .. I have no idea why;
for 1 thing, I find it damn near impossible to post weekly (It's totally Friday, right?)-

and for 2 , I am about as legitimate a blogger as Snookie is an actress...

but hell, if Snookie can get big bucks to speak at a college I can enter blogathon and pic whore daily, Right?

I tend to use blogging as procrastination for laundry,I'll leave you with the thought of how horrifyingly tall my laundry pile must be for me to decide I need to daily blog for the entire month of May..
I'm going to bed now.


(btw- i so totally left stuff out, but I have the whole month to get back to you on it if it was important- now leave me a comment.)

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