Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers. ~Edgar W. Howe

Really quick before I find some more sleep- I wanted to tell you about Rory's 1st 2 days of

or at least share pictures of it, Because the thing is, I don't actually know much.
School has been wiping her out!

She got home, ate, played for a little bit, and then napped the rest of the evening , woke up long enough for dinner and went back to bed...
in fact she did the same thing when she got home the 2nd day too.

She seems happy? and I guess she is having a great time to be so worn out.

She was SO ready for the 1st day. She was rushing out the door so early, I wasn't even ready. I was trying to figure out what to do with all the bags of school supplies we had to bring in. Her back pack was STUFFED, and we stuffed another bag. Ri went with me so we could carry it all!!
.. and we rode the bikes mostly in fear of 1st day traffic-
She basically wanted us to leave her alone. In fact i am lucky I could catch a single picture of her

Me: Hey, hey , I got an idea let me get a picture of ya in front of the school sign! Her: NO! Come on, Mom - WALK FASTER! Me: You still have time, stand right her I'll get your picture Her: I guess

Me: Hold still that one was blurry Her:... HEY!! Looks it's my friend:

Then- We are sitting in the cafeteria with all the other 1st grade parents, all holding obcene bags of paper products and random supplies for the classrooms,wondering what to do with them
Hmm.. one teacher,27 kids, 54 huge bags of supplies...would they make it to class?
So most of us had to follow the teacher to class holding bags.
Rory didn't care "Look mom, it's my friend from last year- You can leave now"
Me: Can I get a picture of you at your desk?
Her: UGH. Just go. See you later.

Jeez. At least I got a hug.

Did I mention I was a huge mess?
Hardly slept at all, didn't dress much more than my pjs- hair all wild and all over the place, still hot from the bike ride----I didn't expect to go into the classroom-

I'd just planned on leaving her in the lunch room with everything until it occured to us that some of the kids rode the bus (or swung through the car drop off), had also brought supplies their teacher would've never made it three feet with all that to carry.
Ah well, nice to meet all the other parents LOL.

I came home and took Noobs around the block ,
and we caught a pic of the local wild parrots

Then I cleaned up a little, watched a movie with Ri
- and ALMOST fell asleep, before Libby showed up to hang out before her doctors appointment, we chatted for a little while, drank a pot of coffee. Before I knew it it was time to pick the kid up. I did much much , a million times better with this 1st day than the kindy 1st day. It was just second nature now.

Rory ran out of school all excited ,but was sad Nico wasn't with me , because she said a boy in her class looks like him and made her miss him. She ran to the grass to play with some girls from her kindy class that aren't in her 1st grade class. They say they still get some time together on the playground- and they are happy to get that time after school.
She hasn't talked much to me about school work or anything just a :
Yes, I had a nice day, Yes I ate my lunch.

Today (Yesterday, at this hour) was a crappy no good over sensitive morning for me. I had stayed up getting stuff ready for Rory
- Ironing the outfit she picked, picking out AND fixing a hairbow for her
(.. and then doing the dishes...) ONly for the kid to wake up at 7 am to tell me she didn't liek that outfit anymore, she wanted to wear something else.... three wardrobe changes later she was content, but wanted to give me additure about brushing her teeth .wtf? I was far too tired. I dropped everything.I lost everything. I wasn't with it at all. Nothing went right.
The bike ride was sickly hot .

I came home more grumpy. and sad.. and very very tired.
Ri was like "let's go to the beach" and I thought it might make me feel better. Until, I couldn't find a bathing suit bottom ,and that was enough to send me into a weeping tantrum- I decided to stay home and sleep it off, realizing four hours of sleep for the past 3 days was not enough and I was becoming way over sensitive to life's little curve balls.

I felt much better after sleepig the day away- Woke up to an awesome lunch from Ri.
Picked up the kid- (who repeated the nap thing, and I napped with her.) made us dinner. all that.
I do wish I heard more about her day- but I can tell she is happy, she said she liked her lunch and snack. She told me a tiny bit about her classmates. Right now she is just thrilled to not have homework, and says they have played on the playground more than done paperwork. LOL .

I am sure they will get homework, and start doing paperwork- but are starting off easy, Rory thinks so too- but is liking it. Let's hope she continues liking it.
I just hope she gets enough rest and I see more of her. I also hope I get some rest :P

I found some pics in the cam from previous Wednesday's at the pier.
I am still on the fence if we will go this Wednesday... it depends if she sleeps.
So here are the last of the Summer pictures- Sniffle- goodbye summer vacation-

Their friend's dad brought them all candy

Off to bed


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the first day of school was great!! And the Dog Days of Summer pics are awesome!! Thx for continuing to share your wonderful family with us!! <3

Joye said...

Bless you for a blog, :) I've gotten my blog fix now, :)

Rory is growing up way too fast. She definitely sounds like a miniature teenagers, LOL.

Thank you for sharing her 1st days of school with us. Start enjoying your time while she's at school. This is not just a milestone for her, but a new awakening for you!!!

Ms Panda's Blog said...

You sound just like me when I don't get enough sleep and care WAY TOO MUCH about someone else. Curve balls can be the tiniest things, like picking out the right size tupperware for my leftovers. I think our brains just shut down at a certain point. :P Hope you make it to the beach tomorrow!!!