Monday, August 8, 2011

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

I should be packing for my trip to STL. I should be planning for Rory's return to school.I should be cleaning MORE(I've been cleaning , but it never feels like enough.)
Instead, I have done everything but what I should be doing.

I have some pics of like- the past month (lol- I am a bit behind) - to share though, so I might just post them and run.

Rory has been having a pretty rocking summer.
I didn't sign her up for any classes ,or really plan anything- and yet still the summer is FLYING past and I think she is having a good time.

She plays with the neighborgirl every couple of days- and the Wednesdays at the pier with her friends-
Rosie's birthday party was a little while ago
Ri was off work and went with us too - We had a really good time.
- Rory had SOO much fun at it she decided she wants her party there (never mind that her birthday is in January and a waterballon fight would be out of the question)

..She got a little wet.

They had SOO much fun running through the steaming playground together
I am so glad she has had friends she has kept in touch with over the summer. Can they all be in her class next year???I LOVE this neighborhood!

The teacher said it was unlikely many would be in each others classes because there are soo many of their grade (thanks to the hurricane baby boom year that Rory was born in).

Last Wednesday -we all headed for the beach instead of the splash park.
The kids had a blast

..and were a bit more subdued when the music played lol

The sunset was gorg.

Ri broke his big toe surfing Friday morn, it wasn't bad- but by Friday night it was huge and swollen and barely fit in his work boots, he ended up coming home early. :( it looks a bit better now, but still a bit purplish.
The next morn we were 'spsed to go out with the Mom's and Rory's classmates to the beach.. but we stayed in being way to hot and lazy.
Jess &Steve came over and played video game instead

And Rory talked me into taking her down the street on her bike to try again.
She has been trying and trying. Usually only for a short time before she gets scared.
Really, she has been able to ride the bike for MONTHS (if not YEARS) without the training wheels, She just doubts herself too much.

.. We went to the little dirt allyway behind the neighborgirls house to practice, The neighborgirl came over to help and got on her bike .. THAT was perfect, just the thing she needed.
I just had Rory follow her and all of the sudden she was GONE!

She has been practicing all week. Neighborgirl went on a trip and won't be back until Friday , So Rory hopes to show off all she has learned when she comes back.

Rory has had a few moments of stir craziness with the long lazy hot/stormy summer we have had.. but she is pretty creative, and we try to keep her entertained- even the dog does her part.

If only the dog could make Rory practice writing we'd be set. Darn lack of thumbs.

Well, I really do have many things I should be off avoiding.
Gotta catch a plane to St.Louis to meet a bunch of my imaginary net friends. Wish me lucks


Tina Michelle said...

I am so jealous! I want to go to SLT with you all. I hope you have a blast!

I love the pic of your doggie all dressed up.

Way to go Rory for riding the bike. My girls are still so nervous that they can barely make it WITH the training wheels.

I love that she has so many friends and I hope she makes many more in the new class.

Anonymous said...

Love the post! Sound like an eventful summer. Hope Ri heals quickly, and your trip is awesome!!
Thank you for sharing your family with us. <3