Saturday, September 3, 2011

I am still the master of surfing the net.

- Oh,
Um, Hi?

So, Since it is like the holiday weekend and all, and I haven't blogged all week-and will probably only add to the list of things I have to share over the long weekend,

I am just going to dump these beach pictures here,
and hope you will forgive me and maybe I'll be all wordy, and stuff, next time.
(Throw me a little bone here, and pretend you actually like my bloggy wordy posts and aren't just here for pictures, alright? Thanks)

We've been dropping the kid off at school and heading to the beach , when we didn't just both pass out)

(bunch of clams and snails washed up with the hurricane water)

Ri & Steve surfing

- I just thought it looked cool

Hey , look , it's me
.. No I don't have any pictures of me surfing-
I still haven't stood. I am still too scared to go into the deep.
I have gotten really close to standing up in the shallows .. I usually build up the courage to try it just as the fin hits sand.
I also got a rash on my ribs;
a bruise on my hip,elbow , sternum, and arm muscles.
Surfing is dangerous.

Also, a guy got bit by a shark at the beach the other day.

Here is a vid of Ri & Steve surfing.

Then the inside of my waterproof camera got wet, despite being closed and locked,
it fried my battery , it is still acting funny.
It works... but I am a little more nervous about it getting wet now.

Cardinal from Wednesday:
Lots of critters all over here lately. We even saw an armadillo on the way to school.

...Found this on the beach(these guys said it wasn't theirs, but as they posed with it we found that hard to believe)
... but I failed to videotape the cops deflating it. That was hilarious. The male cop wouldn't touch it and instead teased his female counterpart as she tried to deflate it.

Did I mention there were kids on the beach:

our kids(me and the other moms)..but they were pretty busy playing. They did ask if they could go see the "rubberman" ,but we explained it was inappropriate and to go play (all said while trying to hide our giggling).

It has been a long week. Rory has been VERY VERY trying (new fun ignore us thing. great fun)
I have been nonstop cleaning (and this place is still a dump)
- but this week is DONE,
on to the next one.

Wish me luck to make it through the weekend .
At least Ri has the WHOLE WEEKEND OFF!!!!!!!!
(that almost never happens, you knew that, I just felt this sentence needed something in parentheses like the others.)

So now that it is blatantly obvious I am tired,


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Anonymous said...

Great Post!! Sorry to hear that the water proof camera was not so waterproof. Looks like everyone is still having a great time at the beach ... and the rubber doll Priceless!! Thank you for sharing your family and your adventures with us! <3