Monday, September 12, 2011

" After a visit to the beach, it's hard to believe that we live in a material world. "~Pam Shaw

I have found excuse after lame excuse to put off this blog post for as long as I have- and now I have soo much to share, that I forgot it all.
Cute things happened that you'll never know about, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

So anyway.

I think Rory is doing well in 1st grade.
I honestly don't know that she is doing much at all in 1st grade,
and I've been slightly stressed and concerned about it.- But she seems to be making friends , having fun , and eating- so I guess it is all good. I keep trying to tell myself perhaps they are just starting slow- figuring out where everyone is , or something..

There were some weekends since my last post:
Val took Rory to a local fun factory/ arcade thingy:

We dropped her off, and she was all " Ok bye, SEE YA!" and went to jump out of the van, and we were like, " Well, I think we'll come in for a second"

Val totally spoils her.- and Rory had a blast
and Rocked out:

I haven't gone anything productive with my free time. Ri and I did find enough time to catch up on the new episodes of futurama. It's soo hard trying to catch time with him on this shift, one or the other of us is very tired.

I signed up for HomeRoom mom.. IDk what I was thinking.I think, I was thinking it would be a way to be more involved with the kid's class.. it seems more a way to be involved with harassing the kid's classmates for money... it's great fun. On the bright side, I will NOT be the only homeroom mom for her class- I am splitting it with two other moms. Thank goodness.

I also signed the kid up for girl scouts
- after a lengthy inner fight with myself over it ,
really not wanting to-
then breaking down and doing it .
She is excited about girl scouts.
Her 1st meeting was tonight, she made a bracelet , and colored- it wasn't enough time for her(SHE says, but she barely had time to eat and get to bed she was so overtired).
She was soo cute doing the friendship circle at the end. ( I wanted to take a picture, but she was with so many other girls- I felt bad getting a pic of them)

She has been so all about crafts, and art ,I think she might like all the activities she will be able to do in girl scouts. And we know she needs to work on social stuff.

Poor child, she was so bored she built an entire shoebox doll house last week:
After that picture she even built a second story bathroom with the other half of the shoe box.
She also made a snow globe

.. and she made little paper maps, and TONS of art for her friends.
New and old.

I say I worry about her socially, I know she struggles in that area...
but ,At the same time it is hard for me to even see, because she seems leaps and bounds more social than me.. maybe just not socially mature, I guess she just likes being social more than I do LOL.

OH- I watched Nico for a bit over the weekend.
They went hiking in the backyard:

Rory took pictures of all the things they found on their hike.--
She takes awesome pictures.

... and then they spent a lot of time arguing.
because 6 year olds can be very bossy,
and 2 year olds can be very self centered
... and those things don't work well together.
Unless you count Nico talking so much when around Rory,
just to have to keep up on such debates.

Besides that.
I haven't done much beyond stress, sleep, and stress. (I guess I have done things, but nothing of value = lots of bad tv and radio )

It's all just money, money money money, get it for that person , from that person , for this thing, and that thing. I don't even care any more. I guess, I just need to find enough money that it doesn't matter anymore... nah, because then people will still be asking about my money, probably worse.

The best things we do are free- why do so many other things require money? Why do people focus so much on other peoples money?I am so effing tired of taking about money.
I am so tired of money.
Can we go back to collecting shells on the beach and trading them for currency, cause I could totally do that. I found a sand quarter the other day.
(someone broke my sand dollar, I guess they needed change)

... I mean, I love you ,money.
Come back money- lets make up. I'll be your best friend forever.

I need a job or something.
Because , obviously I haven't stretched myself thin enough this school year.

My mind is in a weird place.
Hopefully, I will find my grove and start posting more regularly.
For now, I think I need sleep.... but I will probably play on the wii , and watch bad tv instead.
Either way

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