Sunday, October 11, 2009

Of changes in mood and weather... or projects and rainbows

I go through moods..
I think I maybe the most moody person ever.
Days of moods,
sometimes months.

One day I lay awake with words and ideas in my head just itching to blog , edit photos, tell stories, do crazy oddball crafty things--
the next, I'll have some odd urge to take apart my home and put it back together after a through scrub- all while baking some extravagant yummy treats.
.... and then, I don't want to do anything, maybe watch some tv, play some arcade games- screw around on the internets eat junk and veg out.and on those days I am racked with guilt pondering on the projects unfinished.. that recipe I looked up, those photos I edited, projects I started laid out cluttering the room in which one corner is scrubbed and part of an old drawer or cabinet are laid out on top of..
Guess what day it is???

I think it was Wednesday that Rory decided it looked like rain and decided she would walk around the yard with an umbrella
..but I took some great pics

It didn't rain, but it was VERY sunny. So maybe the umbrella was a wise idea.
The piled up fence pieces... RI's broinlaw and their buddy finally tackled getting that to the curb and out of the yard the next day.
Actually , we had planned to make a quick trip to lowes and wallyworld for Halloween supplies ,before they started working on the fence. Instead we managed to somehow come home and see them almost finished dragging them to the front as we came was luck, I

Ah, The lowes trip to plan our costumes...
Rory's costume I just need to get the finishing touches on...

Yup, the paint will work out awesomely! She is soo happy to get to be Leela for Halloween..
If only Ri and my costume was so easy.

Do ya know when you tell the guy at a hardware you need a giant tube of cardboard for a robot costume, he gives you a funny look??
... he thought it was cool. I don't think he knew who bender and Leela are, but he thought it was cool we were all running with costumes to match Rory's idea. Rory told everyone she was going to be Leela, every single cashier and person walking by. Exciting.
What have I gotten myself into?

Our shopping list included TWO big tubes(the smaller is for my head and spare bits),duct tape, red felt, tons of face paint-namely red-(ri is going to be Dr.Zoidberg , gray spray paint, aluminum pie plate/foot cups.
This project is trouble, I tell ya, trouble.I now feel obligated to complete it as we have spent money on it... I will manage this in two weeks. I will...

We came home with all that to a yard full of people.Mel(sis in law)'s whole family was in our yard as the guys moved the fence pieces. The kids came in and played with Rory for a bit.. and then Terah came over to let Lyric and Lennix play .The kids chalked and made a big mess and we tried out Rory's costume in the little while they were here.

Ri got off early the next day and Terah stopped in again, this time with the kids she was babysitting.Rory and Lenny both seemed a bit on edge, (Rory was hungry I think).. Terah already seemed stressed. Lets just say with all the other kids running around and the blow out between the girls the stress was too much. Terah ended up leaving with a car full of screaming kids seeming very on edge. Rory through tears decided to be selfless and let Lynni keep the toy they were fighting over, So we took Rory to the store and let her pick out a little toy.
We have been doing a sticker chart lately, for every little good deed- like cleaning and helping - she does we give her a sticker, enough stickers earns her a reward.It seems to be working ok so far, there have still been a lot of tantrums though.

I was left dizzy over the thought of more kid... more convinced Ri should get a vas. lol.

Saturday, Mom came to pick us up to go shopping. With Aaron and Amy.
We went and picked up Nicco and Lissy too.

We rode into St.Augustine to scour thrift stores.
Got some new clothes and a greay long sleeve for my bender costume arms.

Then headed to Pizza Hut for lunch

Nicco just loves Rory sooo much. He just watches her run around and squeals,.the highest pitched ear piercing squeal

Nicco even tried a little. I can't believe how big he is.

Lots of convo and fun.. Lots of spoiling the kids.

One the way back to Lissy's we saw the most amazing rainbow over the bridge-- Mom stopped by the river to see...
It was faded a bit by then- but still beautiful

Rory says if her Aunt Lissy has the red hair Aunt Amy will need to be blonder.
She seems to need one redheaded aunt and one blonde... or maybe thinks I need a redheaded and a blonde sis. We are part of a set or something... can't mess that up.

Lissy tried to hold the rainbow, maybe she will find the pot of gold.

I dunno if Nicco really saw it, Rory thought it was cool , as sleepy as she was
Lissy let me borrow her dremel tool to begin to tackle the heaping tube of gray cardboard , I am calling a costume.

... I still haven't done much with that.
I thought Rory would want to go to Mom's after shopping, but she had a new toy with tiny parts she was eager to open .
For the better anyways, I was WAY OVERstimulated and over tired. .. plus missing Ri who was off work and just hanging round the house.

Ri's friend Josh was over visiting him bringing sandwiches and pictures of his baby boy.. but didn't bring the baby!shame on him.

Me I am spent. Mentally, physically,emotionally- and I haven't done all that much.
in fact, i have done very very little the last few days..

I made some black bean soup and Rory ate a huge bowl, So I did accomplish something.Poor Rory is still coughing up a storm when she lays down. Made for grumpy time but the cold is pretty much gone, maybe she will sleep some day.

there is a little guilt over not working on my costume.. but I think I will go do more nothing.

Besides, Ri says he will help my with it some on Thursday, and I think Lissy said she will help on Saturday..
...there is a new episode of HOUSE on HULU anyway.




Libby said...

the yard looks great with that old fence gone.
We got some happy pics of Nicco.

Anonymous said...

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