Monday, October 19, 2009

Ah, Family Revisit

--revised to ad more pictures---

I realized recently that I was headed into my third year of blogging. Crazy. I meant to post about it but it sort of snuck up on me-
I have been half busy procrastinating and getting Lissy to drag me off to the dentist Friday and all over town- visiting relatives and both wishing we had more of that sleep sustinance in our lives-
in between NOT working on my costume when I should be...
but it really hit me as I was prepping for the yearly family reunion, which was one of my 1st posts:

Ah, Family

and the next one was one of my longest posts:

Visit the Reunion, baby Lily, and the museum
So , there I was getting ready for mom and Lissy to pick me up, Ri had to work, thinking about reunions of the past.
Worried what the relatives would say about my hair, trying to get fussy Rory(who had a REALLY ROUGH sleepless night) to agree on a single outfit.

Mom had Lissy's dresser in her car, and Lissy had boo and the baby- so we split up
Mom ended up picking up Rory ,and leaving me for Lissy to pick up-
We made it to the reunion before mom and Rory, Mom and dad had been singing(and emptying their vending machines) at the Eagles club, and Mom had to pick Dad up.

lol- We had stopped by Aunt Marla's house Friday at my dentist apt and heard her remind her daughters to be at the reunion on time ,too... and when we got there without mom, there they were without their mom too.

Nicco had a blast playing with their boys-rolling a toy back and forth

Missy's boys are sooo sooo pretty everyone thinks they are girls, they are all eyelashes and dimples

like their mom

and Mandy's boy is alll facial expressions, he can talk,but he doesn't need to- he will shoot you a look thats worth a million words- in fact.. I didn't take this pic, Missy did- I feared the wrath of that look he gave me when I was too close to him with the camera
he was laughing at his dad tickling his cousin- you would have thought he was tickling them both

Rory showed up ,I had loaded her with a bag full of candy, which she shared and made fast friends-her and Bianca(my cuz, Mitch's daughter) were inseparable. They even sat and ate together.Next to Aunt Marla, and GramatheGrape and behind my mom.

There wasn't a lot of veg food this year, Rory even ate some stuff with meat, I let her pick out her own food, she was politely waiting to eat her candy "after getting some real food in her belly"
- but there was lots of dessert,and soda for me.. what more could I ask for?

Not the JJ!
cuz Daune
Nicco LOVED him, tho perhaps it was just his love of hats?

I didn't really get too hard a time about my dreads- as I feared.
In fact I think NottheJJ gave Lissy a harder time about cutting her long hair off than me tangling mine.. southern men, they took more offense to a woman cutting long hair than knots in

Whoa. loads of family was there.. many I don't really know..
Who is this? Can't be a blood reletive
he was a brute.. seemed to want attention,standing at the gate- but in a "I will stomp it out of you sort of way"

Babysis Amy even dragged Aaron along - showing off her baby belly.
Their baby is due dec 16th.

My brother JJ

Nicco thinks he is soooo big. He could keep up with those other kids if his dad would just let him go.

...see... I was really there. NotTheJJ insisted I need my own picture on my camera-- Missy got some pics of me tho
...looking like a big dork...
yes, I make those faces often in real life.

--Missy also took this pic of Lissy& Nicco I love :

Rory & Bianca
they are tooo too cute

I beat Missy and Mandy to that pic :)

Tho, I missed the pic of my sisters hugging my new BroInLaws in unison.. "dammit boo, can't you keep huggin her until I get my camera up?"

Aw- Mitch's boy Tristan is looking soo much like him.

I often wonder if Rory's tendency towards hanging out with older kids will get her into trouble....
I spent a lot of time yelling for Rory to stay away from the road, stay where I could see her, don't run soo fast, be careful !!!

I joked perhaps I needed my hubby there as I noticed my cousins where relaxing and chatting while they had their better halfs chase the children
Mandy was like "yeah, that's what they're for!"

(Mandy took this next pic)
My cousins are silly... is that where I got it?

She also got this pic of Aunt Marla And Grandada the Grape - I somehow didn't get any of him

It wasn't a terribly long time there- just lunch or so, then people started to leave. I was SORE though-
Missy's youngest Malik is sooo soo adorable , I could resist his asking "UP!" and then shouting "GO!" and flipping himself backwards-
using me like a human jungle gym. It is no wonder Missy is in such good shape, How on earth does she keep up with both those boys?!
Mom and Dad ran off WITH Rory to Porky's - another bar,more karaoke
Lissy took me to meet up with them- We saw Aaron practicing having a daughter.

cuddled sleeping baby
sleeping baby is sooo wonderful.

Mom and Dad introduced us to a dozen people I won't remember.
Dad tried to get people to hate my hair.. most didn't think it was bad at all.
Showed off Lissy's baby, and Amy's belly- and how tall we all are.

Mom sang- :) Rory and Nicco thought it was amazing.
"How did you do that Grammy?!"

Then Dad sang- Nicco was even more awestruck- "How on earth do they do that with their voice and the music, it is amazing"
Rory played ( in the back part separate from the bar) a bit with some little girls who were there- who had also came from the reunion-
and outside with a cute little weinerdog a guy had brought in on a boat with him. siblings look thrilled.
Nicco wants to hear more MUSIC!
I think he wanted to try it out .... or at least find out what that loud making microphone tasted like.
I moved the carseat into JJ's new TaxiVan(he has a new job as a taxi driver) and he took us home.

All that excitement I was wiped out, but we didn't really nap. In fact Rory got to bed at a pretty reasonable hour and got her first BIG sticker on our chart for that... Ri had even taken her out Saturday to get a special toy to put up until she got enough stickers.
She spent the next day being far more productive than me collecting every sticker on her chart and then even another going to bed sticker! So she got her prize

I guess her plan now is to keep getting stickers and slowly earn each fisherprice room of the house.. I had no idea she even wanted that...
Oh, and I am completely stuck in this book about zombies(world war z by Max Brooks) Lissy let me borrow for my dentist appt.( I can't beleive I didn't take a single pic when we hung out Friday-:( )
tho it seems like a bad time for Zombie books with them EVERYWHERE this Halloween season

I might turn into one... least the child going to bed by midnight has started to make me feel less like a zombie..
or a vampire....

In fact... I am going to be a robot this year, so I need to go do repetitive tasks no human wants to...
like those dishes. Probably should finish that costume too.

Before I go- on the subject of family-
I wanna ask for some more goodthoughts(or prayers if you do that sort of thing), I haven't mentioned it elsewhere but Momo was sent back to the hospital, she coughed up a blood clot. I haven't heard much else.

I love you!!!



sandra said...

Thinking possitive thoughts for Momo.

Andrew's is going to be a robot this year as well :) If i have time i was thinking of making a robot costume for Don and I too...

✩Molly✩ said...

that new baby is due on my birthday! and Scarletts bday is the day after! Scarlett also is finally going to bed at night. Who'd have thought that tall i takes its turning off all thet lights putting her in bed and saying good night. Closing the door... it never ceases to amaze me.