Monday, October 5, 2009

“Summer makes me drowsy. Autumn makes me sing. Winter's pretty lousy, but I hate Spring.”

-Dorothy Parker quote...

Hi Rockstars and pussy cats...
..and everyone else,
anyone else??

Well .anyway.
Things have been ok.
Autumn weather continued on, along with the new kitty sending us spending most every waking moment out of doors..
On the plus side, Rory has been waking a bit earlier to see the kitty....
unfortunately she has not started going to bed earlier to balance that- we are grump city up in here.

It was sooo cool out I turned off the air- opened up the house, put in a CD and cleaned while Rory sat with the kitty

It was almost enough to make me forget it was Florida... until I spent the next 10 minutes chasing this gecko out of my dishwasher

-- this pic is dumb cause I forgot I had the timer set to take three pics and started singing again..
but my hair looks awesome, which is an effin rarity lately.

Bailey Sweets was a bit constipated that day.. but his poor little baboon butt looked better and he was super cuddly. Poor guy. He would run off, Rory would pick him up ,and he would just accept it and lay where ever she put him , just purring away about it. That continued pretty much all day.
I really wonder if it is possible to do wrong by him, he is too sweet.
( I am in LOVE with this pic, would it be weird to blow up and frame a picture of a cat?)

Well, there is ONE thing Sweets isn't so cool with just yet,

Poor Noobs
She JUST wants to lick the puppykitten, cute little puppy kitten.. Noobie can't stand it

"Why won't it let me cuddle it?"

Though, I did open the back door the let Noobie in the other night,
only to see the cat had been hanging out in the backyard with her, maybe things are improving between them?

Also, I can't claim Sweets is in love with his need of three baths a day, and many many many buttwipes he ends up needing , but like the child's affection he tolerates it all for the sake of the attention.We are pretty certain now it is a rectum problem, and not an illness... Our freind assures us surgery wouldn't be a good option(pricey, risky,low success rate) - and he will most likely out grow it.
For now we are keeping him clean and just waiting... please get better soon kitty.

So , anyway.
Some updates. Ri's old freind Chris stopped in the other night.. told us about Harvey,( I mentioned a month or so ago his girlfriend had came over concerned looking for him because no one knew where he was, just that he'd been hanging with a bad crowd.)
Yeah, the bad crowd got him locked up. Chris came over to hang out with Ri and discuss it.
Flashbacky moment,At one point years ago- when Ri&I contemplated an actual factual big formal froufrou wedding- We decided Chris and Harvey would be groomsmen. They where the two most excited people ever... it let us know we'd made the right choice. I think they were the most bummed out when we eloped, out of all Ri's many female friends, and my sisters- it was those guys that were the most excited.
It is super sad that things like drugs ,women, bad crowds ,and such lifestyle has come between their friendship so much.
Got to meet Chris' new girlfriend for a second , before she left the guys to play GTA late into the early morn.

Momo(ri's gram) had surgery and it was a little more complicated than they expected- they said she came out ok and is recovering, Ri is really really concerned about her though. The same day we got the email- Rory got a snailmail pretty card from her. Just one of her random "I love you" hallmark cards with a tiny bit of money "to spend on something fun" in it.

Sis Lissy- took preggy Babysis Amy to the dr , found out Amy has pretty bad asthma(not just allergies/ a cold.) and got her an inhaler.

Saturday we went to visit Ri's Mom's new apartment.

It must be clarified , it is a "senior community NOT an old folks home". I agree with Ri, it is half retirement castle, half hotel. ..not that there is anything wrong with that. Hotel life is sorta cool IMO. You don't have to take care of anything, you have a pool, a gym ,and more- ....this hotel is just full of Senior citizens..and those handrails along all the hallways. Ri says there is no way he could live like that tho.
It's small- BUT 2 bedroom - 2andhalf bath. It is set up fairly decent. I do believe she will be hating that tiny kitchen before long.
She did get the Highest up farthest back room corner she wanted, and the view is pretty great.She says you don't have to be a guest to use the abandoned little gym- and we have thought about how we could drop the kid off in the pool with her, and workout together...we may have to start doing that, if no one minds.
We took her to walmart with us to get the random things we needed and let Rory spend her money.Sari met us at walmart with Lily. They had an absolute blast hanging out - I tried to BEG Sari to come back to the old folks home , hotel in south florida - senior community pool to swim with us all...but she wouldn't.
and I forgot the entirety of the odds and end list that sent us to wally world in the 1st place.

Rory picked out a Littlest Pet Shop Lemonade Stand which she has been glued to for days now.

We had fun swimming, probably on of the last chances we will get with the winter trying to come in full force this year.

Lissy(sis) called yesterday asking if we'd babysit Nicco for a few hours while they went to watch mom and dad at a karaoke bar.Rory helped me clean up, and keep up, all her tiny toys all day.. as the day wore on I figured Lissy might not be coming. They have a lot to do with their friends moving in, and Nicco hasn't been feeling well, Rory wasn't happy about it though. I let her tell Lissy how rude it was when Lissy called to apologize. LOL. Rory really wanted to babysit Nicco. Another time I guess. I caught up with awesome fall tv online , so really I was fine with another time and assumed that might happen to begin with.

Ri did end up getting those odds and ends we needed from wallyworld last night- along with some extra odd

..Rory would NOT eat the finger candy, would you??

It is made of corn syrup and beef gelatin I wouldn't eat it either. ... and it had a bone, made of sugar, on the inside that made it bend realistically, it was soo gross feeling.

More with the bizarre overtired of a child that had been up since well before Noon playing and cleaning... yet is awake past 3 am...
and her father who worked all day yet hadn't gone to bed.
I think they played till they collapsed.

...and she was still up before noon.
and I have had a shitty day.overtired kid+no smokes+shitty cat+ small spat between cat and dog- effing messes...and any other problem you can think of.
We did make some awesome baked apples. Rory LOVED that process and the house smells of autumn.
Well, for the love of all that is good in the world leave me a comment before I start breaking things...
also.note, photoshop is installed and my pictures are popping with bright color and less blemishes. woohoo.



Benjamin said...

Wow! I'm totally digging reading about my family from another mother. It just shows me I've been so caught up in my life and the house and the baby and the not comming to cc. I'm really missing out. There's nothing like sitting up all night sorting out all the conversations at once: Rian talking about work/friends/games, Rory introducing me to all the new toys I haven't met yet not to mention the old ones I already have, and of course keeping nubis's nose out of my face/crotch!

I guess I miss my peeps. You've always been there for me and I realize you guys live too far away from me for me to be there for you equally.

What can I say? New pets, new toys, NEW HAIR-sweet btw! Give me some time. It'll all come together! The covert-ward connection will once again be reinstated!

Till then,

B. D. G. C. , Ileana, and baby covert!

babyhellfire said...

Thanx !!!!
We HAVE to get together soon !! We miss you :)

Libby said...

You've got some sweet pics on this post. I posted two on ICHC

Libby said...

Corey said...

How would one go about making these baked apples? I assume it's more than plopping some apples in the oven.

Oh and that finger candy looks to close to the real thing for me to consider putting it in my mouth. Bit freaky actually.


babyhellfire said...

LOL, awesome Lissy!

Corey- Baked apples are crazy easy. Well, a bit more than just popping in oven- but it is just core out the seeds- fill with cinna sugar ( and rasins and nuts if you like)- a little pat of butter and THEN in the oven in a pan full of a bit of water. super simple and smell like heaven

yeah. exactly that finger was disturbing....even if I could get past the beef gelly- they realisticness was too much.

Camille said...

Rory is getting so big! Cute pics... and you look great with dreds. Are they difficult to take care of?

sandra said...

omg you 2 are just to freaking cute. I love you hair... I would so frame a cat picture. i have many of them actually. you and Rory look soooo much alike.

North Carolina Mom said...

The pictures of your daughter and her cat are all worth framing. And the pictures of everyone's eyes are amazing.