Monday, December 14, 2009

The prettiest present

Every time we go to the grocery store we see this balloon in the floral dept. Rory BEGS for it..
well, I don't entirely want to buy her a balloon - but I also explain that THAT is a balloon for baby showers or new moms of little girls, and that she does NOT need it.
She needs it now.To give to her Aunt Amy!

Amy's water broke Friday. I had talked to mom that morn and we all had our fingers crossed Amy would go into labor soon. Poor girl,she had been having soo many contractions and was just uncomfortable.
She was in labor a while before they decided to give her pitocin, with her water broken she needed to have that baby.
Lissy called me to say she was headed up that way . We sort of planned on going, Ri got off early anyway. .. but I knew I wouldn't be able to be much help for the labor part, I remembered that that hosp(the same one Lissy had Nico at) had pretty strict security at night and during their stay in L&D, and I had heard with the swine flu going around many hospitals weren't allowing children visitors at.all .

We figured we would wait around and see if Amy got closer to having her before going... maybe even wait till morning. Lissy did head up there ,they didn't let Nico in at all so they ended up sitting in the waiting room, as I feared we'd be - Lissy did bring the birthing ball, and was able to talk to Amy some and I am sure that helped.
By 4 am Amy still hadn't had the baby , Nico was fussy and overtired, and Boo had to work, so they had to head home.
When I called Aaron at 7am asking for an update he told me ,in a jumbled exhausted state, a big long list of numbers which he had to break down for me into Weight,length , time ! Whhaaa? I was calling to ask if she was further dilated before taking a nap LOL.

- Allura Rose came eaaaaarly Saturday morning at 6:51 ,( probably not early enough if you ask Amy).
She weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces - 19 inches long. Everyone assured me she was beautiful and a good little eater. I am sooo excited for them :)

But I never did get that nap I was planning. Rory stayed up.

Then Ri woke up telling me some mumbling about Kalani coming over to help him trim trees, and pressure wash the house ..
"But.but. we were 'sposed to go to the big xmas party at the Eagles club, my parents made sure we were signed up for it?!?!-"
"well, I guess we won't have time anyway since I want to go to the hospital"
.. I thought
so He came- they got to work
They cut down one of the orange trees :o !
and my yard looks amazing.
really really amazing.
I still didn't sleep. I cleaned.

I had an almost manic OCD fit finding out that not only did Ri plan for Kalani to come over, and that party , he also planned for dinner with his mom and long lost cousin...
AND now dinner at his moms was exploding into a full scale reunion!!

even IF Amy didn't happen to have the baby Saturday - WTF?
I mean,... Just the other day I was begging Santa to let Amy have her baby SAT because it was SOON and Rian's day off.
I was extra irritated as I sat .. I sat.
Not sleeping.
Not going to the party.
not leaving for the hospital
AND they took much much longer than planned.
So much so that the party started and ended, and I damn well COULD have gone in that time..
AND we RUSHED to make it to the hosp BEFORE visiting hours were over!
AND we were too late for dinner at his mom's and his mom was going to have to stall his long lost cuz from leaving(but the other fam would be leaving).
RI knew I was mad.

I thought I would bawl my sleepless delusional eyes out as we sat in traffic in satsuma for 20 minutes, and I feared not making it to see my new niece (there was a HUGE accident and the road had been shut down all evening).

We made it though.
We didn't get to stop to get Rory that balloon. Ri convinced me it is better to get it for them when they are home( I can't say I agree ,but a grocery was out of our way and we were running late).
So, Amy if you ever find time to read this post, inbetween staring down at your gorgeous baby, you did NOT see that pink baby foot balloon.
Lissy planned on going we were even going to pick just her up (because she said Boo didn't feel well) and take her. .. but when Boo woke up sick she feared she might be too contagious to see newborn, and couldn't come :( .

I asked Amy 100 questions, Lissy called my cellphone and talked about all her birthdate stuff.
Mostly, I just stared at her while she slept

and she would not wake up for me.

Isn't she beautiful?!

Rory did get to come in after all..

We didn't find out until we were already in the room that she wasn't supposed to be there
- we only had thirty minutes until visiting hours ended anyway, so the same nurse who mentioned it ignored her and walked away.
I did get a bunch of vids for Lissy.
I only put the super short one on youtube so far

and I got to touch her baby feet.

She reminds me soo much of little Rory- with the stretching and the handinface thing.
Soo cute. I wanna hold her. I can't wait till they are home and we can visit!!
I can't wait to take cute cheesy holiday pictures of her! I am soo glad we got to visit.

visiting hours ended quickly and we still had to run to Ri's mom's before everyone left.

At least I got a tiny nap on our way. If you are keeping track I am up to about three small naps in a good 48 hours.. and I was only getting those naps because I was falling asleep upright.
Rory was excited to go visit her grandma.

even more excited when we say Lily was there. We JUST missed Ri's aunt Angie though.

Ri got to meet his cousin, who he hasn't seen since he was very small... they have reconnected through Facebook.

Ri knew his Dad pretty well, and I guess they sort of wanted him to talk to him some about him

Everyone seemed REALLY exhausted. The girls play and we all half sleepily chatted.. I hurried to edit those pics and vids to upload to Lissy - and the net - when I got home. Which is also part of the reason I failed to get any good pics

I don't know that Ri really got to talk much with his cousin, but I am sure they will stay in touch and meeting everyone seemed to go well.

Sunday was mostly spent sleeping. We got soo much needed sleep. I realized why Rory had slept so much when she woke and puked :( .
I think it must have been something she ate. She never ran a fever, she puked a little had a bath and fell asleep again- when she woke up she felt much better and ate everything in sight.
Ri had to work all day,and ended up staying way late at Cowboys doing dishes.

We really need to figure out our schedule , a schedule of some sort.We are both overly grumpy from sleeplessness and oversleeping. We've spent the morning doing Christmas crafts and watching Christmas movies I LOVE The Santa Claus . I can't believe it is so close , I am soo not ready.
I am so excited at the same time.

I should go clean or rest.


LindaN said...

Aww, so..finally she has a reason to get that balloon *lol*

JnA said...

Aww!! Congrats to her!

And I saw the snippet of this on my dashboard with the picture and totally thought you were having a baby!!

Anonymous said...

She is just so beautiful!!! Tell Amy congrats!!! Another wonderful blog!!!

✩Molly✩ said...

awwww. the trick to geting them to wake up for you is to turn out all the lights. babys are so sensitive to light. :) We kept it so dark in our hospital room, because i wanted to see scarlett look me in the eyes :) way to document such a great event. Scarlett loves pretty aluminum balloons too!

babyhellfire said...

Didn't mean to trick you JnA lol

We still need to buy Amy that balloon. :)