Thursday, December 3, 2009

A conscience is like a baby. It has to go to sleep before you can.

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What's up folks?
Not much been goin' on here. Same old cleaning , (or not feeling like cleaning)
cooking (or tossing together leftovers)- Crazy child,
Ri working too much.

We got invited to Ben & Ileana's BabyShower/Housewarming-( I have mentioned them before and how I am super excited for them)

I honestly wasn't sure we were going.
We had planned on ordering them a present- and mailing it to them.. so, Monday night-Ri tells me we are gonna go and he got off work, I had not prepped at all..

Rory's schedule went from being almost righted to COMPLETELY ANNOYINGLY upside down.
(I sleep like four hours a night tops... I can sleep when I am old or something , right? aaaahhh.)...
Yeah. I almost had a minor anxiety attack at the thought of a sleepless two hour ride , with fusspants mcgee, and not having a gift in hand.
Ri let me sleep in.and that helped- but we finally left much later than planned.Hoping we wouldn't miss all the fun.

A long ride and a stop at BK later we made it,, to the most crowded cul-de-sac .EVER.

We actually called Ben from his driveway to ask where we could park.
Soo many people.Rory was a bit too shy to hang out with some little girls she saw outside, luckily Ben's cousin Emily arrived a little later, and got them all to play together. They ran crazy laps around the house, and seemed to have a blast.
-while , We walked to Ben's spiffy new bar and got handed shots of Jager .
Their places looks AWESOME , they have seriously done a great job
Ohh. and I should mention the CUTE baby's room with musical notes hand painted all over the bedding and walls.
Say it with me : "Awwww."
Start Awwing now.
There will be more, that's what people do at baby showers. PLUS,I took LOADs of pics...LOADS..

Let the activities begin , we came in late for the no saying baby necklace game- We'd totally lose anyway, because Ri and I call each other baby way too much.

Ileana came out and tried to find volunteers to drink baby bottles full of rum& coke

and about this time I realize I have become party photog- I am the paparazzi.
Ben and Ri start screaming for me to take pictures.

No cheating! (can you spot Rory on a lap through the house.)

The Winner!
Ooo.Carbonation in a bottle,My chest hurts for them.
Ben & his Mom

lol. and Ben totally didn't notice

I don't even know if I can possible come up with explanations for half these.
Everyone is your bff when you are drunk.
Ben.. well . He was pretty drunk.
Still has the classic pose ideas though.

Next baby shower activity
name that babyfood.


She ended up winning- I think she also won the necklace game.

OMG.How epic are their faces? LOL

The girls on another lap into the house


Why do babyshowers have to have actual babies?This lil boy has such pretty pretty eyes.

...No. I totally do not need a baby. Stupid twitching uterus.Damn cute children, they were all over.

Ben's neighbors even showed up.. they wore orange to match their house
they were probably checking to make sure the hundreds of cars clogging the cul-de-sac weren't about to burn the building down.

Love the decorations!

Omg- look at her cute belly

and the cute cake!

Also, I love that dress.

here is where I take a load of pics.
Somewhere around here Ben was so drunk he was offering to pay me for every good pic I got.I won't hold him to it..

That is the "ooo awesome, diapers!" face.

Ben.. was like :
take a pic of me looking like "what am I doing here"

...then I didn't see him again. Ri and Saj waited for him to finish puking and tucked him in bed.
Sorry dude. know what to say


Awwww, look at all the pretty girly gifts!

I think their registry consited of mostly neutrals, and greens and not much pink..
sorry to say people LOVE buying frilly girl things.
Loads of pink.
On the bright side, that habit of other people buying baby girl clothes kept me from spending money on Rory entire wardrobe for at least her 1st year of life.

She got soo many gorgeous gifts-
this may have been the topper:
They started pulling out this clothes line, and on it an outfit arranged by size and season!
She put so much work on it, she even added iron on for a michigan state onsie, and one with musical notes!
(I love that you can see the people at the bar -through the window reacting as well)
Now I am sorta sad I didn't see this before my baby sis' babyshower.

I just met them, but I think love these two. I am going to adopt them as my new bffs.
I might have been a bit tipsy(a little while later) when I had such a thought... but they were pretty interesting throughout the night. Loads of great covos
- and her baby boy is adorable

Once the presents were opened Rory got interested in the video games.
and had some cake.

I caught Ri and Ben's mom talking concerned about Ben- and got them to pose

- that baby girl was seriously cute .
I think a lot of people started to leave after presents , that or head to the bar.
Back to the bar.

With a new bartender

Emily had it all figured out too,even demanding her tip.Super cute

At this point, I felt like I had to take pics of everything Ben was missing.

IDK lol
To alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems,

or as Ben's poster put it

These guys may have got a little toooo drunk.

Ri started reminiscing about high school party's with Ben's cousin and aunt

Ileana made the smart choice to close the bar at 8. We had already called it quits by then.
But we stayed out, and chatted -sobered up- while Rory played with Emily and video games inside.
They did have a bit of a melt down- as Emily got the tired Crankies, Rory and her started arguing over petty things.
ugh.close aged kids. they go from best friends to worst enemies in a matter of minutes.
I believe this is punishment for the crap me and Lissy did each other .

Look Who has risen!

We had sooo much fun.
So many crazy conversations with people that I barely knew, and who likely don't remember me.
And with Lots of new friends, and old..

They started setting up beds for all the people that were staying.
Ri had to work in the morning- but that long drive sounded no fun. We really debated staying.
When we did start to leave Ri's keys disappeared. Jess had stolen them - she wanted us to stay until her BF got there , and meet him.
So there was wrestling.
they used babies and little girls to make Ri stay.
thats cruelty.

Awww! Sweet sleeping baby! He was soo cute all night.

And teeny little Carlos on the baby bump is almost too much.

Ben and Ileana and most everyone headed to bed,
Emily and her mom headed home-
Rory played video games and raided the bowl of chocolate,
and we stayed up chatting a bit with Jess& her BF before heading out.

It was, like, one in the morn before we left.
I had a pocket full of bits of a 10 dollar bill- Ri had torn on some ramble about only needing 51percent of a torn bill to get one replaced..,
and napkin covered in a list of webcomics some random guy told me I HAD to look up.

Rory was sooo tired she crashed hard the minute her butt hit the carseat. She woke up and cried for a bit when we were almost home .. she actually said it was because she was soo tired!

Poor Ri only got a nap before heading off to work.
He was scheduled to work Wed morn and night
...but now, Cowboys says he is off wed nights too! ugh.So, he is only working ONE night a week at cowboys, and ugh, if he knew he only had to work Nalus he probably could have got someone to cover for him and not went in.

I was in a pretty foul mood.
I just haven't been getting along with myself ,or anyone too well lately.Plus ,everything feels out of place- I try to start something and give up when it isn't working right.( I am guessing lack of sleep)
Ri knew I was frustrated and having trouble with everything.
He knew how upset the xmas tree had made me on top of everything else..
We have a little fake tree, this year when we plugged in the lights they were blown, the old little tree doesn't fluff out like it should anymore, our star broke...and THEN to top it off when we bought brand new lights, they didn't work either!!!GRR.

He came home Wednesday with a LIVE flipping tree& a sting of lights!

I was a LITTLE kid last time I had a REAL tree! He said he got it for a fairly good price(much cheaper than trying to buy a new fake one this year at least)
We still need more lights it is MUCH bigger than out little fake one.
The house smells SO SO amazing!
Rory says it smells like celery though,-on the bright side she is about halfway through a brand new bunch of celery.

Ri was off work today-um-yesterday-
I slept till the sun went down, We went on a quickie shopping trip , and I napped again- but I am still tired.
zombie mommy.
we have to get our schedules fixed.Me probably more so than Rory.

Ri and I finally took some time to talk.
He made lasagna,and salad for dinner- We all ate like we had never ate in our lives, I still can't figure out why we were all so hungry.

I haven't heard anything from Amy about her baby coming yet.

I don't really have anything else.. I just wanted to get these pics up for Ben to steal.

I am fighting the urge to ride my bike to the store at three am to buy smokes ..
since devil child won't sleep.
either way,
outta here like last year



Benjamin said...

Wow! You totally hit the nail on the head again. The night was a success although my drinking abilities appeared well below par. I appreciate you comming out all the way from good ole po-dunk county! You are definately setting a name for yourself as quite the photographer/story teller! There's a future in it for you, I'm sure of it. Well, at least in our family's eyes.

Thanks again, and yes, I totally owe you. I'm hearin that song in the back of my know the rest! Hit me up. Let's set a date. You bring the fam plus the cam, I'll Bring the fun!

Love you guys,

B. D. G. C.

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