Friday, February 12, 2010

The best plan is no plan at all, then everything goes according to the plan.

Plans suck.
Did I ever tell you about the time we tried to plan an actual wedding?
,yeah... point made.

Someone with enough social anxiety to keep her up at night pondering life, words and feelings, and their interpretations, shouldn't make plans.
I have come to the conclusion I am more of a fly by the moment, loose plans are the best plans , sort of person. ..but man, that same anxiety laden compulsive list maker sure can clash with that person. It's a sort of downward spiral into insanity from there ,isn't it?

So, anyway.. Ri is on vacation. Almost 3 whole weeks off. (3 weeks off at nalu's ,but he can pick up a few random extra shifts at cowboys). He is antsy and stir crazy..and well aware of the glorious snowpocalypse that is effecting most the country, except here. He has all this time off and he tends to feel he should do something with it.He KEPT bringing up a trip to his aunts vacation home in Georgia , and the friends(from middle school) he has been chatting with in Tennessee... I never seemed all that down with a sudden pile into the car trip through the south; I didn't jump to make lists- that was probably his 1st would be pricey to take the kid.
He tossed around the idea of going with a friend, having a bro-cation .

By Monday it was just an idea.. he threw it around to some of his friends.

We had plans for Monday though,

Ben- who is BASICALLY Ri's brother(I could mention something about the family you choose VS the ones you are born with.. you get the idea), gave us the heads up that Ileana was in town staying with his mom, so we might get to meet baby Bella!!
I like those sort of plans.

We called to make sure it was a good time and headed over..
Oh. you're jealous. I can feel it through the monitor.
And if you aren't jealous yet:

Ileana is so awesome.She spoke of pregnancy and birth as a beautiful blessing
..and really with that sort of reward ,who could argue the fuzzy baby shoulders - it was enough to make my dried up husk of a "never want another child" uterus to twitch in memory of when I had a fuzzy baby.

Rory was WAY too busy playing with Emily to understand
They played dress up, and school , and house.. and maybe even hide and seek while we chatted.

I'm in love.Clearly, I am not the only one.Little girly has everyone wrapped around her little finger already

I can't believe how alert she is.She is going to be talking soo soon, I don't think I have ever heard a newborn be so verbal.

soo cute.
They pose for one picture though before I get this:
I am telling you now Ben, girls can be SUCH divas.
I am sure she will be too.. and if not I am sure Rory and Emily can show her how.

Then she will want to set up her toys and FORCE you to take pictures of her....

It will happen before you know it.

I guess Rory is good at planning.I sure hope she is better than Rian and I;
(like how did that segue back into the original subject? I am clever, or heavily caffeinated.)

Ri got it in his head he WOULD go to GA, and TN with a buddy.He reached out to his cousin,the one he recently reconnected with - and decided it would be an awesome chance for them to bond more.He even brought up the idea to a few other guys he knew would be around in case he needed another roadtrip companion.
Manroadtrip was on.
He started planning.

He talked about it to his buddy Kenny when he came for a visit,
he chatted to his friends up north
he even posted a Facebook status.


Hell. I started planning. WTH was I going to do with him away, what sort of things would I need stocked??
- thinking maybe I would spend a night at mom's . Sleep over sounded pretty cool to Rory. (Though, her sleep has been so erratic it has made her almost behavior unbearable; I doubt SLEEP was the keyword)

So we were set. Ri would leave late Thursday night for a LONG weekend.
We really did hold off until the last day to get ready, in tradition with our attempt at antiplanning.

Thursday , We explained it to Rory, we switched phones (so he could trust my heavy duty phone to survive a roadtrip)We went grocery shopping for things we'd need, Ri packed his bag.
...but we didn't hear from ANY of his friends all day.
His cousin finally told him he was too sick to come.
His other friend didn't answer the phone.another was sick.. and so on,
Harvey stopped in for a bit, and was a step away from just piling up in the car with Ri , but Hether had other plans for the weekend and he couldn't.
Ri called around in hopes of finding one guy who could drop everything, and help him go out on a long weekend in search of old friends and snow..and found no one.

By the end of the night I was making cookies, and he was terribly depressed. :(
I wish there was something I could do. I wish I could force one of his friends to go. I wish I could magically have a way for it to be cheap and simple for me to go..
More,I just wish I could make him feel better. I can feel his heart is broken. I know he feels bad for not getting away on his time off.and he was really looking forward to it.

..and now. It is raining.Snowstorm in GA. Ri is sleeping off his let down of a night.. and I am up at 6am.
At least I have the support of Heritage Dr.Pepper, and homemade brownie cookies .

and now, my eye is twitching.




Anonymous said...

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Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

Tina Michelle said...

Aww, I feel bad for Ri. Sorry he could not go, hope the weekend turned out well for you all. I love that little baby pic! She is adorable and rory's pic wiht the dolls is super adorable!

babyhellfire said...

Actually, He did get to go with Ben!! They went a day later and just got home... I will blog about it eventually :)

Anonymous said...

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