Thursday, February 25, 2010

Proof you shouldn't blog sick:

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions
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I'll think of something.
Something to share besides the insanely high fever I have.
Something cute to tell you besides the embarrassing fact that my 5 yr old can beat me at almost all the wii sports games.
.. except bowling- I am oddly good at that, and in love with the fact it doesn't involve pinchy shoes when it is done in my own living room.
Rory spends most her time taking care of her animals on the World Zoo game we got with the wii- its cute, slightly annoying, but cute.

I'll try not to whine about my guilt of telling RI to "suck it up", that he was just jetlaggy and his typical post sick sinus infection NOT a NEW sick
... only to then catch his debilitating sick. I am a meaner.

I could whine about how I have been sick more this winter than in any year of my life. Every effing time I shake off one thing , I catch another. Since I first caught the swineflu in August, till now I think that is ,like 5 illnesses .ffs.
Darn pig

My immune system has gone to hell, and I am becoming a freaking hypochondriac because of it. I think I am dying. This isn't a fever, its the early stages of some rare disease. It's babyhellfireism- they are gonna name it after me.
When they find me huddled in a mass of shaking sweat.
The 1st symptom is body odor.
The second is the feeling of your head exploding out of your eyelids,
the third is the ability to use your body as a space heater.
It's karmic debt for the screen name.
. I should have went with some neutral temperature name

I lost my memory card.
No, scratch that,
Ri lost my memory card. At least it didn't have pictures on it.
So I don't have any pictures to share. Not that my goosebumpy , sweaty flushed sick face is anything I would share with the public.
Nor would you need pictures of the house I couldn't clean when standing started feeling like an Olympic event (Announcer : If she can make it to the kitchen upright she'll win the gold!! )
. And Ri worked all week.
Rory has been cute.and SUPER helpful and good, I passed out in a heap on the couch watching Bones episodes online.

Mom came over today to bring me soup and lots to drink.
I love my mom.... I felt bad ,I didn't want to hug her and spread my ick...and that even she saw my house such a mess.

:( I am really terrified of the idea of Rory catching this high fever.

I could use a giggle:

And a vid of my nephew Nico who will be A ONE YEAR OLD soon-

Not at all possible. I just posted about her giving birth... He does look like a big kid.hmmm
She must have replaced him with a big kid in my sleep.
The only fault in that logic is my lack of sleep.

I did have some plan about finally getting a pic of Grace Folly- the wild gorgeous catish creature that follows Sweets around , and blogging that. Ah well.

Seems everyone around me is either stressed to the max, or sick. Fun stuff.
Yet,Underneath feeling like death warmed over, I have been in an -oddly- fairly positive mood mentally (aside from that whole hypochondriac "I'm dying" thing)
... I think its the fever talking. A mild hallucination
.. or maybe its the ibuprofen?

Ri is off work tomorrow, He is talking about packing up the wii and the kid, and escaping from my puddle of sick. We'd Wanted to have people over to play, but I would feel terrible if anyone caught this from me....or saw me.

Well- That's all I could think of.
Sorry for the lameness of this blog. :( .

Hopefully it will at least meet the approval of the anon porn bots I keep blocking comments from.
Yet, I still don't get near enough hits for google to pay me for ads.
Only just enough for them to send me junk mail. Ha My luck.

I am going to go try to medicate myself enough to sleep.
...or maybe just find some other TV show to catch up on.



North Carolina Mom said...

Feel better soon!

Ms. Burrows said...

Hope you're feeling better. When I'm sick, I'm usually way to pathetic to do anything like blog. I want the entertainments to come directly to me.

Joye said...

Girl, I hope this sickness passes soon!!!