Friday, April 16, 2010

Conflicted? Turn to blog?!

I am not feeling very bloggy.
I should be. There are things going on I could vent,panic , and whine and blog about here. I am torn between the feeling of wanting to crawl up and hide- and wanting to be ridiculously productive.
ah. conflict.

I blame Aunt Flo... but it really isn't just hormones.

We are still trucking along on the work to the house.. not fast enough though . That entire subject is stressful and troubling. my house.
rent my house.
Pack my things and move Rory a school district over.
k? thanks.

Ri quit his job at cowboys.
Things are going great at Nalu's-
He is freakishly calm, and happier than ever about the whole thing. The other job had become so negative for him I guess he was just glad to let it go-
Plus, now he just goes surfing or riding bikes around st.auggy with his buddies when he would have been working there - or enjoying his shifts at the tacostand even more, so he is in a way better place mentally.

Wish I could say the same... I have started doing yoga everyday on the wiifit. At least it appears to be helping my physical balance.

Mom & Libby came and dragged us out on Wednesday .. we went to Mom's for eggplant parm and potato soup..
and strawberry shortcake.
and more junkfood .YAY!

We also explored the shed a bit more. We found a stash of old toys including the ORIGINAL '92 Littlest Pet Shop -- or at least the case part. I was amazed that, that much exists in there. Rory was sort of sad we didn't find any of the classic pets. but she found some cool treasure from our youth- and spent some time playing golf with JJ.

Rory was fussy though. Sleepy head kept throwing fussy tantrums.
Nico was sort of fussy too- poor baby has allergies- I know the feeling

At least when they are this age their tantrums are still funny and cute- and short lived.



He talks soo much now it is soo cute!!


Rory takes awesome pics :) I love his curls!

I caught this pic of the face Lissy gives Dad


She might hate me for that- but it is too perfect.

We even brought Noobs over to spend the day at Mom&Dad's . Tried to get her to ride in the back of Mom's car- but she wouldn't she climbed over to her spot in between the front seats(she must copilot) , ignoring the fact that her butt was on top of poor Lissy.

She spent most of the time begging for food from the meat eater people, and laying on their air vents.
Stinker. Didn't even give up her spot when dad put his shirt on her.. In fact I think she used it to hold in more of the cool air.



Nico wanted my camera- how can you say no to this:



I think they are conspiring against Lissy and I to learn the perfect tantrum techniques from one another.

Ri picked us up and Rory fell asleep as soon as her butt hit her carseat.
me too.
We both woke up in the middle of the night though, never fear.

Ri spent today cleaning out the rest of the garage. It looks awesome in there.
I finally caught up on laundry in my panic mode... we will see how long that lasts.
There is still much much to do and a HUGE mess. I just want to throw everything away and start over.
fuck it all.
Actually I don't even want to do that. I can't bare the thought at all-
(you see the problem now don't you) .

I just want to hide from it all and hope it disappears on its own.
Do you think people regularly burglarize homes and steal just the things other people don't need anymore?? I wonder if I could hire such a person


I'm losing it . I blame Poor sleep habits, stress and hormones - but all those are a pretty regular thing.

Everything local is all abuzz again about the little girl that went missing(and is now believed dead) a year ago.
Lots of rumors, lots of drama, lots of thoughts I can barely stomach
and lots of people on FB spreading misinformation they heard from someone ,who heard from someone who may have heard it from friends or family members. bleh.
small town.

I don't know what to say beyond how much my heart hurts for the people who lost her from their life.

I did FINALLY finish the latest project on my Of Fairy Tales and Far Aways blog- PLEASE click the link go there- comment, subscribe, share , give love PLEASE PLEASE
... and yes. I did really just write this post in hopes of pimping that new blog post.
That and procrastination.
Well , it's not like I sleep or anything.



Joye said...

Procrastination I do believe is more powerful than hormones, LOL. I suffer from this horrible disease myself, LOL. I adore the pics, and have to tell you the tantrum video did spike an interest in a tantrum here. Airi watched carefully then joined them, LOL. They stop, she stopped. Reminder to self: Don't watch that video again in small children's presence.

It makes me insane hearing all the rumors, especially when the statement from the actual investigators can be viewed. What is important here is a family has spent the last 14 months missing their sweet little girl. Why are people so callused?

Have a great day, girl!!! And procastinate all you want. We procrastinators have to stick together, :)

Rochelle said...

LOL Angela...we are having job and house stress too. And strangely enough Clark is being calm while I freak out. We should, somehow, find some sort of motivation, and send it to each other. WE will have to move, but considering we are renting from untrustworthy heathens...we don't know what to do.