Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Murphy's law , dreads, and babies.

Summarization might be the key to this blog..
though, I haven't been getting enough sleep and you know how that tends to cause me to ramble.
(or you didn't know that, and you don't normally read my blog- so welcome!!)
Also, I don't care what Firefox says summarization is totally a word.

well, we're are keeping on.
A lot of the same crap I mentioned in my last post is keeping on. Murphy's Law has continued to attack us.. every little thing that can go wrong,will.
Light in the car is flashing ,towel rack breaking, bulbs breaking, hundred little things around the house just seeming to fall apart as we try to fix it up.

More with Needy extraordinarily talkative child.

More Allergies . Well, we aren't sure if it is allergies everyone keeps telling us that. I got this whole stuffed head obvious pollen allergy thing, but it was followed with this weird extreme stomach cramping.. I thought I was getting sick but then it faded . Then Ri did it. I guess it is logical that the freakishly high tree pollen allergens could also affect our stomachs- it just seems odd.

Rory schedule got all sorts of extra weird. Stupid naps.

I would be lying if I said it isn't all driving me sort of nuts.
That is added to the constant obsession with looking for rental property in st.auggy, as if I am going to find something cheap enough that we can keep this house and live there .ha.


but.. I guess all things considered a lot of other things have gone right.
Or maybe my expectations have lowered soo much I can appreciate the good that happens even more.

Ri did finally buy new vents and switch covers- and a new light for the kitchen(he also took Rory and let me rest when I was feeling extra sicky) , but we haven't put anything up..
He DID finally burn the rest of the fence panels as well .

Saturday morning- when the 4th lawnguy we tried to hire still hadn't came , and the neighbor asked Ri if he could mow the empty field between our yards, Ri asked him how much to do the whole yard- the guy said TEN bucks! and he did it super fast! So yay!

Diana & Denise (Ben's mom and Aunt) swung in to visit Saturday while they were watching Bella!!
Squeee baby hugs
I cannot believe how big she has got she is the cutest little Roly Poly - she was just trying to join the whole conversation too! She is just soo gorgeous!
We talked about getting Rory and Emily together to play again soon,
Ben wants us to head up to Orlando to hang out and visit Monday too :)

Ri has to get a day away from the house stuff.
I know it's all I let him do when he is home in projecting my panic over it, but I also want things magically finished. lol.

Thank goodness for weather conditions. Sunday There was a tornado watch Sunday. I wanted rain. I wanted a torrential down pour of COLD rain. The humidity of the house with the air conditioner being broken robbed me of the little bit of sleep I allow myself.
I hadn't slept in days with stupid insomniatic chatty crazy thing ( that made me have hour long conversations with preeetty much every member of my family I could find awake. Sorry Dad) - along with that whole nocturunal napping child thing.. the broken AC was too much. The tornado watch didn't bring rain at 1st but it did cool the earth down and I found zombie sleep in some form.
It also left behind some freakishly crazy strong winds that have kept the ac less house comfortable the last few days.

Sunday was also World Malaria day--
I figured I could do my part to spread the word, and Rory was all about some writing on her hand and taking a picture.

End Malaria

We got another chunky baby visitor on Monday when Mom stopped in with my babysis and Allura

Who is the happiest baby on the planet. She could not stop giggling at everything Rory did...and she had just had shots

Aurora & Allura

She also wanted to eat Rory's face. I think Rory was a bit bothered by the hairpulling baby slobbering her face every chance she got- but Rory was a good sport about it. She remembers Nico doing the same thing

Yeah, I blurred my messy kitchen outta this picture.So?

Mom & my giggly niece

They didn't stay long... Rory and I went back to the never ending cleaning, making a mess, cleaning routine we have going. I drank 28 cups of coffee.

I took a shower and put my hair in knots when I was all sleepless and overheated:
I had this Idea of how cool curled dreads would look...but I like the knots a lot too.

knots in knots
Yes. My shirt is awesome. It also says "Player"

The next day I took my knots down to this:
Crazy curly dreads
how freaking awesome is that?!

I'll tell you it is soo awesome it sparked a dread war with SamProof on DailyBooth.<--- you must click that it is hilarious! Annnnd was on Must Share Hair.

So that might become a regular hair thing I do , I love the knots. And I love the results.
It also dawned on me I am approaching one year with dreads!!
Here is my ticker
AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

it hadn't even hit me it has been that long.. and it is funny how tons of people are asking me about them and complimenting
Quite a few people I know have asked about starting them...
I just hope they remember that 6 mo or so ago they went through a gnarly loopy phase and looked like this

but also a side note about that. Now that they aren't as loopy crazy and I don't NEED to fiddle with them, mess with them ,baby them as much- Now that I don't see freaky weird crazy new changes in each one when I wake up
.. I sort of miss it.
I have heard people say that before, that growing dreads is more fun than having them, and I have seen soo many people ( online) cut their dreads off as soon as they mature , just to start over! I never understood it until now.
But, I won't be cutting for a long time..

Mom stopped in this morning to pick up Rory. She was early for her nail appointment and thought Rory might like to go with her and have a girly day.
Rory had barely slept but jumped at the opportunity! ..and I stayed home- I finally conquered the livingroom invading Littlestpetshop village, took a LONG shower in which I got to use an actual razor , and then napped, and then have quiet.
They stayed out all day went to lunch and back to Mom's for dinner. Mom brought her home just before dark.

Rory stayed up maybe an hour after talking loudly with the doll mom got her( AND the matching brand new one Mom found in the parking lot where they got lunch-crazy!) , she talked and whined Ri's poor ears off ,before she passed out cold in the middle of the floor.

In fact, I should go to bed before she wakes up and realizes she is sleeping at night.



Anonymous said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

Joye said...

I completely adore your blogs!!! I'm so looking forward to the day Airi is big enough to have a girl day with grandma, :) You know where we actually go out and do something besides pick out a two year olds idea of supper, LOL.

I also want to commend you on your incredible ability to just be yourself!!! It takes a great deal of guts to grow dreads with all the critics in this world. They look amazing and you pull them off so wonderfully!!! Can't help loving an independant woman who isn't afraid to be herself!!! Keep it up, girl, we need more women in this world like that!!!

babyhellfire said...

Thank you soo much :) !!!