Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection."

- Sigmund Freud

Yup- She finally earned her special Little Pet Super Hero Cat.(it is a special edition from San Diego comic con-handpainted and only a few of them).
It was months of her saving up little bits of money. She actually got it a bit early, because Ri found one with a slightly damaged box, for less- and we knew the box wasn't what she wanted. She DID save the cards that came off the box, and even made the actual packing box into the superheros hideout.
I LOVE her :)
She is so happy to have earned her kitty. She has done So well.

We did have sort of a rough weekend. Ri was HURTING still- and trying to work .
He did make us veggiepot pie- we've been planning on making it for awhile:


Yum. Rory loved it. :)

- Rory has been having trouble sleeping though, she has some nasal allegies, so once she lays down she starts coughing. Poor thing.

Saturday we had planned to go out to he local MaizeMaze with a friend
, but between us sleeping in, and Ri hurting wanting me home to help him out if he came home early - we stayed home. (SORRY LEAH, hopefully we can hang out soon!)

Me? Well, I think Frazzled is a good term. Hormonal perhaps too.. and for goodness sake, why on earth does my dear Aunt Flo like to bring her friend SlightFever along for the ride?

I did manage to get some cleaning done Sunday, it involved kicking the dog and kid outside
I gave her a rockcandy though,let her wear her dressup clothes and sit under her parasol


The weekend was too short.Monday came too soon for me- and it seems for Rory as well,
She got her bear changed to yellow(briefly) at school, she still got her blue bear back. AND the same thing had happened Friday..
AND to top it off on Monday,she had a total meltodown in the parkinglot before we headed home. UGH.
It was sort of horrifying TBH.
I think the sleep interruptions have taken a toll.
I let her take a nap. And we had a long talk
She was still acting a bit wound up, we had another long talk with Ri eventually, she sat down and did all of her homework(which comes Monday,but isn't due until the end of the week).

Tuesday was a bit better for her. Seeing her in the classroom was great. She did almost have a touch of a meltdown in the confusion of doing an extra station a day and her group not sure where to go next..but she did well,
though, it was emotionally tiring for me.
Bless teachers. Just BLESS them. Helping in class for an hour leaves me soo emotionally exhausted, I just wanted to come home and cry..I'm not even sure why.

Instead , Ri's friend Kalani was here and we had some good laughs (mostly at Ri's expense). I have said before, it IS better to laugh than cry sometimes.
Ri ordered us Pizza for dinner and made the night Much better. I am still feeling quite overwhelmed with everything. I have barely had a second to think about Halloween being around the corner...and my normal need to panic and organize for such things just makes me feel queasy that I haven't.

Today,Rory seemed to do well too. We were almost LATE for school though, because she could not put down the pop up book Rita & Kalani got her. We made it in record time, JUST before the teacher came to gather the kids up.
She said her bear never even came close to changing, and NO kid had a changed bear at playground time - so it may have been a fair day for all of them. I had also promised her some time at the playground after school so that made her super happy. I think she enjoyed just stopping by and seeing Ri at work ,as much as she did the playground.
I felt sort of crappy and very grumpy, when Ri got home I jumped int he shower, then took a long much needed nap,and woke up to them making dinner. I meant to call dad and wish him Happy Birthday, but slept past - So
They were probably out having a blast anyway :)

Of coarse now I am up, stressing and almost afraid I won't sleep.
Rory has her 1st Field Trip in the morning.I am soo nervous.
I wasn't originally going to go- so I didn't sign up for it,
but then Ri was off and maybe could take me,but then I wasn't sure the timeframe and decided against it... and then a parent told me they needed bus chaperons, and I could try to ride the bus, but I would have to pay 10dollars to ride it..and by the time i had given them the money it was too late and all the paperwork had gone out.
So now, no one seems sure if I have a space on the bus. I might be able to ride with another mom but even that seems uncertain. And Ri's boss is sick and he has to work in the morning too-

Confused yet?
Me freaking too. I hate crap like this... not knowing what I am doing. I am not even sure where I am going in the morning!
OR if Rory gets off early from school!

There is one thing I do know for sure though:

Praise someone of someplace! I'm sure I will find one hundered things to do that I should have finished by now.

Anyone want to come decorate my house for halloween and make me a costume?? pretty please??

I have been taking a lot of videos lately, I plan on splicing them up and creating a mashup of our week in a nutshell(I saw SamProof do it) I might try it
.. or I might just have a few vids for ya this weekend.
Either way, I'll catch you later, I'm going to go watch a few more hours of tv and pretend tomorrow is farther away and I know what I am doing.



Joye said...

I am so like that. I get so rattled if I don't have a plan and things are up in the air.

I loved catching up on your blogs though, :) I really really really need to make a practice of checking these things at least once a week, LOL.

I am so in love with all your wonderful pics!!! Makes me feel like I'm right there!!!

And I so miss being able to swim in October!!!

Ms. Burrows said...

Hurray for 4 day weekends. :D My girls have their first field trip coming up. No, that's not true, Eliza went on one last year. They are pretty excited. As far as I know I don't have to do anything except pay and provide lunches, thankfully.