Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is the title for the blog I wrote at 3am with a fever.

Sometimes,I think painful ,blatant, honesty , is as close as I can get to cleverness.

I just realized- as I sit here in a feverish haze- I haven't actually blogged here about my week.
I think I half thought the vlog would be sufficient.
Rory has had a lot going on the past few days and I never updated you on much of it.
Sorry about that.

The BIG question I sort of left hanging on my last post:
"So, How was the field trip, Did you get to go?"
Yep- I got to go , I DID not get to ride the bus, but luckily another Mom let me ride with her.And I got to spy on the 1st half of Rory's regular class before the trip, that was super fun.
They did show and tell. This little girl was telling all about her favorite blanky she had brought in, the kids took turns complementing her share..saying they like the poem her gram sewed on it, or the color ,
and she passed it around so they could all feel how soft it was
.. then one boy said " I like, that it smells weird" - and she said "That's cause my dog peed on it"
All the kids screamed and looked at their hands as if they had the plague from just touchng the blanket. (I am quiet certain the blankey had been washed)
EXCELLENT. Kindy is hilarious.

ANyway- it was really cool to see the school the field trip was at, and the PLAY was ALSO a musical so Rory LOVED it. She was GLUED to it clapping and giggling.
I got this pic as we waited for the show to start:

...but we were told to put our cameras and phones away for the show.. So you will just have to take my word,that it was really great. They did a few short skits based on children's books(new ones that I have never read) I guess I will have to find them and read them to her now,it was really cute.
And for the most part, the kids were behaved- which I thought was sort of astonishing considering the timing of the show lined up with their regular lunchtime.

I had a few hours to kill after Rory's field trip, so I hung out at Nalu's for a bit . Watching Ri make tacos one handed and chatting with him a bit in between (I also bought a book, he isn't THAT entertaining). Rory and I managed to get all of our decorations up finally too!
(though, NOW the wind has blown the fake webs down and we still need to carve our pumpkin-sigh)

Lissy came over Friday and went out to get a few Halloween items.She even took us to burgerking.. that's pretty much all in the vid, sorry for not snapping may pics while I was vlogging.

Poor Rory caught the bug that was going around the classroom and spent the rest of her long weekend sick. She ran little fevers and slept most the day. Sunday night she seemed better- but Monday morning she puked, I think mostly from an empty belly.

To top it off she managed to grow almost a whole inch taller - and excitedly rushed to tell me "MOM! I can reach the sink without my stool!" Sooo all she wants now is STILL SLEEP.

I need more vitaminC

There simply aren't enough oranges.

Mom came over Monday with my sisters and niece and nephew.
We did some shopping. and went to taco bell. Mom even bought Rory a cat costume so she could be the cat she has been begging to be at school, she says she will still be ZombieSnowwhite to TrickOrTreat (I'll come back to that).

They didn't stay long it was later than they planned when they got out here, so they said they would come again another day this week.

Tuesday- after much debate and temp checks I sent Rory to school.She seemed much better and did alright. I helped in the class for a bit - it has started to go a bit smoother at station time.
..she did come home and nap , and I let her stay up a little late
- But she still seemed fine Wednesday morning..She was extra Super excited to go because it was HER snack day and she was bringing in goldfishcrackers
(and G.D., she was SO bringing in those crackers after the argument with Ri ,and sending him ALL THE WAY back to the store when he came home with solid cornsyrup softballsized masses that were labeled "popcorn balls")

....the teacher says she was "alright" but seemed lethargic so they sent her to the nurse, she didn't run a temp so they let her stay in class all day. She was clingly, fussy, tired when I picked her up. She was determined to still visit Ri and go to the playground though ,and she did and seemed alright for a bit.
Just really tired,
came home passed out and woke up HOURS later with A FREAKING FEVER!!!!!!

AND I am pretty sure I have a FREAKING FEVER!!!
What goes away and then comes back like that??? nothing good,right?
Total hell.
Sooo In a few hours I get to call the dr...
and now SO close to Halloween AND the big Fall Festival at school I don't know what she will be able to go to. :( .
Not to mention we still don't have a local dr, I am actually thinking of calling her old dr way back in themiddleofnowhere we moved from ...and wondering if mom will take me all the way to themiddleofnowhere.

I am reeeaaallly bummed and sort of freaking about it all. Plus, I feel sick as crap on top of it, AND I rode the bike all over creation too much this week and can feel my feverish thighs dully throbbing.

Well... In brighter news:AND I probably just should've mentioned this 1st
(... but what do you care most of you just scroll down until you see shiny buttons,pictures, links or vids, I would)

I was sort of net famous today(yesterday?...shutup feverbrain- i have right to be out of it)

SamProof (Who you may remember if you actually read my ramblings) from the epic dreadwar on dailybooth .
mentioned me in this vid

..because I posted this pic.
-but also,because I am awesome.

Sooo you should click RIGHT HERE ON THESE WORDS AND vote for him.
..because it makes me happy.

I don't know that it REALLY makes me net famous- BUT, a net friend I hadn't talked to in years,(used to blog alongside me way back when I started this whole odd blog)
found me BECAUSE ofthat vid! So if nothing else my net shrunk a little YAY!

So that is awesome. :)

There was more I wanted to mention.. silly moments of awesome
For now though,
I have ahboouutt 3 hours of sleep to catch before waking up and calling in sick for the kid
..seriously, they do that,
calling my mom,
and calling her pediatrician,or possibly a new pediatrician.


SamProof said...

Your kidling is too cute.

and thanks so much for the blog post and continued support! You rock :D

You should have posted a link to the dreadwar - that was fun

hope you're not feeling sick.

Stay Strong!

sandra said...


Hope you feel better fast. <3

babyhellfire said...

THANKS!!! :)

KennyCrane said...

You have a nice blog! I found a link to it from the "Vote 4 Sam!" video. I hope you and your child are feeling better now and I hope you had a great Halloween!

babyhellfire said...

Thanks KennyCrane