Sunday, February 13, 2011

Even after all

I'm late- but I have an excuse.
I was sick.
No, I don't have a dr's note take my word,
or I shall cough at you!

Clips of the week:

Mostly Friday afternoon .
I've been hardcore slacking.

Man, Seriously Friday i was SICK. Like fevers runny nose, whiney crybaby ass sleep ALL NIGHT sick.
..Then our weekend was hella busy AND I went to bed way early to get rid of the sick.

But. I should rewind before moving forward.
There has been a little more drama with Amy but she is home now and last I heard doing well.. I honestly haven't heard much from them.
We continued on with the hustle. Trying to get a job where we could get it.

Ri applied with one of Rory's classmate's Dads (at a restraunt downtown) - then heard more back from WD and went in for more interviews and a drug test.

Thursday night was open house- but it was pretty much In&Out. Rory proudly showed Ri all around her classroom. The teacher told us again how well Rory is progressing in reading and writing.

Friday morn, when I woke up feeling weepy (and later realizing the weepy was THE Evil Fever of the Damneded Head Cold ).
We had a momentarily worse moment when the Grocery store Ri had been trying so hard to get the job at, called to tell him they couldn't clear him. WTH!?!?!? he has NO background and there is no way he didn't pass the drug tests? HOW?!
So now I was panicked worse.
And crying.
and running a fever.
and I think I might have prayed..
to something, or any and all things I could think of.

... and then the store manager called back saying it was a glitch in the computer, he IS clear for hire- and he should come in fill out some more paperwork.

Way to freak me out!

I had to call the awesome woman from the farmers market to tell her Ri started his new job , so I couldn't help her this Saturday.
But she still hadn't paid me so I agreed to stop by the Farmers Market with the kid and meet her instead :)

Rory loved that idea,
plus, she still had some birthday money.

Somehow I didn't take my cam out until we were back home from the market.
Rory was so awesome though, and fell DEEPLY in love with these hula hoops...and took right to it with this weighted one. So I let her spend her money on it:
..Plus ,we bought fancy donuts, and an organic popsicle.
Should go more often.. maybe when we aren't broke.
Ri's mom stopped in for a bit and chatted .
Then, before it was even dark I took a benadryl and went to bed.. and slept pretty much all night.
(I did wake up around 1am to troll the net and eat before going back to bed).

Ri had spent that Saturday morn in orientation and started actual work today..
Rory and I had stuff to do this morning anyway-

She was invited to a birthday party. I had no idea her classmate buddy lived So close- we rode our bikes!The weather was really nice.

LOTS of people there. Rory saw almost all of her classmates.
And Pony rides

The birthday girl said they were having a race-but her Zebra/horse clearly had the advantage :)

Petting Zoo
Rory loved the goats and the bunnies- but was a little freaked out by the birds

Really,(and surprisingly) she just wanted to play basketball in the bounce house the whole time
Or ride the horse,
I mean zebra

pinata .. why do kids love dangerous activities so?
She promptly sat next to her fav boy from class to eat her cake-
and to trade items in their goodie bags
She says HE likes her, but I often wonder if it is the other way around...
and desperately miss the days when boys were still icky.
She is only 6.

I will say- and talking with the other parents today they seem to think the same- for the most part the kids in their class get along amazingly well. it is a small class and they really all seem to fit well together,and be little sweethearts :)
I'm sure it doesn't hurt that they have an awesome teacher.

Other than that- she has been hulahooping her little booty off all weekend. She did spend some time chasing the neighbor boys around for a bit.
While I beat back the cough that tried to follow that Friday fever,and filled out the online app for a job I had years ago-weirdness-

Well, Ri works again in the morn- which has me on the bike at 8am in the 50deg weather- plus I gotta get Rory's Valentine's Day stuff together. So I'm outta here like last year.Probably leaving stuff out- but maybe next time.
or ask me in the comments.

Speaking of Valentines Day
I made Ri a Valentine:

yea forget hearts and stuff-
that's real love.



LindaN said...

Just love your card!

Anonymous said...

Awwww..Sorry you've been under the weather sweetie! But I'm super glad that Ri has a job. Hope he loves it. Who was wearing the Vibrams five fingers ...I'm gonna get some of those this week. Love the Vid., and as always thank you for sharing your family with us. ♥ xoxo ♥

babyhellfire said...

The card was modified from a printy version Linda

meant to include the link .

Those are Ri's Starri- that is his second pair he had his last pair(classics) for over TWO YEARS and wore them almost daily..but they were starting to tear between the toes of the fabric- so he was looking for a deal. He found those smartwool ones in his size for half price (and got the last pair)

He wants me to try a pair..but i can't stand things between my toes so i am hesitant.

THANKS soo much for watching and commenting! <3 <3

RB said...

I hope you are feeling better. I love reading your blog and start getting worried when I do not see the notification for a new post until late. Happy Valentine's Day!

Sebastian Cruz said...

Hey i have nothing to do with the post, although i read and its interesting but im only 15. but i was looking for pictures of little kids to draw, because im starting to learn how to sketch faces and i came across the picture of ur little girl, and im wondering i can give me permission to draw her. i will leave u my email adress