Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bubbles and Beach trips

Quick vlog post..

Hey lookatthat!
it is 1 am , which means it is my birthday - I am 28. OMG.
Soo not ready, that is far too close to 30
No... Not yet, I think I will be 26 - I'll be 26 next year too.

I have no plans for.. Um.. well, later today at this hour.
Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't let our schedule go to crap over the summer, but that was before it got so hot that it became soo nice to stay up late.

anyway. Random picture for now
... We aren't that crafty, we didn't build it we just found it.

Headband haircurl trick
Would've been better if I could've made her keep it in longer.

I'm gonna go thank all my facebook happy birthday wishers.


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tabithakristine said...

Well happy belated birthday! I hope it turned out wonderful, despite the lack of plans! Sometimes those days are the best.