Thursday, June 9, 2011

I lost my voice .. but I found it again

Sorry for my hiatus.
You see,
1st the blogathon ended, and I took a much needed break..
then the kid got sick.
She missed the field trip to the alligator farm.. and spent another day home still feeling icky with a nasty cough.
... and Ri had to take Lissy to the airport, so we had her car at least , and took a trip to the pediatrician.

Another big giant dose of Antibiotics...

Then I started running a fever,
a really nasty fever.
Sore throat, swollen tonsils ( could barely swallow,eat , talk , breathe.. it was a nightmare). Ridiculously high fever, body aches..

So I didn't blog. My weekend was pretty well screwed.

Rory started feeling better though, and thank goodness she wasn't a total nightmare as I felt unable to do the tiniest things.

Getting her ready for school Monday and Tuesday was brutal ( because i felt soo much worse in the mornings ) -- and couldn't talk.
..PLus, she was soo sad about it being her last week of school.
The did a game day, when Rory brought in her fav puzzle and a bingo board game.

Monday after taking the kid to school , Ri convinced me to drag my silent, starving sore throat self to the beach , convinced it was the cure all..

My equalibrium was in no place to try and stand, much less stand on a board-- but I do think the water made me feel better.. besides there were NO waves.

Cannon ball Jelly

It was probably Thursday before I was able to eat more than Popsicles, and I feel like I wished it into existence when I was complaining last month about how many calories I eat and How Hungry I always am..

Noobie seems sad I haven't taken her out in days.. but It has also been so hot she goes out the bare minimum anyway.

LOOK!!! I finally caught a picture of the parrots. I am still determined to get a better picture.

I still felt so bad Monday that I called the homeroom mom and canceled helping with water day.. and it broke my heart. But Wednesday(, which was water day) I was feeling much better, so I came to help with the lunch part, and skipped the morning water activities. I still got to see Rory on one of her last days.. and even ended up helping break down the water day stuff ( don't ask me how I always end up being the one doing the work instead of playing with my kid, no matter how hard I try)

It did look like water day was a huge success, what a cool idea for the end of the year..
and I got to see the scrapbook the class put together for their teacher.
I am going to miss her whole class soo much.

Popcicle tongue
She is not happy school is over. Thursday was a big fuss fest about it.
.. but she spent Friday Swimming at neighborgirl's house, and today hanging with my niece , nephew and Ri's buddy's kid.

Plus, she has a hundred odd crafts going at any given moment
..and she is still making me read chapters of Misty of Chincoteague

I DID get a teeeny bit of footage for the week in a minute.. but It's been two weeks and your only getting one minute's my sick hiatus I'll do it how I want.

One more weirdness before I go.

.. Thinking I might take a random August flight up to St. Louis to meet a bunch of my imaginary net friends.
Why not.
Ri owes me a girl trip and thinks the weekend would do me good... So I think I'll start counting change and scraping up birthday moneys,
Maybe even sell some things.

Who wants to buy my dirty dishes?? We can start the bidding low?

i'll get back to ya.

Ri says his throat is starting to feel a little sore, and everyone in the house is taking a nap, I think I will join in.


Joye said...

Welcome back, missed your blogs. You spoiled me with that month long blogathon!!! :)

Hope all of you get back on your feet soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone's been sick sweetie. I hope Ri doesn't get it. That's an awesome pic of you in the water, and you finally got a pic of the parrot!! That's wonderful! A trip to me meet some of your imaginary friends sounds wonderful, I wish one of them could be me... maybe next time. Thank you for sharing your family with us. <3

babyhellfire said...

Thanks!! Hopefully i will get back into a rhythm and post more than this.

It seems Ri is already a little sick... we are just hoping he only caught the virus , and his doesn't turn into bronchitis like she got, or tonsillitis like i did. -fingers crossed it is very short lived little bug for him.

... Yeah, it started as a joke when a bunch of my net friends said they were going to GTG it ST.Louis,, but then I found some cheap airfare and it has become a consideration if I can scrape up enough. I soo wish you could come out Starri, I would LOVE to meet you!!!

valeriehughs said...

I think a girl trip would be great for you! I will help in anyway I can. Trips are almost a cure all.
We'll miss you though. lol
Really, hope you have a great time.