Friday, July 1, 2011

“The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.”

I am embarrassed. I guess I could start this post , as I do most with a load of excuses why I have been absent from blogging
... I've done a lot of watching Doctor Who (I made it to the 4th season NO SPOILERS I WILL HURT YOU) , drinking loads of coffee and doing puzzles. I have cleaned A LOT too .. the house is clean, that is something ,right?
- and Rory has watched all too much tv and done an insane amount of crafts..
(It has been really stormy).

We've also kept and embarrassingly terrible schedule, somewhere between Ri working nights, and the heat we just lost it. She really hasn't been that bad- but I have been a compleate insomniac. Staying up to do stupid things, like clean the washer, and wash the cleaners.

Oh. and It was my birthday, that is really the only excuse I need ,
I was eating my cake.
-- Because I am 28 now and my metabolism has gone to crap and I NEED cake!
Steve and Jess even came over on my birthday and brought me cake
a cupcake cake with my fave whipped icing and butterfly rings..
...which they promptly loaded with candles and laughed about the flames..
they are all older than me.
so there.

Ri got me the most amazing present EVER- he booked tickets for me, JUST ME to go to St.Louis and meet a BUNCH of my net friends - a few I have met before , and almost all that I have known for over 5yrs! Craziness ! I am SOO excited,scared, nervous, freaked out!
It will be just me. The anxiousness of it all is under the surface.I still can't believe it.
I thought even the idea was far out of out budget, and I still feel a bit of guilt about spending any money on me, so frivolously-
but you know me, I feel guilty spending over 5 bucks on a shirt.

This Wednesday it rained to much to go to the pier..
but Last Wednesday after my birthday we got to go- Rory got to hang with her Bffs from kindy
..and i got to hang with the parents , and pretend to celebrate my 21st birthday.
(Oh. and Val got me that SUPER awesome dress for my birthday- Rory is trying to steal it from me already, claiming it to be the perfect princess dress.. I fear the day she fits my clothes)

Mom and Lissy had a lot going on on my bday- between money issues, and mom hurting her leg-
So they came out on my brother JJs birthday to pick me and Rory up
I watched Nico for a bit while Lissy and mom went to a meeting

We stayed the night a Lissy's- playing around on the internets.
...we all passed out insanely early.
It wasn't even ten when I laid Rory down.

(they are petting the cat and watching the gerbils.. it was funny to me)

Oh- and Pirate Puppet Video

Nico was being weird with me all day- He thought I was a big mean mommy,
..because Rory didn't want pizza and soda for breakfast (she really didn't), and for taking my scarf and wearing it when he was playing with it and pretending to be a kitty.
.. but later he ran up and hugged me.
(though it may have just been a ploy to wipe his mouth off on me)
We went to Mom&Dad's and hung out a while, Allura came over and they all played
-It was cute until Rory decided she was spent on the whole day and I really wanted to just take her home.

Then we went through big scary storm
.. the scary part was right after this when the road was too rainy to drive on and yet we werent sure if there was any safe place to pull off.
We made it home.
Thank Goodness.

-- Oh , among the crafts Rory has done.I got the idea to recontruct and old longsleeve shirt into armwarmer/band things...
Which became legwarmers when Rory saw them- and the now sleeveless shirt got knots up the back too- and she ended up with cool new play clothes
..then we went back to the puzzles
I have made her write a little, and practiced the tiniest bit of math as it has come up- and she has read ,and read and read..
but she is seriously taking the summer off- and I am having the hardest time motivating her.
coloring counts as a learning activity, right?
We DID find a baby bird on the porch
( poor quality through the slidingglass window pic- sorry)

- and saw the Mommy bird protecting it- and read a bit about how it was probably just learning to fly .That is sort of like science or something...
The baby bird disappeared an hour or so later. I don't know if it flew, or just hopped off to practice somewhere else. I was just relieved it didn't get stuck in the porch
(it isn't screened in the well, and the screen is compleatly out of the door-but it is still screened in and I have seen birds get stuck back there) .

Ri should be coming home soon, he has the next few days off !! FinALLY- he worked like 13 nights straight, the crazy was setting in. I think he has found a bit of a groove with the shift, at least he seems a little less grumpy.

I don't remember what I was really rambling about- but that is what we have been up to.
I'm gonna go nap or clean or something.


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