Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tortillas are bean blankets

Today's prettiness

I need a laugh too:
funny celebrity pictures - Let Me Break It Down For Ya
see more Lol Celebs

I'm having a case of the Mondays.. even though it is Tuesday.
Kid is still congested, it is alll far far too humid,Giant mosquito helicopters have taken over my backyard and claimed at least a few pints of my blood.It is so freaking hot, that I am tired of showering... I have showered off the sweat more than I probably showered all winter.

Ri slept most the day and woke up sort of mopish.

..BUT,Hey! at least the yard got mowed thanks to awesome yard guy, he even mowed the landlords yard (Her son is still in hospital from a stroke, please send him healing thoughts/prayers and all that).

I survived another day. Had a good breakfast. It can't be all bad, I guess.

Blogathon is drawing to a close. I made it the whole month! (Even posted my dreadtimeline vid everywhere else on the web the day blogger went down and caught up with my dread post the next day)
..but I MADE it!!!!
A post a day for the month of May.

I'm not sure what I got out of it- I don't think I quite fit the blogathon mold, and just sort of did me.I did find a few great blogs to follow, I guess I didn't get as much out of it as I thought I would from other people .
I did enjoy the PUSH to update more frequently, and I knew that I should.

So the big question is, will I keep blogging daily?
Probably not.
I WILL try to blog more often than once or twice a week, I do think my posts are a bit better when I do, but daily is a lot.
If I do decide to daily blog again I don't think it will be the wordcount blogathon, I think I will just do it on my own randomly- I need to push myself more.
I'm selfish like that.
Or something

Hey. I warned you I was bitchy today.
I blame the hellfire.

Anyway. I am going to go finish the 1st season of Son's of Anarchy.
and probably shower.again.



Christine said...

Love the LOL Celebs - that was great :)
I kind of agree about not getting much more out of the blogathon than a push to post every day. I did need that push, as I tend to let it slide and whine about not knowing what to write about. I needed the discipline. I will probably just stick to M-F, though. Weekends have too much going on to sit at the computer. I did find some new blogs to read and follow, though!

babyhellfire said...

Exactly. :) The weekends are hard for me- especially may's because Ri had a few random days off, on top of the kid being home.
I do love that I found a few new great blogs to follow