Friday, July 29, 2011

Of a danger you're addicted to

Hey, It's my head in a jar
...and my kids in my bed

...but, I wanna stay in bed too!!!
I have soo many pictures to share, and yet - not near as many as I should have.
I haven't been busting the cam out as much, I haven't been blogging- and its been months since I have done the weekly vlog post.

I think the summer is getting the best of me.. emotionally I've not been in the greatest place.
I can be so mean to myself.

Socially I really have had a good time, but after every interaction I judge myself so harshly..
I just want to hide under the table , like Noobie during a summer storm:

... and it isn't like I have been doing better things with my times than blogging, just stalking the internets and watching loads of television.

We did go to the beach a few times:
Ri & Steve surfed
and Ri's buddy George even proved, that he is at least as balanced on a board as I am.

(thats about how far I can get up ,too.. I am far too old and wimpy to pop up)

LOL .. that was Georges board shooting out behind Jess

Rory even stood up on a board a few good times
...and somehow I missed every pic

... I can never catch pics of her Dad standing until he is in the shallows either lol

Even Jess can actually surf now:

...and the "I'm watching Rory " excuse is wearing thin ,when we go to the beach with so many other adults

LOL, also- Rory is starting to be all too big about swimming, she has started to go underwater and swim . I cringe.

I told Ri i might try on a stand up paddle board, I might have better luck that way.

I did go to the pier again Wednesday with Rory's Best buds
- but I didn't get any pictures. -sigh-
They were cute too , it was high tide and they went swimming in the beach together instead of playing in the splash park. Claiming they are "too big for the splash park now".
We got rained out from the music pretty quickly though, shame too 'cause I really liked the band.

Thursday morn , I woke up to a house full of guys as Ri headed home after surfing with his friends.
..and then Mom showed up right behind them with my sisters, and cousin Bubba:

-- to take us all to the beach.
W decided to try the pier again thinking maybe the babies would like the splash park.
(and despite the fact it is so much more crowded there. )

I don't think the little ones care at all how crowded it is.

-- Vid blog
I may post separately later..
if I feel like it,
but,what if I don't?
Then I won't ,
so imma leave this right here

I knotted my knots after I washed them (Thursday night so I could have curls Friday)
I think I might wear knots on my upcoming trip.
Wonder how well that will go over in airport security?
How well does anything go over with airport security?

Today's fortune:
..Yes, we had Chinese for lunch /breakfast ... leftovers for dinner.
What? There's veggies in it.

Rory still spends her evenings fussing over one anxiety or another, big stressful things, like the possibility of one day needing brain surgery. Monsters I could handle, hypochondria I can only relate to .
My bedtime anxieties are on the same level as hers, feels like a bad support group up in here come about 1 am.
She has been good though, She spent today cleaning and pretending to be a robot ( she hopes to get coins from me in order to buy a mermaid tail )
But anyway.
That seems like enough... I should really sleep , some time.eventually.


- the title was an afterthought from this song:


Anonymous said...

Lovely post sweetie. It reminds me of my own summer of discontent. Try not to worry to much we all have personal battles and struggles to work through. (hugs) The kiddos look like they are having soooo much fun, and its great see Ri playing and happy. The second half of this year will definitely be better than the first. Now to work on you ;-). I wear my hair in knots too, and don't care much any more about the looks, I hope you don't either. It's great to see you blogging again (hmmm that reminds me I have a couple that need work...tehehe :P)Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us. I can't wait for your next post.<3

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I'm glad to see your post! I wish you peaceful sleep and anxiety free days....

The beach pictures are amazing and my doggie is so small, she hides under the dressers!

AJ said...

Thought of that song as soon as I read the blog title. I love Missy Higgins she is so awesome!

Such cute pictures :) I hope you start feeling better soon.

Tina Michelle said...

Oh how much fun it would be to go to the beach. I love your pics! Rory looks like she is loving the water.