Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New year,new stuff,new plans

HEY!! It's been awhile,I have been both busy and SLACKING.
Sooo many updates I don't know where to start.

Right now We are in the middle of planning a HUGE month long road trip to CO! We are gonna leave soon. (I'll get back to that-but 1st other news:)
We might even end up leaving just before Rory's 3rd bday!! Thats right the big three...and my goodness it is like she is turning into a bigger kid everyday-I am not even sure how to deal she is soo smart and grown up!
Also, After seeing Missy's baby again recently, we had a conversation about how "babies can't have candy,or food-they can only have milk"...and how since she is a big kid she can have foods-even candy(the convo had arisen from her trying to share candy),instead of "beets".I was hoping to encourage her to nurse less,little did I know it would lead to all out weaning!! ..though she does expect candy and junk food in place of "beets" ..grr.I guess I will have to wean her off the candy next.She hasn't had "beets" since Wednesday (jan 16)! i am guessing because it was so easy (much easier than previous attempts) that it really was time.I am happy..even more happy that I don't seem to be engorged at all.

Getting back to that trip I mentioned: since I last blogged it seems that is all we do.Take notes of everything online,look up local info,and places to stay,plan,clean and organize for it,buy items we need.
The list of items to purchase seems to grow as fast as it shrinks...but I think we are pretty much ready(with the exception for preparing for last minute purchases we will get when we are farther up north). My fave new item-we got a new laptop for the trip!! It is going to be the most valuable thing on the road to get info and book dog friendly places as we go,stay in touch,find weather and road info.Plus,It is awesome to have a more functional connection than our ancheint compu.

We are going through SO many states it is going to be a super long trip.We are gonna meet a few of my net friends on the way- which is both exciting and nerve racking- Internet personalities are no predictor of real life ones. We are gonna scope out places in CO to relocate.I am super excited about that it seems like such a huge step in the right direction out of this place.

Oh,I wanted to mention we did end up getting our gifts to Rian's estranged Sisters kids.I guess Ri's mom and her are finally coming to terms..Ri has no plans to appologize to his sis for being honest...it seems she has no plans to make ammends on her part either.It is nice to know we can still see the kids though.

Well my next blog post PROMISES to be better- I don't even have a pic for you right now..cause I am not even sure how to upload pics on here yet.

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