Monday, January 28, 2008

Roadside update Vol1 -hopefully.

Hey folks!
I am updating from our hotel room in Mississippi(greenwood)...our stopping point for the night.

we woke up and had breakfast and cake.Rory's chocolate pink heart cake turned out pretty good-really rich,Rory ate a lot of it.-and lots of those heart sprinkles that were SOOO important to her.

Rian's mom came over and brought Rory birthday presents-the vsmile pocket so she can play her games in the car.Cute.
Ri washed Noobie and I vacuumed her-and damn everything else ugh,,shoulda done that sooner-she is still a shed ball from it..
We made phone calls and more arrangements,and cleaning(and we still forgot things and didn't leave it as clean as i wanted it :( .
Mom,J ,Libby and Amy came over bringing Rory a bunch of small toys-cute stuff,they kept it well mixed, among other things:they got her a tool kit,and a my little pony.
Some toy dinosaurs that she insisted needed to come to CO with us.
-- we ended up packed and ready to go-god I was soo stressed:Here is a except from that night:

I am antsy,stressed scared nervy and the whole house is buzzing with commotion getting ready to go.Dh is doing most everything..dd is freaking.Dog is being all weird wondering whats going on.
I'm not used to traveling.
I need a hug...
and a joint.

kidding about the joint-I don't need anything to make MORE paranoid."

I can't even describe how I felt when we walked out the door...I felt like we were leaving everything.I checked every room a dozen times-I was freaking.

--So,We hit the road at 1 am Sunday,and headed for our 1st stop

Columbus GA.-Were we wanted to see Providence Canyon-.Georgia -and that stretch of FL was a long drive in the wet cold.Some of it was really nice the farms in GA at dawn were beautiful.-though most the roads and parking lots were CRAP. Here is a pic of noticing the bare trees in GA when she woke up.(Rory has slept MOST of the ride)

We were SOO hungry when we got to the canyon looking forward to rummaging through the cooler of goodies I brought for lunch,especially the veggie loaf.
Of coarse-right before we hit the canyon the temp DROPS to almost freezing(the light in our came on to remind us to watch for possible frost). We get to the part and see just one little OLD view finder,on a rickety over look.We think-hmmmm,this looks not so great.Ri decided he will go look and tell me if it worth seeing.
from the car I see him look and turn around and kind of laugh..I think great we arranged our trip to MEANINGFULLY stop here-and its crap...WRONG he comes back and tells me I am not going to believe my eyes. -Here is a link for the canyon

and pics:

The little speck on the horizon-are really big hawks.they were GORGEOUS. I dunno why hawks seem to make their presence known to Ri all the time,but its kewl.

it was SOOOO cold we had to bundle up before we got out,Rory wasn't sure she wanted any part of it-except she was hungry,and shiveringly at a pb sandwich-and OMG-the veggie loaf we were licking our chops with anticipation over,WE FUCKING FORGOT IT!@^&$%!^&$@!%^ I can't even see how ,I checked everything multiple times! HOW!!?!
I guess ri brought it to the car ,and I didn't think anything of not checking the fridge :( . UGH, pb, and carrots just don't have the same appeal as veggie loaf sammies :( . We didn't stay as long as we had planned because of the cold and the lack of yummy food.But it was a really awesome view.

Soo much riding.Rory has been AWESOME so far-hardly playing with her toys ,and only really getting fussy when she is hungry or has to potty. Noobie has been pretty damn good too..If only she would quit shedding-she seems to be donw-now that it looks like hair exploded in the car.I am gonna hafta vac it SOON.

-well,everyone is out,and I should be too.
Hopefully I will get a chance to update at the next stop.

--OH I have to tell this hilarious road tidbit,
We went to hardees to get Rory some beloved french fries-she was hungry and fussy and promised "that would make me feel MUCH better" We see a sign advertising their new fish sandwich so we consider getting it Noobie-below that we see you can get a 'fish and chips" value meal.
PERFECT! Noobie doesn't want the fixings and Rory just wants fries (and me and Ri are sticking with carrots, and my birdie bars*).
So, we pull around and Ri asks-"Can I get the new "fish and chips"" lady says,"we don't have "chips". lol
Well,yeah,My 1st thought was, ya know down in Alabama is probably is pretty common for people to go to the store and expect potato chips when they read that..but we DID want fries.
So ri says "I know they are fries ,thats what I want the fish and chips value meal" ..cut to the sound of the managers voice. "Can I help you ,sir?"
-ri reiterated that we want "fish and chips of their ad" manager says 'we don't sell chips you can have fries" UGH. Ri goes "yeah"- by this point we realize they are serious and they are ANGRY.They truly don't understand why ri is asking for chips at hardees-despite it being on their sign..OH MY GOODNESS!They're serious,they've never heard of fish and chips.We get our fish sandwich(with all the fixing :( ) and fries,a nasty look and to hear the manager mumble in the background "that man doesn't know what he is talking about" .

We found a cute little park to walked noobie and feed her and got some stretching out of our system
-then drove on as far as we could before ending up STRUGGLING to find a pet friendly hotel near by.
Ohh! And in search of some mildly healthy dinner we ended up in the scareist ghettoiest ghetto EITHER of us has ever we really terrifying,esspecially because the map was being weird and some what circular about it.
I napped some in the car-and Rory mostly napped. Ri is FINALLY getting some sleep.I hope he can handle another 9 hour drive tomorrow. We should make it to O.K. tommorrow.

Oh,and Rory wants me to show you the "REALLY SCARY FLOWERS" painting,
,I'm with her they do look a bit preditory

Yeah,i shoulda taken the pic with the webcam-I keep forgetting I have that lol.

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tata said...

I must say, I wonder why you (or Ri) didn't take that manager by the hand and point out the sign to him? That would've totally make him feel like a moron! ::chuckle::