Wednesday, January 30, 2008

roadtrip Vol2

So,yesterday we headed towards Oklahoma City.We mostly just rode ALL DAY. Heading for a heated pool in OK.It was a pretty crappy day actually.Murpheys law kind of day.
Rory is starting to ask to go home.She also got a little car sick and threw up (all the multicolored fruitloops she was soo hapy to get for breakfast)-Oh,and in my rush to get her to a bathroom to clean up,I ran in the gas station ,someone was in there -the lady next to me getting coffee I waited with puke covered screaming child and then ran in,after cleaning her up and changing her I went pee-but got walked in on,by the lady who was getting coffee-OOPS, I realize I'm an asshole and just ran in front of her waiting for the bathroom..damn.
:( .
We had some good veggie burgers for lunch-I hope we balance all the crap food better from now on though.
I slept as much as i could in the car.It was WINDY in OK.Much prettier than we expected though.Ri had trouble letting me sleep cause he wanted to show me things along the way.Noobie was a happy road dog though,she's funny when she gets thirty she starts HUFFing at me to get her water.

So,We finally get to our incredibly pet friendly hotel,with the heated pool we were looking forward to soo much.I go check out the pool with Rory,and get oogled by bar patrons -A glass window between a bar full of cowboy hats and the indoor pool.I was REALLY disappointed by way did I wanna go in my teeny bikini in front of them.We almost couldn't anyway,because Noobie was being such a butt in the room alone..But Ri and Rory swam at least,and Noobie settled enough alone for me to watch:

We also went for a walk all over with Noobie-the wind was bad -but it wasn't very cold,the next morning was another story. That night in her tantrums over everything-between being overtired and fussy,Rory purposely poured water on the laptop when I wouldn't let her have it !!!! OMG! Then of coarse our keyboard started acting up and a call to dell made us think we had lost our connection for the rest of the trip.We both kind of freaked out about that..this morning it seemed to work fine(i am a little concerned about the dvd player part though)but we are back online,and I can't tell you how relieving it is.

We are all soo tired waking up was NO fun .Even with promises of a zoo trip Rory pulled the blankets back up and said "I'm tired!".OMG,it was SOOO windy.
Noobie wanted NO part of being left in the kennel-I really home she didn't drive the girl at the zoo's pet care center crazy.

the only thing rory really loved was the playground..

Kewlest ostrich ever -It raced us all around it enclosure..but then when we got close it ran up to Ri and Rory like it was gonna get 'em LOL

The wolves were so neat they ran up to see us,I got lots of pics we sat for awhile and just wtched their behavior.

I serisiously had NO CLUE beavers where so big-I had assumed they were otter size-not dog size!

Cold and ready to get Noobie

Rory is still talking about this elephant skull ,she wasn't quite sure what it was,and didn't understand our description,but she still thought it was amazing

-We were the only people at the zoo the weather was soo bad.They even closed the food court.
It was COLD & windy,but at times it wouldn't be so bad.Rory was more concerned about Noobie than seeing animals .She did really like the different reptiles they had though.They had some really neat ones JAX doesn't.. (plus those habitats were nice and warm).Most the animals were inside-but the really neat thing about this zoo was you could see the backs of the indoor habitats of the larger animals-So despite them being inside for the weather we still got to see them.Plus,being the only ones there,some animals seemed a little extra friendly.It's funny though I got just as excited by the funky fat OK squirrels(which are different than the gray FL squirrels.)

So,Rory starts getting sleepy,hungry and losing her patience with the cold.We rushed through the last loop to pick up Noobie (who probably did whine the whole time).Rory was inconsolable by that point,poor thing.The wind was soo nasty all day my skin is now BADLY wind burnt.We hoped in the car back to the interstate.Ri decided to hop off the interstate though to make it into Texas,because he says it is so much more stressful to drive than the calmer roads.
We saw some really awesome sights. The windmills in OK ,

The really gorgeous sunset in Texas,

Rory covered in cheetos that she asked soo nicely for we obliged:

some really peculiar hovering army choppers out of no where:

and we rode through oil country of tex-damn that was stinky,yet still oddly neat to see.The little things-like different dirt,plants-and vast treeless fields are neat to see.
In the city they have these painted horses all over :

So, We get to Amarillo and look for a hotel.We were headed for a motel 6 cause they always allow pets,but saw a cute looking castle hotel..thinking its cheap and Rory will like it,we decide to try.They do accept pets,and we get a balcony and Rory ,was kinda excited to stay in a castle.Our room is big-but shady,they hallways smell of urine.Then Ri found a crack pipe in the sheets! we are crashing here.exhausted,but yeah,we shoulda stuck with motel 6.

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mom said...

Wow, cool pics, the road to co scares me silly, tho. Love the communication. I'll be watching:) its 80 here today:)) I love you soo much, Mom.