Thursday, November 20, 2008

You gotta stay in the universe.

Oh man! Sorry, I didn't mean to leave ya'll hanging with a the "sick has come" message ,and not update! I hope no one was worried.
Rory did spend the rest of that day puking buckets- but by the time her Daddy came home that evening she was cleaning the plate of dinner he made her.Either we ate something bad, it was just a mild 12 hour stomach bug.

Rory has been SUPER super sweet ,full of extra kisses and compliments- but also a bit pushy, needy-
"could you, like, not touch me for one second" - " I love your kisses/hugs- but not so hard" .
She also seems to have caught one of those hard core cases of selective hearing.I swear I do nothing but repeat myself one million times a day. I am going insane :
"Please,be gentle.
please,Rory be gentle, GENTLE- what did I say?
You are going to hurt me/yourself/the dog.
BE gentle.
I said be gentle.
(you could replace the word gentle with damn near any word. its constant lately.)
I'm a running commentary of what Rory should do/not do- but not talking to anyone.

I haven't taken a single pic since my last post.
Odd. I guess i got burnt out after Flat Stanley.
I really haven't done much of anything at all lately but sit here like a grumpy bump on a log.I feel like I have a million things to do, that I SHOULD do- but I don't want to do anything... I do get to the minimal amount of cleaning a day,but that is really it.
I had a passing thought of setting up a exercise routine ,and a sort of diet(well, adjustment to my eating habits to eat more whole fruit/veggies- and less grains/breads),yeah, it passed.

The weather got crazy flip the AC back on hot one day- then freezing ass cold the next night.Good stuff that .
We have STILL been completely nocturnal. We go to bed at sunrise and its dusk when we get up.

Saturday - Baby sis Amy's b-day. Lissy & BO picked me and Rory up. It ended up being pretty cramped in her car,they also picked Steph and her BF.We sat around chatting and playing with kittens. Rory loaded up on junk food. Cuddled with Grandadda and M&Ms,and played with Amy's old bratz dolls. Mom drove me and Rory home- Rory was fussy and exahsted by the time we got in the door, but she had a blast.
Still no luck in trying to talk Ri into a kitty.Not even a sweet boy kitty- or the new Lavender colored kitten. :( He is adamant -"No cats!" I don't REALLY blame him after how hard Shiea was on us....but I still miss having a kitty.

We've bottomed out on behind on our bills. Once again resorted to dusting off the credit card for groceries- and thats without ANY Xmas planning at all.Its hard not to feel way down right now. - but I am back to feeling more obsessive, and over stimulated than depressed funk.Is that better?Hell ,if I know.
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Ri made some yummy veggie lasagna loaded with veggies. The other night, Rory had the noodles and pasta sauce and ate WAY more than we expected.
He has been toying with "wheatmeat" the "riblets" were good- (tho I didn't like the sauce, I've never been a big fan of MOST reg BBQ sauces.)The italian "sausage" however wasn't so great.

Lissy and I have been having loads of long phone convos lately. Which has been nice.
My family is krazy- but that's what makes them mine,right?
Well ,she called the other night to tell me she has moved of Bo's completly(she was half living with him/his parents) "gasp-feign surprise-"I knew that would happen.I can't imagine the stress of living with In-laws. They were rudely passive aggressive, which is a trait uncommon in our family , something we are ill equipped to deal with.So , she packed up her bags and headed to moms- Until Bo and her can get a place .

Jade(nephew) came over to tell us Mel(ri's older sis) is having thanksgiving at her place- but we won't be attending.Hopefully we can get together with all of Ri's (moms side) family for a thanksgiving dinner sometime post thanksgiving,and there are no hard feelings about it- fingers crossed!

ooo I dooo have a handful of pics from the webcam- nocturnal craziness- and I have found flipping the webcam on can turn off a tantrum

same story different day


No sleep makes ya CRAZY

Well , Rory wants me to make some pineapple cookies..and I wanna watch Conan on HULU.Oh, and as Rory told me to do- I'll stay in the universe.


North Carolina Mom said...

We were quiet nocturnal ourselves last summer due to the heat.

My kids LOVE the web cam too, love seeing their cousins, but are also quite happy to just watch themselves!


Jess said...

Glad to hear you all made it out of the sickness OK :) AND - if you ever figure out how to get those words into her brain can you please let me know the secret in MN? We are having a very similar battle...

BTW - you've been tagged, check out this post to play :)