Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tales of the turkey holiday from the veggie zombie

Hey folks.
I am a complete zombie.The sad fact is a should have posted a pre-tofurky day blog...but I didn't Now there is much catching up to do,and little stuck in my sleepcoated mind.
You see, I have spent the last week jumping from total sleep deprived insomnia- to extra naps,followed by a binge of hypersomnia- like 11 hours of sleep.
-Now , I am foggy brained ,and have no (soy-or cow)milk for coffee.

We'll start at Rory's Dentist apt. Which sent the whole nocturnal imbalance swing into commotion in the 1st place. Tuesday.
Instead of falling into bed at dawn(as usual) we had to pile into the car for Gainsville. Rory was super excited to go. ..-a 2 hour drive tho.
She slept on the way at least..
She did wonderful at her apt.The did find cavities between her teeth and made an apt for her to get fillings :( !! poor thing.

-We headed to Target to let Rory use the money Momo had sent her .She was soo happy to go shopping.She was adorable gushing over the Little pets, people were walking up to tell us how cute it was.she was so "in LOVE" .
We went to the mall for lunch- and walked around a few stores. Ri wanted to price wii- and wii fit. He is, seriously, considering getting one on credit- he figures it will come out of the money he would have spent on his gym membership...
I dunno though, we don't have THAT money right now either.

Somehow,on all our bouncing around stores window shopping, Rory managed to lose a shoe in the wal*mart parking lot... all she wanted to do was take her new pets home.

crazy some leaves sort of changed-- you'd think we were in Georgia LOL

We kicked around the house the rest of the day.Napping mostly.
Ri got absorbed into a video game, I thought he'd never snap out of. Rory was attached to her new pets. (wednesday)
The sun came up and after awhile I gathered up child(including a bag full of her pets) and dog to go for a walk.

For some reason Rory wanted to go to the lake park-
She was thrilled when we got there because there were new toys!

I thought I would never get her to leave.Noobie was even ready to go by the time I dragged Rory off the toys.

I spent the day cleaning up - not at all wanting to get ready for thanksgiving.
-Early Thursday morning, running on a nap - I went into complete manic obsessive , freak out, mode because I couldn't find a warmish outfit clean-and was stressed. I procrastinated by organizing stupid shit.ironing clothes,and looking through old junk boxes when I should have been settling on an outfit. While Ri slept, and Rory tantrumed that we weren't already gone.(having been up since dawn waiting until noon was too much to ask.)
I finally picked one out for me and one for Rory and headed out the door.Half wanting to stay in bed and hide.
By that time- Rory was asleep too.
She woke up when we got there,and held on shyly to Lissy not really ready for anyone else yet.
Not tooo many folks at Grammy the Grapes house, and I didn't take many pics. :(

Oh noes- they are talking video games!

Mom and her cousin( i think) Lynn-

Amy and Lissy teased me for her one pigtail.

I can't believe I took so few pics. I didn't get a pic of half the guests there. We did have fun tho. nice convos. Missy and Mandy didn't come.There were less people than I expected.

Bianca came(my cousins 4 yr old) - and somehow I didn't get a pic of her. Binky was shy and despite Marla and Mitchell trying to get her to play- and poor Rory practically begging( I really thought Rory might cry :( ) Binky was too shy to play with Rory.Rory was really sweet about it.
She did really good.
She was really happy to see everyone and gave loads of love out. I couldn't get her to eat more than a few nibbles of veggies and fruits.She was too busy playing with grandmas dog.

So , then after a drawn out 'goodbyes'- and plans to hopefully get the girls together to play..
We packed up and headed on the 2 hr drive to Momos house.
-Oh, On the way i had to pee sooo bad - I started shaking and crying!! Because there were NO convince stores open!, Ri finally pulled into one that was open ,and i walk in to see a LINE FOR THE BATHROOM! I knew I couldn't wait it out so we drove till we could find another.OMG how happy was I to make it.I was getting really scared.

Rory slept the whole way.Even once we got to Momo's she was still asleep. Shy and sleepy.Hiding her face from all the people trying to greet her. She slept for along time while Ri and I ate and chatted

Ri's Dad (Rory calls him and his wife NanaPop)- trying to figure out Cindy's cam.
Momo handed her over to Kelsey - who managed to wake her up, so she could play with Conner.

Tanya(ri;s stepsisters kids) playing around on the couch

Rory was sooo cute and sweet. Having these conversations with everyone.It was really adorable.
We stayed pretty late, after everyone who was leaving had left.It was a pretty nice time- and Rory(despite being a lazy bum-and shy at 1st) did awesome,was a total sweet heart.

Gotta say food was a bust this year. Missing out the drama of Mel-and ri's moms fam side- (SIL) and missing dinner with my folks..there was little in the way of veg fare.All the sides at Momo's and Gram's had meat -unless you count apps(fresh veg dips breads and crackers). :(
I might have to make Ri make me stuffing and tofurkey.At least he made mashed taters and gravy at home.

I came home so exhausted I was dreaming awake.Ri let me nap- i woke up later with Rory while he slept. I was still sooo tired. Rory went back to sleep.Ri went to work- and we ended up sleeping all of Black Friday away. I felt soo odd when we woke up at 11 pm!!!
I feel as though we may be getting sick(AGAIN???!!!!) .
I am soooo fatigued, and clearly Rory is too.
Ah well.Since then, Rory stayed up until just now 5 pm Saturday!!!
Stress ,depression and bother.

I will leave you with something to be thankful for
They have both been pretty good.


Tina said...

WOW, I am exhausted just reading that!. I love the pic of her and the dog. So cute!!

Jess said...

Wowza that's a lot of work! Sounds like a good amount of fun, too :) Isn't it cool to see your little one interacting with the family and creating their own unique relationships? We did the Thanksgiving with relatives thing too and Cole was smiling the whole time, excited about all of the attention. PS - LOVE the picture at the end, what a smile!!!

North Carolina Mom said...

Love the little girl and dog pose at the end of your post. We have that pose at our house with our two little girls and our dog. It must be some kind of official way for little girls to lay with their dogs :)

Rizwan said...

She is so much co-urges and quit doll i am so much pleased to see her picture thanks for sharing

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