Saturday, November 22, 2008

7 reasons not to tag Babyhellfire

--besides the fact I am long winded and silly feeling today- and I look chubby in this pic:

Ah HA! I was tagged, again!

Jess (my awesome plurkbuddie) tagged me on her blog "how did I get here" (that one song is totally stuck in your head now,isn't it??)

A tag -challenge, or perhaps dare of sorts to get me to share 7 new fact about myself.

When I was tagged last time I racked my brain to try and be real ,open,sincere and honest about 5 things people might not know about me~

Today, well,ya know I am in a goofy mood so this "7 facts"could be fun.
I had a pretty alright night staying up till dawn watching Ri and his buddy Ben shoot people and blow stuff up in pixelated video game form(in other words: I haven't slept either, and the crazy is setting in).

Also- THIS time, I actually have some bloggers to tag on it!-woot- Not sure If I can find 7 ,but I'll try.

So .. 7 new factiods about me.

1.I confess, here and now. Ri & I are , for sure , smoking again. What was once an occasional indulgence is now at LEAST black & mild a night. SIGH. So,yeah #1 is I am a smoker again.Please, feel free to chastize and critisize me for it.

2.I have discovered the joys of coffee thanks to the espresso machine my bro gave me when my old coffee maker died.- This thing steams milk! and really I am all about drinking bubble hot cocoa(made with either Nilla soymilk, or when I am indulging heavy cream)- with a bonus shot of esspresso. YUM.
It's cold enough for it ,too.DUDE! We turned the heat on last night!!
In FLORIDA, you can all pass out now.(I will admit it took awhile to get started, the button was wonky-Ri had to fiddle with it...shows how "often" it has been used.)
-moving past my new addictions-

3. I've got junk in my trunk-(and drawers, and closets) COME GET IT!
SERIOUSLY! I am a step away from calling people and BEGGING them to come go through drawers and closets with me. I could use to motivation to do it.
Need baby clothes,toys,boxes, odd trinkets from xmas' gone past? COME HERE HELP ME- I will be buried in this stuff come FEB(after xmas & Rory's bday gifts ,I fear will disappear under a mountain of things made in china, we don't want or use.)

--huh, thought we were moving past my addictions. I guess being a pack rat is still sorta an addiction.damn 3 addictions and I haven't even started talking food.... lets avoid any more food talk while we can,and move on.LOL

4.Thanksgiving is only a few days away,and I am :
EXCITED! - Did ya see that coming? You should have. I love my fam/& the bonus extended family I get to see on thanksgiving! There I said it, I am old enough, and grown enough out of the "angsty stage", to admit I love my family. They are halarious and crazy,awkward and beautiful.... you can see how I coud be comfortable around that,can't ya?
-I am a bit nervous about fitting in a day with my fam at Grammy the Grapes, and a night with Ri's (dadside)fam at Momo' s.
-and NO thanksgiving does not count as food talk!- Food is the smallest part of the holiday for me anymore.We DID fill our fridge with leftovers last year,but I didn't eat much on the day :)

5. - This is my fav snl skit. Eva-

I saw it on hulu the other day- after not seeing it in YEARS.Made me soo happy.Sometimes Ri and I say " I love you ,again" "I know" ,like that-and giggle too funny :)

6. On that subject-I love tv - and horribble tv shows. In my last list I fessed up a like cheesy pop.Well,Here I will tell you about watching Girls Next Door, The Starter Wife, -and most anything Adult Swim has to offer.- and the office and scrubs. I am such a tv watcher -still even without Satallite- I watch The Daily show and Conon daily. :).
While on the entertainment note- I will add I am mega excited about this movie coming out... we might ctually have to go to the theater to see it:

(it was a great book too- HIGHLY reccomend!!)

So, yeah. i like mind numbing entertainment-
you still love me though,right???

-I know.

7.UM.I got nothing. I suppose there are plenty of things I could tell you about the way I look,feel or act-that you MIGHT not know...but most you do know. I take lots of pics and share loads of pics here. In fact most this post is probably stuff you already know. I'm BORING.
-Some quickies reminders for number 7-
*Ri & have been together almost a decade-it'll be 10 yrs since we started "dating" the end of May CRAZY!! Gah,we're old!
*Rory's bday is coming up- She is almost 4 OMG!!-"Uncle"Ben is already talking about Disney.She loves Ben.
*I have watched all of my relationships with people, either get stronger or disappear over the last few years.
Its weird. I would feel sad about some of them, if it wasn't so self inflicted- i am a bitch.
*I am NOT looking forward to Xmas- I can't believe how close it is,And I have done NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to prep for it.I look forward to the family get together...but shopping and gift giving- sigh.. I am starting to fear that won't even happen this year.
*I think we have a squirrel in our attic on cold nights... its part of a set ,with the opossum ,and raccoon that keep climbing into the backyard-and all are apparently not scared off by Noobie.
* sometimes I feel like super mom,and am proud of how Rory is growing up..but others i feel like a terrible failure,over STUPID things.
* I am increasingly sick of living in the stix in Florida and constantly trying to find a way out..
Wanna buy my house??? PLEASE!

There ya go. More than you ever wanted to know.

Sooo I am tagging (in no particular order):

1.Jaclyn at Welcome to kamino
2.Sandra at Life of Andrew
3. Val at MammaV(yes, my real life friend Val- who I have mentioned many times before has a blog :) )
4.Flames at Blog is a funny word
5.Camille cause Camille is Crafty
6.Meredith at Smurf's Turf -- she is however required to include food pics,well,not really but she should.;) mmmmmmmm
7.Tata at I'm not beautiful like you - 'cause she got me last time MWHAHAHAHAHA...

and any one else who read this and wants to give me credit for tagging them( I actually have a few more- but I tagged them last time, or didn't know if they would appreciate the tag -mommy/and pic blogs that don't write many facts about themselves.
-forgive me as well if you didn't wish to tae part in this ...please.)

Ok, these are the rules for tagging

1) Link back to the person who tagged you and share the rules on your blog
2) Share 7 facts about yourself
3) Tag 7 people and list their links in your post
4) Tell those 7 people by commenting on their blog.

Well.. I am off to comment some stuff.
Peace and tofu chicken grease,


tata said...

I love that SNL skit, too! Awesome that you found it.

You are (1) not fat and (2) not old so would you STFU already! Sheese.

I'll try to get to the meme soon, but I have a pretty busy week. I also learned that people are pretty annoyed about being tagged and I ain't tryin' to piss people off, so I'll likely keep it on the D-L.

Gonna call you soon.

sandra said...

Hey there chicky... I agree with tata on the your not fat or old, sheesh, if your old then i'm ancient. I would love to do the tagged thingy but it's not really my blog it's andrews, but i guess i could ask him :) Maybe it's time i should get one going just for my thoughts, not a bad idea!
I love reading your blog, you always have interesting things to say. And i love seeing pics of you and your fam! Especially your beautiful little goddess.
I miss you.