Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is it true that pigs went over Niagara Falls in a barrel? No, that story is just a lot of hogwash.

Where to start-
I could bitch about it being sick
Was I ever sick, and I didn't sleep. I spent time sitting upright hoping my head wouldn't explode from the sinus pressure...
Please.don't say swine flu. Lord.
Marriage and a name change apparently can't save me from the pig jokes.
Somehow, so far, no one else has caught the ick from me. I should add that I stink from it, so if fear of contamination is not enough to keep you away try body odor..I'm soo sexy.

We got news Thursday that Momo(Ri's awesome gram) was in the hospital. She had had heart palpitations at a heated meeting , but went home.. later that night she started feeling unwell again and went to the hospital. Ri's relatives seemed to spend the day telling him not to worry.
Something is wrong with a valve in her heart.. she has to have surgery later this month.

- On top of that, I just called mom - she said that Friday my Dad had what she fears was a stroke , and she has been afraid to leave his side.
So perhaps I should ask for prayers, positive energy,good mojo and all that- as far as health woes go. and remind Daddy to take his blood pressure meds.

Saturday we did leave the house. Luckily, I was feeling a little better.. I still wanted to stay a arms length from most people.
We had to go to Hannah's(Ri's cousin ) going away party.She is moving to Spain for a year. Rory is sad Hannah isn't going to give her swimming lessons, but I heard her tell her cuz Ben(Ri's step brothers son), that Hannah will have to teach her to surf instead.
Rory is determined to learn to swim. Then learn to surf- then earn a pink and purple surf board.

We sat outside and talked about Momo mostly. Sad she wasn't there
.Oh... and yes. I was nervous visiting in-laws with dreads.Sick nervous. I really expected bad reactions. It threw me for a loop when the 1st word out of almost everyones mouth was "I LOVE your hair!"(or some variation)- weird.

Though , I had to explain how I did them a few times..
and discovered I really need to come up with an abridged explanation for that.. its hard to explain I did NOT use wax,that I twist and ripped,that I DO wash my hair- and what with , and that I don't do a lot maintenance- and what I do do, in simple terms people unfamiliar with the subject understand.

Stupid me, too busy chatting(well, mostly observing others chatting) , I didn't get any other pics.
I was hoping to poach some from the relatives social sites but I don't see any up. We had a good time though. Best wishes for Hannah in Spain.. I can't wait to see pics.
Rory continued her streak of never leaving somewhere without a new thing- when her NanaPop gave her a bag( A littlest pet shop gift bag, Rory says I should mention)- full of yard sale finds. A pair of roller skates and a container full of beads and necklaces.
Yes.. the child has spent the rest of the LONG weekend rollerskating around the house in loads of beads

and I still look sick ..and yes, aunt flo had to come visit with my cold and double hurt me- she is evil.
- Earlier last week, when I was still up sick at dawn- I got dressed and Noobie basically begged and pointed for me to tie her to the bike and ride through the neighborhood- take that sickness! It made Noobie soo happy. it was cute.

Ri broke the tip record at work on labor day- because it was a really busy day.

Ri downloaded some new movies- and old tv shows.
I forgot the greatness of Johnny Bravo.. and the monsters Vs aliens may be my new fav kids movie it is soo funny.

Jade stopped showing up to mow the yard... he told Ri's mom something about us not paying him, which isn't true..
what IS true is that last time we paid him , his mom caught him trying to buy an illegal substance from the neighbor- and had told us not to pay him.
- We gave up trying to find a not rainy day we are both home, and called a friend who does it for a living. We know they are hurting financially right now anyway, so it helps twofold.He came over today.. now my yard
(which was soo over grown I was getting a complex about neighbors seeing me outside),looks awesome. Yay!!

I must confess in my screwing around on internet social sites I have not been working on the new blog project. Sorry. I will start working on another picture tonight.

Well, Ri is home-and I don't honestly have anything else interesting to share
..unless you are interested in swine flu.Or want to add some pig jokes


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LindaN said...

ouch you sick and family also. Hope all goes well for all of you!

Hehe kids in that age that is easy to learn to swim, old enough to understand, young enough to not be unfraid if she likes water :-)