Tuesday, September 29, 2009

..wherein we meet Sweets Bailey Poof

There are quite a few things I could talk about this week...
Only one of importance to blog about ,
....that, and I think I may have exhausted everyone else with my chat of it.

SO, Saturday
I was chatting on the phone with Ri on his way home,(he had got off work to help his mom move to her new apartment) he was just going to drop of the goodies he had got from the discount grocer , when he pulled in the yard and
he said "Why is there a kitten in the yard"
"is not, I was just out there, maybe its the neighbors"
I ran out to see this mystery critter , only to hear Ri say "It's not ok, get the number for animal control"
Ri thought it had been hit by a car, its whole backend looked messed up
:( When I came back outside, ruffling through the yellowpages with my cell phone ,I saw it get up and follow Ri around, sweet and cute... not limping.
...but just sooo covered in filth from the waist down that we thought maybe something else was wrong-...

We filled the kiddie pool with water and tossed him in, only to discover he didn't even have a tail at all - poor kitty I will spare the rest of the details on it- it was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen , to wonder how he had got in such a position, to think he must have been trapped somewhere to be so skinny, and so filthy.

He is the sweetest cat I have ever seen, which is even more shocking considering it is just a stray seemingly abused ,and dumped in our yard. We fed him and washed his butt over and over poor kitty.

We called a friend who is a vet tech and asked a hundred questions, about what could be wrong with him, how sick he should be , should we rush him to the vet now or would he survive the weekend...
with clean eyes and nose , he told us not to fear AND promised to bring over dewormer and such.

Noobie was completely disinterested in him the 1st day or two, I even brought him in the house - maybe Noobie was trying to behave?

Lissy even came over to hang out, bringing with her some newborn diapers- to help bring in leaky butt cat

Sweets wasn't impressed .

Oh Yeah, hung out with Lissy and Nico too

Weirdo pic of me... how do I access photoshop?

OMGosh... when did he get so big. He was rolling scooting almost crawling around my floor!

He is a little BO

wait... I think I might see a Lissy face

even got this incredibly cute video in which I look like crap, and I still -suddenly- cannot get WMM to work with my memory card to put it on youtube

....back to the cat .
I thought he was gone Sunday, when it was storming and I couldn't find him in the garage or outside .. I was thinking maybe a neighbor scooped him up now that he was all cleaned up,
or ..something bad. and Just when Ri had given in an stocked up on kitty supplies
I even softly suggested the possibility he was gone to Rory.
But , when Rory went outside to look he came right out to her, this cat is not mine at all, Rory and Rian's kitty. I gave him another bath with new shampoo - he didn't seem pleased - but he let me, and looked worlds better.

Ri seemed to have a pretty stressful day going from helping his mom move all night ,to working all morning Sunday- then realized he was getting sick. He called into cowboys, came home and pretty much slept all evening. He did take Rory shopping while I cleaned, with the intention of making veggie sloppyjills for dinner, but he fell asleep when he got home, He seemed tired, I didn't bother him..( I made sloppy jill yesterday as he was on his way home instead)
Sad though, I thought we were all pretty much over the sick when Nico was here, instead it seems Nico has the sniffles now- this stupid bug is spreading like crazy :(

Noobie decided Sunday evening to finally take an interest in the cat(I guess she realized it was staying)-
& Sweets decided he is not actually that fond of dogs,or going inside if that is where the big dog is..Noobie even tried sooo hard to be sweet. Laying down and going flat to appear as small as possible when the cat bowed up and hissed at her.

Ri wants an outside cat, Sheia ( my last cat) traumatized him about litterboxes, I am not thrilled about the thought, - and last night I almost busted my face on the door when the adrenaline of hearing him doing the afraid cat whine/growl/ screech , thinking something was attacking him- and forgot how to unlock the door (instead, I woke Ri up slamming the door screaming NOOO!!!)- he was fine. I dunno what was out there but it was gone when we made it out.

Plus, I am now fighting to remind Rory to ask permission as she seems to spend the whole day going in and out to see Sweets.
..or Bailey Poof
Rory decided ( despite what I think may just be a bit of boy parts)
Sweets is a GIRL, and her name is Bailey ...after her fav yellow littlest petshop CSI character..
or Poof, because he(she) is poofy.

Rory is beyond thrilled to have a cat..yeah, I will admit me too.
I am sort of surprised Ri has agreed to keep him, but after seeing him that way how could we not? - plus ,Ri says that THIS is why he never wanted to go get a cat, he knew this would be the way it would happen, that one would come to us.
Poor skinny bobtail kitty
Oh- Ri got Rory some new shoes Saturday too- she loves them.they make her look like such a big girl though-sniffle-
Yesterday morn , we woke up to find Sweets brought Rory a present,he caught a frog, and he made a big deal about it being for Rory.. she wasn't thrilled at the gift- but agreed it was a nice gesture.

Ri's friend came over and gave the kitty the basic shots and dewormer,soo sweet. I don't know how to thank him. He told me bobtail cats tend to have butt issues(with prolapses and such) so perhaps it was just that and a parasite ,that was the problem.His little butt is already looking WORLDS better,he seems to have more control about all that too,and he is gaining some much much needed weight.
We still need to bring him in to get a rabies shot, and get fixed.

Today we brought the kitty to the backyard and put Noobie back there just to let them sit in the same yard together. Sweets/Bailey is still a bit spooked by her but for the most part they did well, just letting them slowly get to know each other.

anyways. in other news.

I haven't heard from Ri's mom now that she is all moved in, Ri says her apt is like if a hotel crashed into a retirement home, he even teased her about how he thought she would be far more senile before he put her in a home. I hope she is happy with it all. Sari (in her online communication) seems happy about the move into Ri's moms old place.Hope it all works out
Lissy says Bo is working all over the house to fix is up and get it ready for their friends to move in with them. Transitions all over the place

Last I heard from Mom, Amy and her had been sick too :( I have completely lost track of the day and am not sure when Ri is off again...

Well.. I know I am forgetting something, but I am off to go clean more


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